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The California Public Records Act, CPRA was a law passed by the California State Legislature in 1968 requiring inspection and or disclosure of governmental records to the public upon request, unless exempted by law. The CPRA is similar to the Freedom of Information Act, except for the fact that "the people have the right of access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business" is enshrined in Article 1 of the California Constitution due to California Proposition 59 known as the Sunshine Amendment. Exemptions to the CPRA are narrowly construed and the public agency bears the burden of proving that an exemption applies. Exemptions under the CPRA are set forth under Section 6254 and are specific as to certain records or types of records. California obtained statehood on September 9, 1850. California is divided into 58 counties which include 482 incorporated cities and towns, of which 460 are called cities and 22 are called towns. California is the third largest state in the country with the largest population. The California judicial branch offers online Self-Help that can help one find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent oneself in some legal matters. Criminal history reports may be obtained from the California Department of Justice. Access to criminal history summary records maintained by the DOJ is restricted by law to legitimate law enforcement purposes and authorized applicant agencies. However, individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the DOJ to review for accuracy and completeness. Access California public records instantly from the most up to date resource online. Look up recorded information from California state, city and counties. Find public information on the current economy, housing and employment as well as up to date news and crime reports. Request vital statistics like birth, death, crime and court records in all of California's municipalities. Discover crime statistics, census data including people, demographics, education, income, employment and background history. Uncover current real estate data, property and land values for California. Find information on the area's people and state business statistics. Discover what the cities and counties of California have to offer and what public records they make available online. New services and resources are updated on a regular basis to keep you informed.

California Latest Crime Report
Total Violent Crime:160,944
Murder And Nonnegligent Manslaughter:1,884
Forcible Rape:7,837
Aggravated Assault:94,702
Total Property Crime:1,049,465
Larceny Theft:635,090
Motor Vehicle Theft:168,608
California Census Data
Information About People and Demographics
Total population of persons residing within the state in 2010 37,253,956
Estimate of the state's total residency as of April 1, 200033,871,648
Percentage change of the total resident population as of April 1, 2000 to April 1, 201010%
Net change of residents' total population from April 1, 2000 to April 1, 20103,382,308
April 1, 2000 complete count of statewide resident population33,871,648
Population estimate of residents less than 5 years of age2,753,801
July 1, 2009 estimated percentage of residents that are less than 5 years of age8%
July 1, 2009 estimate of residents that are less than 18 years of age9,435,682
July 1, 2009 estimated percentage of residents that are less than 18 years of age 26%
July 1, 2009 percentage estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older11%
July 1, 2009 estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older4,148,055
July 1, 2009 total estimate percentage of female residents50%
State's white resident population recorded in 201021,453,934
State's black resident population recorded in 20102,299,072
State's American Indian and Alaska Native resident populations recorded in 2010362,801
State's Asian resident population recorded in 20104,861,007
State's Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander resident population recorded in 2010144,386
Statewide 2010 resident population of two or more races1,815,384
Statewide 2010 resident population of Hispanic or Latino origin14,013,719
Non Hispanic white resident population in 201014,956,253
Statewide percentage of white residents in 201058%
Statewide percentage of black residents in 20106%
Statewide percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native residents in 20101%
Statewide percentage of Asian residents in 201013%
Statewide percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander in 20100%
Statewide percentage of Two or more races in 20105%
Statewide percentage of Hispanic or Latino Origin in 201038%
Statewide percentage of non Hispanic white in 201040%

Vital Statistics

Births and deaths occurring in California
Births 2007566,414
Deaths 2007233,720
Infant death occurring within the state of persons one year of age or less in 20072,944
Percentage of persons with the same residence of one year or more from 2005 to 200984%

Resident Background Information

Education and background history of California Residents
Percentage of foreign born population in the state from 2005 to 200927%
Percentage of residents 5 years of age and older that speak languages other than English at home from 2005 to 200942%
Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with high a school education or higher from 2005 to 200981%
Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with bachelor's degree or higher from 2005 to 200930%
Total number of Veterans from 2005 to 20092,092,627

Current Housing and Real Estate Data

Households located in California
Average time spent commuting to work for person 16 years and over not working from their personal residence between 2005-2009 27 Min
Housing unit estimates as of July 1, 200913,433,718
Net change of housing units estimates as of April 1, 2000 to July 1, 20091,219,170
Housing unit estimates - percentage change, April 1, 2000 (base) to July 1, 200910%
Percentage of the state's housing units being occupied by owners between 2005 and 2009 58%
Median value of the state's housing units being occupied by owners between 2005 and 2009$479,200
Percentage of housing in structure of multi dwelling units between 2005 and 200931%
Total number of households between 2005-200912,187,191
Average size of households between 2005-20093

California Employment Data

Income, earnings and payrolls of people residing within the State
Per capita income in the past 12 months in dollars adjusted to inflation in 2009 $29,020
2009 statewide income of median households in California$58,925
Percentage of persons living in poverty in the year 200914%
The personal income of persons employed in 2007$1,520,755
Per capita income of persons employed in 2007$41,805
Labor force of civilian workers in 200918,250,169
The unemployment of the civilian labor force in 20092,086,232
The rate of unemployed civilian labor force in 2009 11%
Employment of person relating to all industries in 2007 21,245,509
Net change of employment in all industries between 2000 and 2007 1,619,476
People employed by the government in 2007 2,718,385
Earnings by persons working in all industries in 20071,166,301,978
Average earnings per job in all industries in 200754,896
Number of private non farm establishments in 2008 879,025
The employment of non farm pay for the period of March 12, 2008 13,742,925
Percentage change of private nonfarm employment for the pay period of March 12, 2008 7%
Total of non employer establishment in 2008 according to NAICS 2,688,453
Total NAICS 72 sales of accommodation and food services establishments with payrolls in 200780,852,787

People and Businesses

Firms and companies of California
Total number of firms located in the state for the year 20073,425,818
Total percentage of black owned private firms in 20074%
Total percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native owned firms in 20071%
Total percentage of Asian owned firms in 200713%
Total percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander owned firms in 2007 0%
Total percentage of Native Hispanic owned private firms in 200717%
Total percentage of Women owned private firms in 200730%
Value for shipments from manufacturers according to NAICS 31-33 in 2007 491,372,092
Sales of establishments with payroll from merchant wholesalers according to NAICS 42 in 2007598,456,486
Sales of establishments with payroll from retailers in 2007 455,032,270
Per capita sales of establishments with payroll from retailers in 2007 12,561

Land Valuation

Property value and California territory
2009 totals of building permits for new private housing units in 2009 35,069
The valuation of all new private housing units authorized by building permits in 2009 7,758,491
Adjusted 2007 acres of land in farms25,364,695
Total expenditures by the federal government for the 2008 fiscal year299,922,630
Per capita total expenditures by the federal government for the 2008 fiscal year8,160
Size in square miles of land as of 2000155,959
Population per square mile in the year 2010239
Public Records
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California Arrest Records
Published current arrests including charges including information provided by law enforcement and news
Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Oct. 20, 2014
Data and information are provided for informational purposes only. The user assumes the entire risk related to the use of this data. The county of Los Angeles and the Sheriff’s Department provide no warrant, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data. In no event shall the county of Los Angeles or its Sheriff’s Department be liable for any errors in the content of this information, or for any damages, costs, or actions arising in any way out of reliance on the information provided. By accessing address information of arrested individuals, the user ...
October 20 2014 - Source: http://www.signalscv.com/section/229/article/128984/

Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Oct. 17, 2014
Data and information are provided for informational purposes only. The user assumes the entire risk related to the use of this data. The county of Los Angeles and the Sheriff’s Department provide no warrant, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data. In no event shall the county of Los Angeles or its Sheriff’s Department be liable for any errors in the content of this information, or for any damages, costs, or actions arising in any way out of reliance on the information provided. By accessing address information of arrested individuals, the user ...
October 17 2014 - Source: http://www.signalscv.com/section/229/article/128873/

Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Oct. 16, 2014
Data and information are provided for informational purposes only. The user assumes the entire risk related to the use of this data. The county of Los Angeles and the Sheriff’s Department provide no warrant, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data. In no event shall the county of Los Angeles or its Sheriff’s Department be liable for any errors in the content of this information, or for any damages, costs, or actions arising in any way out of reliance on the information provided. By accessing address information of arrested individuals, the user ...
October 16 2014 - Source: http://www.signalscv.com/section/229/article/128868/

Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Oct. 15, 2014
Data and information are provided for informational purposes only. The user assumes the entire risk related to the use of this data. The county of Los Angeles and the Sheriff’s Department provide no warrant, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data. In no event shall the county of Los Angeles or its Sheriff’s Department be liable for any errors in the content of this information, or for any damages, costs, or actions arising in any way out of reliance on the information provided. By accessing address information of arrested individuals, the user ...
October 15 2014 - Source: http://www.signalscv.com/section/229/article/128867/

Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Oct. 14, 2014
Data and information are provided for informational purposes only. The user assumes the entire risk related to the use of this data. The county of Los Angeles and the Sheriff’s Department provide no warrant, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data. In no event shall the county of Los Angeles or its Sheriff’s Department be liable for any errors in the content of this information, or for any damages, costs, or actions arising in any way out of reliance on the information provided. By accessing address information of arrested individuals, the user ...
October 14 2014 - Source: http://www.signalscv.com/section/229/article/128869/

Booked into jail Oct. 13, 2014
A look at the bookings in the Oct. 13, 2014, edition of the Siskiyou Daily News.
October 13 2014 - Source: http://www.siskiyoudaily.com/article/20141013/NEWS/141019947/1998/NEWS?rssfeed=true

California Most Wanted
View a list of names, offender descriptions, location, charges and other information of persons wanted by police and sheriffs
MORRIS, Franklin

Unknown 14-022




SYCE, Cordell

California Recent Court filings
Recent divorce records, court criminal actions, civil lawsuits and bankruptcy filings.
14-08398-7 Lavell Naomos Locke and Amberly Barrera Locke

14-08397-7 Oswaldo Gutierrez and Frances Cecilia Sibrian

14-08396-7 Alma Rosa Fuentes

13-01760-CL13 Daryl Gabriel Weed and Ticara Nicole Weed

14-08394-7 Raul Gironas

14-08390-LT7 Josue Celestino Hernandez

California Missing Children
Collected data of endangered children, runaways, family and non family abductions
October 23 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 22 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 22 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 22 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 22 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 22 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

California Recent Criminal Activities
Current crimes by location, description of offenses and reported police activity
Activity for Thursday, October 23, 2014
The information provided allows for a timely snapshot of significant events in our community. The crimes reported here are preliminary investigations, taken in the field by patrol officers, and may or may not be assigned to a Detective for further investigation. The information provided may be found after further investigation to be incorrect or false. Certain details of these incidents have been removed due to potential follow up investigation into the incident and/or for privacy rights.
Happening October 24 2014 - Source: http://www.sacpd.org/dailyactivity/view.aspx?publish_date=20141024

Activity for Wednesday, October 22, 2014
The information provided allows for a timely snapshot of significant events in our community. The crimes reported here are preliminary investigations, taken in the field by patrol officers, and may or may not be assigned to a Detective for further investigation. The information provided may be found after further investigation to be incorrect or false. Certain details of these incidents have been removed due to potential follow up investigation into the incident and/or for privacy rights.
Happening October 23 2014 - Source: http://www.sacpd.org/dailyactivity/view.aspx?publish_date=20141023

Burglary on 1300 BLOCK OF N DYNAMICS ST, ANAHEIM, CA (via spotcrime.com)

Assault on LINCOLN AVE / SYRACUSE ST, ANAHEIM, CA (via spotcrime.com)

Other on PHILADELPHIA ST / SYCAMORE ST, ANAHEIM, CA (via spotcrime.com)

Arrest on MAGNOLIA AVE / LINCOLN AVE, ANAHEIM, CA (via spotcrime.com)

California Missing People
Currently missing persons sought by law enforcement derived from public and private sources
Man, 37, Located After Reported Missing From West Hills Hospital

Woman Reported Missing In Loma Linda Is Found

Sally Estabrook – Oct. 4, 2014 – Julian, CA

Search Continues In Ojai Area For Missing 99-Year-Old Woman

Culver City Police Continue To Search For Missing Man, 70

Signal Hill Police Locate Missing Elderly Man


County, Latest Questions and Answers
Q: What year was it founded? West Hills CA
by Michelle

Q: What was the el cajon sheriffs activity on 10/20/14 at the intersection of Chase and mollison around 3 pm
by muriel

Q: Can I get get a copy of my divorce? Long Beach CA
by anonymous

Q: how can i get a divorce record?
by Alondo
A:For divorce records in the city of Ontario or San Bernardino County, the individuals who filed for divorce must contact the court where the divorce proceedings took place in order to obtain this info. The San Bernardino County Clerk will not have this information on file unless an individual comes in and has a divorce decree officially recorded.
by Jami

Q: How do I find the date my divorce was final?
by Kristen
A:To find the date a divorce was finalized in Butte County, the person(s) named in the divorce must contact the court where the divorce proceedings took place in order to obtain this info.
by Jami

Q: Is anyone suing City of Palmdale
by Dan
A:If the case which you are searching for is newly filed and going to trial, you can look at court calendars online anytime. Palmdale is in Los Angeles county, which should help individuals since its public services are better than smaller, less populated cities. If the case is above $25,000, it will be filed in superior court and in limited jurisdiction courts when below that amount. If this is a past case, the court clerk offers a public search online through their website or you can go to the courthouse and request file and copies yourself. The courthouse can also allow for you to view without having to pay for copies, you may be able to simply photograph the file with your cell and save it. If you've just heard about it, try the court calendar first since its online and instant.
by stanley onslo

Q: Oak park law enforcement phone and fax numbers
by Thomassian
A:Oak Park, located in Ventura County, CA is provided with emergency and law enforcement services by the Ventura County Sheriff's office. The closest sheriff's patrol station to Oak Park, East County Patrol Station, is located ten miles away. Office: (805) 494-8200 Fax: (805) 494-8244
by admin

Q: People v.s. James Leroy Halbirt
by Kelly

Q: Arrests in mission hills dated 08/08/14 arrests for stollen vehicles
by claudia
A:Through the LAPD, the Mission Community Police Station handles Arleta's, Panorama City's, Sylmar's, North Hills' and the Mission Hills' areas. The advantage is that the LAPD being one of the largest police force has better public services. To obtain a crime report will cost $24.00, the instructions on how to get them is best viewed on their site as opposed to reading it from a post. You would have to go their website for the forms you will need regardless. These types of records are routine for the records department to process.
by jaredfitz

Q: Why was Bryan Jeffries a arrested?
by Dee

Q: How can I find out if someone field a restraining order on me
by lin

Q: Can I find a record of the original blueprints of my home ?
by Dman

Q: Searching for information regarding the tragedy that occurred at 307 W. Grand Porterville,Ca.
by Hollywood


Q: Can I see a list of all van nuys arrests last night? Los Angeles County CA
by rob

Q: I just need a date of divorce for passport application without fees and other stuff is there a way to obtain, los angeles ca
by FLG

Q: Arrest at Motel in Bodega Bay 7/31/14
by JJ

Q: How much do we pay our city council members
by why

Q: arrests for june 7th and 8th 2014 San Bernardino CA
by lizz

Q: How do in get title information for land property? Long Beach CA
by Kat

Q: Jail bookings on 5/31/2014
by Coreen

Q: Who was arrested on 05/27/14 Kern CA
by blondie

Q: How do you confirm residential ownership in Anaheim - rental residential properties?
by EL

Q: Arrest may 25 2014 California San Bernardino Needles
by Leurton
A:The San Bernardino county sheriffs dept.'s website offers an inmate search. The records department, in their administration section provides arrest reports. These are regularly requested and should be routine to the department.
by aa

Q: Are divorce cases open to the public to view? California
by Allan

Q: How can I find out who owns property at 1737 Pomeroy, SC, CA 95051
by Rae
A:The county recorder's office allows public requests. The county clerk (not the court clerk) is in charge of recording deeds. You can request records online or go to the physical location where some counties allow searches and process the requests there.
by alexander hamill

Q: arrest info about squatter and drug activity off of 8th and florida
by hmmmmm

Q: How can I find the owner's name to a plumbing business in pleasanton, ca
by flower
A:The California Secretary of state offers free searches of their databases with business filings. You can see the agent of service, and other information.
by anthony cooper

Q: Arrests for felony DUI in 2012
by John

Q: shooting homicides in Jamestown
by sue

Q: Arrest/report record for porterville,ca
by Sc

Q: With H-1B visa holders to be allowed work, how do you conduct a background check on foreign records?
by steven jason
A:Are crimes reports recorded to be reviewed with the same consistency as the U.S.? How does an employer know whether to trust foreign record keeping well enough to truly clear an employee for work.
by arthur kelley
A:Aren't individuals screened prior to entering the U.S.? Additionally, if they are in violation of the law, they can have their stay revoked if the crime severe enough.
by alexander hamill

Q: What is the 2014 crime rate in Fresno CA?
by Steven Arlen

Q: Where can public records about Donald Sterling be found?
by lola may

Records for Donald Sterling in some ways should be easier to find than the average individual. A criminal background check can be a waste of money and useless or it would have most likely made the news by now, which means you no longer need to run that background check by simply reading articles. Most of his records seem to be in courts. Courthouses have clerks in which are given the responsibility to provide records to the public. There's no reason to foresee that the many court cases he has been involved in are sealed from public view due to special circumstances.

With a high profile individual such as Donald Sterling, a background check can be easier and cheaper. But one has to be weary that they don't fall into believing the wrong source. When dealing with politically charged stories such as the one with Sterling, there is plenty of misinformation going around. Stories are embellished with exaggerations to make them more interesting in efforts to draw in larger hoards of readers. The frenzy which ensues a "hot story with traction" specially when it comes to race relations, only adds to the misinformation.

Consider the source and their motives. People like to read about things that they support, believe in and coincides with their personal ideology. Writers are well aware of this and use it to their advantage. Why pander to people which disagree with the writer's position? The reader may not even go past the title. Therefore, some, maybe even a majority, pander to their audience which they know very well. Writers know their readers similar to business operators know their customers. Although readers aren't paying, the advertisers are based on the number of eyes looking at the content.

Try to substantiate the information through its source, specially when it is mentioned in the article. Many news sources copy each other, therefore, they do not prove each other wrong if the same source of information is being used. It can be fascinating when looking up records on your own, this includes going to the courthouse and retrieving them in person or by accessing online databases directly such as the county recorder's and the secretary of state's business filings search. His name may not appear on many things, but the dots can be connected from one bit of information to another.

by gene alen

Q: California public records act and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
by open-public-records

Open public record and meeting statutes, sunshine laws, freedom of information act are just a few ways to describe the same thing, the right to request and obtain copies from the government. Although the federal government was not the first to face transparency issues, when the federal freedom of information act passed, many states modeled their laws after the federal government's.

As states pass their own public records and open meetings laws, some are more favorable toward transparency and others privacy. However, these statutes are amended to meet new technologies for methods of obtaining information. An example of this scenario is when there were debate regarding government employee emails and whether this type of information is subject to disclosure.

Statutes are now better in tune with technology. There have been many statutes passed in recent years to better serve the public’s need, specially when there’s an investigation into a government department. The California Public Records Act (CPRA) was passed 1968 by the state's voters and more recently proposition 59 in 2004. Groups, organizations and concerned citizens feel that open records promotes government accountability. These laws have many agencies appointing a public information officer in charge of requests.

When requestors believe that the agency is in violation of public record laws, they go to court. Many of these cases set a precedence for related upcoming issues. There are many gray areas, but the public information officers role is not to determine whether or not open records laws apply.

Here are a few organizations: National Freedom of Information Coalition, First Amendment Coalition in San Rafael, Californians Aware in Carmichael, CA, First Amendment Project.

by alexander hamill

Q: Arrests in the city of Cypress, OC CA, recently taken into custody
by Carrol sterling
A:Look for arrests in the city alone, specially in OC is not going to be very helpful. The Orange County Sheriffs keep a log of recently arrested individuals in custody. Larger departments such as the one which patrols OC have online access available to the public without costing anything
by steven jason

Q: Who was arrested on 4 24 14 San Bernardino CA
by Bob
A:The San Bernardino sheriffs department has many in their custody which they post. You can click on their inmate locator and see people that have been arrested. Today, these are the date which are available 04/21/2014, 04/22/2014, 04/23/2014, 04/24/2014, 04/25/2014, 04/26/2014, 04/27/2014.
by alexander hamill

Q: Arrests in fremont ca 4-19-2014
by nomar
A:County sheriffs or the city's own police department will sometimes have a link to their jail divisions which show lists of individuals held in custody
by wes welker

Q: Names and locations of people arrested 4/19/2014 Alameda CA
by nomar zaid

Q: dispatch logs Ontario, CA
by laffytaffy
A:Police departments have their own policies when it comes to procedures in releasing information. Most have a public records officer, or someone in charge of providing information. I would look up whether police logs are available for public request by law or not.
by jay Adams

Q: Who owns 239 cypress, Bakersfield, ca
by Cg

Q: Can I find out of a police report made for my apartment complex? Going all the way back to 1970? Arroyo Grande CA
by gina

Q: If an address is made public through various venues, why can't I get someone's residence from the California department of motor vehicles?
by ted slovic
A:Safety and liability are a major concern when dealing with personal information, whether is it private or public. One piece of information may be public, such as the address, but when the department of motor vehicles puts it with a person's name, it can become a problem of intrusion for the individual.

Different departments can enforce their own policies as long as they are not interfering with the freedom of information statutes. Another example are deeds that show a person's spouse or family trust, therefore, agencies need sometimes set their own policies. Electronic databases are not an exception. Many court records that are available online contain personal information that the agency would rather not be easily released. Although these records are deemed public, a requestor can be asked for a permissible purpose for the information. The data can be modified to have portions omitted from being released. Similar to how court records were blacked out.

by OpenPublicRecords

Q: How do I find bankruptcy records 2013?
by Ivanna
A:try the pacer automatic system online (Public Access to Court Electronic Records)
by OpenPublicRecordsStaff

Q: Are Public Records Used To Spy On Others?
by Questionnaire
A:If you consider others looking at your public information spying, the answer is obviously yes. How far can a member of the public that I don’t even know go into my records? How much can they find out? How do I know when some is looking at my information? The answers are no longer as obvious to most people, even when it comes to public records.

How much can be found out from public records? The most accurate answer will come from you conducting a search of your own records, or hiring a professional to do so. Conducting a search on ourselves gives us the advantage of not looking for records, such as a criminal history, when we’re well aware that they will come back blank, so no need to bother and waste money. However, don’t be easily fooled into getting too comfortable, this is a only minor set back, not to mention that the person searching may be better skilled in finding records than you are.

Do we know all the information out there about you? You will have few of your peers say “Well, you already know all the information about yourself out there, what are you looking for?”. Not necessarily! Self background checks are conducted for just that reason. Many conducting a check on themselves, whether on their own at home from a computer or a hired service, are surprised at the amount of information that’s out there. Even after tireless efforts being made fighting identity theft, a wealth of information is still readily available. On one side you have privacy protections and on other side the people’s right to access public records.

When does the right to public records interfere with individual privacy? Individual privacy excludes companies and public entities as they do not have the same protections. Privacy and the right to access public records do cross each other’s paths. Financial information is protected but bankruptcy filings can be requested from the courts, is everything within the record open to the public? Can the public see assets listed within a divorce case file? There are a multitude of questions in regard to privacy, and cases should be looked at individually. Adding to the problem is erroneous information about you that’s out there.

What are my options? Each individual’s case can be different and there is no single quick answer for everyone. The information available can vary greatly from one person to another. However, there are tips which can be helpful to the average person. Begin with conducting a fishing expedition of your own records of anything and everything which may possibly contain your name, tel. number, address, business/company, affiliations/association with others and social networks. Remember that information about you can be in places where you’d never imagine since companies sell public data to each other. Are you skilled in looking and finding records? If not, hire private services for a better thorough job. The more time and/or money you spend, the more likely you are to find additional information.

by OpenPublicRecordsStaff

Q: Who is the property owner at 9275 Rising Creek Way Elk Grove Ca 95624?
by anonymous
A:The Sacramento County recorders office is the agency which should be the one that gives copies of recorded deeds and other documents. The following are the recorded documents they provide Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Deeds of Reconveyance, Assignments of a Deed of Trust and Liens
by admn

Q: Think About Requesting Local Arrest Records From Police or Sheriff
by OpenPublicRecordsStaff
A:A common request when looking into a person's criminal history are their arrests on record. A popular reason for trying to see someone's arrests, specifically if recent, is when people are looking for a loved one they suspect is in trouble. The major differences between these is the timeline of a particular arrest, is it in the past or was it recent, within hours, days or even still in custody. When looking for past arrests, the first thought is to run a background check. Whether private or through law enforcement agencies which can provide official reports. Do not to fall into the trap of thinking a background check will automatically include arrests. The reason for the arrest information not being included in so many background checks is that they're not convictions. Convictions show up in background checks, which can sometimes include criminal court records. However, arrests are viewed differently as the individual has not been convicted, and is still deemed innocent under the law. The result can be unintended incrimination toward the arrestee without being found guilty in the first place. If they're convicted, so be it, they should appear in a quality comprehensive criminal history search, sometimes called conviction databases from police and sheriffs agencies. As previously pointed out, in some areas law enforcement agencies at various levels provide background checks to the public, whether statewide (state police), countywide (county sheriffs) or citywide (police departments). The FBI also provides background checks (note that it doesn't mean everyone qualifies to obtain a background from the FBI).

An initial step in the right direction is to see which type or record you need and why. Employers tend to request background checks, so do individuals for various purposes to see a conviction history, of which there are many sources, either private or government. What if you're looking for a recent arrest? You're suspecting an individual you know may have been arrested. It is not similar to when a celebrity getting arrested and thereafter appearing all over the media. You need to find someone that you think may be in custody, and do it immediately.

Viewing recent arrests is simple and open to the public in many jurisdictions. This is specially true in densely populated areas with larger jail facilities. When an individual is arrested, they will then go through a booking process. The process provides a record of individuals that were arrested, which can include the incident report, evidence and more depending on policy and procedures of each individual facility. With ads all over the net from private entities which claim to provide arrest reports, a great number of the public is not aware that police and sheriff departments offer free public use of their online inmate databases. Los Angeles maintains one of the largest county facilities in the U.S., housing a highly populated jail, their website offers a name query inmate search.

Finally, when trying to get arrest reports, or sometimes called incident reports, why not go directly to the source of the information, the police and sheriffs stations? Their websites can show you how to make an arrest report request containing better detail than a simple inmate search. Bottom line is that criminal information comes from one government office/agency or another, and with the help of technology, many have public resources that can eliminate the need for a middle man, such as a private entity reselling the information.

by Response

Q: Names of people arrested in Newport bch
by shelly
A:Some city police departments do not have their own jail or list of inmates they’ve arrested, which may be the case for the Newport Beach police. The phone number to the Newport Beach jail division is (949) 644-3672 .

The Orange county jail has an inmate search which may include arrests in Newport Beach, it’s worth checking since the search is freely open to the public. You can check the crime map here where you'll be directly taken to crimes occurring from street to street www.open-public-records.com/california/newport_beach_data.htm. There are fields that can be used to select a time frame and types of crimes or all offenses. You can zoom out to see neighboring cities.

by tim

Q: Asking questions in open forums about how to obtain arrest records.
by johnallen
A:When we're faced with a problem which we have no answer to, we look to others for assistance. With the internet being a big part of making our lives easier, many turn to blog and forums looking for helpful tips. However, there are many that go unanswered. The tips below are from a full time blogger with over 6 years of experience in the field.

Be Concise

Provide the information clearly. Organize your thoughts before typing them in, organize it further once typed in. Make sure your message is getting across before posting it. Put yourself in a reader's place which has no background knowledge of you or your issue.

Check The Spelling
Spelling errors are an unnecessary hindrance to getting your question answered correctly. Remember, the person reading your post for the first time does not have any background information and may be easily confused. Additionally, there's no legitimate excuse other than lack of effort as spell check is automatically in place.

Be Specific Without Giving Too Much Information

There is a balance between posting too much information and being too vague. Being too vague presents a good possibility of not having your question answered, whether due to the answer being too broad in return or not helpful at all. On the other hand, making your question too detailed can effectively lose your readers. Keep a balance of making your point as easily as possible and as seemingly as you can with adequate information to respond.

Questions With Names Are Discouraged
Why is that? Why can't I ask if John Doe was convicted of this horrible crime which I just described? The answer is made clear in this sample question. When posting a question, many forums will look to filter posts that refer to an individual's name which can be incriminating.

Giving And Receiving Legal Advice
This one to most readers is a no brainer! But others, maybe due to desperation, will ask for advise regarding a legal matter. This is not recommended for obvious reasons. However, advise about legal procedures, where and how to find sources for the information is encouraged. Responses which cite the source and refers to answers found elsewhere are often posted with credit. Credible personal experiences that can be helpful are also passed on to readers.

There's nothing to say and guarantee that some unintended post don't get through from time to time. Some may have hidden messages or simply slipped through under the radar. The best efforts are made as an unpopular forum is ineffective. In other terms, there's great motivation to keep the blog and it posts within certain proper guidelines.

by dana

Q: Houses built in 1800's in vernalis, ca in between Mc Cracken road and Welty road
by Estella

Q: who do I contact to notify the city of a hazardous house
by Denephew
A:Cities, counties and states maintain websites for public information and resources. In some municipalities, the fire department deals with handling hazardous waste materials. Also depends on what the hazard is, is the building’s structure unsafe? Or is it something else. Begin with the city website, each department has their own contact information. Since google geographically targets browsers, simply searching under a few keywords can list what is available in your area. There are generally 5 different categories of waste. (HHW)Household Hazardous Waste - Motor oils, chemicals/pools, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, anti-freeze, paint, household cleaners and polishers, batteries and so forth. E-waste (Electronic waste) - This are items such as: computers, printers and other peripherals, TVs and other electronic devices, toasters, blenders and so forth. Universal Waste - Items with mercury such as some electronic equipment, batteries, bulb, and others. Here's a link to examples of universal waste which should give you a good idea. The other 2 are bulbs (fluorescence) and home generated sharps according to 'Environmental Services Bureau' Simply google that bureau and you should see it listed in the SERPs. Providing the link to directly connect to the agency doesn't always work as they tend to change their urls from time to time.
by al

Q: If I have the case number of a case that has gone through the Courts how do I access the case?
by anonymous
A:It can actually be easier to see a case once it has been through the court system, not to mention more complete. All court cases are not accessed with the same ease. It has to do with where the case was heard/tried/filed. Some venues allow the public open access to an online database which shows information about cases. Others may charge a fee that is relatively low, usually to cover their costs as these agencies aren't in it for profits. There are venues where a private court services company will facilitate the request, some can even be found on the court's webpages. Bankruptcy cases have PACER, which is a government records source resembling a private service where the public can pay and get the records they need quickly without hassle. If you know which courthouse has the case is, you can go yourself in person and ask to look at files and request the case right there on the premises. There are independent companies called 'attorney services' which deliver court filings. They can search and get copies for others since they're at the courthouse often. Attorneys use them to pick up files from anywhere which is housing them.
by ben

Q: Where can I find a public meeting that discusses alcohol and drug abuse?
by Dr.H

Q: name of property owner 43333 hillson cir hemet ca 92544
by chris
A:Riverside county offers property information here www.asrclkrec.com/Assessor/AssessorServices/PropertyInformationCenter.aspx. It is a link to their assessor's office, but it also gives instructions on how to do it.
by ted

Q: Looking for my fathers home about if there is any liens on it, Alameda, CA
by robert

Q: Was there an accident on the entrance of the 105 fwy on bellflower blvd in Downey
by Anna

Q: warrant for his arrest information Sonoma
by Sadmom

Q: How do you find the public records for a house? to make sure its up to code
by Michelle

Q: Burials in Riverside, CA
by Adrienne

Q: Owner of 2713 tioga ave oakdale ca 95361
by Matt

Q: How to obtain transcript of the Burton abbott case
by hal

Q: is vidal a incorporated city
by jay

Q: what was all the police activity at 4901 Green River rd on Saturday, Feb 22, 2014?
by coronious

Q: criminal arrest in Rosamaond california by street.
by bigwillie

Q: Info re fatal traffic accident: in pittsburg ca jan 30 1978 motorcycle involved
by zahn

Q: how do i find arrest records dont know date or where
by z

Q: pictures of artesia in 1944
by dee

Q: Where can I find out the accident and speed tickets given on a specific street in lake Elsinore?
by Sara

Q: race for State Senator
by Diane

Q: what is the penal code for no smoking in an apartment complex?barry
by barry

Q: I have booking number need to ck records
by chrissy

Q: how to change first name
by jorge

Q: Which bank owns the property at 5423 Allott Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA?
by Karen

Q: arrests made in livermore ca on january 26, 2014
by cha

Q: How can I find record of my deceased aunt in Albany Ca, ?
by Salty Kelly Tapper

Q: what was the valley center sheriffs activity on 1/29/14
by bob

Q: Domestic violence arrests for merced county jan. 2014
by Cb

Q: How do I find an arrest record of my former husband from 1978, Van Nuys Courthouse
by diana

Q: People arrested in banning
by tricia

Q: Arrest records for Jan 22 2014
by anonymous

Q: on april 15 2013 there was a carjacking i would like toread the report san bernardino county ca
by di

Q: Who was original home owner 207 Rossi ave Antioch ca.
by Marci martins

Q: name of property owner 2229 El Rancho cir Hemet, Ca 92545
by cee

Q: Arrersts in milpitas jan.16 2014
by gina
A:Depends on whether you're looking for all arrests during that day, such as a booking log, or a whether a specific individual is in custody
by aa

Q: how to obtain rancho cordova police report if you have report number
by norm

Q: What happened on atlin st in duarte on January 9 2024
by Anonymous

Q: Who was arrested on suspicion of stolen vehicles in chino
by joe

Q: Arrest made in November, 2013
by me

Q: list prior residents of 4225 cheshire dr
by alanna

Q: tax deed for sale in richmond ca
by carlton

Q: where can i find police report
by nikkie

Q: Anyone arrested last night in dp?
by Kim

Q: who got arrested in pinolecal 11/21/2013?
by jose

Q: how can I view arrest log for Tulare ca
by Amy

Q: How do I find name on property and if there are any recent changes
by anonymous

Q: I need to see Folsome prison mugshots from the 70s
by anonymous

Q: 2013 vote totals
by gar

Q: child hit by car 7900 block Arrowhead Lake rd Hesperia ca
by ree

Q: 6525 woodman ave crime?
by See

Q: Humboldt Ct renamed San Diego Ct
by chuck
A:Property ownership records through a certain period of time may answer that question. It will take time and work to do it on your own.
by cs

Q: Is Coyote CA still an occupied city or is it a ghost town?
by Dee
A:The city of Coyote, CA had lost much of its population once the 101 was built. The 101 diverted the traveling traffic past the town and thereafter many of its residents left as the town’s economy quickly dwindled. A historic website about the city of Coyote mentions some residents may have remained, but fails to state how many. During the dot.com boom, the city of San Jose bought a large amount of land. This was met with resistance as some residents wanted to maintain the town’s historical value. Residents stood against each other in efforts to stop the purchases and preserve the town or selling and being able to redeem any value from their land. Once the dot.com bubble burst, the city of San Jose suspended efforts to acquire more land until a recovery. The only population mentioned are few that work at saloons, gas station, convenience store and little else.
by admn

Q: Where van i find old records of crime in oxnard
by tonio

Q: Arrest Log for November 8, 2013, Los Angeles, CA
by AL
A:The police department keeps arrest logs which some will put online for public view. In this instance, the LAPD provides a link to crime maps through their website which shows crimes and arrests, responses to calls and more. Other areas are also covered. You can see the case number, date and time of the crime, location, description and arresting department.
by jan

Q: who was arrested on 9/20/2013 (California San Bernardino Fontana)
by anonymous
A:Police departments for cities and sheriffs department for counties provide information about their recently arrestees. Go to the San Bernardino sheriff inmate locator (you can copy paste the same key-phrase and you will see it) page on their website and you will be able to search recent bookings by name. You will need to enter the last name, at least 2 letters of the first name and age or date of birth. On the same page you will be able to lookup 'out of custody' individuals for the past week, day by day as recent as yesterday. Once you enter the link you will see a list of names and a brief description which includes the arrestee's gender, age, height and weight. There after you can select the individual. You will then need to click on the disclaimer and enter the record. Once the selected record is accessed, you will be able to see the inmate's information, arrest details, current facility where the detainee is being held, bail eligibility, charges and other details. The entire search is free and can be viewed instantly, but you can only select a few records before being locked out, it is not unlimited. Once you've past the limit, approximately 5, the system will then prompt you to try again later. Using a different computer does not help as it may be recognizing the ISP and still block additional queries. This only pertains to looking up the full record, you can still see a list of persons arrested and their brief description as many times as you need.
by bloger1

Q: Arrest Records for July 24, 2013 at 2410 N. Towne Ave Pomona
by Sue
A:News reports within online media have access to their archived stories in many cases. Look at all publications that would have reported that event, whether a local source or otherwise. If that is not successful, official reports can be requested from the police or sheriffs department.
by admn

Q: how and I see an arrest record from 2012 Santa Rosa CA
by anonymous

Q: I am looking for information about a car crash near Los Angeles involving a stolen truck being pursued by police on October 22, 2013. A man and woman were arrested. The driver of the other car died
by CGB

Q: How do I know if someone was murdered in my home? Van Nuys, CA
by jen

Q: how can i obtain a copy of the sherriffs arrest records for the entire month of august 2013? San Dimas, CA
by Jimmy o'

Q: who is the former principal for hapgood elementary Lompoc, CA
by inot

Q: Arrest records for sept. 28, 2013 Vacaville, CA
by anonymous

Q: criminal cases Oct 1, 2013 Ventura, CA
by g2


Q: How can you find a murder record of someone who was caught 6 to 8 months after the murder that happened Oct 03, 1989 in Los Angeles. They caught the man after he killed a police officer later in 1990.
by Dave

Q: number of registered democratic voters Citrus Heights CA
by d

Q: How can i get the arrest log for september 8, 2013 ontario ca
by curios

Q: who purchased real estate at 20415 calokala trail? parcel # 076170007000. Shasta, CA
by butterfly51

Q: where can I go online to see citation written for sleeping in the park 1-2 years ago? Pomona, CA
by Bonnie

Q: Where can one get a death certificate and what is the address and phone number where I can call or mail for that information? Bakersfield, CA
by Rachel

Q: how many fires have occurred in woodland hills, CA
by Squid

Q: I need info regarding the theft of a vehicle that was reported stolen in Nov of 2007 from 18th st in Oroville. the car was a 2004 Saturn ION color blue
by monique

Q: how can i check if someone was arrested on a specific day? Milpitas, CA
by yvonne

Q: How do i know if the state of california is filing criminal charges against me. Los Angeles
by cat

Q: Land/property record San Pedro California
by jz

Q: I sold a vehicle but, the buyer didn't pay me the total agreed price and now he nor the vehicle can be located. Does anyone know what can i do to recover the vehicle or the monies due?
by juje6268

Q: Any accidents at 6580 Alameda Ave.
by Jeannette

Q: who were your 8-24-13 arrests
by Kat
A:Arrests information can be found at Sonoma county sheriffs department, but they only have daily arrest records. The crime reports however go back 3 days. Here's their website http://www.sonomasheriff.org/crime_log.php
by ted

Q: How can I find a ticket? Merced, CA
by Erick j Garcia

Q: how do i find property owners? Los Angeles, CA
by blgpost

Q: Can I get a copy of a birth certificate in el cajon?
by chuck

Q: HOw can I find arrest records for July 1, 2013? Gardena, CA
by Mari
A:The Los Angeles Sheriffs department's website has a link to their inmate search of the daily arrests
by al

Q: How can I find the exact address where heinous murders have occured in San Bernardino
by Jodi

Q: Where can I find articles on a murder from november 12 1991 in sacramento California
by shelly
A:Try the old news publications at the library. Archived stories may be on micro-film or data files. Look up their website for what they have available for public access.
by publicpost

Q: Where are voters' information found?
by alba

Q: rei store arrest for june 18,2013
by muni

Q: Shooting in san jose bar
by smokey

Q: How can I find out about a new born that died in Sept or Oct 2012 at desert regianal hospital
by miszzy
A:It’s primarily important to see whether the information is public information or does it fall under medical records, or does it come with the same requirements a death certificate holds. If the information is available through media periodicals, it can be obtained by looking up their past issues, maybe at the local library if not available online, however, by looking up news papers/media periodicals you will get their version and may not be 100% factual.
by visitorpost

Q: arrests made at 7466 rosemead blvd (Pico Rivera California)
by anonymous
A:There are several ways available online to do a quick search of the crimes per area, one is by looking up the crime mapping. This allows you to see crimes by location, including the street, crime committed, time and date. It does not show the name of the individual that has been booked or arrested. That area falls under the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department’s jurisdiction. The LASD offers an online search of their recently arrested persons. This search can be found on their public pages for anyone to access freely. You can see the arrest date, time, bail amount set, case violations, the court hearing the case and so on.
by userblog

Q: anyone have any info on a Natalie Jessica Miller 24 who's remains were found? Missing back in Sept 2010?
by rw

Q: How would I get a record of an addresses history files?
by Tara
A:A list of addresses can be viewed with a simple people search. There are many private services that will conduct a search free of charge prior to requesting an order and fee. A search of addresses can also be conducted using land or property records. These searches can be under the person's name or addresses. in tandem, both sources should yield some information.
by admn

Q: How can I find out if a bill collector has filed a case against me. They left a file number but, I tried looking it up but, it states no such case. I am tired of these calls I would pay if I could but, I cant
by Frustrated

Q: My birth sister was born in Michigan and adopted by a family in Moreno Valley, CA Los Angeles County. How do I go about finding her?
by Tinag1580

Q: Was the 1976 Murder of Richard Lyons ever solved
by Ron

Q: Arrests on march 25 2013
by j
A:An easy and simple way to look at recent arrests are to go to the law enforcement’s website. Depending on which department made the arrest, whether the police or sheriffs, many have online inmate search as well as arrest reports that can be requested. The inmate search is free and open to anyone and are not of convicted individuals, but of people that are being detained. Some other departments, mostly larger ones, will have a booking list. If there’s no luck with online access, some of the private sites that show arrestees may be helpful but not as current. I have noticed some comments regarding showing up in person and looking at booking logs or any type of “in custody“ lists, one of the law enforcement agencies said they provide warrant information, if you’re checking on yourself you run the chance of being arrested on the spot.
by tj12

Q: How do I find out if my friend was arrested this week?
by Katherine

Q: Name of property owner of 114 Harvard st. Hemet CA 92543
by Bob

Q: How do I find out if the condo I am renting is up for lien sale
by bob

Q: how can i locate a property owners name
by oldtimer
A:There’s a free search for property information from Kings county, http://www.countyofkings.com/acr/Assessor/PQLite.html you can link to property information and values online.
by jim

by ROB
A:there may be a dba filed and published in periodicals. The papers local to the business filing will have some of the old issues in libraries if not online.
by aa

Q: How can I obtain an incident report regarding an assault at my residence in lake arrowhead , ca on 5/21/2013?
by Robin
A:Police departments will generally have a way to provide police reports. The law enforcement's website will have instructions regarding how to obtain them. Crime maps that search by area can shed light on which was the department that made the arrest.
by al

Q: Has A** C** been arrested?
by JRK
A:The Orange county sheriffs department has a webpage showing their arrest logs http://ws.ocsd.org/ArrestLog/ArrestLogMain.aspx. Here's a link to see arrest warrants http://ws.ocsd.org/ArrestWarrants/. These are both open to the public freely online.
by iem

Q: how to find any records of a arrest by the pine valley border patrol
by k

Q: How do I find a court date for a criminal case without the case number? Sutter , California
by Di
A:The county court's calendar search is open to the public here http://www.suttercourts.com/unprotected/Calendar/themed.asp. You can conduct a search of upcoming cases without a membership or paying. A name/party search may also be sufficient if in person. The county clerk can be contacted through their website.
by blgvisitor

Q: Where can I see details about an arrest.
by UB
A:The police and any other law enforcement such as the sheriff’s office will in many instances have instructions regarding how to obtain arrest reports or incident/accident reports. There are other methods if the person has been convicted such as a criminal background check which is an easy approach. Police reports are generally obtained by going through the department itself, however, a background check can be requested by private as well as government agencies. The venue of the court where the action is filed may also have an easy public access service where the criminal case can be viewed.
by ti

Q: Where can I find the deed to my home?
by aa
A:Deeds are generally recorded documents with the county clerk, or in California, the county registrar's office. Most offices have a website where the public can see how to obtain the document. Smaller venues will have limited services, but since these records are commonly requested, there will be a way for public retrieval in either case.
by clark

Q: I'm trying to reunite with a very dear friend Wendy M Polanco or Wendy M Simpson. I believe she lives in San Clements or Dana Point, I checked every possible resource but she might not have her profile public. I would like at least an email address. Pls anyone can you help?
by gp
A:Group directories in many instances contain information to contact the members. There are many local organizations in most areas/communities. Chances are not great in locating a person through various organizations, however, if they have a specific interest, chances are better. It is a search that can be done freely online just in case the person is a member of a group.
by joe

Q: Asking about a domestic incident at the home of Judy Quiett on 4/28/13
by Sherry
A:A crime map search can be conducted to see which law enforcement agency was responding. There after, their site should have a page of their recent press releases. News wires local to the incident may have a column to shed more background on the story.
by taylor

Q: where can i look for an ex inmate from calipatria State prison
by anonymous
A:The current inmates are listed here http://inmatelocator.cdcr.ca.gov/default.aspx, however, if the inmate has been released, a people finders search can be conducted to look up residences. Depending on the type of information that is being sought, since the person has a record, a background check and/or criminal court case search would reveal certain details. The search of the DOC is statewide, but the court records are generally in county, so a people finder search may have to be conducted regardless.
by phan

Q: I need to know the date of an arrest in van nuys california
by Dawn

Q: community events
by Vicki

Q: Public view of inmate photos, Santa Clara, CA
by blgr
A:In many cases the law enforcement department will have a detention center/jail facility. The departments in charge of the detention center will sometimes have an online search of their inmates in custody or even recently released individuals. That’s is not always the case as the Santa Clara county sheriffs website does not presently seem to have such a query online. This link to the Santa Clara booking information online may be a helpful place to start but you will need either the name and date of birth or booking date http://eservices.sccgov.org/ovr/find_inmate.do
by tl

Q: How do I get the occupancy permit (Twin Peaks CA)
by Belinda Barrett
A:This site http://www.sbcounty.gov/main/services.asp is where you will find a list/directory of services from the county. At this link http://cms.sbcounty.gov/lus/BuildingSafety/Permits.aspx you will find information about issuance of permits from SB county, building and safety, permit research, fees, guidelines and forms. There are instructions regarding temporary use permits for residential, non-residential and RV or mobile homes.
by jen

Q: what types of products are manufactured in mendocino county
by steph
A:County of Mendocino has an official government site with local economic development http://www.co.mendocino.ca.us/econdev/. The site includes, business improvement district with annual reports and budgets, local economic budgets, land use development code, business licenses and others.
by jay

Q: has cortney conn been arrested yet for burglery charges (Yolo, CA)
by ric
A:Here are the records to see arrests and criminal information http://www.yolocountysheriff.com/denser.html#records. It’s the county's detention center, but you can request police records, arrests and so forth from the same department. If you know approximately when and where the arrest took place, crime mapping show the offense and some basic details, but not the name of the offender.
by kay

Q: When was the railroad depot enlarged?
by Pat

Q: arrest records for 04/06/13 thru 04-17/13
by curtis
A:Crime maps cover criminal activity by area and date. These are not arrest records, but will tell you the arresting law enforcement department. Thereafter, you can search for the particular arresting agency's website. Once you have the website, you can see how to order arrest records. You can also see the agency's arrests by look up their jail/inmate roster. Some agencies call it a booking log. Not all law enforcement agencies offer this type of search online, but finding out which agency and their website is a good place to start which can tell you how and where to obtain it. Some of the local publications may have a page containing arrests, most likely that not all arrests are there, but you can see a good number of them published. You can use the dates and the location as a search term and see what you can come up with.
by grant

Q: court case records (Pomona California)
by pam
A:When looking for case information, which court you’re looking in makes a big difference. Some courts have more online services offered to the public than others. Regardless of what is available, you can always go to the court’s physical location and search through their filings. But there are other methods that can be used with your computer at home. Even when cases are not readily available online, many if not most venues will have a calendar search on their site of upcoming trials and hearings. You can look online for an attorney service that goes to the court on a regular basis, usually everyday to the larger venues, and retrieve the copies on your behalf. These are public records but there may be restrictions imposed and some fees. That also depends mostly on where and how they manage public information versus privacy. If the case is bankruptcy for example, you can use the PACER system which covers all courts. If you're looking for criminal records to look up charges, offenses, sentencing and so forth while the person is still in custody or recently released, a department of corrections has a free online inmate search that can show the information and photos of the prisoner.
by al

Q: How to find a convicted murderers mugshot (Alameda, CA)
by a
A:The statewide inmate locator was not as helpful as the county’s. Here’s a list of inmate locators http://www.ca.gov/onlineservices/os_government_locator.html by county. You will need the first and last name. You may not immediately get to see the photo of the inmate, but you will be able to see some identifying information to locate photos elsewhere.
by jane

Q: Was ralph hilton arrested on 02/26/2013 in woodland ca.
by kelley
A:The law enforcement agency that would have made the arrest may have a booking list or in custody search. This greatly depends on where the individual was arrested, not all of the law enforcement agencies have such a public service online, but most of the larger ones do. Its worth checking as it is a free search to the public.
by stan

Q: Why was Bryan Jeffries arrested? California Santa Barbara Santa Maria
by Hbomb
A:If this is a recent arrest, you can use a jail list directly from the county sheriffs webpages. It’s a free online search anyone can access. If you need an official arrest report, you can see how to obtain one from the arresting agency by checking their website also. These are common requests and in many cases there is a standard protocol to follow, but it's routine for most departments. If there's no need for a detailed official report, local periodicals/papers often carry a page about recent arrests.
by jay

Q: Vehicles involved in accident on April 7, 2013 at Baseline and Azusa, California
by Bonnie
A:You can try and look up the police's website for current press releases and see if any information is available. Also, crime mapping sometimes include accidents occurring in a particular area.
by jay

Q: why are some cases investigated and others just blown off , anyone have any info on tools etc.. stolen off Dry Creek rd
by tr
A:It may be based on the value of the items. However, budget cuts may still be claimed by law enforcement. Some high crime areas such as Chicago the police will no longer come to the crime scene unless someone is in a critical state or the suspect is still present. So I'm guessing in the case of a murder since the suspect is gone and the victim is already dead, you can go file the report online and they'll send someone to pick up the body, hopefully in time.
by debspur
A:That is a good point. If you know of other cases, not just yours, you can submit it to the local paper asking the same question. A generic all purpose answer is budget cuts, lack of staff or resources. Was there a report filed? Were there any clues as to the persons that may have been involved. The police is not going to go door to door or post wanted signs with photos of the tools saying 'Anyone with information regarding these tools, please contact the department immediately'. Budget cuts may not be the problem. You can do a little bit of looking around of where the tools may be sold. Rarely items are stolen and then used for their specific purpose, so they're sold for money. Where are the stolen goods usually sold? In free classifieds? Online? Swap meets nearby?
by ted

Q: arrest of Timothy or Jennifer McCartin Lancaster CA
by lisa

Q: property owner info (California Kern Lost Hills)
by joe
A:The Kern county assessor is a county government office that does not charge for property searches http://recorderonline.co.kern.ca.us/ You can search by document number, grantor/grantee, document date or class.
by al

Q: I am tring to find the report of city employees pensions. It is suppose to be public record however I can not find it. Can anyone help with the location of this report?
by Tim Smith

Q: a woman died while driving hwy 15 near baker ca of a heart attack. and details?
by Byrda

Q: how can l find someones probation officerkg
by juliajuliamae

Q: History of first creation of Sacramento discoevry cemter. All information. (California Tehama Red Bluff)
by Monique
A:A good place to look up old historical articles are the libraries local to the place or event you're looking to obtain information about. Many of these files still remain on micro film, or any other method the library has chosen to use. Libraries that offer a website will list what they have as far as books online. But periodicals can be a different story. You may have to go the the library's physical location. It may be worth the time if it's close by since the librarian can direct you better than online web instructions.
by Heidi

Q: Shotting one man dead
by nina

Q: where do I get a copy of a death certificate that occured in ontario, ca
by marisela
A:You can go to the county recorder's office or request the death certificate from the department of public health http://www.cdph.ca.gov/certlic/birthdeathmar/Pages/default.aspx and you won't have to worry about in which county the death occurred. There are fees associated with obtaining this certificate. Be sure to review the differences between official documents and un-official documents, authorized copies or informational only. The San Bernardino county assessor recorder clerk on this page http://www.sbcounty.gov/arc/Vitals.aspx offers public records of birth and death records. Their procedures and forms are listed for anyone to access.
by gene

Q: power outage on 3/23/13
by mel
A:The LADWP shows their current outages on their site and the areas that are affected
by jan

Q: Who was arrested on 9/24/2012 in San Jose ca
by Little
A:You can try several avenues in which to see this information. One fast and efficient way is to look up persons that were recently arrested and are held in custody of law enforcement. If the arresting police agency does not have a jail to keep its offenders, the county sheriffs may have a central detention center housing the individual.
by eli

Q: How difficult is it to get an expungement? How would I know if I need an expungement?
by amy
A:You may not need to know which background checks the employer uses if you use the one from the state that requires fingerprints. Some individuals looking for work may think that the police department is a place where you order a background check, which can be true, but as good as this source may be, it probably only covers that area, not the entire state. The state of California's justice department offers fingerprint based background checks http://oag.ca.gov/fingerprints.
by stan
A:How does a person find out which service an employer orders criminal history check from?
by amy
A:Before thinking about the expungement of your record, it is recommended that you conduct a search of your own background to see what others, such as employers, can obtain about you. If you can find out about which service the employer uses, you can see exactly what they see. However, in most cases we don't know or they conduct they're own by taking your information and having you sign a release. Still in many cases the typical prospective applicant does not know which is background check service in being utilized.
by al
A:There are multiple firms that offer record expungement services. These are attorneys that go and petition the court to have your record removed from public view. Not sure if that covers high security clearances. You may be asked if you were ever convicted and I wouldn't think expunging your record changes that fact.
by ari

Q: How do I find out about my brothers homicide back in march of 1989? (Lynwood CA)
by cokie
A:Libraries carry old and archived stories from periodicals. You can conduct a search at the library for the newspaper or any other periodical that would have covered that story. These may be on micro-film or on some type of digital imaging database. Online libraries offer a list a directory of services where you can begin your search.
by gene
A:There may be several methods in which to obtain this information. One way can be to make a police report request, sometimes named incident reports. These types of records should still be available from the law enforcement department that created the report. Reporters/journalist make open record requests on a regular basis when covering an event/incident. Police and sheriffs’ websites will likely have forms and instructions regarding how to make such a request.
by li

Q: where can i find all arrest made in needles ca march 15-16 2013? (San Bernardino CA)
by jed
A:The San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department http://www.sbcounty.gov/sheriff/bookingsearch/bookingsearch.aspx, this site also offers a out of custody search that can be accessed online. You can obtain arrest and inmate information, release date, charges and more.
by el

Q: I am interested in names and addresses of people arrested in California last week. Where can I find this info? Thanks for the help.
by Moe
A:One avenue to take is by looking at jail or in-custody lists from the arresting agency. You will probably not get the address. You can see the location where the arrest took place. You can look at news wires, some publications have a weekly list of recent arrests. They may mention the city where offenders are from, but again, probably not the address.
by mike

Q: When you have several projects that need to be done, do you need to find out about every sub-contractor?
by jay
A:This actually gives you an advantage, you can give them the smaller job and see how the contractor does. See how clean, treat the customer and ask about suggestions. Some bid low to get hired and thereafter ask for more or do unsatisfactory work. There are many tricks of the trade used by contractors when it comes to bidding and getting hired, so giving them a small job is and see how it goes is informative. They may claim it will be cheaper to do all the work at once. This makes no sense, why does it cost less? This only presents a bad situation where you have several projects partially done and you're having problems with the work in one way or another.
by jan

Q: What about reviews of quality of the work from past customers?
by ae
A:There have been some issues with online reviews. The source of the information being considered, it is not easily apparent where these reviews are coming from. There have been reports of reviews being written by company employees, marketing firms representing the business, webmasters trying to optimize the webpage and so forth. Even companies listing contractors with their customer reviews sometimes show a list of their best and worst contractors, which presents the question 'how did the bad ones get hired through their listings to begin with, did the customer hire someone with bad reviews or no reviews at all? Doesn't that make the service providing the reviews and listing the business useless?
by joe

Q: What if the contractor you've hired has outsourced others to do tile work for example. Do you have to conduct a background check on them also?
by tamy
A:Some may look at this scenario and think the contractor is responsible for the other individuals that have been hired. This may be true, but you are using someone else's judgment as to what is considered good work. Others hired by the contractor may not have been checked out properly or thoroughly, or they may be new to their team of workers. It is not comforting to hear 'Oh sorry, I didn't know. I won't be using him again'. Unfortunately, this means you were a test that went bad. You would have to take into consideration the due diligence of the contractor, did they check out the sub-contractor sufficiently or to your standards before beginning. Another question arising is that wouldn't you be better off hiring the other person yourself.
by joe

Q: Does checking past references help?
by tamy
A:Checking doesn't hurt, however, the source of the information must be taken into consideration, particularly when it is provided by the same person you're checking on. The clear drawback in this approach is that the references have been provided are selected by the contractor himself. One of the initial red flags appearing when checking are past work of small and simple projects. If it is just painting, then the work does not require much of the contractor. However, more extensive work that takes more time and skill are the ones to be looked at. The contractor's expertise is not in question in most cases, it is the lack of trust in doing a good job regardless of experience. Many of the lawsuits involving contractors are not based on not being experienced or their know how but the manner in which they conduct business and treat customers. Remember that many contractors work for themselves and don't get fired or lose their job, just that project with you. They can move onto other clients and in most cases have others in the mean time.
by jan

Q: Where would can a person find police reports, criminal, incidents and other similar records?
by jane
A:The city of Beverly Hills' website offers information for the public regarding how to request their information from the city clerk to criminal reports. Beverly Hills Police Department Records Bureau is located at 464 N. Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Other than an address and contact information not many of their services are online, seen here http://www.beverlyhills.org/citygovernment/departments/policedepartment/reportcopies/, for copies collision reports, online services can be used. Background criminal histories are not part of these reports. There is a phone number to reach the records division for all other inquires.
by im

Q: Does a background check include specific cities like San Francisco?
by jill
A:Since not all background checks are the same, the source and results can be vastly different. If you're looking for a particular report, criminal, incidents, crashes, arrests and so on that you are certain occurred within the jurisdiction of the SFPD, you can visit their site and see what you need to do to obtain http://www.sf-police.org/index.aspx?page=774, lower on this page you will see that requests for clearance letters also known as 'letter of good conduct' can be ordered. You can walk in to the physical location and save having it being notarized when requesting through the mail. All you need is a valid ID to request it in person. According to the police department's site, these are requests for criminal history/background checks. The state of California also offers background checks as well as the FBI for federal records. You may encounter less restrictions when using private sources. These are records that should be public, specially if you're looking to see your own record and privacy is not an issue, only proper identification to verify the person ordering is the same as the one on the record.
by admn

Q: Does the Los Angeles Police department offer background checks?
by jay
A:The LAPD offers several types of crime reports to the public with restrictions. Some require court orders or subpoenas and some just a request form. When looking for arrest summaries for yourself, you can request to obtain a list of dates, charges and dispositions http://www.lapdonline.org/communications_division/content_basic_view/6425. This can be applied for in person or by mail. If you're looking for misdemeanor DUI arrests, you can go to the LA superior court and for felony DUI records, the request can be made directly to the records and identification division of the LAPD. Arrest reports are different and in most cases require court order or subpoena. Copies of crime reports can be obtained from the department by mailing the request to its records and identification division. Other reports that can be ordered are traffic reports, detention date information and more. Each type of record has its own guidelines. These may not be the only method in which to request data and does not cover any arrests or crimes outside their jurisdiction.
by ken

Q: Can I get a Santa Barbara background check on an individual for records local within the city?
by ron
A:Yes, here are the guidelines to follow http://www.santabarbaraca.gov/Government/Departments/Police/police_Records_bureau. These records are considered public but the city has its own policies, seemingly still within the law. If you’re trying to obtain a criminal report of yourself, other than a fees and procedures with the proper forms, the guidelines will not be much of a factor. However, when trying to get a report of a juvenile or of another person, you will have to submit an authorization letter to the Santa Barbara police department. The cost for the search is $10 and $25 when records are found. Keep in mind that this is not the only method in which to obtain criminal records.
by al

Q: obituaries for November 2012? (Ryde CA)
by Katy
A:When there's no luck in local publications where you're looking for information, you can move up to a larger and broad area's newspaper. This city is in Sacramento and publication within this county can cover all cities here http://www.sacbee.com/obituaries/. A search of the entire year will result in to many records/data, so you may have to break it up into monthly or weekly if you're going to use periodicals such as newspapers. These searches are free and a good preliminary look at what is available without having to pay from the beginning.
by gene

Q: How does California measure up against the others when it comes to access to public records being the largest state containing some of the most populous areas in the country. Being on the forefront on many issues, various programs starts and government services begin here. Where does the public get recorded documents to criminal records can be different from state to state as well as county to county. How does an individual know where to begin looking? Are all the records kept in a central repository? Which assets are available for public viewing? To which extent can I request arrest reports? Many questions and answers are posted specifically pertaining to publics’ access issues. There is no central repository where all records can be found. This is a factor to persons that are new in regard to finding specific records. Government department offering records to the public make efforts in maintaining a fair balance between the right to know and privacy concerns. These two issues cross when certain records contain private data such as court records. Bankruptcies show a list of assets and liabilities, also may reveal other personal information as in individual’s social security number. Visitors can find help in locating records, online databases and where to begin a search. Which departments in the state’s government is the custodian of the various types of records. Ask a question other returning users can respond to and provide helpful hints and methods.
by al

Q: how can i find out if an addition to a house is legal? (Oakland CA)
by pt

Q: Where can I pay a tragic ticket but I don't have the case number just the drivers info? (Weed CA)
by Jazz

Q: If public records are open to anyone, why can't I get information about my family without paying?
by jacknjudy
A:Open records pertains to the accessibility of government held information being open to the public, not the cost. Not the same as Free public records. There are costs associated with maintaining, recording, housing and providing records. The department can choose to pay for these costs with their budget or pass that cost on to the consumer. The choice is tax revenues or fees, most of the time both. When there's a present or projected shortfall with the budget, the department asks to raise its fees. The FOIA only covers access, however can not be prohibitive due to unreasonable costs or fees. Areas that have a high volume of requests can have searches and records free of charge. The type of record you are seeking is also a factor in whether it is free or not. Some states and counties offer free property searches, entity ownership searches and so forth.
by blgr

Q: arrests in 2012
by Miss777
A:The Sacramento Police Department’s website contains a page dedicated to crime data/statistics. In addition to statewide statistics, with this webpage you can also view neighborhood crime statistics. Crime stats may not accurately represent arrests, but is used for researching area’s crimes. Arrest reports are also available from the police department individually.
by al

Q: How do I find out when a real estate trust sale is going to be? (Ceres CA)
by Dennis

Q: all arrest on 03/04/2013? (Plumas CA)
by Danny

Q: Where can i find a list of fresh arrests if i don't know persons last name or x-ref? (Sacramento CA)
by me

Q: crime in east foothills February or march 2013? (San Jose CA)
by cattledoglover

Q: charges against Brent A. Bateman arrested on 2-28-13? (Los Angeles CA)
by Di
A:The LA county sheriffs department offers a free online search of their detainees. You can see the arrest date, time, the agency that arrested the individual, bail amount, housing location, court, release and case information. Case data link will show court address, fine amount, court date, disposition, sentence and date.
by fina

Q: what is Barstow police departments procedure when performing search warrants? (Barstow CA)
by Curious G

Q: Was there a building at 1700 W Caldwell Ave, Visalia, CA 93277 hit by a drunk driver recently? Or was the building hit by some out of control driver?
by Toby

Q: how or where can i find out specific details about a person in stanislaus county CA who is a convicted child molester. without paying money over the internet.
by judy

Q: Who owns the complex Villa Las Brisas at top of Hillside Terr., Vista, CA 92084?
by Jolie

Q: Does anyone know if the persons in last nights police chase near Lincoln ave Anaheim Blvd la Palma area were caught? Or do residence still need to worry about them? (Aaheim CA)
by Erwin

Q: How can I find out other than calling the jail, what the release date of an inmate located at Adelanto Detention Center is expected to be? (San Bernardino CA)
by AnemiX

Q: List of all arrests on march 1,2013? (Alameda CA)
by John

Q: February 23, 2013 stabbing in Oakland, California
by o

Q: What kind of vehicle accident was there February 28, 2013 at around 2 pm on Pierce Rd. Emergency vehicles responded. Traffic was stopped and I made a u turn so I could get home on Pierce Rd using Verde Vista (Saratoga CA)
by DD-Ko

Q: Was there a fatality today ( Mar 1) at around 5 pm on Vulcan near Encinitas Blvd? (Encinitas CA)
by Driver

Q: Where can I find information about a friend who has being arrested several times and then release if he has to do sometime in jail? (Hanford CA)
by tina

Q: where was enrique leon arrested in pico rivera CA on February 28 2013. who else was arrested?
by g

Q: Is there a list of sex offenders at in Stockton CA?
by what
A:You can go to www.meganslaw.ca.gov to find a list and map of sex offenders in Stockton.
by Helpful1

Q: What are the results of the investigation into the diving deaths of the Butsky couple? (Carmel CA)
by Phil

Q: February 7,2013 disturbances Tulare county TX?
by goodboy

Q: Was there a police raid at 15847 fresno ln on feb 14 2013? (Victorville CA)
by mocha

Q: were there any gun shots in this area on Feb 26 2013? (Buena Park CA)
by char

Q: where can if find DUI record? (CA)
by jacob bashyam

Q: Who owns 1003 tamarisk west? (Rancho Mirage CA)
by Billy

Q: What happened on the 15 freeway on 2-26-13? (Corona CA)
by Jw

Q: how many arrests for rape or sexual assault have there been?
by j
A:In many instances looking up periodicals can be an easier way to obtain the information, but, you will get the report of a statistic put into a story or event. The origin of statistics for the column may not be revealed, so you can't see exactly what information was gathered to produce the report. Police departments also release statistics, but not all do. A search can begin with the local police agency, thereafter the county sheriffs' yearly reports.
by jim

Q: When someone is indicted, what agency arrests that person?
by Summer
A:Indictments are obtained by the city/county/state/federal prosecutors. The prosecutor is considered a top law enforcement personnel and will turn it over to the police/sheriff. Any of the law enforcement agencies can make the arrest. The procedures and specifics vary from one jurisdiction to another.
by jen

Q: How do I get my elementary school records from 1952-53 from the closed Hawthorne Christian School? (Hawthorne CA)
by season

Q: does anybody know what happened to the student on bike that got hit between lampson and lamplighter last week? (Garden Grove CA)
by jade

Q: was paul piper arrested in yolo county CA on February 26th 2013?
by shannon

Q: Rape info or articles for a rape that happened on 1/15/2013? (Victorville CA)
by kim

Q: who got arrested near 1300 block of E. Flora on 2/26/2013? (Ontario CA)
by anonymous

Q: arrest record 5-3-2012? (Merced CA)
by Tom

Q: Where can I get a list of DUI offenders for the month of January? (Elk Grove CA)
by mars

Q: Arrest record fredy Perez? (Porterville CA)
by Hope

Q: What was the police & helocopter activity on Mirage Ct. in Rancho San Diego early in the morning on 2/23 2013? (San Diego CA)
by MR

Q: Can I Access arrest records? (Davis CA)
by John

Q: How can I remove my public record? (Los Angeles CA)
by Al

Q: Was there a shooting in Fallbrook CA last weekend?
by Lori

Q: Was Clifford Jansen arrested October 2012? (Palmdale CA)
by Lazlo

Q: where can i get my police report? (San Bernardino CA)
by raymundo antuna

Q: today, February 25,approx 2am -3am near magnolia just south of 22 fwy, loud explosion sounding, any details? (Garden Grove CA)
by sandy
A:The Orange County Sheriffs Department has their call online. Once on the OCSD's website, you can find a 'How Do I' tab, then you will see a category named 'Use Online Services', there is a link to 'OC Crime Calls'. You can see a list of the locations, city, agency, time dispatched and more.
by tim

Q: Are calls in tips or information gotten during an arrest of a completely separate matter public record? for example location from where the call was made? (Taft CA)
by sickgirl

Q: I am looking for the registry of deeds to confirm ownership of a property I am interested in renting. Where can I find this? (Sherman Oaks CA)
by Lala

Q: Why was Shawn Curry arrested? (Tracy CA)
by chief

Q: what was the name of the man killed in Monterey park CA by police on 2-15-13?
by anonymous

Q: Has there been recent break ins to homes in Tulare CA?
by P.nich

Q: information on david herandez arrest 11/28/12? (Paso Robles CA)
by kaley

Q: where can i find arrests records? (Manhattan Beach CA)
by Profe

Q: Something happened on PCH on Feb. 21,2013 between 3:00pm and 400pm in corona del mar. Any one know anything? (Placentia CA)
by chuck

Q: Why were there police on tustin and Mayfair in the city of orange 92867? (Santa Ana CA)
by Church

Q: George Tavaglione Sr obituary (Riverside CA)
by anonymous

Q: boron ca arrest log for 02/09/13? (CA)
by jen

Q: The sheriffs Dept dropped off friends bike but I can't locate him in the corrections department. Its been 2 day, is it possible he isn't in jail? (Gilroy CA)
by j

Q: why were the police on 2/22/2013 in the fuller acres area? (Bakersfield CA)
by kitty999

Q: Who was arrested on february 20, 2013 in san jose CA?
by Chris
A:The Santa Clara Sheriffs webpage offers an inmate search of their detainees. This source can be found at scc.gov under department of corrections also. The sheriff department also provides 'Report Releases' and lists the service on their records webpage. Here's a full list of records available as per their site: Citation sign offs, Fingerprinting, Livescan, Informal Bookings, CJIC Reviews, Report Releases, Restraining Orders, Vehicle Releases, Repossession of Vehicle, Visa/Clearance Letters, Warrant Information, Records Checks for Federal Agencies (D.O.D./O.P.M./F.B.I.), Law Enforcement background checks, Registrants – Arson, Gang, Narcotic, Sex.
by tn

Q: car accident in frazier park CA, around 1998, one fatality multiple injuries drivers name was Eric. i would like his last name if possible.
by dawn

Q: Who owns 42602 Bradshaw dr temecula CA 92592
by Bertha

Q: Looking for a person I was wondering, if she still lived in redway CA?
by sunny

Q: palmdale automobile accident in 2007 with Gary Good? (Lancaster CA)
by RG

Q: how much jail time for drug charges? (Los Gatos CA)
by me
A:California penal statues are online and free for anyone to look up information about the state's laws. You can see all of the statutes and look for the ones that pertains to your search at legal info.ca. There is a list of the laws that include penal as well as civil statutes and procedures. The site claim this on their page ' Information presented reflects laws currently in effect'
by dt

Q: If I am looking to access Oakland Arrest Files from the 1950s and I know they exist on Microfilm, how would I go about obtaining/viewing them? (Oakland CA)
by SeanF
A:A good place to start searching is The Online Archive of California digital library. You can narrow the searches with details of what you already know. Here's an example description of what is offered from the site :Lodi (Calif.) Jail Registers [6 vols.] dating from October 1913 through June 1955; the City Recorder's Record Book dating February 1913 through 1922; and, the Lodi Traffic Arrest Register dating July 1946 through October 1952'. You can get a general idea as to where these records are kept. Other departments in the area such as the Alameda sheriffs files, Berkeley police and so on can also be searched. There are recorded news publications that can be searched by city. Stories within column in newspapers can also show arrest occurring within a certain timeline.
by tim

Q: where can i find Erica Roney arrest records? (Chico CA)
by anonymous
A:The Chico Police department has weekly logs of arrests of the past 30 days. This list is free and online thought their own website. The Butte county sheriffs log of current events is online from 02/15/2013 to 02/19/2013. Older logs go back to January 2012. Police and sheriff records are also public information and should be available though each department.
by em

Q: How can u find email address to courthouse judges? (Butte CA)
by Southside OROVILLE

Q: Looking For Bradley Taylor (Glendale CA)
by Rick

Q: What,s Ventura county land value per acre? (Ventura CA)
by Mike

Q: who owns 151 morgan court san jacinto, CA?
by Kari

Q: How can I find a relative that may live in Hayward, CA?
by Charlotte Knowles
A:A people finders search online will help you obtain address similar to looking up name in directories. It is best to search several sources and not rely on just one. You can begin your search based on the individual's name and not a location as people relocate. Also, there may be aliases that need to be checked if the subject of your search has been married and no longer uses her maiden name. There are many different sources for locating people from private sources that include background check companies and people locator services. In most cases you can initially see the address or city of residence without having to pay for the service, similar to a teaser to get you to buy their services. Social media is also another way to find people, there are friends lists as well as photos. Even if you are not certain whether the person is the one related to the search, you can still send a message and find out. Other means of research includes looking up home purchases/ownerships from the county recorder's office. Property records can also show joint owners such as spouses. There are name and location searches throughout the web's databases, from a business search using the secretary of state's databanks that can reveal company owners' names and location of their offices to the department of corrections' inmate query searches. If the records you are looking for are archived, genealogy sources, including from private entities offer search sources to locate the name. This can offer spouse's information and their name which can also be added to help the search.
by al

Q: Why were there 6 CHP cars and a motorcycle on the 2800 block of Burly Ave, Orange CA 2/18/13? What happened?
by Noel
A:You can look up incidents by area with crime mapping. Crime maps contain brief notes of what happened in a certain area by clicking on the location and you will able to see type of crime, date, location and description. One crime map shows Santa Ana Police department as the closest one to be in participation of providing the map with data. This is just one crime map however. There are other sources such as local periodicals that have their journalists make request for public information to obtain more details from the police. The CHP has a press release page on their site but nothing about this incident is appearing. Their accident or incident information page is daily and is updated often of what is currently happening.
by tj

Q: who owns 734 W ckristie street banning CA 92220?
by Deja

Q: who ownes 734 W ckristie street banning ca 92220
by Deja

Q: What is the ladies name that was shot at 5 Red Leaf in Ladera Ranch CA February 19, 2013?
by johnie

Q: is Ventura CA by the sea?
by shrimp

Q: How can i find a death certificate from someone who died in the Vacaville prison? (solano CA)
by Betsy Stewart
A:The California Department of Corrections states the following in regard to death certificate of an inmate, the entire paragraph and more can be found on their website in their operations manual online. 'The Chief Medical Officer (CMO),or physician examining the body and pronouncing death will specifically determine whether he/she can sign the death certificate or must refer it to the coroner. H&SC 10259 states the coroner will be notified and will sign the....'
by jim

Q: What happened to coverage on fatality at 19037 Hwy 94 on 2-16-13? (San Diego CA)
by curious

Q: Where there shots fired at 27 east and Palmdale blvd on 02/17/13 around 6:00pm? (Lancaster CA)
by Chris

Q: Who owns 469 n 2nd st banning California?

Q: DUI arrests February 3,2013? (Studio City CA)
by Abc

Q: How to get info on inmate arrested in Anaheim CA?
by Alex

Q: arrest records on analisa leong? (Sacramento CA)
by anonymous

Q: Does anyone know about the accident on the I-5 in Anaheim on Valentine's night 2013? (Anaheim CA)
by Lala

Q: I need some information on a man that stabbed his wife to death about 12 years ago. (Los Angeles CA)
by sweetpea

Q: what are the names of the defendants arrested in operation red menace? (San Diego CA)
by me
A:If there's anything about the arresting agency or even better, where they are being held in custody, that department's jail/inmate search list can show who has been recently arrested.
by el

Q: if associating with what they say wrong crowed ........could u still be guilty of any crime that you never committed.....under guilty by association? (Lone CA)
by detective

Q: thomas talk arrest records? (Butte CA)
by ckingjustice

Q: does anybody has information on the airplane cash in 1957? (Tulare CA)
by vppn

Q: where can i find Hit and runs in Bakersfield CA?
by skitles

Q: who owns 17670 palowalla rd 92225? (Blyth CA)
by gjh

Q: how do i get mug shots in orange county California?
by kristopher

Q: looking for public record for a sale of a house in menlo park, ca in 1989
by menlo
A:The search would be better conducted by looking it up by name of the person which owned it at the time. Menlo Park falls under San Mateo county and their county recorders office has instructions on how to go there in person and obtain deed records if you’re nearby.
by anonymous

Q: Anyone know the details of a car accident on Santa Ana Canyon Rd. and Lake View on January 25 2013 (Orange CA)
by Bob

Q: Anyone know what happened in the car crash at Lake View and Santa Ana Rd. in Anaheim on January 25 2013? (Anaheim CA)
by Bob

Q: rachel whipple's arrest records? (Squaw Valley CA)
by Corina

Q: Is there any information on the suicide in Torrence CA, on 2/2/13?
by inpain

Q: recent bike theft mugshots? (Santa Cruz CA)
by josh
A:Did this event/crime result in an arrest? If the arresting agency is the Santa Cruz Sheriffs department, they have an inmate list. News organization that cover local events can have the information and photo of the occurrence. The smaller publications will cover stories that are not notable enough to be in larger publications.
by jim

Q: my father died in November 2003 my stepmother refuses to tell me who his attorney is handling their will how can i find out who the attorney is? (Carpinteria CA)
by bet
A:Go to the Santa Barbara courthouse his probate case sould be handled there
by Snowy
A:Is the will in probate?
by jan

Q: how can I find child custody records and juvenile court records for 1966? (Yuba CA)
by g. raines
A:The primary concern with these records would be whether they are public records or not and how California law applies to either. Some states do not protect data of deceased persons the same. The county in which this was tried may be sending their records to an archived central depository. The city of Yuba fall under the county of Sutter's jurisdiction. The superior court has a website where the public can contact the clerk.
by jim

Q: has Progress been made in locating Jason Kyles? (Sacramento CA)
by Vern

Q: is there any information concerning the students from tug of war? Was the surgery successful? Thank you (El Monte CA)
by babsis

Q: List of arrests made February 08, 2013 in county of San Bernardino CA?
by bob-o
A:The San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department has a search open to the public where you can search persons that have been arrested and in their custody. You can also see persons that were released by day. At this time you can view their out of custody search from 02/04/2013 to 02/10/2013 based on the release date.
by sl

Q: how can i find a marriage certificate? (Lemon Grove CA)
by amy
A:You can request certified copies from the California department of public health's website. You can request informational or authorized copies. If you can not obtain an authorized copy, the informational copy of the marriage record has the same data except it will say 'INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY.' There's more on their site about which is best to request. Marriage records are also available from the county recorder where the license was issued. Confidential marriage records are available only through this method.
by an

Q: Was a twelve bridges teacher arrested? (Lincoln CA)
by Mv

Q: How can I find a death record for Walter James Davis? (Armona CA)
by Nancy Davis

Q: Is it illegal to own a pitbull in taft california?
by mc122088

Q: How can I find out what a house sold for at auction? (Palm Spring CA)
by Stig
A:Is this a foreclosure auction at the courthouse?
by jay

Q: Bar shooting November 13 2012? (Pacoima CA)
by anonymous

Q: Did the city of Rancho Mirage or County of Riverside give back the horse trail easements to the homeowners in their subdivision of Clancy Lane in Rancho Mirage, CA.?
by Donna

Q: 7 car accident near Torrance on February 2, 2013? (Torrance CA)
by kk

Q: Man found shot in house on lime st in Compton 1988. (CA)
by Twyla
A:Stories similar to this one can be found by searching through newspapers or other periodicals. If you know where the story is being held, whether online, microfilm or otherwise, an essential part of the work has been accomplished. This type of information is considered public record, unless it is under investigation, which in this case it isn't. With digital online libraries, there may be some information that is made available using the web. However, in many cases, online web databases are still not an option. Therefore visiting the library in person may be the next best approach if you are nearby the area. Investigating who would carry that story can be done online with some research. Since many publications are no longer in circulation from that era, you can begin your research by looking at the paper that would cover the story. The Los Angeles times may or many not have covered that event, so knowing of other more local publications of that time is helpful. For example, The Compton Bulletin has archived stories online freely accessible to the public of staff-written and other selected articles from 2005 to the present. This is only an example due to the dates covered for this publication only go back to 2005.
by gl

Q: jan19th 2013 warrant search? (Rialto CA)
by bo
A:The San Bernardino County courts offer a source for the public to look up warrants online instantly. Check dates and availability. The name of the site is openaccess.sb-court.org. This search reveals the county, charge, severity, description, date of violation, plea and status. You can also see the case number. You can also see actions that show show more information about charges, fine information, probation and minutes.
by blgr

Q: arrest records in 1988,in El Cajon, CA?
by rose

Q: Arrests records 02/2013? (Sacramento CA)
by smash
A:The Sacramento County Inmate Information system updates with up to the minute data. This inmate list is of persons recently arrested and in custody of the Sacramento County Sheriffs department. If a different department made the arrest, the inmate can be held in another facility. If the arrest resulted in being convicted, the state's department of corrections may have custody and details of charges or arrests even if the person has been released on probation or end of sentence.
by al

Q: Does anyone know what happened 2/05/13 around 930pm in the car crash in Placentia CA, off McCormick and Bastentury?
by Cindy

Q: update on burglary's in Yorba Linda, CA 92886. (Orane CA)
by Pansy

Q: where can i find Drug related arrests for January 2013? (Palm Spring CA)
by kandy
A:Regardless of the particular reason for the arrest, whether drug related or not, you can look up some arrests online by going to the Palm Springs Police department's inmate search. All inmate searches are not the same. The arrests by local police departments are processed and booked into custody. If they are being held in their jails, then the person should appear on the inmate list. Inmate is sometimes used as description of persons in local jails, although mostly to describe prisoners that are convicted and in custody of the department of corrections, but not always. Other terms such as jail roster or a text link saying 'who's in jail' and others are used, in whichever case, look for a source that guides your search toward the law enforcement department's jail/prison/holding facility and other related terms. These are often instant online searches open to the public based on the persons' names or dates.
by al

Q: Does Silverado CA have a planning department?
by anonymous

Q: more information on the Police chase on 1/30/13. (Bakersfield CA)
by Jesse

Q: What are the names of all of those taken into custody for the fake-gun robbery attempt on the 30000 block of Golden Lantern on February 2, 2013? (Laguna Niguel CA)
by TJ

Q: can i file a mechanics lien against a residence for services not paid even if i am not a contractor? (Hemet CA)
by bill
A:leginfo.ca.gov/calaw provides information regarding California law. Looking up statutes are free and online. Depending on the type of dispute, laws pertaining to mechanics liens can be viewed. There's a keyword search option that can be helpful to visitors not familiar with specific state statutes. If you're looking for general overview and the statutes are initially difficult to relate to, the California Department of Consumer Affairs has a page dedicated to explaining mechanics liens. You can view the effects of a mechanics lien, how to prevent the lien, release from liens and more. The Sacramento County Public Law Library has information online that also have the basics of mechanics liens, preliminary notices, stop notices and self help links. Thereafter, organizations such as the American Subcontractors Association of California are listed with their sites from the library which offer additional information.
by stf

Q: what is hemet code enforcement condemning 300-350 east johnston ave. for? (Hemet CA)
by nick

Q: Arrests made 2/3/2013? (Oxnard CA)
by frank
A:The Ventura county sheriffs department has an online search of arrested persons in their custody as well as area crime data. If you’re looking for specific statistical data, the crime map can be searched by location dating from 1/1/2006 to the present. Details of crime data shown includes the class and description of the crime, precise location, premises and beat. If you’re trying to see who has been arrested, the sheriff’s website also offers an instant inmate search of arrested individuals in custody by name. Inmate information details include arrest and booked date, description, current housing location, case numbers, facility address, court date, bail amount, eligibility for release, charges, offenses, court and more.
by eli

Q: car accident Anaheim 2/2/2013? (Boulevard CA)
by cheril

Q: Who owned 1741 Coolidge Street Corona CA in 2000? (Corona CA)
by jonezee

Q: January 31 obituaries? (Visalia CA)
by anonymous

Q: Christopher Ortiz was he med air lifted on February 18 1985 from Temecula middle school to San Diego and died around February 20 1985?
by Critter

Q: how can I find out information on a 20 year old case in Moreno Valley CA from 1993?
by longbeach,ca

Q: Who got run over in Fontana ca on 2/1/2013?
by laliii

Q: Why was kimberly robman arrested 02/03/2010? (Van Nuys CA)
by justme

Q: How often forest fire erupt around fern road in whitmore CA?
by kim

Q: was there just a murder in palms, Ontario CA?
by afraid

Q: how do i look up an arrest record for Ventura resident? (CA)
by Lindaleez
A: Residency of the person you’re looking up is not as important as where the arrest had taken place. If the arrest is current and the subject of your search is still in custody, you can look up the inmate/jail lists when available on the arresting law enforcement agency’s website. Arrest reports are also available from many police and sheriff departments. The instructions on how to obtain them often listed on their website. However, conducting a background check generally show arrests resulting in convictions. Charges and bail also play a role. Severe charges and high bail are many times a factor in whether the person is in custody or not. The department of corrections offers the public free instant online searches which also show persons that have been released but still under their jurisdiction.
by al

Q: arrest for stolen truck on January 27 2013? (Cypress CA)
by melly

Q: how can i find a dead person that died in a hospital on January ,27,2013? (San Diego CA)
by brawley

Q: where can i find property records for house in la Canada CA?
by anonymous

Q: what happen to a inmate personnal things he collected while n jail after he dies? (Chino CA)
by b.c
A:The California Department of Corrections has services that will connect you to their public information officer. There's a forum where the public can post questions about matter involving inmates.
by anms

Q: Was tracy ohare ever arrested in Fallbrook, CA?
by big b
A:Fallbrook falls under the jurisdiction of the San Diego County Sheriffs Department. The sheriffs department has a Fallbrook substation. The SD sheriffs has a website with many services for residents of the area. Under their public resources tab there a links to see who's in jail, warrant look up and other jail information.
by blgr

Q: What did Roberto Fernandez get arrested on 1/29/2013? (South El Monte CA)
by Luis

Q: where can i find criminal records? (Kern CA)
by Michael
A:The reason to obtain criminal records can make a big difference. If you're ordering a background check of yourself, the access should not be difficult as privacy and disclosure are not an issue. If you're an employer, the circumstances and purposes are different so will the process. If you're an individual and requesting a criminal search of someone for personal purposes, your access can be more difficult. This excludes individuals looking to hire home health care providers and similar. Another issue to consider is whether you are looking to conduct a state or federal criminal search. Some local law enforcement departments also offer records of arrest and prosecution, also known as a RAP sheets, searches to the public. These are some factors to consider regarding where and how is the best way to obtain criminal records. Private entities are not always the only ones that charge for conducting search. Often, government agencies and their department also charge a fee for providing a criminal history search. There are costs related to keeping, maintaining and providing records. These costs can be taken from department's budgets and taxes or imposed on requestors by way of fees. Record keeping's cost derive from collecting/recording the data, location to warehouse records and the staff to provide services requested by the public.
by blgr

Q: Does anyone have information about that car chase between CHP and bronze colored SUV in the area of Portola Pkwy and Bake Pkwy on morning of 1/30/2013? (Forest CA)
by VA
A:The Orange County Sheriffs were on the pursuit also. The woman was tackled by a bagel shop customer in a CVS pharmacy. She was from Hemet along with a passenger from Laguna beach. She was arrested on suspicion of evading police and auto theft.
by tc

Q: how can I find out what used to be on this property 4901 Green River rd Corona ca 92880? (Corona CA)
by anjnett31
A:When property is appraised, the land value and the construction of buildings, additions and improvements are listed separately. In Corona, which would be the Riverside county assessor clerk recorder, the figures are formatted differently. The assessed value information shows the structure, land, trade, fixture and the full value separately. Here's an example from one of the search results, but not the only one. Property Information Parcel Number: 101180033-5 Property Address: 4901 GREEN RIVER RD CORONA CA 92880 Legal Description: N/A Property Type: N/A Assessment Description: 1975 SUNCREST Year Built 1995 Square Feet: 1278 Bedroom: 2 Bath: 2.0 Pool: N Lot Size: N/A Sales Information Last Recorded Document: 11/2003 Recording Number: 0929767 Assessed Value Information Land-16,224,282 Structure-5,596,371 Trade 13,633 Fixture-68,971 Business Personal Property Full Value 21,903,257 Total Net 21,903,257
by an

Q: Arrests made on Jan 25 in Oxnard, Ventura CA?
by GG

Q: Then can we conclude, these statistics are not accurate as far as the reporting of criminal activity in an area? I am concerned about people doing research on the WEB and they should be reminded their findings are simply an estimate ad not cast concrete fact. If the news agencies elect not to cover a crime in the news with a published story and the Police department doesn't bring it to your attention, then it will only appear in one place. That is on the public record. Also timing seems to play an important factor if a crime is reported or not. It was explained to me that a particular PD records were viewed by the news agencies on Tuesday & Thursday. If they view a crime on the public record that interests them, they can then request a copy of the report for a fee. If your crime happened for example on a Thursday evening, the the public record for that city is not reviewed until the following Tuesday, chances are it will not be reported in the news. Why? First because it is 4-5day old news by the time they see it and secondly, chances are there were bigger more juicier news stories that occurred over the weekend, leaving your incident being over shadowed by more current and interesting news items.
by publicpost

Q: how can i do a free deed/title search in Shasta county CA?
by kris

Q: How do I find a list of newly registered corporations? (Contra Costa CA)
by Renee

Q: Where can I find arrest record for Adan Cuevas? (Tulare CA)
by yo
A:The city of Tulare has a police department with a records unit. They mention offering public services to the public, including providing records, at their counter. Check the Tulare police department's website for its procedures in obtain records from the public information officer.
by al

Q: what is the identity of the woman whose remains were found in a Tustin condo in early December? (CA)
by Leslie

Q: Anyone know about a serious car accident Huntington Beach Jan 18th 2013 9:30am? (Huntinton Beach CA)
by JB

Q: need some info. on a police chase on January 23rd 2013, in the evening around 730 or 8o'clock pm. (Fullerton CA)
by dodge

Q: What did Christopher Martinez get arrested for on Oct 27 2010? (Lancaster CA)
by steph

Q: How can I see mark Morgan's mugshot? (San Bernardino CA)
by Mark

Q: Who lived in the house at 37 Wheeler when the House burned on 1-25-12? (Irvine CA)
by mc

A:Kern County's Sheriffs office has services that offers crime and arrest reports. Their website also has a detention inmate section to see the latest arrest of persons in custody. Depending on when this has occurred, the same site also contains news releases from the department which show the most current incidents by date.
by blgr

Q: who was in a hit n run on December 23 2012 in Santa Clara? (CA)
by bambi

Q: Was the police phone call about a missing woman 1-26-13 true. If so what service is it? (Costa Mesa CA)
by Lm

Q: Kimberly DeLisio arrest record (Visalia CA)
by Holly

Q: where can i find marriage records for October 2012 (Pomona CA)
by anonymous
A:The Los Angeles Registrar Recorder's website offers the public marriage records through its vital records services. At first it may look as if it is solely to record a marriage record, however, once on the correct page, you will see instructions to view marriage records. The forms for this request can be downloaded online. You can mail in the request or walk into one of their locations in Lancaster, LAX, 2 Los Angeles location, Norwalk and Van Nuys. The walking in options offers a same day service for all marriages after 1995, prior to that it will take twenty days.
by blgr

Q: how can I find a women full name that was arrested from my house in Trona CA on 1/3/2013? (San Bernardino CA)
by concerned

Q: Any reported tow away warnings between 1/1/2013 till 1/9/2013 by Burlingame police department? (CA)
by Gee

Q: How can I get a list of people that have lived at my house since it was built? (Los Angeles CA)
by kenny

Q: where can i find divorce records? (Shasta CA)
by happy
A:There are several methods in which to obtain divorce records in Shasta CA. If you're positive that the divorce occurred in Shasta county, the county recorder's offices offers services for viewing or obtaining an official divorce record. However, you don't need to be certain where the divorce occurred. The California department of public health also offers a service to obtain divorce records including from California superior courts. The superior court in Shasta county has a source that offers public access to records and information.
by blgr

Q: Crime rates for Sierra meadows area? (Truckee CA)
by Ron

Q: where can i find more information on the car accident on Leavesley Rd 1/20/13? (Gilroy CA)
by Kit

Q: how many convicted felons in Hemet CA?
by heressheri

Q: Does anyone know how the person from the motorcycle accident yesterday, 1/23/13, on Stetson is doing? (Hemet CA)
by Suzy-q

Q: what state departments & agencies employe the most people?
by colt

Q: Why Edgar Sotelo got arrested? (Delano CA)
by anna

Q: Who got into a car accident January 23 on elden st Costa mesa? (CA)
by anonymous

Q: Sheriffs on liberty st San leandro California 1/22/13 why?
A:Incident reports can come in several different forms and where to look up this type of information can vary also. There are methods through the media such as local periodicals that would generally have picked up the story and reveal details within their published articles. The city of San Leandro Police Department website offers its citizens access to a daily activity log of incidents occurring within their area. Information of incidents reveal the date, time, incident type, location and the disposition. The city’s official website offers a link to its police department for public access in cases where browsers alone do not list these services highly on their results.
by blgr

Q: why were the police K-9 on Trinity Ct riverside California on 1/23/2013?
by dez
A:The Riverside Sheriffs office is one of the law enforcement agencies that participates in crime mapping of their areas. All areas in the county many not be included as the sheriff's office does not make all the arrests. Individual police departments that do not contribute their arrest data, whether directly or indirectly to the crime mapping database, the report will not appear. A list of the agencies that provide their arrest data can be viewed directly on the crime maps' website. This approach offers an interactive map that lets the public view crimes geographically. You can see the location, call time, the type of crime that was committed, agency and date.
by blgr

Q: looking for info about homicide involving 2 on motorcycle vs auto that fled scene in or around 1985 in Riverside California?
by tucker
A:Looking for the police report in this instance can be difficult. Another way to approach looking up this story is by checking the news organizations that may have reported this incident. Since in 1985 news was mostly published in paper and not online, they may have their column in regard to this incident on micro-film or recorded at a repository, such as libraries. Researchers use papers in many cases where they are looking to uncover information from the past. These columns may or may not be on micro-film. Libraries will keep and maintain many news publications of their local areas. If the library is closed, another library or central repository may have received the materials. Many libraries are online and will mention what they have. Knowing the date of the incident can be the best way to begin the search in trying to locate the story.
by al

Q: Arrest for January 11 2013 on Santa Clarita California?
by daniel hawking
A:Santa Clarita is a city within Los Angeles County. The city does not have their own police department so the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office has a location to serve the area. Online, you can access the LA county sheriff's inmate information center. This webpage allows you to search persons arrested and in custody by their name. Some are arrested and may be released before checking the inmate list, but checking there can pay off since the search is free and instant. There are contact numbers where the operator can help the public with inquiries.
by jay

Q: where can i find more information on a shooting in Mission Viejo California January 21,2013?
by Tink

Q: Who was arrested on January 20, 2013, in Santa Clara County California?
by whiteboy

Q: what are some locations of major roads and airports in Sacramento California?
by mac

Q: i want to know if it's possible to get names of people pulled over on traffic violations for Dec 26 2013 in Shafter California.
by mariposa
A:Since traffic violations are criminal, technically the record should be public, but since there's no conviction, the information may not be made available. Also, if there's no citation issued there may not be any records to begin with, however, if an incident followed, the arrest logs can show names.
by tl

Q: was there a police pursuit on Sunday 1/20/13 in bellflower or Downey California? where car got on fire
by holly
A:This news may have been archived but still in the papers' online resources. You can check the local papers' columns and see if it appears within their articles. Bellflower and Downey have their own local publications and law enforcement so you may have to check both. This event is probably reported in more places that one. Crime maps also how incidents occurring by area. These reports to the crime mapping data banks are based on police reports, if the agency does not participate, the data will not show.
by jim

Q: I'm looking for information on old murder story in Washington manor area of San Leandro California.
by anonymous
A:It helps to look into the news archives of the area. First step is to look up the major paper or publication during that time. Once you have the name of the publication, the archived stories may be online or on microfilm. Many stories are kept on microfilm for various reasons. However, if the story is not available online, the city had a library going far back in time enough that it may have the story. These periodicals are donated to another library, usually nearby or the state's archives if the library has closed down. Historical events are usually well preserved by libraries, state and national archives.
by al

Q: was there a motorcycle accident on 1/16/2013 in La Habra California?
by mtbbetty
A:You can search the Orange County's sheriff department's blotter for incident reports here http://ws.ocsd.org/Blotter/BlotterSearch.aspx. The city allows for reports and records to be ordered online by public request http://www.lahabracity.com/section.cfm?id=238. The local papers can also have the story such as the OC register. There may not be just a single good source for accidents, so you may have to go to various sites at different times. There are also private websites that solely report accidents in all areas.
by al

Q: was there any murder in Millbrae CA in January 2013?
by worried
A:There are several ways to see the details if there was an article written about the incident by looking up the local news papers' sites. But in cases where there aren't any reports made by the news, crime mapping where the particular incident happened can have the information to a certain extent, probably not the full report. The police agency investigating must be a participant in providing the information to the crime map's databank. A list of which agencies are participating is listed, so if you don't see the incident it doesn't necessarily mean it didn't occur.
by al

Q: what is the website for open access to Pomona California court north criminal courts records search?
by Dina
A:Court access using the internet for smaller venues are not always available. The county for Pomona is in Los Angeles, fortunately, it is a large county with better online resources for the public than the average, https://www.lasuperiorcourt.org/onlineservices/LAECourtOnlineIndex.htm. Superior courts are county level but may be held in various locations. The LA Superior Court allows the public to research legal documents, search for a civil party name and provides an criminal defendant index.
by stf

Q: What was the 'Total Violent Crime' in 2011 in El Dorado County California?
by Legis

Q: Anyone saw that accident on orodam and Lincoln bkvd Wednesday 1/16/2013 in Oroville California?
by 49er fan

Q: What were all the police cars doing on adams avenue around villa Siena apartment complex before midnight on January 19, 2013 in Costa Mesa California?
by Kp

Q: where can i find more information on the young men arrested on Saturday January 19 2013, in Covina California?
by manuel

Q: Dec. 17,2012, On Palomar St. by the school in Lake Elsinore CA, in the early morning hours, car struck tree, major injuries, EMT called to the scene. Where can I read about it or fine and accident report?
by need2no

Q: What code enforcement case involving the City of Desert Hot Springs, CA was resolved against the City recently?
by tats

Q: What happened Jan 17, 2013 on Sutter Way Riverside CA? Numerous police, sheriffs etc for several hours at home at end of cul de sac
by roederkj

Q: Can anyone type in my name and find out if I have a CC Permit in California?
by J

Q: police raid milpitas home 1/18/2013 in California?
by nosey

Q: arrest at taylor and king on January 16, 2013 in Placer Loomis California.
by mo
A:Even though the town of Loomis California is a small community of 6,430, there is a municipal website that provides information to the public. http://www.loomis.ca.gov/ is the official site and contains a list of the area's sources of news and events. There are six local publications listed on the town's site such as the Auburn Journal, Placer Herald (Placer is the county in which Loomis is located in and offers a broader form of news and events), the Loomis news and more.
by stf

Q: what is the crime rate in Helendale, San Bernardino California?
by maggie
A:Statistics for many municipalities may not be available when population of the area, town or city is too few. A larger scope of the search such as looking up the county’s numbers and statistics will not be very useful as it can be misleading due to greater concentrations of crime in some of its areas. There are couple of other methods which can be used with some looking up. The San Bernardino Sheriffs department offers crime mappings of their areas within their county. These maps utilize icons that will tell you the nature, severity, location, time and notes if available of the crime http://www.sbcounty.gov/sheriff/crimemapping.asp. The local paper such as the Daily Press in Victorville has a crime information page including mapping for homicides in Victor Valley from 2007 to present.
by blgr

Q: Was their an arrest on 12-28-12 for grand theft auto on Orange county California?
by Cin
A:Orange County Sheriff’s office has public service pages on their website for arrest warrants http://ws.ocsd.org/ArrestWarrants/ and another data search of who’s in jail http://ws.ocsd.org/Whoisinjail/Search.aspx. You can check and see a list of inmates or name search of persons presently in custody, not in active custody, released and so forth. Information of inmates include physical description, bail amount, arrested date, occupation and location of facility.
by blgr

Q: where can i find the past mayors for Lake Elsinore California?
by deena
A:There are several ways to look up mayors. Local periodicals and news archives of present and past mayors can be found regarding just about any area. Elected officials such as the mayor of a city are in the news when in office. Various timelines may need to be looked up individually. If you're looking for all past mayors of a city in one document, the list may not have been created therefore making it unavailable. News organizations offer archives of stories from the past which can be looked up. Another method would be is to look up past government recorded documents and meetings. The city council meetings are public information and the present ones are often available online for voters and residents to view. Some meetings and documentation of historical acts are archived and published on various sites within or outside government websites. Lake Elsinore having the first black mayor is an event within a period that can be easily found online and the date is not as important as looking up other mayors, however, a mayor is usually in office long enough to have some newsworthy events occurring.
by blgr

Q: Arrest record for Kathy Hampton, Exeter California?
by Kathy
A:The city of Exeter California has their own police department. Their records division is http://cityofexeter.com/city/police/records.html If the arrest is recent, an inmate list can show the individual you're looking up if still in custody. Also, the police blotter http://cityofexeter.com/city/police/blotter.html has events, arrests and incidents appearing online for public viewing. Crime mapping is also available when the arresting agency participates and offers their information into public as well as private sources.
by tim

Q: where can i find public arrest records in Exeter California?
by Kathy

Q: Looking for calendar date for Jeanette HUERTA? San Mateo California

Q: What happened on all rd in Anaheim California on 1/15/2013?
by Ch

Q: where can i find males arrested in Culver City California?
by Mina

Q: births on September 30 2012 in San Luis Obispo county.
by no

Q: Looking for information about a Dr. lam of tehachapi who died in early 1960's.
by harry

Q: how many murders happened in Marin City?
by t

Q: where can i find out where matthew p dorenzo got arrested in Chico CA?
by yoli

Q: How do I find out if a divorce filing has been made for an individual?
by Misty

Q: arrests records for 01/07/2012?
by anonymous

Q: What happen on ramona ave in apple valley on 1/10/13?
by anonymous

Q: What happened on Jan. 10th, 2013 at Magnolia Gardens Apts., across the street from Cal Baptist University? I heard a handicapped, senior age woman was attacked? What is up with that? what happened? I live in that building (Magnolia Gardens).
by Karen Bell

Q: Top diverse areas in the United States?
by carla
A:According to a report from yahoo news, San Jose appears as the most diverse amongst large cities. However, this is amongst large cities that were looked at. What if the cities you are looking at are not on list of these reports. You can put together your own report and get a sense of an area with the proper data. Not only diversity in race and ethnicity but other factors also. The economy of the area and its nearby industries can broaden the scope of an area. Is it blue collar or mostly white collar industries, autoworkers versus web related services. Income levels and home prices are also factors that contribute to the area's makeup that you may want to consider when opening a business.
by tr

Q: Is USC in a good or bad neighborhood?
by stan
A:It's probably best for the individual him or herself to determine what is safe and their comfort level. Many living in Los Angeles do not consider where USC is located to be a dangerous place. How did the shooting of the student outside of USC occur, was it a fluke or the danger to students is realistically present. This is where statistics can help unless you'd like to camp out in front of the school and collect the data yourself. When asking locals or long time students or school staff, you will generally get different answers related to their own experiences, but mostly based on their perception of how things are. Before asking, you can do a check of the area using all the data that is available online from your computer. In addition to crime statistics, incident reports can offer a wealth of information as to the frequency of crimes being committed as well as the severity. Many inexpensive areas are attractive to the elderly that can not afford the better area, however, various area have differences visible to anyone new to the area. You can conduct a search of various cities in which you are familiar with, there after compare how the data matches up with what you already knew.
by al

Q: Who owns the property at address 1816 Denstone Place?
by Tim

Q: where can i access who owns a home?
by les

Q: how do i obtain death records of my brother?
by ant

Q: how do i obtain records of a police involved shooting?
by ant

Q: Who was the fugitive arrested in corona ca on 01/08/2013?
by Kristie3535

Q: What happen on 01/09/2013 in front of Wateridge apartments in Anaheim On Ball rd?
by Mags
A:My ex-husband's roommate was in a bad accident on Ball Road that day - I don't know if it's what you're referring to. Something happened to him and he hit parked cars and his car rolled over. The roommate ended up dying later, and it was very sad for my son, who knew him for 2.5 years. There was nothing in the media about it. (Orange CA)
by Alexa

Q: where can i find Joseph David Gamboa arrest records?
by trish

Q: Why was there a helicopter flying very low over Grover Beach 1/8/2013?
by cary

Q: Why was Joshua wiebenga arrested?
by Josh

Q: How do I find property owners names?
by x