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    where should i go to check the criminal record for somebody else
    By kk
    Jul 01, 2015
    Start out by looking into all addresses that appear under the individual's name, this will give you and idea if the person lived in other states/counties. Once you have a list (as complete as possible), all the counties/areas the person lived in, you're ready to look up their court records. Doing your own search is not too difficult, just time consuming. However, there are many more resources online now than before. New York state's e court services here: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcivil/ecourtsMain will give you the option to search for criminal records. Once you enter this webpage, you will need to enter security characters and then you can begin to search for free by party name. You don't need to know the full first name, only the first two characters. Results will show defendant information, incident and arrest, attorney information, next/past appearances, motions and docket sentence.
    By adm
    Dec 11, 2015

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