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    How do I find out if someone is married
    By I
    Jul 23, 2015
    The first inclination is to look for publications or other ways to look up marriages. However, the standard approach doesn't always work nor can be reliable to provide information. Public records uncover information from sources you wouldn't expect when you look around. In this instance, an un-orthodox way of looking up spouses is with property/real estate records that are readily available online. It is true that spouses don't always show on recorded real estate documents, but, in many instances they do, and they can also be free to look up. If it an important matter, it may be worth paying the small fee to the county recorder in Ohio. If the property is in Ashtabula, Summit, Franklin and others, the records are free to the public with a query online.
    By adm
    Dec 08, 2015

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