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    How can I find out if I'm prohibited from working because of my arrest background?
    By sarah
    Oct 27, 2015
    Arrests alone shouldn’t appear on general background checks which search criminal court records. Arrests do not always result in convictions, charges, going to court or having any other records thereafter. Arrest reports are often requested by a defense attorney, DA’s office, or others related to the case. To see what it takes to obtain an arrest report, you can simply go to the arresting department’s website and see the policy/qualifications followed for their request. You can conduct a search of yourself using the same background check source employers are likely to use. The state of New York lets you conduct a criminal background check through their Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). You can request a "personal record review" which will show dismissed cases, violations or infractions, substance abuse convictions, youthful offender adjudications and more. This search shows what is out there more than your average background check used by employers. You can read more about it to find out what others can view by viewing the state's website's Personal Record Review Program page. However, this is usually true using background check services, there are other ways of looking up arrests that are out there online. Some sites freely show arrests they have obtained from jail rosters from many law enforcement agencies, including local departments. As individual law enforcement agencies show arrestees in efforts to help the public, private sites will pick up that information and republish it on their own sites. This makes finding the record easier for someone not as savvy with online searches or one that will access the police site directly. The same can go for newspapers which list the most recent arrests. These arrests can remain searchable for as long as the publication can be viewed.
    By a1
    Nov 03, 2015

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