Missouri Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Missouri Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
  • Where can I solve a problem in Missouri if I have a city warrant for failure to appear and my failure to appear is due to being incarcerated in a county jail in a different city at the time of my court date?
    Write a letter to the court that you were supposed to be at. U can call the clerk and get the name of the judge that handled our case (traffic, misdemeanor possession, theft, etc.. and you can write that judge, and his office will check and reset your court date, or maybe you can get time served if you were already arraigned in for the charge. If it were a traffic thing or a fine u needed to pay, they would want the money! So have the cash when you do go to court!
  • Where can I find in Missouri if I have a warrant for my arrest?
    Is it a municipal warrant? County or state of Missouri warrant? Generally, a judge/court issues the warrant, and that particular court or clerk will likely have a website and how to retrieve records or information. Access is easier when it is your own; specific departments, probably larger ones, will have online services to search for their data.
  • Where can I find a divorced woman by her maiden name in Missouri?
    To do a comprehensive search, both maiden and all married names would need to be searched. You can run into both during a search, and some records, such as deeds, can have both. One of the first steps to a successful search is to uncover all names and treat each as an individual search.
  • Where can I find in Missouri, my court date?
    Reach the court clerk. They have websites for contact information and other public services online. Which circuit? There are forty-five judicial circuits, and the state court website lists all circuits by the county you can directly connect to.
  • Where can I find in Missouri if I have arrest warrants?
    There are sheriff's webpages that show their local warrants; Greene county is one; search the county name followed by the keywords: active warrants or just warrants. These warrant lists are free; you may need to search around for them. Which county was the warrant in?
  • Where can I find in Missouri when someone will be released?
    If you can find that person in Missouri's Department of corrections database, you can see sentence information freely online. There's also a category called "Completed Offenses" once the inmate's profile is found.
  • Where do I find them in Missouri? How can I acquire free public records?
    Begin with what you can find on this site, including jumping to county pages and more. Check the Missouri Free Court Records Search above, which is a free search. Another free court search is https://www.courts.mo.gov/cnet/welcome.doYou can search criminal, appellate, civil, probate, infraction, traffic, and municipal cases. For local records, county pages do the same, offering a list of various government agencies with free and open databases. Since you're searching with free records or as much of it as possible, you will need to look for databases with helpful information individually; there's more work in finding the databases than searching them once you've seen them.
  • How do I inquire if I have a warrant in Missouri?
    There are a misdemeanor, municipal, and felony warrants. Greene county's sheriff's department has online searches, while other counties have their muni warrants appearing on their webpage. Misdemeanor or municipal warrants are generally traffic warrants and low-level offenses. There are recent warrants published by date on this page below. If you click on "More," older warrants will appear.
  • How do I find out where someone currently works in Missouri?
    Check for professional licenses; you can see CPAs and their partnerships or an attorney where they practice. Some employment information is public, including many government jobs. It's okay to look over many sites as long as it does not cost anything; professional profiles online are published even if the person is not a contractor or a person for hire, just a professional profile that will include current employment, even some from the past. Linkedin is another good resource.
  • How do I get police reports and information from a murder case in Missouri?
    Both police reports (other than a few exceptions) and criminal court cases are public information. You will need to request them separately unless the case file contains a copy of the police report. Find the county court services, which include case searches. Begin with the state's court web page and their litigant/party case search. You may need to go to the courthouse in person to view the entire case file; everything is likely not available online.
  • Where can I find Missouri about a previous restraining order?
    The Missouri court site has a page that can shed light on restraining orders, also known as the 'order of protection,' and information about the 'Missouri Uniformed Law Enforcement System (MULES).' MULES allow law enforcement agencies across the state to access orders of protection. There are factors such as whether it was filed and had a hearing in which court since there are accessibility guidelines in requesting copies. The Missouri courts' website offers forms and shows where they are filed and what happens afterward to the petition.
  • Where can I find in Missouri how to solve the problem of two warrants for my son's arrest in two different counties; Boone County, where he is under arrest for a parole violation, and Callaway County, which has a warrant for his arrest?
    No. He is on PROBATION, meaning they can take however long they want as long as their courts pay his jail bill (Boone County). They're probably waiting until they have arranged transportation cheaply. (another inmate going to or coming from that area).
  • How do I see if someone from Missouri is being sentenced?
    Check the court calendar for that day, which is open to anyone with internet access. Go to the Missouri court's home page; you can get there with the state's court link under "Free Public Records Directory." Once you're on the home page, you will see a "Search for a Case" link in the center of that page. On that page, you will see the option "Scheduled Hearings.
  • How can I find out if someone is in prison in Missouri?
    You can check the public access to Missouri's dept. Of corrections inmates listed below. When you click "Missouri Prison and Jail Inmates," the landing page will have fields where you can search by the offender's name.
  • How do I find out how many warrants have been issued for a person from 2007 to 2013 in Missouri?
    It depends on the county or city where the warrant was issued. Some, such as Springfield police, published a list of active arrest warrants from their Municipal Court, same with Boon county, and others didn't.
  • Where can I find my lost court documents, judgment, and money from my neighbor's dog bite last year in Missouri?
    Contact the actual court where you got the judgment. County offices always have contact information for courts in their jurisdiction. Please speak to the clerk; she can point you in the right direction. Also, you have to decide if your judgment is worth sharing a piece of it with an attorney.