• Question: Can I find out if a person was arrested last night and charges?
    By Blu
    Mar 03, 2018
  • Question: May I see a death notice, obituary or any record that shows the date of death of a person?
    By Veronica
    Apr 09, 2016
  • Question: Can I pull up hawaii divorce records free?
    By nana
    Aug 17, 2015

    Court records can be accessed freely using this link http://www.courts.state.hi.us/legal_references/records/search_court_records that will take you to the Hawaii State Judiciary's home page. From there you can click on the link Search Court Records to the left. Thereafter, you will see two choices where you can either search the criminal and civil or traffic courts. The Ho'ohiki is a free civil and criminal court search provided by Hawaii's state judiciary. By clicking on Ho'ohiki hyperlink, and after the disclaimer page, you will have a new search page open where you have a few options to search.

    By adm
    Nov 27, 2015

  • Question: Is there a way to view Hawaii County marriage record archives online for free?
    By Jane
    Oct 31, 2015

    Have you already tried the Hawaii state archives digital collections online? It is a free search and open to anyone. If are not seeing it show up in serps, use this link https://portal.ehawaii.gov/ then enter: Hawaii state archives digital collections, in the search box. That will take you to the page where you can search indexes, records, names and more.

    By adm
    Nov 27, 2015

  • Question: Does law enforcement in Hawaii provide criminal arrest searches?
    By admn-resp
    Mar 25, 2015

    Criminal arrest records can be requested directly from the police department. It is not the same as a criminal arrest search where you see results similar to a background check. Police arrest reports are single individual reports taken in by the department that made the arrest. It is similar to an incident report, or many other types of police reports. You will need to know where the arrest occurred to see where to request the report. For an entire search, the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center (HCJDC) provided by the attorney general, conduct a background check online. The walk in location is in Honolulu where the request can be made in person.

    By al
    Jul 01, 2015

  • Question: Good Day, I would like to ask How to obtain education and background information regarding my deceased father he was born and died in Hawaii. And also how to obtain Original proof of his physical presence in the U.S for five years, And his original proof of identity.
    By Wendee
    Jan 16, 2015
  • Question: Are individual's able to obtain arrest information from the state of Hawaii?
    By ana
    Nov 15, 2014

    The state offers an online electronic search from the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center which can be found on the Department of the Attorney General's site. This is a to view individual convictions, which is not the same as an arrest search. Arrests are not always prosecuted and convicted, and will likely not appear on these reports. You will do better by contacting the sheriffs department which made the arrest and request a copy from them directly. There are policies which may impose guidelines, but, arrest records are generally considered public less few exceptions.

    By admn1
    Dec 04, 2014

  • Question: Recorded deeds for property
    By Sher
    Dec 03, 2012