Colorado Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Colorado Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
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  • Can I request a copy of my Navy Criminal Investigative Service's report, prior to going in and purchasing a firearm in Colorado?
    You can request an FBI search on yourself before going. Federal searches are central depository of criminal history records which depend on all law enforcement agencies participating. This includes state, county and federal level records altogether. (Staff)
  • How do I check in Colorado, for bankruptcy records?
    There is a free search above under Colorado Free Court Records Search. That can check bankruptcy information by keyword. You can look up the bankruptcy by name/keyword or date and location. Use the keyword to look up party names, filing type case number and some others (you can see the fields which are searched if you click on any of the cases below the boxes). The keyword search shouldn't be relied on for more than the party names and maybe case number, as the other information can be entered inadequately by the courts or any origin. The dates are the time of publishing, not the filing or recording. If you need more, you can see where to get them, the source is at the bottom of the results with a link. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Colorado, who owns a residential property?
    Which county is the property in? If it's in one of the larger counties, take Denver for example, you're in luck since the property search is free, showing name and value of the property online. For this county, it's called "Property Taxation and Assessment System". In El Paso, it's different, just says "Public Record Real Estate Property Search". Look for the assessor's office services if you're not having any luck finding it with a general search. (Staff)
  • Where do I find in Colorado, access to arrest records online?
    Specifically which records or types or records? information can be found in many different places on the net, not all in the same place. Also, the specific area where the information is being held can make it either easier or more difficult to find and obtain. All records are not available, only data deemed under the law to be public. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Colorado, if the firearm background checks are the same as a regular employment background check?
    Although the service used mostly relies on the firm requesting it, they're mostly statewide as opposed to being nationwide. There are guidelines and a wait time for the background checks, so some entities opt to use private sources. The expense is a little higher but many companies feel that it is worth it. The objectives are the same, but not all searches are the same. The background check report may not contain all the information from the criminal case. When trying to decide between a statewide or a national background check, a people finders search can initially tell you if the individual you're requesting a check on has lived other places outside of the state. A nationwide search does not necessarily cost more, but there are restrictions where some states have better open records laws. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, NICS is the search performed for firearm purchases. There is more than one background check offered by the FBI. The pre-employment check is based on the fingerprints while the firearms check is based on an individual's identification information. The pre employment check can only be requested by the person the report is based on. Simply put, you can only perform a check on yourself. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Colorado, access to a list of convicted felons?
    You can see a list of inmates across Colorado by going to the state's department of corrections. You will be able to see photo of the inmate being held, where in the state they're being held, sentence information, county and case number. There's also parole information of the next eligibility and hearing date, mandatory release date and estimated discharge date. The case number does not provide any additional specifics other than just the number itself! You can use the case number to do a criminal case and other information to conduct a search at the court house. The case file can have a more data than what the DOC is showing. Depending on the venue of the court, the services you need to get the data can be accessed online. (Staff)