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    Criminal record
    By Deidre Blake
    Aug 19, 2015
    You can begin by seeing which criminal records you can get on your own first before using the WV state police’s check, or other services that will do the search for you. For some criminal records, doing your own search can turn out to provide more information, such as getting an entire case file from criminal courts, requesting full police arrest reports and individuals still in custody or released from a facility. There are procedures and policies imposed by police departments and courts to provide even public records. Individual departments can also charge a fee, although relatively low, to provide public records. Is your search specific to a county? Few counties? Or the entire state of West Virginia? Many records are held by individual local departments, therefore an address search is a good starting point. However, that should not limit the search as people get arrested in various areas that would not appear in address searches. Records can either provide information that you are originally looking for, or lead to more. Remember that you are conducting your own search and there will be work going from one department/records office to another.
    By admn-resp
    Sep 16, 2015

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