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    How do I find answers to someone's criminal past if I know they are a convicted felon?
    By Pam
    May 30, 2016
    There are different ways to find past criminal information for different scenarios if you're looking to do a free search on your own, such as whether the person is still incarcerated, where the person was tried. If you're not sure, and don't know much else, you will most likely need cast a larger net for your search. There are a few places you can check regardless. The Alabama DOC has a free online inmate search if the person is currently in their custody, as their site states. The local sheriffs departments or other law enforcement, have their own jail and inmate population lists. For Mobile Alabama, I noticed some of the dates went back more than a year. Mobile is not the only one, you will need to look into other counties individually, Baldwin shows current inmates and a 24 hour booking log of recent arrests. You can see what the cost if any of looking up court records onsite, where and how to request these court records are generally stated on their webpage.
    By admn1
    Jun 21, 2016

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