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    Where can I see who has escaped out of prison in Florida?
    By a1
    Jul 15, 2015
    The state of Florida's law enforcement department makes escaped convicts, also called absconders, public. The search includes escapees since January 1991 which have outstanding warrants.
    By ant
    Jul 15, 2015
    The Florida department of corrections has a webpage that will show escapees, and the ones that have been arrested/captured. The page is titled 'Inmate Escape Information List', from there you will be able to go to another page that will search under several criteria. A specific database can be chosen under absconder and fugitives.
    By adm
    Nov 10, 2015
    Go to the set of links under the "Florida Free Public Records Directory" section of this page above. Click on the fourth link down: Florida Prison and Jail Inmates. The link will take you to the Florida Department of Corrections, select the first database which is "Search All Corrections Offender Databases", you will then land on the a search page. Under "DC Criminal History - Offense Category" there will be a drop down menu of offense descriptions, the fifth is escape. The next part confuses people since the results don't simply appear, instead, only a single line link which says "Inmate Release Search Results [Open in New Window]" may appear, click on that and you will see a list of results showing the inmate release information detail, including the mug shot/photo. These are people that have been charged with escape or their case involves it. You can see a list of escaped inmates in the same site, by choosing "Inmate Escape Information List" instead of using the "Search All Corrections Offender Databases". By clicking on the "Inmate Escape Information List", you will be taken to a search query page, similar to the last search. From there, you can simply leave the fields blank and get the full list, at this time there are 13, so it is not a long enough list to conduct a name search, specially if you're not sure of the name's spelling. This is a list of inmates which have escaped since January 1990.
    By admn-resp
    Nov 23, 2015

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