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    Can I request arrest records from the Pennsylvania State Police? How would I know which county is included?
    By commenter
    Feb 05, 2015
    Most of Pennsylvania’s state trooper police reports have to do with accidents. Most of the arrests are made by local police departments, which you will have to request the specific arrest report from. This is because they’re the ones making the arrest and fill out the report. If you need a full arrest report from the past, there’s a process from each department to request them. Background checks are offered from the state troopers for the entire state. If the arrests have resulted in a conviction, the state trooper is the central depository for the criminal records. However, when troopers make the initial arrests, where are the records, which could be for a routine DUI? The PA state troopers provide arrest and conviction reports for education employment, a form for the search is on their website, but no sign of other services for arrests were found.
    By adm
    Mar 12, 2015

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