• Question: My father passed away in howard county, Indiana May 31, 2009. Is there any way to find out about a last will and testiment, financial records or financial institutions acting as executor for a beneficiary ?
    By Mary
    May 22, 2016
  • Question: Are there any accident reports for Indiana anywhere for 1973?
    By Marva
    Apr 20, 2016
  • Question: How do I obtain a record from 1965? I know the age this person would have been now.
    By teresa
    Apr 08, 2016
  • Question: Very important that I find the name of a truck driver killed in Indy when I70 first opened with a 90 degree turn and his truck rolled over. Pretty sure it was 1976. I want to contact his surviving family. Thanks for any help!
    By Ira
    Mar 30, 2016
  • Question: How do I find adoption notices ,they were trying to locate my father
    By Lindsey
    Mar 07, 2016
  • Question: How do I find out . Where my sons father worked to notify them of his death. And to ensure they the children recive his retirement and pension?
    By linda
    Jan 18, 2016
  • Question: Where can I get a get a background check from Massachusetts that is over 30 years old?
    By Kerry1
    Nov 14, 2015
  • Question: Where are divorce listings made public when fled? I cant find it anywhere
    By Helen
    Oct 15, 2015
  • Question: My mother-in-law just found out at 91 she was adopted. How can I find some answers for her? I know where and when and her birth name.
    By Connie
    Sep 25, 2015
  • Question: Found out I had a half brother born at Home Hospital 1976 all I have is his (first name) (Middle) born 1976 he doesnt know of me either, can u help me connect with him?
    By Shane
    Sep 10, 2015
  • Question: How can I find a list of email addresses tied to my name
    By Tweet
    Sep 07, 2015
  • Question: Need information about if my mother was adopted
    By Ramona
    Aug 07, 2015
  • Question: Is there a way to see a list of people a specific informant told on?
    By sketchedout
    Aug 04, 2015
  • Question: How can I get divorce dates online?
    By Amy
    Jul 24, 2015
  • Question: Looking for any info for parents sons military record wifes name etc
    By j
    Jul 20, 2015
  • Question: How do I find the police dispatch records for the MSD Pike school system for the last 5 years
    By T
    Jul 17, 2015
  • Question: I need to find either an old obit or murder case that happened the day after thanksgiving in 1995 I can't remember the lady's real name. I've tried looking online but none of them showed any archives going back that far without a name. newspaper archives didn't help either.
    By spunkybrewster
    Apr 16, 2015
  • Question: Trying to find a mother who is hiding my son's daughter from him how can I do that cps has been involved
    By jrb1780
    Mar 18, 2015
  • Question: How many offenders are 18 years old at the time of conviction or incarceration in Indiana state prisons at the present or withing the past few years?
    By Harold
    Feb 25, 2015
  • Question: How do I get my fiancĂ© bonded out of clay county jail we live in Arkansas and he travels o all over to work.they wont take surety bond bc hes not from there and has no ties.so its $7,000.what do I do
    By carrieann
    Feb 17, 2015
  • Question: What happens if a court case gets transferred to the jurisdiction of judicial officer
    By jim
    Jan 19, 2015
  • Question: Where can I find out about runaways or escapes from Logansport State Hospital during the 1970's?
    By donnakay
    Nov 28, 2014
  • Question: How many teens murders of parents or grandparents are now or have been incarcerated?
    By shona
    Sep 15, 2013
  • Question: Does anyone know if someone died at 1234 west 2nd street in Hobart Indiana?
    By Titi
    Dec 03, 2012