Georgia Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Georgia Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, my deceased mother's probate records file?
    Which county would the probate have been filed? You can conduct a people address locator search to find last residences, which can tell you the court to look into. After that you can go to that court's website and see how to search for and request their filings.
  • How can I get an arresting officer's report in Georgia?
    Arrest records are generally requested from the department which created the report. The policy and method of how to obtain the reports can be viewed on their websites, depending on the individual department. For Atlanta PD, the central records unit provides a web page with an address to its location where the reports can be picked up and a contact number to get more information about report requests.
  • How do I obtain a copy of the divorce decree in Georgia if I am not a party in the divorce?
    Click on this link will then land on the Georgia Department of Public Health's divorce records web page. Scroll toward the middle of the web page, and you will see the question, "Who may request a Divorce Verification?" underneath it, you will see "Divorce Verifications are available to the public." What you need to do next is underneath for the public to follow when ordering their records.
  • Where do I find the owner of a property in Georgia, that was just purchased?
    Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority has a website with a list of counties where you can see property information by name or address information from 1/1/1993 through 8/8/2016.
  • Where do I find out how to obtain eviction orders for an individual in Georgia?
    You can either look up the law or see how a landlord (the person usually filing the suit) files for eviction. The procedures can tell you where it is. Generally, the case is filed with the court; the court will stamp the suit as filed, then it will need to be served. At this point, there should be a record of it at the courthouse where the filing was.
  • Where can I find in Georgia if someone is on parole?
    The Georgia Department of Corrections has an open free public database that searches offenders under the supervision of the Parole Board (instant parolee database). You can go directly to the doc's website; there's a tab at the top of the page, under the logo, that says Offender Information. The first link in the drop-down "Georgia Offender Search" will take you to a disclaimer, specifically a database of parolees. You can search by zip code, name of the offender, or the inmate number, EF#. In some cases, you can see a photo of the parolee. The information shows the parolee's description, primary offense, parole begin and end date, parole office, and phone number.
  • Where can I find it in Georgia, bankruptcy information?
    Have you tried the court case search above under Georgia Free Court Records Search? You can view cases freely with a keyword search. Click on court records in the menu, which will bring up the search that includes bankruptcies filed since 2014. You can start there and get more information after if needed.
  • Where can I find in Georgia, when someone was arrested, if the case was dismissed?
    You can look up the arrests as they come out and go back in time as much as possible. Old publications also have arrests in them. The case may still be available at the courthouse. You can check by going there, I'm not sure how in depth online filing searches will be. You will need to dig it up like an investigator, if there's no filing at the courthouse, you can request arrest report directly from the police department, considering you know which department made the arrest.
  • Where can I find in Georgia, a public marriage license on the internet?
    There are several places where a person's name appears showing their spouse, property ownership is one. You can conduct an address search on both names, then check the addresses which are showing under both names. Or you can just go ahead and do a property search. The Limited-Use account from the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority's webpage provides choices for public searches to look up deeds, one of the choices is a free search.
  • Where can I find in Georgia, a copy of an offender's 2012 police report?
    Police departments put their process online for the public to request arrest reports. If you mention which department, some may be able to help with some personal knowledge.
  • Where can I find, in Georgia, access to DMV records?
    The Georgia Department of Revenue offers information about titles from their site. A link, 'How to Obtain a Georgia Title,' provides forms and the process.
  • How do I find in Georgia if my babies' father is in jail?
    There are different inmate searches, at various levels, state or more local such as counties. The Georgia department of corrections is a state prison and of inmates sentenced to serve time in one of their institutions, while the county jails and their inmates can be searched within county law enforcement. If you've been arrested, lets say somewhere in Atlanta, you can openly search and check the Fulton county sheriff's online inmate/in custody list. Hard to say where without knowing location of the arrest.
  • Where can I find in Georgia access to and a copy of an arrest record from twenty years ago?
    Arrest records could be found in different sources, such as old weekly news of arrests in online periodicals/articles or old cases you can still get from courts if the arrest resulted in court filings. An arrest report is an entirely different type of record; it is an official report filled out by the arresting agency officer, similar to an incident report or an acre. For example, the Athens Clark county sheriffs department only shows arrests of the past seven days and a current list of inmates online.