• Question: Looking for date of marriage in Newport RI -how do I find it?
    By Mo
    Jul 16, 2016
  • Question: How did House vote on tolls
    By Grinch
    Feb 04, 2016

    Are you talking about the truck toll bill? The governor (Raymondo) approved the bill after the debate, 52 for and 21 against.

    By anonymous
    May 26, 2016

  • Question: We would like to obtain the Automotive Inspection OBD/I'm Data Records from the Department of Environmental Management and/or State Inspection Facility/ Division of Motor Vehicles for the years - 200- 2015.
    By Howard
    Nov 09, 2015
  • Question: What is the best way to view arrests across Rhode Island?
    By jeff
    Feb 06, 2015

    There are crime maps on individual police websites that show all incidents, including arrests throughout Rhode Island.

    By adm
    Sep 29, 2015


    Arrests are published online by individual, either small or large law enforcement departments. When a person is booked, the police will enter the information in an arrest log, jail/inmate list, or any other term used to show people that are in custody. There are periodicals which show recent arrests in their local areas.

    By a
    Nov 04, 2015

  • Question: We would like to request state auto emissions inspection data records
    By Howard
    Oct 08, 2015
  • Question: Looking for any meeting info for open meeting held on August 17, 2015 with DOH about HPV Vaccine: meeting attendees, time meeting ended, pictures, videos, etc. Thanks
    By Chris
    Oct 06, 2015
  • Question: How do I obtain a copy of the Fmla (family medical leave act) mandate regarding the postal service employees and employers
    By Mar
    Feb 12, 2015
  • Question: What do I see when I order a background check in Rhode Island?
    By cyn
    Mar 18, 2013

    There are numerous ways in which to order a background check and several types. You can conduct the search for different case types at once, or you can also choose to search just a felony or misdemeanors. You will be able to see the case's description, court, filing date, case type, status, arrest details, arresting agency and case ID. This is not a complete background check, only a check of case records of certain types.

    By blgr
    Mar 18, 2013


    Background check is a broad term. In many cases it is just a search of criminal records and others it's more. There are instances where an individual needs to show a driver's history record to an employer as a term of their application process. Various departments throughout Rhode Island have individual responsibilities. Although police departments make out the reports, the cases end up in court. It is best to look up court records as the state police does not seem to have an online source to conduct a background check

    By stan
    Mar 18, 2013


    Some background check of criminal records services reveal their coverage, such as whether traffic violations, misdemeanors or DUIs appear. A case search from the courts would generally cover a lot of the criminal records, however traffic violations if only resulted in just a citation will probably not show up.

    By lyn
    Mar 19, 2013


    You can search for records on your own and only get what you need. If all you need is a criminal record check, the criminal courts is where to look. However, if you're looking for assets such as home ownership for example, you can look up land records from the town clerk's office, here are links to town/city websites, look for the town clerk, some of the services such as form downloads and instructions on how to request property information is also included.

    By jill
    Mar 19, 2013