Michigan Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Michigan Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
  • Where can I find in Michigan the family tree of Jerry Lee-Potter, who just passed in 2011, including his father (same name), mother Beverly, and grandfathers and grandmothers?
    With common names, such as the one mentioned, searching becomes more complicated than more unique ones. Searches with common names can be helped with additional information such as the past city of residence, date of birth, or approximate and small details. Also, with a name that seems shortened, it would be best to mention whether that is the full legal name or a nickname that would not appear in public records. Any information can be helpful, even when it seems useless.
  • Where can I find in Michigan if an offender is out on parole or sentenced to jail for a violation?
    If the offenders are in the custody of the Michigan's department of corrections, the doc's online inmate search shows a biographical profile of persons in their facility. You can see available public information of the inmate's status, description, probation or sentences, and supervision conditions.
  • Where can I find in Michigan the death record for Russell Adams?
    Death records come in several different forms. Michigan Vital Records issued official records authorized service, which you can find on the state's department of health and human services with instructions; records go back as far as 1867. Same link as the birth records. The record can mean information. Therefore, death information can be viewed by looking up obituaries online. Clerks throughout the state can also issue death records if it occurred within their county.
  • Where can I find in Michigan, my brother's father?
    The more detailed information, the better the search can be conducted and be successful. Even when there is little information, small factors such as where any trace can be found or mentioned as a possibility of accuracy should be noted. Many public records are free to search; however, it takes work to look in the many places where that open information can be found. Approximate age is beneficial; many free sites offer approximate ages.
  • Where can I find in Michigan access to arson records from the 1990s?
    Look for the reports of arson in the local publications. In many instances, you can see where the source is mentioned. If a news organization can get them, so can the public. You can also check the police department's records division; there may be mention of arson reports posted on their site, similar to instructions when requesting arrest or incident reports.
  • Where can I find in Michigan if an arrest warrant was issued?
    From which county is the warrant issued? For example, the district court in Lansing has a warrant list published online. There is a "See if you are on the warrant list: link that will open a pdf with a list of names that have warrants issued. There are others, but it would be easier to know where the warrant was given out of.
  • Where do I find in Michigan, a divorce record?
    From the state of Michigan vital records office, or you can go to the courthouse and get them from the county legal records division; you will need to know which county.
  • Where can I find in Michigan if someone died in my house?
    Check the laws on your own, significantly when they differ drastically from state to state. Michigan Seller Disclosure Act, 92 of 1993, discloses the property's physical condition. Some laws cover real estate agents, and other transfers, such as probate and others, do not fall under the same statutes.
  • Where can I find in Michigan if arrest records are publicly available or only available to law enforcement members?
    Arrest records, more commonly known as arrest reports, are regularly requested by persons other than law enforcement. Common requestors are defense attorneys, prosecutors' offices, the individual arrested, and others that qualify by being related to the arrest/case/report. Policies imposed by departments can keep some from requesting arrest reports, and you can see these requirements on the individual police department's websites. An arrest report is a document produced by the arresting officer. An arrest record can be found in many places, such as databases showing persons in jail. These are inmate searches, names, jail lists, arrest logs, and other similar terms.
  • How do I find Michigan police reports for York Creek Apartments in 2016?
    Several crime mapping services are free and open to the public. You will see icons of different crimes by location, and not all areas are not covered.
  • How do I find information in Michigan on my deceased biological father?
    Do you already know the first, last and full middle name? Past residences? Date of death? Any known relatives? You will need to narrow it down by location if it's a common name. The location can then give you the names of relatives to expand your search.
  • How do I find out in Michigan if a person in a state has been arrested?
    Local law enforcement, such as city police or county sheriffs, make most arrests. They tend to have their sites with inmates lists, sometimes called arrest logs. Periodicals such as local news also publish recent arrests online for the public.
  • In Michigan, if I perform a search and subsequently print off the reports, is the subject of the search informed?
    The details for the "Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT)" (if that's the one that was used) can be accessed with the "Michigan Criminal Records" link below. That search is conducted by the Michigan state patrol and only informs about their service, not what other services do.