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    How can I find out if my son has filed for a divorce?
    By sweet pea
    Apr 23, 2015
    If you don’t need an official copy, you can get a verification from the Illinois Department of Public Health, Vital Records Division. You can make the request by mail, fax or in person. The verification only shows the names, DOBs, date of the divorce and location. The courthouse also has divorce records, however, you need to know which county the divorce was filed, there are 102 counties in Illinois.
    By adm
    Jun 24, 2015
    Official divorce records are not available from the IDPH, they can however verify that it was granted for a small free, around five dollars. The verification from the IDPH covers dissolution of marriages from 1962, it is done by providing the names, DOBs, date of divorce and location of the divorce. If you need official divorce records, you can go to the individual circuit court clerks of the county where it occurred. You can view a list and access either of these with the links on this page above. The Illinois Court Record link will take you to state's court home page, from there you can access circuit court clerk individually. For the verification, you can use the link to birth records (birth, death, marriage and divorce records are usually provided by the same departments) and access the webpage where the verification can be requested.
    By tom
    Dec 03, 2015

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