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    what happened to free open records ?
    By ole man
    Sep 11, 2015
    There are free arrest records to other types of criminal information about a person you can find using this directory. It will take more work than if you paid a service to do it. This site is a directory which helps with listing what is accessible by the general public. Arrest records are free and open to the public, you will need to look into the area where you believe the arrest occurred. Arrests are made by local police departments which process and detain jailed prisoners. In Alabama, generally, the sheriffs department maintain jails with inmate lists that are open for viewing by the public. Crime mapping can help with locating the arrest, street by street. You may need to check more than one county/department, consumes time, but it’s free. Larger counties are better at providing public services, which includes inmate lists and the recently arrested. There are many other searches which are free, categorized throughout the page. If you’re having trouble with a specific record, you can post it and see if any visitors can help or share their past experiences looking for the same.
    By a
    Sep 15, 2015

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