Arkansas Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Arkansas Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
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  • How do I find out if someone was just arrested in Arkansas?
    You can look up arrest logs in the country where the person was taken into custody by law enforcement (usually sheriffs department since it's county). Checking crime maps can show you which department responded and made the arrest. Second: Check the recent criminal activity reports for new incidents that are published by selecting a particular county in the menu above. (Staff)
  • How do I find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest, in Arkansas?
    Depends on where the warrant is out of? You can search the open warrant databases such as offered by Washington and Benton counties, or cities such as Fayetteville and Johnson. (Staff)
  • How can I get a copy of a marriage license in Arkansas?
    Arkansas Vital Records has marriage records dating from January 1917. Divorces from January 1923. Arkansas Department of Health's website provides the form. For actual license or decree you must contact the county/circuit clerk office where the marriage or divorce was recorded (Staff)
  • Where can I find Arkansas State prison records, from 1900 to 1920?
    You can look up historical or archived information freely online from the National Archives, then Records of the Bureau of Prisons (Record Group 129) 1870-1981. Here are the page from the national archives: Home, Research Our Records, Guide to Federal Records, then Records of the Bureau of Prisons. That will give you the record group number to do the search. (Staff)
  • How do I find my case number in Arkansas?
    You can connect to the court's case search page through this link: You should find it there. (Staff)
  • Where do I find in Arkansas, accident reports for February 11, 2016?
    Where was the accident and were the police there to take a report? Was it on the hwy or on city/county roads? The Arkansas state police has a webpage which shows fatal crashes online by date. You can see summaries, not the official reports for free. There are request portals on law enforcement webpages where the forms are often provided. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Arkansas, free access to my own criminal records?
    Yes, there are several websites with free criminal records. It's not just one site, you will need to look for them individually, even more so since they're free. Criminal information is scattered all over the net. Since you know where records would be, you can directly go to that source and see whether their records are freely available to the public. This link take you to a free record search provided from the state's judiciary. You can view District and Circuit cases. Once you pick how to search, whether by name, case number and so on, you will see a disclaimer page, there after, you will be able to choose criminal and narrow it with a more specified location (helpful with common names that return too many results). (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Arkansas, how to find a felon's record?
    You can search for felonies yourself with criminal court records. Use the link to the Administrative Office of the Courts above "Arkansas Court Records: Criminal cases, civil filings, divorces, bankruptcy and judgments. That will take you to a list of ways to search for criminal cases freely by name, case number and few other choices. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Arkansas, access to 1960's and 1970's arrest records?
    Depends which department or area. Police departments have records divisions that lists what they provide and how on their webpages. You will also find a call number where it can simply be asked. The arrests that you see posted on police websites are logs of people that were recently taken into custody. If you are looking for an official arrest report, the police department that made the arrest is the one that would still have it. Law enforcement records divisions maintain webpages with how to request official arrest reports. The Springdale PD for example has a records division webpage that says the arrest reports are provided unless the case is still under investigation. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Arkansas, a copy of my arrest report?
    Where did the arrest happen? Each police agency has their own policy and records office which handles report requests. Some departments do not charge a fee when the person arrested is requesting the report. (Staff)
  • Where do I find in Arkansas, the date of my grandfather's death?
    Which state was the death in? There is a Social Security Death Index which covers deaths from 1935 to 2014. That search is free and will tell you where the death occurred. There are few here and there that may not show, but most show the city and date of the death. There obituaries for more localized search, including archived information that can be looked up after that. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Alabama, access to a copy of an offender's criminal record?
    Yes, there are several methods to do it. Criminal history can be viewed at the criminal courthouse or clerk, some have their services online. Since criminal records are public, many private background check services obtain them and provide them for a fee. Many state police agencies conduct a background check for the public, in Arkansas however, there are restrictions as to who can request them. (Staff)