Mississippi Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Mississippi Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
  • How do you find out if you have a warrant in Mississippi?
    Depending on where the warrant is issued, such as Southhaven, MS, the police department's site has an online warrant search.
  • Where can I find it in Mississippi? What is the meaning of an arrest ticket?
    It may be a term used by police and have no official meaning. Which department is this connected to? Is it from law enforcement or criminal courts?
  • How can I find out if my brother is in prison in Mississippi?
    The Mississippi Department of Corrections has a free inmate search open to the public.
  • Where can I find in Mississippi an autopsy on a deceased inmate?
    You can look at some less traditional or unofficial places for information. If you know which prison, you can then look at the local periodicals/papers; also, you can check the institution's name on SERPs to see all the places where that particular prison shows up and offers inmate information, such as the periodicals. You can look up the source closely. Prisons have information posted on their web pages for inmate information and visitation.
  • Where can I find in Mississippi, the department of corrections probation information?
    The Mississippi Department of Corrections has a free online public database of inmates and parolees. There is a webpage for probation information on the DOC site. A starting point, it will familiarize with the system and where records are kept.
  • Where can I find, in Mississippi, access to bankruptcy records?
    Bankruptcies are court records; even though they are federal, they can be searched statewide. You can see the bk cases for free using the case search window without specifying anything other than the name.
  • Where can I find in Mississippi, arrest and criminal records?
    Criminal record sources are scattered throughout the internet. Inmate searches to court filings, records can be found either on the local level or state. Arrest reports need to be requested from the police department which took the person into custody. Otherwise, the police department has their recent arrests showing with an offender search. For statistical research, crime mapping can give a current view of crimes occurring within a certain area.
  • Where do I find in Mississippi, access to salaries for universities?
    Private and public institutions are not under the same FOIA rules. The same goes for universities, where public schools are more likely to openly provide their internal information. This does not mean that private schools can strictly follow their own rules. Check their administration for policies, most have separate records section.