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Open public records site was specifically created to assist people in searching for and obtaining information from the billions of public records and documents in existence nationwide. The most frequently requested records are held by federal, state and local entities. Open Public Records is your key to the easy access of information facilitated by individual state open government statutes and federal freedom of information laws. Open Public Records is a uniquely powerful resource providing instant access to records and documents from agencies at all levels of government in an efficient and timely manner. Open Public Records provides you with direct access to the official websites of an extensive variety of government agencies. Our easy to use self explanatory site will link you directly to the source of the public records you are seeking. Whether you desire information from federal agencies or from county or state, you may begin your search using the site's index with a simple click of your mouse.

Open Public Records is among the largest most effectual gateways to open public information on the internet. Since the creation of the Sunshine Laws in the mid 70's which were designed to increase public disclosure of governmental agencies other freedom of information legislation has comprised laws that guarantee access to data held by the state. These laws have established a "right-to-know" legal process by which requests may be made for government held information. Sunshine laws, also require nonprofit organizations receiving public funding to open at least some of their board meetings to the public. Numerous records are available through government agencies and Open Public Records provides links to either their data or applicable request forms online.

Obtainable public documents and information include but are not limited to criminal records such as records of arrest and prosecution (RAP sheets). You can search electronic court filings of divorces, judgments and other civil cases. Find links to all state, county and city municipalities along with each area's public records and services. Read about crime statistics, census data and area demographics. You can instantly locate a person with access to online name and address locators. Request official birth, death and marriage certificates from county recorders offices. Search property information from public recorders offices. Research licenses, business filing and other held assets. Conduct a background check of an individual by compiling information from various departments. Individuals looking to move to a new area can search for sex offenders, population information, police reports, schools and news articles. Learn about the nature of the firms currently doing business in individual states and the cultural heritage of company ownership. OPR's access to this information is intended to promote accountability and transparency by allowing the public to see how decisions are made in the boardroom and how money is being allocated. Defenders of these laws claim that opening meetings to outsiders gives the organization the opportunity to stay on track and earn the public's trust.

We strive to show the most current information found to familiarize you in an area you are looking for your future real estate investment. When looking to gather information regarding a specific new neighborhood, having all the information on one list will help with avoiding aimless search for census data. Businesses looking to relocate or expand a new branch can find the economic numbers helpful when researching various venues. See a list of other companies and their services within the area of your clientele.

Many free public record resources available online lack much of the vital information that Open Public Records provides and instead are trying to sell something as opposed to providing information. There is no cost involved when visiting our website and using our resources. Our services are absolutely free and do not require membership of any kind.