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    Why are department employee salaries accessible but not the same when I'm looking up a private individual's pay? Why is one considered personal information if they're both the same to the individual’s privacy?
    By matt
    Dec 12, 2012
    In the case of government employees, there are 2 factors that make their salaries public as opposed to others in the workforce. Government departments or entities receiving funds from government must make their expenditures open to the public per federal, state and local laws. This is so that taxpayers, concerned citizen groups, reporters or others that are interested for any reason can see where the funds are going and how they're being spent. The other factor is that government employees are based on a set pay scale or pay grade. In many cases this does not disclose any information about a specific person's pay, invading their privacy or reveal non public background data. However, there are some instances where salaries that are found under a name. These are salaries not falling in pay scales are made available to the public to show bonuses, retirement and public funds received not disclosed anywhere, such as a pay scale or reports.
    By trc
    Dec 12, 2012

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