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    how can i find out my court date online
    By kay
    Feb 02, 2015
    Which court or county? There are court calendars which show upcoming hearings, 'calendared events' as it is sometimes named. The court clerks also have filing information for the public which anyone can access, however, all courts are not the same, and on the same level. There are over one hundred counties in Illinois, they each have their own clerks which handle its filings.
    By admn-resp
    Jun 25, 2015
    There are online calendars from state to local level courts. Many court clerks in Illinois maintain a webpage which shows upcoming hearings. Madison is a typical example, when you look up their county's page, you can see where the circuit court clerk lists information about cases. These different court clerk's webpages are not all the same and not always immediately found. At the state level, the state's public judicial site shows its oral argument calendars (both for either Supreme or Appellate). If you still have questions about a particular case, there is a list of court clerks by districts or circuits on the state's court webpages.
    By al
    Nov 16, 2015

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