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    how do i find out about peoples criminal records WITHOUT paying for it jc...
    By anonymous one
    Mar 05, 2015
    Greatly depends on where the criminal search is going to be focused. First, you can look up a list of addresses to check into all areas where the criminal record would be. Second issue to consider is when this occurred. If it is recent, individual county and city jails show their inmate lists online for anyone to check freely. If it is post convictions, the department of corrections offers a similar search for their inmates. You will be able to see a mug shot, physical descriptions and other information about offense/charges, release, sentence, admission, parole date and more. Crime maps are also a free public source which can search incidents/arrests by city block. Along with free searches, government agencies offer various searches that are minimal in cost. Certain court records searches are also free to search such as Adams county. You can get a list of all circuit courts from the state judiciary. Since you're not paying for it, you will have to do as much work as necessary.
    By adm
    Mar 27, 2015

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