Alabama Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Alabama Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
  • Where can you find in Alabama if someone has a warrant for their arrest?
    Call the county you suspect the warrant to be in. The sheriff's dept will tell you.
  • Where do I find in Alabama if there is a current warrant for me?
    You can check the latest news wires below for current arrests, and you can click to see more arrests going back further in time also. The source is also shown if there's a name search you can take advantage of. Some warrant searches are in county-level links; you can navigate to your county and check.
  • How can I find in Alabama information on a businessman by the first name of John, who his son-in-law murdered in the late 1970s?
    Check with the local publications/periodicals; they can be found online. Sometimes, the local library keeps old publications on micro-fish or a searchable database. A lot of the luck depends on where the event happened and whether it was covered.
  • Where can I find in Alabama if someone has a warrant out for arrest?
    Courts and judges generally issue warrants. Once the warrants are issued/granted, the police department posts them online, such as the one shown in DeKalb, Mobile counties, and others. Some warrant searches show up under court services such as Jefferson county. There are other sites with inmate lists, but if you stay closest to the source, the police departments and law enforcement agencies, you will be able to view the most current list.
  • Where can I find in Alabama if a death in July 2015 is being investigated?
    You can check periodicals and press releases; where was the event?
  • Where can I find an Alabama district court docket from august 29, 2012, when my fiance went to court?
    Court calendars with case information and their details can be found directly by accessing the county or local court website. The Alabama Judicial System's website is an excellent place to start, and individual district court websites may also have their calendar search.
  • Where can I find in Alabama, Gregory Goodwin's death records?
    The Alabama Department of Public Health issues death records for the entire state. You can also look into requesting from individual county clerks, but any records outside of that county will not be available. Death certificates go back to 1908. However, records within the past 25 years are deemed confidential in Alabama. Confidential records are available to the mother, father, spouse, children, and siblings of the person named on the death certificate. Grandchildren showing entitlement, estate representatives, or information listed on the certificate can also qualify.
  • Where do I find in Alabama if I have any convicted felons living near me?
    You can see recently arrested individuals by checking the local jails' inmate searches. The search must be conducted from one county/agency to another. There is also an offender search which the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency site (SBI) offers freely to the public. Courts and crime maps are other means to see criminal records; however, these are local searches.
  • Where can I find in Alabama the number of DUIs from 2010?
    You can get these stats from local agencies. Also, periodicals such as online news sites publish stats in the early months of the following year.
  • Where can I find in Alabama an active warrant on me?
    Warrant searches can be conducted by visiting individual sheriff's department websites. Much depends on the county where the warrant is issued, and mobile sheriff's offices offer a free and open warrant search online. Larger venues tend to have better free public resources online.
  • Where can I find in Alabama if someone was arrested?
    A local inmate search of local arrests in police department custody.
  • Where can I find an arrest record for 2002 in Alabama?
    Specific arrest records can be requested directly from the arresting police agency. Since the arrest is not recent, past newswires may have information with a location or name search. If the person has been convicted, some information can also appear with a DOC search. A simple state background check can have information for a low fee. If the court's physical location is nearby, a visit may be worth it, as in some courthouses, you can walk in and search for their filings. Most courts have a site listing their services for the public to use.
  • Where can I find in Alabama why government employees' salaries are accessible to the public but not a private individual's pay?
    In the case of government employees, two factors make their salaries public as opposed to others in the workforce. Government departments or entities receiving funds from the government must make their expenditures open to the public per federal, state, and local laws. This is so taxpayers, concerned citizen groups, reporters, or others interested can see where the funds are going and how they're being spent. The other factor is that government employees are based on a pay scale or grade. In many cases, this does not disclose information about a specific person's pay, invading their privacy or revealing nonpublic background data. However, there are some instances where salaries are found under a name. These are salaries not falling in pay scales and are made available to the public to show bonuses, retirement, and public funds not disclosed anywhere, such as a pay scale or reports.
  • Where can I find, in Alabama, access to divorce records?
    Center for Health Statistics is in charge of the vital records office, which provides online marriage, birth, death, and divorce records.