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Search the Community of Hood, public records using best found research sources online. This Community is located at the coordinates , its zip code is 95639 with a total population of 271. Look up recorded information of Hood, including demographics and local economy. Link to all levels of Hood, government and their sites with services which provide public information. Current economy, business and housing data. Read about up to date current events and what is occurring in the Community of Hood. Find out about the background of residents and recorded statistics. Request criminal records specific to the Community of Hood, from law enforcement departments with access to the state's repository with official background check of arrests and convicted felonies. Access a directory aimed toward producing open public records and instant information available online. Hood sources are added on a regular basis for the best and most current services.

Community of Hood, Census Data
Information About People and Demographics
Total population of residents271
White resident population recorded135
Black or African American resident population recorded0
American Indian and Alaska native resident population recorded15
Asian resident population recorded15
Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander resident population recorded1
Hispanic or Latino of any race resident population recorded137
Resident population of some other race recorded70
Resident population of two or more races recorded35
Community of Hood, CA Public Records
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Fri - Rain. High: 63 Low: 44
Sat - Partly Cloudy. High: 69 Low: 47
Sun - Cloudy. High: 71 Low: 46
Mon - Sunny. High: 80 Low: 55
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Hood, Arrest Records
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Laguna Life And People 042214
Nick Henrikson: A Tale of Travel from the Dark to the Light By DIANE ARMITAGE Photos by MARY HURLBUT Nick Henrikson spies me from across the street and grins, waving grandly. He has only met me once before.  I watch him make his way across the street, and he stops briefly to chat with random people he knows. Even as he makes his way to my table here at Zinc, two women see him from the sidewalk and stop to say “hello” to Nick. He introduces me with something close to a reverential bow, and tells the women that he’s being interviewed. They are delighted, and assure me there’s no one better.  In my 30 years of interviewing rock stars, celebrities and global entrepreneurs, I’ve not met anyone so immediately endearing. My best friend, Lisa, told me months ago that I should interview the iconic Nick Henrikson of Ralph’s grocery store fame and, while I never question her judgment, I wondered a little bit about the recommendation until now, this moment. Now, it’s all clear.  Nick Henrikson, a 22-year-old Laguna Beach resident, is sunny. He is simply sunny and bright. I feel bathed in a glow as I sit across from him, and it is his person, his persona, that creates this immediate warmth.  He has traveled a long way to reach this warmth himself. With help from his parents and a set of talented and committed educators in Laguna Beach, Nick found his way from the dark to the light. And now, everything is sunny.  Nick’s First Three Years: Not a Sound It’s hard to believe that Nick never smiled as a baby, or even uttered a sound until the age of three. While he never presented overt symptoms of autism such as “stemming” (repetitive patterns such as rocking or spinning), head-banging or dissociative behavioral issues, his mom, Maggi, felt something was amiss and enrolled him in special education and speech evaluation as a preschooler. As he learned sign language and communicative gestures, it wasn’t until his baby brother, Erik, came along that Nick connected the communication dots. He would lie next to and even on top of Erik to try to get sounds out of his baby brother; he was fascinated and completely focused on the research project. When Erik was about 18 months old, and Nick was 4 years of age, they spoke – for the very first time – together. Nick’s vocabulary went from one word to more than 30 in just a few days’ time. It’s as if his brother showed him the way … and, then, Nick was off and gabbling.  From that point forward, Nick never stopped talking. An enormous dam had simply crumbled and, just as he intuitively emulated his brother’s first attempts at communication, Nick began to emulate the peers around him. He leapfrogged forward in educative and social skills, wrapped in the protective and encouraging arms of the Laguna Beach Unified School District. For Nick, It’s All in the Details … Every Detail “I have high-functioning autism,” Nick tells me. “It makes it hard to learn, and it was hard to listen to teachers, but I remember facts really well, so that probably has helped get me through.” That’s a serious understatement. When Nick was at Thurston Middle School, he worked one period every day in the front office and knew where every single kid was at that time. Harried parents would come in with a forgotten lunch, and Nick would say, “He’s in Room 212!”  Still to this day, he can easily recite every friend and neighbor’s license plate. He began playing tennis at the age of 7, and did very well in the high school’s tennis team because he “watched Rafael Nadal a lot” because Rafa was his favorite. He also ran up records in cross-country, participating on the team the entire four years he was in high school. Nick has worked at Laguna’s Ralphs on Cleo Street since the age of 16. He came on board as a bagger, and then began to help with inventory. Now, seven years later, Nick knows where every item is shelved in the store, and knows the price code for any item the store stocks.  A few years ago, he was promoted to the check stand because he’s so incredibly fast with check out. He knows the product code before it’s even scanned against the laser-infused glass, often pausing briefly to correct the system if a code number is askew.  “I like it when people ask me where things are, because I can tell them what shelf it’s on,” says Nick. “But most of the time, they just ask me where the bathrooms are.”  “I’ve worked with Nick about five years, and he’s just got a gift at putting a smile on people’s faces,” says Kevin Tate. “You may walk in feeling a little bristly but, before you know it, you’re feeling warm and cozy because Nick’s done something or said something to make your day right.” A Big Step Toward Independence: The Glennwood House Over the seven years at Ralphs, Nick has gotten to know a vast amount of Laguna Beach residents, and remembers each by name.  Through his childhood, Nick struggled with shying away from people and making eye contact, both traits found in people with autism. Today, as long as he knows you and likes you, he’s happy to give you a hug. He also works consciously to maintain eye contact with people he meets – again, this is an easier task for him when it’s someone in his known circle, and it’s always easier when they’re the first to reach out and engage with Nick. In that nanosecond, he brightens noticeably and a happy smile flits across his features.  “I love to travel, but right now, I really like Laguna and the people here, so I’m going to stay in Laguna,” he says matter-of-factly.  Last year in August, Nick took yet another huge step for himself by moving to his own place in the Glennwood House at 2130 S. Coast Highway. “Glennwood is for young adults with developmental disabilities who want to have more independence,” says Nick, again in a scholarly tone. “I thought I’d be different than most of the kids there, but I have a few friends now, and I love that I can come and go, just as long as I let them know where I’m going.”  He says the step was a big one, “Even though my parents live right up the hill,” he admits. “It’s way different living on your own. At first, I thought about having a roommate, but sometimes I’m working late, and I didn’t want to bother someone or, you know, worry about bothering someone. So, I have my own cool pad to myself.” Fortunately the meals are “fantastic,” thanks to resident cook Shelia, and Nick does his best to hit all three offerings in the day. “I wish dinner was a little later, but I know that if I ask to bend it for me, they have to bend it for everyone.” Life is a Highway … Click on photo for a larger image   It’s incongruous, really, this child born into the closed world of autism who is now so genuinely magnanimous in his outlook and approach.  His mother, Maggi, assures me that it’s taken a village to help and support this child-now-young-man, and she can’t say enough gratitudes to the people who have stepped up and stepped into Nick’s life.  A couple years ago, friends and family members began asking Nick for rides to the Orange County or LAX airports. He owns a beautiful Nissan truck “With plenty of suitcase room,” and he adores the side job. He’s never had a car accident or even a speeding ticket, and several people will ask Nick to drive them to the airport in their own car, and bring it back home for safe keeping while they’re traveling.  He has since expanded his driving role to dropping off and picking up people who go out on the town. “When I turned 21, my parents took me to Las Vegas,” he says. “I tried a scotch, and I tried a beer, and then I decided alcohol was just not going to be for me.”  As a designated driver, he’s absolutely punctual, is happy to travel up and down the coast, and only asks for two or three days’ advance notice so as not to interfere with his Ralph’s schedule. “I love it,” says Nick enthusiastically. “I like helping people and I like driving, so it’s the perfect combination for me.” With the expanding “Drive time,” the new living digs, travel adventures on the horizon, and the full-time job he loves at Ralph’s, Nick says he’s not sure he could be much happier. “I think as long as you’re good to people, they’ll be good to you. ‘Mean’ is not in my nature … so I know it’s all going to be OK for me.”  •••• A professional writer for 30 years, Diane Armitage is also the author of the book, The Insider’s Travel Guide: Laguna Beach’s Best.
April 22 2014 - Source:

Laguna Beach United Methodist 041514
Laguna Beach United Methodist Church Holy Week events Everyone in the community is invited to attend the Easter Sunrise Worship Service at Laguna Beach’s Main Beach at 6 a.m., April 20. It will be led by Mary Scifres, who is serving as interim pastor of Laguna Beach United Methodist Church, which has been hosting the service for the past 20 years. Attendees are urged to dress warmly and bring chairs, blankets and cut flowers for the cross. Laguna Beach United Methodist Church also offers an Easter Celebration at 10 a.m. in the sanctuary at 21632 Wesley Drive. The worship service, also led by Rev. Scifres, will feature the church choir, led by Phil Theodorou, as well as handbells, trumpets and horns.  In addition, there will be an Easter Egg Hunt and an Easter Cookie Decorating Station, as well as other activities for children offered by Youth Director, Brian Pearcy. Rev. Scifres and her husband, B.J. Beu, pastor of Neighborhood Congregational Church, will join forces at the Holy Thursday Worship Service and Holy Communion to be held at Laguna Beach United Methodist Church on April 17, at 7 p.m. Pastors Scifres and Beu will present “Two Faces in the Shadows.” For additional information, call 949-499-3088 or visit
April 15 2014 - Source:

Easter Sunday 041514
Easter Sunday at Neighborhood Congregational Church Neighborhood Congregational Church begins its April 20 Easter celebration with an informal, 6:30 a.m. community sunrise service at Alta Laguna Park suffused with Native American spirituality, including flute and drumming to the four directions. As the sun rises over the surrounding hills spilling light onto the Pacific Ocean, Neighborhood Church invites hikers, families, and seekers of God to celebrate the gift of new life and a new day in this beautiful setting.  The celebration continues with a festive Easter service at 10 a.m. featuring choral music led by Pam Wicks, familiar Easter songs, the handbell choir led by Jennifer Baker, and a message from Rev. B. J. Beu. Following worship, refreshments will be served across the courtyard in Bridge Hall and children are invited to join in the annual Easter egg hunt on the Montessori playground.  Neighborhood Congregational Church is an Open and Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ. Holding in high value both inclusion and openness, Neighborhood Church welcomes all people to any and all events! Neighborhood Church is located at 340 St. Ann’s Dr.  Free parking is available for all church events at the corner of Cleo and Glenneyre, across from Ralph’s. Call 494-8061 or visit the church website at for more information. 
April 15 2014 - Source:

Police Files 041114
Police Files Multiple callers – a car was being driven on Boardwalk Multiple 9-1-1 callers reported that a car was being driven on the boardwalk at Main Beach at 6:25 p.m. Monday. Other erratic driving by the same car was also reported. The callers said the vehicle had left southbound on S. Coast Hwy. Officers made a car stop at S. Coast Hwy and Thalia Street. Officer suspected to encounter a possible DUI driver. Instead, according to LBPD Sgt. Louise Callus, “They contacted the driver who had been recently suffering from some medical issues. Another officer responded to Main Beach and noticed that one of the lights on the boardwalk had been damaged.” The unidentified man was issued a DMV re-evaluation directive and a traffic collision report was taken.   Homeless man hit woman with a bottle in downtown fight Tuesday morning – he also kicked another man Police were dispatched to the sidewalk in the 100 block of S. Coast Hwy at 8:37 Tuesday morning after it was reported that several people were fighting and one man was using a whiskey bottle as a weapon. On scene, the cops encountered four individuals and detained them as they sorted through the incident. A woman was bleeding from the left side of her head and explained that a known suspect had hit her with a whiskey bottle. A man said the same man had repeatedly kicked him during the fight. Paramedics responded and treated the woman who declined to go to the ER for further evaluation. The man was not seriously injured. Douglas Alan Frederes, Jr., 33, was identified as the suspect and police located and arrested him Wednesday for felony assault with a deadly weapon.   Investigating the accident that took the life of the LCAD student April 3 isn’t as simple as it might seem Police have received many calls so has StuNewsLaguna asking why the driver who struck Nina Fitzpatrick, 22, as she crossed in a crosswalk on April 3 has not been arrested or “given a ticket”. Protocol for the accident investigation (and no information in that regard has been released to date) is to refer the completed report to the Orange County District Attorney to file charges, if any. It was reported last week that the drive was an 83-year-old woman visiting from Boston on a vacation. As a reminder, police officers cannot charge anyone with a misdemeanor unless they see the offense when it occurred. Thus, absent alcohol or drugs use by the driver, no citation would be issued on the scene. The driver voluntarily submitted to a blood test and police have maintained that there is no indication that drugs or alcohol were involved. While we do not like to speculate, it would appear on the surface that the driver had no intent to cause injury. Absent intent or substance use, the likelihood of felony charges is probably not in question. The media will be made aware of any charges when and if they are filed.
April 11 2014 - Source:

12 arrested in Stockton gang, crime sweep
SACRAMENTO - Raids at four Stockton locations Wednesday morning resulted in the arrest of 12 individuals the Stockton Police Department says are tied to the Sutter Street Crips gang and criminal activity. The suspects' "criminal activity focused in the surrounding neighborhoods around California Street and Park Street, in particular 219 E. Park Street," police spokesperson Officer Joe Silva said. Police Gang Violence Suppression Unit officers recorded recovering ammunition, narcotics and stolen property during the searches. In connection to the Operation Ceasefire enforcement raids, California Department of Corrections officers searched inmate cells at San Quentin State Prison, Solano State Prison, and a home in the Los Angeles, Silva said. Arrested were: Michael "Domino" McKinney, 36, on suspicion of human trafficking
April 09 2014 - Source:

10 arrested in Stockton gang, crime sweep
SACRAMENTO - Raids at four Stockton locations Wednesday morning resulted in the arrest of 10 individuals the Stockton Police Department says are tied to the Sutter Street Crips gang and criminal activity. The suspects' "criminal activity focused in the surrounding neighborhoods around California Street and Park Street, in particular 219 E. Park Street," police spokesperson Officer Joe Silva said. Police Gang Violence Suppression Unit officers recorded recovering ammunition, narcotics and stolen property during the searches. In connection to the Operation Ceasefire enforcement raids, California Department of Corrections officers searched inmate cells at San Quentin State Prison, Solano State Prison, and a home in the Los Angeles, Silva said. Arrested were: Michael "Domino" McKinney, 36, on suspicion of human trafficking (pimping), narcotics, burglary, weapons,
April 09 2014 - Source:
Hood, Most Wanted
View a list of names, offender descriptions, location, charges and other information of persons wanted by police and sheriffs
Ripon Bank Robbery
On 02/28/2014, at approximately 1134 hours, three suspects entered the Bank of the West located on Main St. in Ripon (CA).  Witnesses report that one of the suspects appeared to be a Black male adult and the other two suspects appeared to be Hispanic male adults.  The Black male stayed by the front door, and he gave direction to the other two suspects, who had jumped over the counter.  The tellers were directed to open the cash drawers, and an undisclosed amount of money was taken.  There was no mention of any weapons or weapons seen.  All three suspects were wearing hooded sweatshirts with something covering the lower portion of their faces.  All three suspects were wearing gloves. The Black male took a black messenger-style bag from one of the customers, and he told one of the suspects behind the counter to use it to put the money in.  The suspects walked out of the bank, and they went up a side street, where one witness saw the suspects getting into a charcoal grey SUV, possibly a Ford Escape. The suspects were last seen eastbound on Pine St. The suspect in the striped sweatshirt is the Black male adult. Witnesses put him between 6' - 6'-3' with a slender build.  The two Hispanic male suspects were both shorter than the Black male, and had a thicker build.  One Hispanic male had a black sweatshirt with two dolphins printed on the front.  The second Hispanic male suspect had a black hooded sweatshirt with a lifeguard cross logo on the back (See photos). If you have any information regarding these suspects, or this case, please contact RPD Investigations Unit @ 1-209-599-2102. Contact Info: P.I.O. - 1 St. Sgt. Steve Merchant - Ripon Police Department 259 N. Wilma Ave. Ripon, CA 95336 209-599-2102 Business, 209-599-4034 FAX
March 14 2014 - Source:

UNKNOWN 14-003 Wanted for: Homicide Wanted since: 01-21-14 Known aliases: N/A Distinguishing marks: N/A Description: The Sacramento Police Department is looking looking for for the community's help in identifying the suspect in the attached sketches. On December 25, 2013, at approximately 9:44 PM, a group of juveniles was shot at by this suspect and another Black male adult in the 7400 block of 29th St. Three juveniles victims were hit. One victim died of a head wound and two other victims sustained non-life threatening injuries. Both suspects fled on foot southbound on 29th St. after the shooting. Suspect #1 (shooter, pictured): Black male adult, 17-18 years old, 5' 07' to 5' 08', 140 to 160 pounds, short dreads, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. Suspect #2: Black male adult in his 20s, 5' 10', 160 pounds, short afro, wearing a red shooded sweatshirt. If you have information: Call 1-800-AA-CRIME or 916-443-HELP; Internet; Text-A-Tip to: 274637 include 'SACTIP' plus the tip information.
January 21 2014 - Source:

LOPEZ, Ernesto Ramirez
LOPEZ, Ernesto Ramirez Wanted for: Malicious Maiming of an Animal, Torture Wanted since: 11-05-2013 Known aliases: Ernie Distinguishing marks: N/A Description: SUMMARY: The Sacramento Sheriff's Department is currently seeking Ernesto Ramirez LOPEZ on a felony warrant for the above charges. LOPEZ is described as a 35-year-old Hispanic male, 5' 09' tall and weighing 195 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. On a hot September day in 2013, LOPEZ placed duct tape over the mouth, nose, and eyes of an older Queensland House named Ranger. The dog was seen running through the neighborhood in North Sacramento, but by the time Animal Control was able to locate it, it was exhausted and later died of asphyxiation. If you have information: Call 1-800-AA-CRIME or 916-443-HELP; Internet; Text-A-Tip to: 274637 include 'SACTIP' plus the tip information.
November 05 2013 - Source:

Ripon Police Look for Possible Jogger Stalker
RIPON– Ripon Police are asking neighbors in the Meritage neighborhood to be on the lookout for a red Chevy Silverado crew cab pickup truck that was seen following joggers in the area. Last week, a woman reported seeing a middle-age …
October 03 2013 - Source:

West Lodi Neighborhood on Alert for Stranger Approaching Kids
LODI– Neighbors in a West Lodi neighborhood around Interlaken Drive are on edge after a stranger approached an 11-year-old boy playing in his driveway on Monday evening. The bald man in his 40′s asked the boy to come to his …
September 27 2013 - Source:

Unknown suspect - Armed Robbery
Wanted for: Armed Robbery Wanted since: 07-23-2013 Known aliases: N/A Distinguishing marks: N/A /> Description: The Sacramento Police Department is looking for help in identifying the individual responsible for this crime. On July 9, 2013, at 12:39 AM, the victim was working as night shift manager at Burger King at 5610 Freeport Blvd. She took a drive-through order from a customer. The customer pulled the vehicle up to the window. When victim opened the window to give the customer his drink, the driver pointed a black sawed-off single-barrel shotgun at her. Victim immediately closed the window and dropped to the ground. She called 911 and the suspect fled down Freeport Blvd. in an unknown direction. The suspect is described as a White male adult in his late 30's to early 40's, with a thin oval face that was clean-shaven. He wore a black hooded sweatshirt and black beanie cap. He was driving a dark green older Honda-style sedan. If you have information: Call 1-800-AA-CRIME or 916-443-HELP; Internet; Text-A-Tip to: 274637 include 'SACTIP' plus the tip information.
August 06 2013 - Source:

Hood, Mugshots
Photos of arrested persons, offenders in custody and booking information
No result
Hood, Missing Children
Collected data of endangered children, runaways, family and non family abductions
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Hood, Public Information
Recent publications of obituaries, city news and calendars, sex offender lists, birth and divorce records, view court criminal actions, civil lawsuits and bankruptcy filings
Special Business Event Coming to Goleta in September
GOLETA, Calif. - Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce is hosting another special event coming up in September. The September Business-2-Business breakfast will be sponsored by Spectrum Athletic Club. Spectrum Goleta is a friendly, neighborhood health club where everyone knows your name. No matter what your fitness level, you'll feel right at home as you participate in our high-energy group fitness...
Happening August 3 ugus - Source:

Walmart Community Store To Open
New Clovis Walmart Neighborhood Market Nearing CompletionConstruction nearly complete; associates begin to stock shelves, prepare for openingThe new Walmart Neighborhood Market in Clovis, scheduled to open this fall, moves closer to completion as associates now begin stocking shelves in preparation for the grand opening on Sept. 18. The approximately 53,900-square-foot store, located at 1830 Shaw...
Happening August r temb - Source:

Vanguard University Ensure Justice Conference
Ensure Justice 2014 is an annual conference focused on different aspects of human trafficking.  Speakers include: Stephan Bauman, President & CEO of World Relief Rev. David Myers, Senior White House Advisor, Center for Faith-based & Neighborhood Partnerships, Dept. of Homeland...
Happening July 02 2014 - Source:

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Sminar
'Imagine a childhood disease that affects one in five girls and one in seven boys before thay reach 18; a disease that can cause dramatic mood swings, erratic behavior, and even severe conduct disorders among those exposed; a disease that breeds distrust of adults and undermines the...
Happening May 22 2014 - Source:

Neighborhood Watch Block Captain's Meeting

Neighborhood Watch group forming in Cobb
COBB, Calif. – In response to a reported increase in crime, Cobb residents are forming a ne Neighborhood Watch group. The first meeting will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 27, at the Monterrey Mexican Grill at Cobb Mountain Golf, 16451 Golf Road. Cobb residents forming the Neighborhood Watch cite increased crime and slow response times from the sheriff's department. According to organizers, crime in recent years has gotten more frequent and dangerous. “We made fliers and passed them around,” said organizer Inez Wenkus said, “Monterey Grill volunteered their place. They're happy to accommodate us” Annemarie Hosch, who perceives increased criminal activity in her neighborhood, believes a Neighborhood Watch program is needed. “It is important to me that we do something,” she said. “I am tired of being afraid.” According to Hosch, law enforcement response times are measured in hours, if response arrives. Wenkus confirmed that observation and explained that part of the process is to contact local law enforcement. “Technically your supposed to have the sheriff involved when you do a Neighborhood Watch,” she said. But after contacting the sheriff's office about the Neighborhood Watch plan, they have not received a response, according to Hosch. According to the Web site – which is the face of the Neighborhood Watch program in conjunction with the National Sheriff's Association – there are five steps to setting up a Neighborhood Watch. Recruit and organize as many neighbors as possible; Contact your local law enforcement agency and schedule a meeting; Discuss community concerns and develop an action plan; Create a communication plan; Take action: Hold meetings and events. With or without the sheriff, “We're going to have a meeting,” said Wenkus. To inquire about this inaugural meeting of the Cobb Neighborhood Watch group call 707-355-1110 or 707-295-7446 for more information.
Happening April 24 2014 - Source:

Hood, Missing People
Currently missing persons sought by law enforcement derived from public and private sources
No result
Hood, Crime News
Published news and events of criminal activity
Menlo Park police arrest teenage boy suspected in two strong-arm robberies
Menlo Park police on Monday arrested a 17-year-old boy suspected of committing two recent strong-armed robberies in the same neighborhood.
April 23 2014 - Source:

Police responding to burglary report arrest two 17-year-olds
STOCKTON – Police responded to a report of a burglary in progress in a residential neighborhood just west of University of the Pacific around 9:39 p.m. Monday.
April 22 2014 - Source:

Your Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer
As “Carlo” walks around New York City, his gentle manner, warm smile, and crisp button-down shirts do nothing to betray that he has some $10,000 in illegal drugs stashed in his pockets. In his 30s and from the Upper West Side, Carlo is a dealer in some of New York’s purest narcotics. With good-quality MDMA fast becoming one of the most sought-after drugs, Carlo has a prime spot in a very popular ...
April 22 2014 - Source:

Children safe after car is stolen
A Dodge Charger with three small children inside was carjacked in the Chollas View neighborhood.
April 20 2014 - Source:

Alleged arsonist arrested in Norwalk
NORWALK — A man was behind bars Saturday on suspicion of lighting two trees and a business on fire in a Norwalk neighborhood, authorities said. Eli Swifteagle, 33, was arrested on suspicion of arson within an hour of the second … Continue reading →
April 19 2014 - Source:

Temecula: Three men arrested in connection with residential burglary
Officers from the Temecula Police Department arrested three men Thursday in connection with two burglaries in a residential area of the city, according to a Sheriff's official. The men, 20-year-old Dondre Porter of Hemet, 23-year-old Paul Keller of San Jacinto and 19-year-old Demaggio Wright of Perris were arrested for residential burglary, criminal conspiracy and resisting arrest. A resident in the 42000 block of Agena Street saw a black adult male, who was unfamiliar to the neighborhood, leave the front door of his neighbor's residence with a television set. The man put the television set inside a vehicle that had been waiting in the driveway and drove away; the neighbor subsequently called police when he saw this happen, according to Sgt. Steve Fredericks. Residents saw the same vehicle at a home in the 41000 block of nearby Asteroid Way and this information was relayed to officers arriving on scene, Fredericks said. Officers responding to the Asteroid Way home saw two black males flee and jump over fences. They subsequently set up a perimeter and utilized a police helicopter to find the men. Porter was found hiding under a bush and arrested, Keller was arrested after a brief struggle with police after he was caught trying to jump a fence, and Wright was brought down by a police K-9, according to Fredericks. All items were returned to the victims and the suspects were booked at Southwest Detention Center.
April 19 2014 - Source:

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