Louisiana Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Louisiana Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
  • Where can I find in Louisiana the availability of death records?
    Louisiana's secretary of state's death records search is open to public viewing without having to pay, certified copies are issued, and information about how to do so is also on that webpage. You can narrow the search by parish or search by name. If you don't know the exact spelling, names appear as you're typing, which is helpful.
  • Where can I find, in Louisiana, access to an arrest record?
    It would be best to find the county where the arrest occurred. Then you can contact the police department in that county or look up how to request an arrest (or any police report) on their site. It's a common request, but there is a process with specific qualifications.
  • How do I get an active warrant to search in Louisiana?
    These searches are different from one area/agency to another. Take Baton Rouge, for example; their active warrant search is open to the public through their webpage under City court lookup. So it depends on the area and how to get them.
  • Where can I find copies of an offender's criminal records in Louisiana?
    Several factors affect obtaining criminal records. There are easy means as well and methods that require more work. One major factor is how much you already know; which county or state do you need to look into? Will you need to search other states? These points are just some to consider when beginning your search. Are you an employer? Are you looking up your records to see what is out there? Employers and self-searches do not need to meet the same standards to request criminal records. There are free ways to get criminal records, depending on how much you want to look online. You can begin to freely look up recent arrests and offenders in custody, including convicts that have been released. Another option is to go to the courthouse or check court services online, including free searches. Some courts allow the public to request records but do not charge unless a copy is requested.
  • Where can I find, in Louisiana, access to a police report on my DUI arrest?
    Depending on where it was, as in which police department, you can look up how to request a DUI report directly from their site's records webpage. Some departments have a policy of not charging for the first copy under some circumstances.
  • Where can I find a business public record in Louisiana concerning Dago's Cantina, Inc?
    You would search the Louisiana secretary of state's business filings database, which is open online to the public for free.
  • How can I determine if my husband has filed for divorce in Louisiana?
    Filing a divorce is similar to filing any other lawsuit. The divorce is filed with the court clerk, and most of them have an online civil case search. You can do these searches on your own with public access.
  • How do I obtain a copy of a 911 call I made in Louisiana?
    You can call the East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's office to obtain a report copy.