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    Hi guys, I was contacting you for the past 10 days without any answer from you. Please I need my wife and my self BK information removed from the web. This information is giving us hard time to find a job. We'll appreciate your help.
    By Carmelo G
    Aug 05, 2015
    The records containing your information such as court records, including bankruptcies, arrests, inmates lists and anything else considered public record come from public entities. A big contributor are the county courts as their records are open to the public. You can see the source within the record with your information such as a headings or shown in the public record sites’ content. Once the record is available to the public, it is open to the entire public, including other public and private entities. Simply, once your information is out, it can be anywhere and everywhere. How do you get rid of your information online? There is no simple answer for everyone. It depends on which records and where they came from. But there are still successful methods used to remove public information. Court records, being one of the largest contributors of public records, can be petitioned to remove your information. The process to petition for removal of court information is sometimes stated on the courts’ own websites or by firms which offer a service to expunge records. Once the petition is granted, the record can officially be removed from court public databanks. However, the petition does not remove the information automatically everywhere, you only have a petition. The court may do that at the same time to their own files, but, other entities are probably not aware of your petition unless you provide it to them. You will need to seek every outlet which contains your expunged information and contact them about removal individually. Can I just ask for my information to be removed from everyone’s database? There is no obligation to remove public data as it is open to everyone and is already being distributed by the government on a regular basis. It is not up to he individual whether their information is public, it is governed by laws of the state and federal government’s Freedom of Information Act. You, individually, without court order do not have the right to remove public information, even if it is yours. I see some websites which provide a form to have my information removed? Does that work? Can’t tell unless a specific service is looked at as they are different types of entities with the information. I may not do much good if the record is being continually distributed, and can reappear in future updates.
    By al
    Aug 06, 2015

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