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Search the Community of Thornton, public records using best found research sources online. This Community is located at the coordinates , its zip code is 95686 with a total population of 1,131. Look up recorded information of Thornton, including demographics and local economy. Link to all levels of Thornton, government and their sites with services which provide public information. Current economy, business and housing data. Read about up to date current events and what is occurring in the Community of Thornton. Find out about the background of residents and recorded statistics. Request criminal records specific to the Community of Thornton, from law enforcement departments with access to the state's repository with official background check of arrests and convicted felonies. Access a directory aimed toward producing open public records and instant information available online. Thornton sources are added on a regular basis for the best and most current services.

Community of Thornton, Census Data
Information About People and Demographics
Total population of residents1,131
White resident population recorded554
Black or African American resident population recorded43
American Indian and Alaska native resident population recorded3
Asian resident population recorded45
Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander resident population recorded1
Hispanic or Latino of any race resident population recorded770
Resident population of some other race recorded443
Resident population of two or more races recorded42
Community of Thornton, CA Public Records
Thornton, California Weather Forecast

Current Conditions: Fair, 67 F
Thu - Showers. High: 74 Low: 53
Fri - Rain. High: 63 Low: 43
Sat - Partly Cloudy. High: 69 Low: 46
Sun - Cloudy. High: 71 Low: 46
Mon - Sunny. High: 79 Low: 53
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Thornton, Arrest Records
Published current arrests including charges including information provided by law enforcement and news
Man Arrested for Auto Theft after Short Chase in Stockton
STOCKTON- Stockton Police say a man led officers on a chase Wednesday morning, reportedly driving a stolen vehicle. Officers say they tried to stop 48-year-old Michael Sexton near Thornton Road and Lucille Avenue, but he tried to speed off. Police …
August 29 2013 - Source:

Arrest and Daily Activity Log for August 23, 2013
8/22/2013 13-03434 Thornton-Dunwoody, Alexander 06/23/1993 529.5(C) PC 808 2ND STREET *========================================================================== 04:14 EXTRA PATROL 130822022 Officer initiated activity at Lyndell Tr, Davis. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 04:36 EXTRA PATROL 130822023 Officer initiated activity at Mace Bl, Davis. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 07:16 911 HANG UP 130822029 Occurred on Chiles Rd, Davis. STAYED ON LINE, ACCIDENTAL. Disposition: Cancelled by RP. *========================================================================== 07:28 BARKING DOG 130822031 Occurred on Mercedes Av, Davis. DOG BARKING FOR LAST HOUR, UNK IF OWNERS ARE HOME. Disposition: Unfounded. *========================================================================== 07:51 VANDALISM 130822032 Occurred on Sycamore Ln, Davis. SCHOOL WAS TAGGED AND BROKEN BOTTLES WERE FOUND ON THE GROUND WITH A PAIR OF PANTS THAT CONTAINS A WALLET - CTC RP AT CDC CENTER. Disposition: Report Taken. *========================================================================== 09:19 911 HANG UP 130822044 Occurred on E Covell Bl, Davis. MAPS TO AREA W/OPEN LINE, ATTEMPTING CALLBK. Disposition: Unable to Locate. *========================================================================== 10:06 BURGLARY ALARM 130822049 Occurred on W Covell Bl, Davis. FRONT DOOR INTERIOR MOTION FIRST TIME OPENING AND SHE DOESN'T HAVE THE CODE. Disposition: False Alarm. *========================================================================== 10:10 SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE 130822050 Occurred on Mesquite Dr, Davis. RP SAW AN UNMARKED GREEN PANEL VAN PARKED IFO A HOUSE ON MESQUITE AND REQUEST IT BE CHECKED - HE DRIVES THE SAME ROUTE EVERYDAY AND HASN'T SEEN IT THERE BEFORE. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 10:15 WELFARE CHECK 130822051 Occurred on 5TH St, Davis. MALE LAYING IFO DOOR, REQ HE BE MOVED ALONG. Disposition: Cancelled by RP. *========================================================================== 10:16 HIT AND RUN 130822053 Occurred at G ST/4TH St, Davis. OCC'D 8/21/2013-APPROX 2200HRS, UNK HIT RP'S PARKED VEH. NO NOTE LEFT BEHIND. DAMAGED DRIVER REAR FENDER VEH/SIL 13 CAD 4DR CA. Disposition: Report Taken. *========================================================================== 10:18 IDENTITY THEFT 130822054 Occurred on Alta Loma St, Davis. Disposition: Cancelled by RP. *========================================================================== 10:21 WELFARE CHECK 130822055 Occurred on Olive Dr, Davis. RP REQ WELF ON 5 MO OLD CHILD. MALE W/CHILD HAS HX OF METH USE AND WAS EXTREMELY LOUD/ AGITATED ON LL @ 0800, NO ANSWER SINCE. UNK RACE 37 YOA 601 250 SHAVED HEAD W/GOATEE AND TRIBAL TAT. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 11:00 EXTRA PATROL 130822065 Officer initiated activity at 2ND St, Davis. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 11:03 PUBLIC CONTACT 130822067 Officer initiated activity at Moore Bl, Davis. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 11:04 911 HANG UP 130822068 Occurred on Chiles Rd, Davis. OPEN LINE W/SPANISH SPEAKERS LAUGHING AND TALKING. Disposition: Unable to Locate. *========================================================================== 11:37 PETTY THEFT 130822078 Occurred on Oeste Dr, Davis. LAPTOP TAKEN FROM RESIDENT - RP WILL FILE OCR. Disposition: Online Crime Report. *========================================================================== 12:00 911 HANG UP 130822080 Occurred on H St, Davis. C4 ACCIDENTAL. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 12:14 TRAFFIC HAZARD 130822083 Occurred at 5TH St/Rr Tracks, Davis. ARMS STUCK DOWN FOR 15 MINUTES. Disposition: Referred. *========================================================================== 12:29 BURGLARY ALARM 130822087 Occurred on Rockwell Dr, Davis. POA/GARAGE DOOR. Disposition: Cancelled by RP. *========================================================================== 12:35 CITY CODE VIOLATION 130822089 Officer initiated activity at 3RD St/G St, Davis. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 12:37 ASSAULT 130822090 Occurred on W Covell Bl, Davis. VIC WAS USING A YARD BLOWER5 AND SUSP THREW A BOTTLE AT HIM. THE BOTTLE HIT VIC'S BACK PACK. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 12:45 SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE 130822092 Occurred at El Cajon Av/Faro Av, Davis. WHI VAN W/REAR DOORS OPEN NEAR GREENBELT -- WAS INITIALLY STOPPED THEN MOVED SLOW THRU NEIGHBORHOOD AND LSH BB F ST AND POSS WB GRANDE 10 AGO -- OCC'D BY 1 MALE. Disposition: Unfounded. *========================================================================== 13:44 THREATS TO COMMIT DEATH/GREAT BODLY INJ 130822104 Occurred on W Covell Bl, Davis. CUSTOMER THREATENED TO BEAT UP THE RP - RP HAS A TASER IN HIS POCKET. Disposition: Advised. *========================================================================== 13:58 PROPERTY LOST/FOUND 130822108 Officer initiated activity at Sycamore Ln, Davis. ENRT TO PU BIKE. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 15:01 ARSON 130822118 Occurred on 5TH St, Davis. FIRE BEHIND THE COMPLEX - THREATENING THE STRUCTURES IN ABOUT 40 FEET -- AT REAR OF COMPLEX. Disposition: Report Taken. *========================================================================== 15:28 TRAFFIC HAZARD 130822122 Officer initiated activity at 2ND St/E St, Davis. BUS BLOCKING EB. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 15:43 BURGLARY RESIDENTIAL 130822123 Occurred on 3RD St, Davis. STOLEN LAPTOP FROM RES - UNK POINT OF ENTRY, POSSIBLY OCCURED OVERNIGHT. Disposition: Report Taken. *========================================================================== 15:55 PUBLIC CONTACT 130822126 Occurred on 5TH St, Davis. RP HERE TO PICKUP PROPERTY FOR SAFE KEEPING. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 17:13 RECKLESS DRIVING 130822136 Occurred at Mace BL/I80, Davis. WHITE CADI ESCALADE W/OUT OF STATE PLATES SWERVING ON THE FREEWAY - 2 MALE OCCUPANTS WERE SMOKING MARIUJANA - LAST SEEN NB MACE 3 AGO. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 17:41 911 HANG UP 130822139 Occurred on Solano Aid, Davis. MAPS TO SW DIRECTION FROM HAMEL/CHILES, ON CALLBK VMAIL BOX NOT SET UP AND NEG ANS. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 18:04 ANNOYING/THREATENING PHONE CALL 130822141 Occurred on Hudson Ct, Davis. RP HAS BEEN RECVING TEXT MESSAGES FROM UNK SUBJ. RP REQ 10-21 FROM OFFICER. Disposition: Report Taken. *========================================================================== 18:16 TRAFFIC HAZARD 130822145 Occurred at 5TH St/I St, Davis. VEH BLOCKING NUMBER ONE LANE WB. Disposition: Unable to Locate. *========================================================================== 18:33 RECKLESS DRIVING 130822146 Occurred at E 8TH St/F St, Davis. NB ON F ST- TAN OR SILV FORD SEDAN- PASSING VEH'S BETWEEN 8TH AND 5TH ON F ST- VEH WAS PASSING VEHS IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 18:59 RECKLESS DRIVING 130822148 Occurred at F St/W Covell Bl, Davis. N/O COV SMALL BLK SEDAN - SEEN SPEEDING. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 19:03 PUBLIC CONTACT 130822150 Occurred on Woods Ci, Davis. RP REC'D MESSAGE FRM FRIEND ASKING HIM TO MEET HIM AT A BAR DOWNTOWN, RPS FRIEND DID NOT SEND THE EMAIL. RP REQ 10-21. Disposition: Advised. *========================================================================== 19:04 BURGLARY ALARM 130822151 Occurred on Cantrill Dr, Davis. AUDIBLE POA EMERGENCY DOOR, UNK LOC. Disposition: False Alarm. *========================================================================== 19:06 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCE 130822152 Occurred on C St, Davis. 2ND HAND INFO RP FROM UCD, FEMALE STATING SUBJ WAS TRYING TO BEAT HER UP. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 19:30 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCE 130822154 Occurred on Birch Ln, Davis. GROUP OF J'S HANGING OUT BY BASKETBALL COURTS AT SCHOOL 2 J'S WALKED UP, EXCHANGED SOMETHING AND LEFT TWDS FRONT OF SCHOOL, SMOKING, PEEING. RP BELIEVES THERE WAS A POTENTIAL EXCHANGE OF DRUGS. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 19:58 MISSING PERSON 130822155 Occurred on E 14TH St, Davis. 13 YOA SON HAS NOT REPORTED HOME SINCE GOING TO THE YOLO COUNTY LIBRARY VIA YOLO BUS FRM WOODLAND @ 1000. WMJ/ 508, 140, LSW RED SHIRT 'ZOO YORK', NAVY BLU SHORTS. MIGHT HAVE GONE TO COMIC BOOK STORE ON E ST. FRIEND HAD LST HEARD SUBJ WAS HEADED TWDS CVS AND NUGGET @ 1820 HRS. Disposition: Cancelled by RP. *========================================================================== 20:00 PUBLIC CONTACT 130822156 Occurred on Pacific Dr, Davis. ONGOING FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS, MALE NEIGHBOR OF RP CONTINUING TO MAKE SEXUALLY INNAPROPRIATE AND HARASSING COMMENTS, RP HAS ALREADY ASKED HIM TO STOP. REQ 10-21 FOR ADVICE. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 20:06 BURGLARY ALARM 130822157 Occurred on Drexel Dr, Davis. POA/FRONT ENTRY DOOR, NO RESP AVAIL. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 20:41 BURGLARY ALARM 130822160 Occurred on Drew Av, Davis. POA/FRONT ENTRY DOOR, RESP PEND. Disposition: False Alarm. *========================================================================== 21:02 BURGLARY ALARM 130822161 Occurred on 2ND St, Davis. POA/FRONT MOTION SENSOR AND ADMIN ENTRY DOOR, RESP NOT AVAIL. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 21:10 HIT AND RUN WITH INJURIES 130822162 Occurred at Russell Bl/Hwy 113, Davis. VEH VS BIKE- VEH WB ON RUSSELL - NEWER CADI SEDAN SILVER CADI- BIKER WAS ON THE GROUND AT TIME OF CALL, BIKER TRYING TO GET UP. Disposition: Report Taken. *========================================================================== 21:38 SUSPICIOUS PERSON 130822165 Occurred on Anderson Rd, Davis. 2 AGO AMA 20'S 600/HEAVIER, PLAID SHIRT, GLASSES. SUBJ WAS ATTEMPTING TO OPEN APT DOORS AND OPENED RP'S CAR DOOR, SUBJ STATED 'SORRY, WRONG CAR' AND WALKED AWAY. LS IN PLOT ON FOOT. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 22:08 BURGLARY ALARM 130822166 Occurred on Chiles Rd, Davis. POA/KITCHEN MOTION, NO RESP PEND. Disposition: False Alarm. *========================================================================== 22:12 BARKING DOG 130822168 Occurred on Lindo Pl, Davis. BARKING FOR OVER LST HOUR. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 22:15 911 HANG UP 130822169 Occurred on H St, Davis. DIAL TONE ON ANSWER, MAPPING TO CELL TOWER. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 22:36 911 HANG UP 130822170 Occurred on W Chiles Rd, Davis. OPEN LINE, SUBJ TALKING ABOUT GOING TO IN N OUT BURGER. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 22:39 MISCELLANEOUS NOISE COMPLAINT 130822171 Occurred on B St, Davis. GOING ON FOR OVER AN HOUR-LOUD MUSIC, BRIGHT LIGHTS. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 23:07 PUBLIC CONTACT 130822175 Occurred on 2ND St, Davis. EMPLOYEE RQ'ING PD RESPOND FOR POSS FAKE ID. Disposition: Arrest Made. *========================================================================== 23:09 PARTY COMPLAINT 130822176 Occurred on W 8TH St, Davis. LST HALF HOUR, LOUD MUSIC AND YELLING IN BACKYARD. Disposition: Advised. *========================================================================== 23:39 WELFARE CHECK 130822178 Occurred on Anderson Rd, Davis. MAN SLEEPING IN SPRINKLERS, RP BELIEVES SUBJ MAY BE INTOXICATED. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 23:43 911 HANG UP 130822179 Occurred on 2ND St, Davis. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 23:44 BURGLARY ALARM 130822180 Occurred on G St, Davis. AUDIBLE BACK DOOR. Disposition: Cancelled by RP. *========================================================================== 23:48 MISSING PERSON 130822181 Occurred on Glacier Dr, Davis. AMA 19-20 YO, 510, SKINNY, BLK LONG HAIR, LSW BABY BLU BEANIE, JEANS, BACKBACK. RP AVAIL AT SARATOGA WEST APT. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 00:11 EXTRA PATROL 130823002 Officer initiated activity at Mace Bl, Davis. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 00:20 RUNAWAY 130823005 Occurred on Portage Bay West, Davis. 13 YO DAUGHTER MISSING. RP ADVISED WE WOULD 10-21. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 00:33 HIT AND RUN 130823007 Occurred on G St, Davis. OCC 1 AGO VEH HIT A PARKED AND THEN DROVE AWAY SUSP VEH BRO HONDA FIT. LEFT ON 3RD TOWARDS WEST. Disposition: Civil Problem. *========================================================================== 01:26 DRUNK IN PUBLIC 130823016 Officer initiated activity at 3RD St/G St, Davis. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 01:37 DISTURBANCE PHYSICAL 130823017 Officer initiated activity at G St, Davis. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 02:05 DISTURBANCE PHYSICAL 130823019 Occurred at 3RD St/D St, Davis. BTWN D ST AND E ST ON 3RD, MALE HAS BEEN ASSAULTED, JUST GOT UP. SUSP LEFT TOWARDS E ST- NO WEAPONS SEEN. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 02:19 MISCELLANEOUS NOISE COMPLAINT 130823021 Occurred on Alvarado Av, Davis. OVER 2 HOURS NOW GROUP YELLING OUTSIDE OF APT. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 02:21 DISTURBANCE PHYSICAL 130823022 Officer initiated activity at G St, Davis. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 02:49 MISCELLANEOUS NOISE COMPLAINT 130823023 Occurred on Drake Dr, Davis. SUBJS COULD BE IN POOL AREA. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 03:11 PARTY COMPLAINT 130823024 Occurred at J St/E 8TH St, Davis. UNK EXACT ADDRESS. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 03:17 MISSING PERSON 130823025 Occurred on Glacier Dr, Davis. REQ 10-21 FROM G53. *========================================================================== 03:30 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCE 130823027 Occurred on 2ND St, Davis. OCC'D 5 MINS AGO, RP HEARD LOUD SOUND SIMILAR TO EXPLOSION OR CRASH W/SOUNDS OF GLASS BREAKING NEAR THE ALLEYWAY BEHIND BLACK BEAR. HEARD ONLY, NOTHING SEEN. Disposition: Service. *========================================================================== 03:53 MISCELLANEOUS NOISE COMPLAINT 130823028 Occurred at E 8TH St/J St, Davis. N/E CORNER LOUD SUBJS/PARTY IN THE BACKYARD.
August 22 2013 - Source:

Arrest Reports for May 2013
Note: All suspects arrested are presumed innocent until found guilty by a court of law. Arrestes made by Burbank Police Dept. unless otherwise indicated. Updated:  6/3/13 May 31: Sabatha Samantha Landers, 38, of Los Angeles 12:45 a.m. at Thornton Ave. …The post Arrest Reports for May 2013 appeared first on
June 04 2013 - Source:
Thornton, Most Wanted
View a list of names, offender descriptions, location, charges and other information of persons wanted by police and sheriffs
No result
Thornton, Mugshots
Photos of arrested persons, offenders in custody and booking information
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Thornton, Missing Children
Collected data of endangered children, runaways, family and non family abductions
No result
Thornton, Public Information
Recent publications of obituaries, city news and calendars, sex offender lists, birth and divorce records, view court criminal actions, civil lawsuits and bankruptcy filings
08-57250 Alex Thornton Mendoza
Type: bk Office: 5 Chapter: 13 Trustee: Derham-Burk, Devin [Debtor's Certification in Support of Discharge] (<a href=''>56</a>)
Happening April 24 2014 - Source:

Times-Herald youth results for April 18
Pleasanton Girls Softball LeagueMajor Black DivisionBaron's Jewelers 7, Hopyard Alehouse 6: Baron's Jewelers edged out a win over Hopyard Alehouse on the strength of contributions from Lauren Hermes (2 1B, 2 RBI), Vanessa Zapata (3 BB, 2 R) and Nikki Thornton (2B).
Happening April 15 2014 - Source:

Free Santa Monica Healthcare Decisions Forums This Tuesday, Wednesday
If you faced a life-threatening health issue and were unable to speak for yourself, who would speak for you? Who would make the difficult decisions? An advance healthcare directive and healthcare power of attorney (proxy) would ensure your wishes were known for end-of-life care. The Flora L. Thornton Community Health Education Program at Providence Saint John’s Health Center will present two free community education forums in April. “Your Health & Life: New Perspectives and Discussion on Advance Directives, Technology and End of Life Care” will be presented from 2 to 4 pm this Tuesday, April 15 and repeated at 6:30 pm Wednesday, April 16 in the Santa Monica Public Library Auditorium, 601 Santa Monica Blvd. As part of the National Healthcare Decision’s Day initiative, lectures and discussion will focus on advance healthcare directives, the healthcare decisions proxy or agent, life-sustaining treatment, Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST), family caregiver insights and technology versus end-of-life care. Sister Colleen Settles, OP, vice president of mission at Providence Saint John’s, will present the introduction and overview. Presentations will include “Difficult Decisions – A Physician’s Perspective” by Brian Madden, M.D., medical director of palliative care, and “Who Will Speak For You, If You Cannot Speak for Yourself?” by Miriam Piven Cotler, Ph.D., the hospital’s clinical ethicist and a Distinguished Scholar at The Bioethics Institute at Loyola Marymount University. The speakers will be joined in a question-and-answer session and discussion panel by Carol O’Dea, R.N., the hospital’s administrative director of quality and patient safety and Nancy Parks, R.N., palliative care nurse coordinator. Representatives from Providence Saint John’s palliative care program will be available a half-hour before both sessions to answer questions, and a representative from the Cancer Support Community – Benjamin Center will be present April 15. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 310.829.8453.
Happening April 14 2014 - Source:

14-02877-LA7 Angela Richelle Thornton
Type: bk Office: 3 Chapter: 7 Trustee: Gladstone, Leslie T. [CASB Meeting of Creditors Chapter 7] 6
Happening April 13 2014 - Source:

14-02877-7 Angela Richelle Thornton
Type: bk Office: 3 Chapter: 7 [Auto-docket of credit card] 5
Happening April 13 2014 - Source:

Historic inn restoration progresses
Restoration of the interior of Fletcher's Inn at Navarro River State Beach is well underway. Jim Martin, Navarro-by-the-Sea Center board president, said Rosenthal-Thornton Construction of Fort Bragg had finished critical stabilization work to save the inn last fall.
Happening April 12 2014 - Source:

Thornton, Missing People
Currently missing persons sought by law enforcement derived from public and private sources
No result
Thornton, Crime News
Published news and events of criminal activity
Comedians Key and Peele Join the Cast of FX's "Fargo"
They will play FBI partners Webb Pepper (Peele) and Bill Budge (Key), who, after a violent run-in with Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton), become obsessed with finding him again.
February 26 2014 - Source:

French Camp

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