Oklahoma Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Oklahoma Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
  • How do I access arrest records for a specific date in Oklahoma with an arrest tracking number but without a case number?
    It depends on the county, city, or department which created the report. You can look up that department's policy regarding the public's arrest record request. If a case went to court, you could sometimes find the arrest report in the case file.
  • How do I find out who owns a particular plot of land in Oklahoma?
    Depending on the county, you can search property records online; Oklahoma county (since it's one of the larger counties) has an open public online search. For county searches, go to the top right menu, select the county, and you can see the links. You can use the county's official website if that county doesn't show the property search. Once on the county's site, you see the tab or link to their online services. These searches are generally open and without cost.
  • Where do I find in Oklahoma if my divorce has been filed?
    There's a free online search open to the public if you follow the link below." Oklahoma Court Records: Criminal cases, civil filings, divorces, bankruptcy, and judgments." you can search all of Oklahoma or by county.
  • How do I find out where my daughter went to jail three days ago in Oklahoma?
    Would you happen to know where the arrest took place? Or which department made the arrest? Many cities/counties, typically larger departments, have arrest logs such as OK city. Otherwise, you can scour through published arrests that appear online.
  • Where can I access a copy of the murder case of my father in Oklahoma?
    Court cases can be retrieved from the court where the filing occurred. Oklahoma courts network offers a case search that is open to the public. You can link to this search by clicking "Oklahoma Court Records" under "Oklahoma Free Public Records Directory."
  • How do I find name changes in Oklahoma?
    Name change petitions are filed with county district courts, similar to filing lawsuits. Court records are available for retrieval from court clerks throughout the state.
  • How do I find out if a personal injury wreck has been settled in Oklahoma and how much the settlement was for?
    Case files are public and should be available for retrieval from the county where the case was heard. You may need to go to the county where the claim was filed to view or retrieve the case.
  • How can I find, in Oklahoma, the mailing address for the correct court for filing a claim under bankruptcy filing Case # 15-14519?
    You can use the court records search above under Oklahoma Free Court Records Search. It's open to anyone without being charged fees or memberships. Take the extra space out of the case number you have, between the 15 and the dash, or search 14519; the court is listed as U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the Western District of Oklahoma; the found address is 215 Dean A McGee Ave # 147, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 609-5700.
  • Where do I look in Oklahoma to find a court date?
    You can find any court dates or details about a case that has been filed against you online for free if you type in OSCN case search on any search engine you use... All you need to know is the correct last name, and the first name of the case filed.
  • Where do I find in Oklahoma if a lawsuit has been filed against me?
    Would you happen to know which county? Oklahoma has a free civil case search open to the public.
  • Where can I find a recently charged and registered sex offender in Oklahoma?
    Many lists offer information about offenders across the US. For localized searches, you can freely comb through a police department's list of newly arrested individuals online. You will need to search various sites to see as many arrests as possible, including crime maps. Crime maps will tell you where the arrest happened; from there, you can see which police department made the arrest and check their site. Crime maps will not show the name but will show the charge and arresting agency; you will need to connect the dots after that.
  • Where do I find in Oklahoma the date someone was arrested?
    Look for jail blotters from individual police departments similar to the one OK city has. These are not official arrest reports; they can be requested directly from the arresting departments. Jail blotter is a free list you can look up of people arrested and booked into local jails, and the booking date is usually included.
  • Where can I find, in Oklahoma, access to accident reports?
    Where did the accident happen? Accident reports are made and provided by the law enforcement agency which responded to the accident. The records division of police departments will have a webpage with the forms and instructions on what you need to do.
  • Where do I find in Oklahoma, divorce records?
    Access the county court's webpage (Clerk of Court in the county where the divorce was granted). The Oklahoma historical society show divorces from 1923-1944 for free online. Depending on the location and timeline of the divorce, there are few places where their records are free to check.
  • Where can I find access to and a copy of my 1973 or 1974 divorce in Oklahoma?
    The clerk keeps divorce records in the county it took place. Counties will generally have their website and what to do when requesting a divorce record. Many of the websites are informative with general answers but cannot answer all questions. A phone number is listed for the individual clerk of the county overseeing recording and copy requests. A county as large as Tulsa does not show its coverage period on its web pages. However, it mentions that the county clerk also handles archived documents.
  • How do I find out for free about active warrants in Oklahoma on my brother and boyfriend?
    I believe that warrant information is supposed to be free. They generally come from courts, issued by judges (bench warrants). Many police agencies, such as the Oklahoma sheriff's office, make them public on their web pages. Their website and others may also have a warrant check by name that anyone can search for free, and it's a search of active warrants.
  • Where can I find, in Oklahoma, access to a list of sex offenders?
    You can conduct a sex offender search by state, local, and nationwide also. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections offers two sex offender searches, one is the sex offender registry, and the other is for violent offenders.