Virginia Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Virginia Public Records Questions and Answers (FAQ)
  • Where can I find in Virginia historical criminal records and inmate autopsies from 1941?
    There are different types and sources of criminal and arrest records. Criminal records are from the court or central criminal database/repository, and arrest records are from individual law enforcement agencies which made the arrest. Each has its records division and specifics regarding the records provided.
  • How do I get details on a shooting in Virginia that happened in the past without having the names?
    Libraries keep copies of old past reports in local papers you can access and look up local crimes. These copies can be accessed by microfilm or database. The search shouldn't cost anything other than the inconvenience of having to go to the library
  • Are a driver's license a public record, and can I get a copy of someone's license in Virginia?
    Virginia's DMV page "Release of DMV Information" states that driving license information is "NOT" public unless you obtain written consent. There are exceptions.
  • How do I get access to my late husband's mugshot in Virginia?
    Check old newspapers and articles at the library local to where his arrest occurred.
  • Where can I find, in Virginia, access to marriage records?
    Marriage records from 1936 to 2014 in Virginia can be found at the Office of Vital Records. You can follow the birth records link listed under "free public records" since the same department provides them.
  • Where can I find Virginia, the worst area for drug trafficking?
    There are two ways to look up areas and see the types of crimes occurring. One is the crime maps that are freely available online; note that not all areas are included. The other is the recent arrests. There are certain times when drug activity picks up, and their arrests follow. Also, there are published reports of sweeps. This is when a joint effort from law enforcement executes warrants for arrest or search. The agency will release reports for the media, online, tv, or their own site's press release.
  • Where can I find in Virginia, daily crime statistics?
    Crime mapping allows visitors to choose the day(s) span to view their recorded offenses. The area to search can be narrowed, however, the coverage is not the entire state, as some police or sheriff's departments provide their arrest and incident data and others do not. It is free, and several crime mapping services are open to the public.