Maine Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Maine Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
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  • How do I find in Maine, an unclaimed life insurance policy?
    Do you know the name of the insurance company? If they are out of business, contact the insurance commissioner for the state where the policy was purchased. Also check with the unclaimed property office of the state where the policy was purchased. (Staff)
  • How can I obtain in Maine, all public records relating to a specific traffic accident?
    If you're trying to request an official incident report from the police, you can check the area's police website. Which ever department responded and took the report, probably has a website stating how to request their reports. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Maine, free online access to the name of the owner of a vehicle, if I know the plate number?
    I wouldn't want people looking up my information based on my plate number unless I've been in an accident with that party. Probably not considered open public information because of that reason and other privacy issues. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Maine, a criminal records check from the State Police and will that include all arrests?
    Arrest reports are created from the department and officer which made the arrest. The department in which the officer files his report maintains and provides copies from their records' departments. If you are not sure of the location of the arrest or which department, a criminal record check might help. Although all arrests do not necessarily end up in convictions and appear in background checks, many do. The state police maintains a website which offers a public background check of criminal history. This would be a good place to start the search but may not find all the arrests. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Maine, if a criminal check is requested from the department of public safety, state police, would it also show arrests, since it's from official law enforcement searches?
    Arrest records are not part of most criminal or background checks regardless of whether the police provides it or not, even if the state police maintains the central depository for criminal records. An arrest report pertains to an official report and documentation written by the police similar to a field report. An arrest report is a type of police report amongst others such as incidents which do not include arrests, crash reports involving accidents, vandalism, theft and more. These reports are available to the public, but are subject to the department's policy and process. These arrest reports are generally requested individually by the defendant, their attorney or others involved to the incident. The purpose is not aimed to see if a person is arrested, a background check or search of criminal records will reveal not only arrests, but convictions also and is probably a better choice. (Staff)