Indiana Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Indiana Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
  • How do we find out in Indiana if our neighbor has been arrested recently?
    Check the crime map for your area. There are free online inmate lists depending on the law enforcement agency and whether they put it online.
  • How do I find my grandmother's arrest records or related newspaper articles in Indiana, around 1945 to 1950?
    Public libraries generally keep periodicals of the local area; you can access news on micro-fish or digitized and go further back. A better question next is how far back does the police department which made the arrest go back in time.
  • Where can I find how to get a copy of my accident report from the Indiana State Police in Indiana?
    Go to their website and start there. Under the "Resources" section on the left, you'll see a hyperlink to crash reports, crime reports, and criminal history services.
  • How do I find active arrest warrants in Indiana?
    Which county or city was the warrant from? You can enter the county or city name, then warrants; some areas have them online, like Allen county.
  • Where can I find in Indiana, my arrest records?
    Arrest records are requested from individual police departments or sheriffs. The department which made the arrest will have a records division/office, most of the time with a webpage the public can use.
  • Where can I find in Indiana an incident report or a police record from 1984 of my father being shot?
    Have you tried going to the town he got shot in, going to the police station, and telling them you want a police report?? I know they will do it here, and it will go back far, but it takes time, and you have to pay like 10 or 15.00 for it. You can get help at the library, and you should be able to get news from the papers.
  • Where can I find, in Indiana, access to a list of arrests for illegally using or selling controlled substances?
    There are arrest logs and arrest statistics. Statistics can only be so recent; arrest logs are provided by individual police agencies making the arrests. An arrest report is different from either of those two. Arrest or incident reports are official documents requested by counsel, police agencies, or parties to the case. These must be ordered individually; instructions to do so are available on the individual department's public website.