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    What is in a Minnesota background check?
    By msn
    Dec 06, 2012
    There are many different providers of background checks from private and public entities. Public entities such as local law enforcement/police agencies can conduct a criminal background check as well as case history searches from the Minnesota Judicial Branch, Minnesota Department of Public Safety and others. You can conduct your own search by looking up state and local inmates in custody freely. There are also many private agencies which will allow you to search for criminal records competing for business, but are not the same. Since in some cases it is not apparent the amount of information that is available until the search is conducted, in general, the company conducting the search is not fully aware of all records that appear. This is the reason why the coverage is important to review. Blank reports or no records found can result from a clear background or just a lack of data available to the public or to a specific database being used, therefore trusting and knowing what is being searched is essential. Some private companies will offer 'no records found' refund policy.
    By admn-resp
    Mar 23, 2015

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