Torrance, California Questions And Answers (FAQ)

Torrance, California Questions And Answers (FAQ)
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  • How can I obtain a copy of my divorce from 1991 in Torrance, California?
    The superior court of Los Angeles has an online case search which dates from 1983 and later that covers family law, it's a party search, not an entire case file. You can use "Divorce Judgment Documents Overview" webpage on the same site, look under family law under the online services tab. The archived records go up to 2005 (Staff)
  • How can I verify an arrest in torrance county?
    Torrance is a city with in Los Angles County, but if arrest you are looking 4 happen over yr prior 2 search date, u won't find link usefull. phone listings they pretty good with getting you pointed correctly at what you need 2 do or call to get 2 u research inquires (Staff)