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The California Public Records Act, CPRA was a law passed by the California State Legislature in 1968 requiring inspection and or disclosure of governmental records to the public upon request, unless exempted by law. The CPRA is similar to the Freedom of Information Act, except for the fact that "the people have the right of access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business" is enshrined in Article 1 of the California Constitution due to California Proposition 59 known as the Sunshine Amendment. Exemptions to the CPRA are narrowly construed and the public agency bears the burden of proving that an exemption applies. Exemptions under the CPRA are set forth under Section 6254 and are specific as to certain records or types of records. California obtained statehood on September 9, 1850. California is divided into 58 counties which include 482 incorporated cities and towns, of which 460 are called cities and 22 are called towns. California is the third largest state in the country with the largest population. The California judicial branch offers online Self-Help that can help one find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent oneself in some legal matters. Criminal history reports may be obtained from the California Department of Justice. Access to criminal history summary records maintained by the DOJ is restricted by law to legitimate law enforcement purposes and authorized applicant agencies. However, individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the DOJ to review for accuracy and completeness. Access California public records instantly from the most up to date resource online. Look up recorded information from California state, city and counties. Find public information on the current economy, housing and employment as well as up to date news and crime reports. Request vital statistics like birth, death, crime and court records in all of California's municipalities. Discover crime statistics, census data including people, demographics, education, income, employment and background history. Uncover current real estate data, property and land values for California. Find information on the area's people and state business statistics. Discover what the cities and counties of California have to offer and what public records they make available online. New services and resources are updated on a regular basis to keep you informed.
California Latest Crime Report
Total Violent Crime:160,944
Murder And Nonnegligent Manslaughter:1,884
Forcible Rape:7,837
Aggravated Assault:94,702
Total Property Crime:1,049,465
Larceny Theft:635,090
Motor Vehicle Theft:168,608
California Census Data
Information About People and Demographics
Total population of persons residing within the state in 2010 37,253,956
Estimate of the state's total residency as of April 1, 200033,871,648
Percentage change of the total resident population as of April 1, 2000 to April 1, 201010%
Net change of residents' total population from April 1, 2000 to April 1, 20103,382,308
April 1, 2000 complete count of statewide resident population33,871,648
Population estimate of residents less than 5 years of age2,753,801
July 1, 2009 estimated percentage of residents that are less than 5 years of age8%
July 1, 2009 estimate of residents that are less than 18 years of age9,435,682
July 1, 2009 estimated percentage of residents that are less than 18 years of age 26%
July 1, 2009 percentage estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older11%
July 1, 2009 estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older4,148,055
July 1, 2009 total estimate percentage of female residents50%
State's white resident population recorded in 201021,453,934
State's black resident population recorded in 20102,299,072
State's American Indian and Alaska Native resident populations recorded in 2010362,801
State's Asian resident population recorded in 20104,861,007
State's Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander resident population recorded in 2010144,386
Statewide 2010 resident population of two or more races1,815,384
Statewide 2010 resident population of Hispanic or Latino origin14,013,719
Non Hispanic white resident population in 201014,956,253
Statewide percentage of white residents in 201058%
Statewide percentage of black residents in 20106%
Statewide percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native residents in 20101%
Statewide percentage of Asian residents in 201013%
Statewide percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander in 20100%
Statewide percentage of Two or more races in 20105%
Statewide percentage of Hispanic or Latino Origin in 201038%
Statewide percentage of non Hispanic white in 201040%

Vital Statistics

Births and deaths occurring in California
Births 2007566,414
Deaths 2007233,720
Infant death occurring within the state of persons one year of age or less in 20072,944
Percentage of persons with the same residence of one year or more from 2005 to 200984%

Resident Background Information

Education and background history of California Residents
Percentage of foreign born population in the state from 2005 to 200927%
Percentage of residents 5 years of age and older that speak languages other than English at home from 2005 to 200942%
Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with high a school education or higher from 2005 to 200981%
Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with bachelor's degree or higher from 2005 to 200930%
Total number of Veterans from 2005 to 20092,092,627

Current Housing and Real Estate Data

Households located in California
Average time spent commuting to work for person 16 years and over not working from their personal residence between 2005-2009 27 Min
Housing unit estimates as of July 1, 200913,433,718
Net change of housing units estimates as of April 1, 2000 to July 1, 20091,219,170
Housing unit estimates - percentage change, April 1, 2000 (base) to July 1, 200910%
Percentage of the state's housing units being occupied by owners between 2005 and 2009 58%
Median value of the state's housing units being occupied by owners between 2005 and 2009$479,200
Percentage of housing in structure of multi dwelling units between 2005 and 200931%
Total number of households between 2005-200912,187,191
Average size of households between 2005-20093

California Employment Data

Income, earnings and payrolls of people residing within the State
Per capita income in the past 12 months in dollars adjusted to inflation in 2009 $29,020
2009 statewide income of median households in California$58,925
Percentage of persons living in poverty in the year 200914%
The personal income of persons employed in 2007$1,520,755
Per capita income of persons employed in 2007$41,805
Labor force of civilian workers in 200918,250,169
The unemployment of the civilian labor force in 20092,086,232
The rate of unemployed civilian labor force in 2009 11%
Employment of person relating to all industries in 2007 21,245,509
Net change of employment in all industries between 2000 and 2007 1,619,476
People employed by the government in 2007 2,718,385
Earnings by persons working in all industries in 20071,166,301,978
Average earnings per job in all industries in 200754,896
Number of private non farm establishments in 2008 879,025
The employment of non farm pay for the period of March 12, 2008 13,742,925
Percentage change of private nonfarm employment for the pay period of March 12, 2008 7%
Total of non employer establishment in 2008 according to NAICS 2,688,453
Total NAICS 72 sales of accommodation and food services establishments with payrolls in 200780,852,787

People and Businesses

Firms and companies of California
Total number of firms located in the state for the year 20073,425,818
Total percentage of black owned private firms in 20074%
Total percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native owned firms in 20071%
Total percentage of Asian owned firms in 200713%
Total percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander owned firms in 2007 0%
Total percentage of Native Hispanic owned private firms in 200717%
Total percentage of Women owned private firms in 200730%
Value for shipments from manufacturers according to NAICS 31-33 in 2007 491,372,092
Sales of establishments with payroll from merchant wholesalers according to NAICS 42 in 2007598,456,486
Sales of establishments with payroll from retailers in 2007 455,032,270
Per capita sales of establishments with payroll from retailers in 2007 12,561

Land Valuation

Property value and California territory
2009 totals of building permits for new private housing units in 2009 35,069
The valuation of all new private housing units authorized by building permits in 2009 7,758,491
Adjusted 2007 acres of land in farms25,364,695
Total expenditures by the federal government for the 2008 fiscal year299,922,630
Per capita total expenditures by the federal government for the 2008 fiscal year8,160
Size in square miles of land as of 2000155,959
Population per square mile in the year 2010239
California Public Records
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California Public Records: Latest Questions and Answers
Q: How can I get the case number of my brother Robert Alton Allen arrested 3/9/95 Forgery of documents
by Debbie

Q: I am trying to find out the date of my divorce in 1986. It was in June or July, but I need the exact date for my records. What do I need to do to find this out? Thank you
by Debbie

Q: I am trying to find out the date of my divorce in 1986. It was in June or July, but I need the exact date for my records. What do I need to do to find this out? Thank you
by Debbie Guthals

Q: How can you find out if someone was adopted (closed) and/or has a twin
by nic

Q: How many people were born on December 8th in modesto california?
by Shannon

Q: hospice on highland springs blvd indighted for homicide a home care vna paitient with opiates murdered march 2010
by hamon

by hamon

Q: How to obtain a persons phone number on a home
by Jnn

Q: How can I find out if there is a warrant for my daughter's arrest?
by Debbie

Q: Do you know if I have any arrest warrants
by Jason Anthony

Q: Is it possible to get a copy of a civil court case from 1968 in Stockton, CA?
by Judy

Q: how can I removed my public record?
by Taylor
A:All records do not come from the same place, some may have common providers, but there’s not a single place that has all the records, therefore, no one place can eliminate them. There may be services which do that, or claim to do so. If you find the source, you will see what you need to remove or strike erroneous data. Once the record/information is out from the initial source, it can take a life of its own and go to many other databanks or work in conjunction with other data. Removal of information and its procedures is specific to the type of record and its custodians or departments.
by anton

Q: anyone looking for a white female age 36, blonde driving a Honda element with tag No.
by not2crzy

Q: does anyone know why jamie frasier is relocating to florida ? is she a wanted fugitive ?
by not2crzy

Q: Did Christina Munoz commit suicide Sat., Nov.15, 2014
by Masie


Q: I dont have money to pay for a background or a search site. Im trying to do a background check on my ex wifes boyfriend. Im worried for my children in his presence is there a 100% free background site?
by ruben

Q: Who were the property owners of 3995 La Crescenta,Road. ElSobrante ca. In 1947
by Tamara

Q: People v.s. James Leroy Halbirt
by Kelly

Q: how can i get a report of my brother death
by mp112

Q: Are divorce cases open to the public to view? California
by Allan

Q: Arrests for felony DUI in 2012
by John
A:Arrest records are generally requested from the police department which made the arrest. If looking for 2012 stats from the LAPD, the archives page shows up to the year 2011, too recent to be listed there. The tab which takes you to 'year in review' will have the 2012 annual report and crime statistics summary which goes up to 2013.
by anton

Q: With H-1B visa holders to be allowed work, how do you conduct a background check on foreign records?
by steven jason
A:Are crimes reports recorded to be reviewed with the same consistency as the U.S.? How does an employer know whether to trust foreign record keeping well enough to truly clear an employee for work.
by arthur kelley
A:Aren't individuals screened prior to entering the U.S.? Additionally, if they are in violation of the law, they can have their stay revoked if the crime severe enough.
by alexander hamill

Q: California public records act and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
by open-public-records

Open public record and meeting statutes, sunshine laws, freedom of information act are just a few ways to describe the same thing, the right to request and obtain copies from the government. Although the federal government was not the first to face transparency issues, when the federal freedom of information act passed, many states modeled their laws after the federal government's.

As states pass their own public records and open meetings laws, some are more favorable toward transparency and others privacy. However, these statutes are amended to meet new technologies for methods of obtaining information. An example of this scenario is when there were debate regarding government employee emails and whether this type of information is subject to disclosure.

Statutes are now better in tune with technology. There have been many statutes passed in recent years to better serve the public’s need, specially when there’s an investigation into a government department. The California Public Records Act (CPRA) was passed 1968 by the state's voters and more recently proposition 59 in 2004. Groups, organizations and concerned citizens feel that open records promotes government accountability. These laws have many agencies appointing a public information officer in charge of requests.

When requestors believe that the agency is in violation of public record laws, they go to court. Many of these cases set a precedence for related upcoming issues. There are many gray areas, but the public information officers role is not to determine whether or not open records laws apply.

Here are a few organizations: National Freedom of Information Coalition, First Amendment Coalition in San Rafael, Californians Aware in Carmichael, CA, First Amendment Project.

by alexander hamill

Q: Who owns 239 cypress, Bakersfield, ca
by Cg

Q: If an address is made public through various venues, why can't I get someone's residence from the California department of motor vehicles?
by ted slovic
A:Safety and liability are a major concern when dealing with personal information, whether is it private or public. One piece of information may be public, such as the address, but when the department of motor vehicles puts it with a person's name, it can become a problem of intrusion for the individual.

Different departments can enforce their own policies as long as they are not interfering with the freedom of information statutes. Another example are deeds that show a person's spouse or family trust, therefore, agencies need sometimes set their own policies. Electronic databases are not an exception. Many court records that are available online contain personal information that the agency would rather not be easily released. Although these records are deemed public, a requestor can be asked for a permissible purpose for the information. The data can be modified to have portions omitted from being released. Similar to how court records were blacked out.

by OpenPublicRecords

Q: Are Public Records Used To Spy On Others?
by Questionnaire
A:If you consider others looking at your public information spying, the answer is obviously yes. How far can a member of the public that I don’t even know go into my records? How much can they find out? How do I know when some is looking at my information? The answers are no longer as obvious to most people, even when it comes to public records.

How much can be found out from public records? The most accurate answer will come from you conducting a search of your own records, or hiring a professional to do so. Conducting a search on ourselves gives us the advantage of not looking for records, such as a criminal history, when we’re well aware that they will come back blank, so no need to bother and waste money. However, don’t be easily fooled into getting too comfortable, this is a only minor set back, not to mention that the person searching may be better skilled in finding records than you are.

Do we know all the information out there about you? You will have few of your peers say “Well, you already know all the information about yourself out there, what are you looking for?”. Not necessarily! Self background checks are conducted for just that reason. Many conducting a check on themselves, whether on their own at home from a computer or a hired service, are surprised at the amount of information that’s out there. Even after tireless efforts being made fighting identity theft, a wealth of information is still readily available. On one side you have privacy protections and on other side the people’s right to access public records.

When does the right to public records interfere with individual privacy? Individual privacy excludes companies and public entities as they do not have the same protections. Privacy and the right to access public records do cross each other’s paths. Financial information is protected but bankruptcy filings can be requested from the courts, is everything within the record open to the public? Can the public see assets listed within a divorce case file? There are a multitude of questions in regard to privacy, and cases should be looked at individually. Adding to the problem is erroneous information about you that’s out there.

What are my options? Each individual’s case can be different and there is no single quick answer for everyone. The information available can vary greatly from one person to another. However, there are tips which can be helpful to the average person. Begin with conducting a fishing expedition of your own records of anything and everything which may possibly contain your name, tel. number, address, business/company, affiliations/association with others and social networks. Remember that information about you can be in places where you’d never imagine since companies sell public data to each other. Are you skilled in looking and finding records? If not, hire private services for a better thorough job. The more time and/or money you spend, the more likely you are to find additional information.

by OpenPublicRecordsStaff

Q: Asking questions in open forums about how to obtain arrest records.
by johnallen
A:When we're faced with a problem which we have no answer to, we look to others for assistance. With the internet being a big part of making our lives easier, many turn to blog and forums looking for helpful tips. However, there are many that go unanswered. The tips below are from a full time blogger with over 6 years of experience in the field.

Be Concise

Provide the information clearly. Organize your thoughts before typing them in, organize it further once typed in. Make sure your message is getting across before posting it. Put yourself in a reader's place which has no background knowledge of you or your issue.

Check The Spelling
Spelling errors are an unnecessary hindrance to getting your question answered correctly. Remember, the person reading your post for the first time does not have any background information and may be easily confused. Additionally, there's no legitimate excuse other than lack of effort as spell check is automatically in place.

Be Specific Without Giving Too Much Information

There is a balance between posting too much information and being too vague. Being too vague presents a good possibility of not having your question answered, whether due to the answer being too broad in return or not helpful at all. On the other hand, making your question too detailed can effectively lose your readers. Keep a balance of making your point as easily as possible and as seemingly as you can with adequate information to respond.

Questions With Names Are Discouraged
Why is that? Why can't I ask if John Doe was convicted of this horrible crime which I just described? The answer is made clear in this sample question. When posting a question, many forums will look to filter posts that refer to an individual's name which can be incriminating.

Giving And Receiving Legal Advice
This one to most readers is a no brainer! But others, maybe due to desperation, will ask for advise regarding a legal matter. This is not recommended for obvious reasons. However, advise about legal procedures, where and how to find sources for the information is encouraged. Responses which cite the source and refers to answers found elsewhere are often posted with credit. Credible personal experiences that can be helpful are also passed on to readers.

There's nothing to say and guarantee that some unintended post don't get through from time to time. Some may have hidden messages or simply slipped through under the radar. The best efforts are made as an unpopular forum is ineffective. In other terms, there's great motivation to keep the blog and it posts within certain proper guidelines.

by dana

Q: Burials in Riverside, CA
by Adrienne

Q: Who was original home owner 207 Rossi ave Antioch ca.
by Marci martins

Q: tax deed for sale in richmond ca
by carlton

Q: I am looking for information about a car crash near Los Angeles involving a stolen truck being pursued by police on October 22, 2013. A man and woman were arrested. The driver of the other car died
by CGB


Q: How can you find a murder record of someone who was caught 6 to 8 months after the murder that happened Oct 03, 1989 in Los Angeles. They caught the man after he killed a police officer later in 1990.
by Dave

Q: Where can I find articles on a murder from november 12 1991 in sacramento California
by shelly
A:Try the old news publications at the library. Archived stories may be on micro-film or data files. Look up their website for what they have available for public access.
by publicpost

Q: Vehicles involved in accident on April 7, 2013 at Baseline and Azusa, California
by Bonnie
A:You can try and look up the police's website for current press releases and see if any information is available. Also, crime mapping sometimes include accidents occurring in a particular area.
by jay

Q: I am interested in names and addresses of people arrested in California last week. Where can I find this info? Thanks for the help.
by Moe
A:One avenue to take is by looking at jail or in-custody lists from the arresting agency. You will probably not get the address. You can see the location where the arrest took place. You can look at news wires, some publications have a weekly list of recent arrests. They may mention the city where offenders are from, but again, probably not the address.
by mike

Q: where can if find DUI record? (CA)
by jacob bashyam

Q: boron ca arrest log for 02/09/13? (CA)
by jen

Q: what state departments & agencies employe the most people?
by colt

Q: How long does it take to get an amended death certificate?
by Aw6040

Q: How do I get the list of registered sex offenders in Tracy, Calif area?
by anonymous
A:type:show all registered sex offenders in Tracy, Ca. it will come up as a map with the markers on the pervees.
by anonymous

Q: Where do I find press releases directly from California public officials?
by admstf
A:The Los Angeles county website shows a list of press releases by public office and individual government department. The first through the fifth district press releases of each supervisor is listed along with department from the assessor’s office to the recorder’s office. These press releases are a means for the department or council members to communicate with the public and get their message out. The assessor’s office is a great example of one of many purposes of their press releases. In a press release the assessor’s office discusses the issue of declining home prices and their assessments. The press release offers details regarding the approach the department will be taking. The district attorney’s office press releases lists charges and arrest within its jurisdiction dating as far back as 2003 when accessing the department’s archives. The clerk recorders office releases information of election results and other voter events. Other agencies such as the California highway patrol and many other law enforcement departments have live incident reports.
by adnmwrks

Q: Which area in CA has the highest auto thefts?
by statstf
A:The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) releases statistical information regarding auto thefts in the U.S. These statistics are compiled from National Crime Information Center for each area. In the latest reports, Fresno is listed as number one in auto thefts in 2010 with 7,559 cars stolen and 7,621 in 2011. Modesto is in second place with less than four thousand thefts. Bakersfield Delano area had just over five thousand thefts but ranked third. The rankings are not solely based on the number of thefts but calculated by using the census bureau's previous year population estimates and the number of thefts. The NICB vehicle theft study methodology specifically shows how the numbers are compiled. These statistics are not the same as pointing to the highest overall crime rates. Other cities such as St. Louis, Chicago and Oakland have higher violent crime rates. The latest news offers information that is more specific than the statistical information. The Fresno police department announced that they will try to curtail the rising crimes in their areas by increasing law enforcement. There have been complaints in certain areas nearby Fresno State University's campus by students attending school.
by admn

Q: Can anyone please clarify 'Metropolitan Statistical Areas'?
by alice
A:Metropolitan Statistical Areas are regions that have large dense populations having an impact, generally economical, to the state or region but are not cities or counties. New York city, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas are the amongst the highest in population and a typical example of metropolitan areas. MSAs are used by the government to reveal public data that includes unemployment figures, housing, income and more. There are three hundred and sixty six MSAs as defined by the United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The areas have a urban core area with a minimum population of fifty thousand persons or more. There are other factors in designating an MSA such as the adjacent counties, various social and economic impact. Of the 366 Metropolitan Statistical Areas of the United States, the smallest is Carson City Nevada with a population of just over fifty five thousand residents. At the bottom or worse unemployment rates amongst these areas are El Centro in Imperial county, CA with 26.8%, Yuma in Yuma County, AZ 26%, Yuba in Sutter County AZ 18.8%, Merced, Merced county with CA 18.8% and Modesto in Stanislaus County, CA with 16.4% unemployment. Data is not always obtained by looking at the population or demographics of the area, they can reflect employment rates of an industry, occupation, education, training as well as other categories. Occupational data shows the fastest growing industries and occupations. The 2010 employment projections show Personal Care Aides at the top of list with a 70 percent growth in the next ten years. Averages are other statistics provided that would reveal information such as the average employment and wage for an occupation. For example, the mean hourly wage (total of all wages divided by the employees of a particular occupation) across the U.S. for all occupations is $24.96
by coblgr

Q: What's the largest city in California or anywhere to go bankrupt?
by publicq's
A:Stockton will be the largest city in the U.S. to file for bankruptcy to date. Amongst main contributing factors that lead the city’s Chapter 9 filing are lower revenues from property taxes after the housing market downfall. Other factors in the city’s path to bankruptcy were loans to build hotels, a promenade, marina and other amenities to attract conventions and businesses. A surplus of homes were also built to meet a hopeful and optimistic future that have raised the amounts that residents and builders having loans that aren’t being paid and property that is not producing income. The city not only suffers the second highest rate of foreclosures in the country, it is also the second most violent city in the nation. 190 million dollars were spent on Stockton building the marina, city hall, city parking garages and an entertainment center. There have been cuts to the city’s budget such as cutting the police force by 25%, fire and rescue by almost a third and pay reduction, lowering other city workers by 43%. Bond holders, retirees and contractors are to feel most of the cuts after the bankruptcy. The river port city voted and passed a law regarding debt mediation adding an important tool to city officials bargaining. Projections show the city’s deficit to be between $20 to $38 million dollars in 2012-2013. Incorporated on July 23, 1850, Stockton is located in San Joaquin County and is California’s 13th largest city. There have been negative press articles about the city by Forbes naming Stockton as the most miserable city in the United States. The Central Connecticut State University named it the least literate in the county in 2005 and 2006. The county government, unified school district and medical center are the city’s largest employers.
by admn

Q: Are there any requirements for being the custodian of records?
by pubquestion
A:Custodian of records background checks. Starting from January 1st 2011, penal code 11102.2(b) requires 'custodians of records' to undergo a background check. All custodian or records must pass a finger print based search of criminal records processed by the DOJ. Individuals applying for custodian of records will be rejected if a history of felonies, offenses connected to fraud, deception or other indications of dishonesty are found. The application process requires applying agencies to complete annual notification, application for confirmation and a live scan request form and pay the processing fees by the department of justice and the federal bureau of investigations. Every agency, whether state or federal, is enjoined to appoint a minimum of one custodian of records with the responsibility and duty to satisfy requests for information from the public under the law. This is to enforce the duties of government agencies in providing public records and have specific personnel appointed with the responsibility of these tasks. This is in efforts to eliminate past frustrations of 'getting the runaround' from department employees none of which being in charge of or responsible for lawful public requests. These regulations are in place addressing the responsibility of a government agency regarding their departments employees. There are many other laws in place in efforts to facilitate the public's request for records such as guidelines for reasonable agency fees and timeliness to respond. There is a certain amount of time allotted to respond to requests. Since there are many types of records and the burden of providing them can be time consuming, guidelines can vary greatly. To maintain a balanced budget, fees are requested or cutbacks would affect the process.
by admnwrtr

Q: What is the homicide rate in Sacramento county?
by paul
A:The Sacramento County Coroner's Office http://www.coroner.saccounty.net/Pages/Statistics.aspx releases information regarding countywide deaths. Totals as well as by various categories and there are several ways to measure statistics.
by admnstf

Q: Was there a coroner in Selma, CA found dead or murdered in 2008 or 2009?
by KTaylor

Q: How can i find a person's prior convictions in California?
by pc

Q: Does the information in the news end up in criminal background histories? Is the information from the same source? What if the person was arrested and not charged, will that information appear?
by Nick
A:Criminal records are generally of convicted offenders. Arrests alone and warrants may not appear in background checks you order from a company or the state. The sources of information are usually from the agency that shows up on the current or archived article. So if a person is charged and arrested without a conviction, the information will most likely not show up on background criminal histories. There are many sources to conduct a background checks for prior criminal convictions. Some private companies as well as the state agencies provide this service. Between the companies and various government agencies, what is they cover can vary quite a bit. So checking to see the coverage listed in their site will give a good picture of what you should expect. Some only show criminal records and others can include other public information such as assets, recorded real property, addresses and so forth. Basically, there is no one standard background check for everyone. What you can get depends on the sources you have used. Employers within guide lines are common requestors of background checks. When concerned what others will see about you, try to use the same source used by the possible employer. If the arrest updates scroll through, chances are the employer is not monitoring for a particular name. The greatest challenge may be finding out what source an employer is using to conduct the background searches. The prospective employees can request a copy of their background checks and you will be able to see what is in the report, but by then it may be too late. The next application may possibly to an employer using a different service. Some employers, mostly lager ones, will state a background search will be ordered directly on the application. Many of the applications from companies are available online. So, by doing your homework, you can find out what you need right from your computer anywhere. The news information may be archived for a period of time. It is probably better for an employer to search there if the history dates back far enough to be worth the effort. Another point to consider is the level of security required by the position being sought. For higher security clearances, even by private firms that may be contracted by the government or working with proprietary products, background checks can include the services of private investigator conducting the search.
by Staffnotes

California Arrest Records
Published current arrests including charges including information provided by law enforcement and news
Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Dec. 18, 2014
Data and information are provided for informational purposes only. The user assumes the entire risk related to the use of this data. The county of Los Angeles and the Sheriff’s Department provide no warrant, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data. In no event shall the county of Los Angeles or its Sheriff’s Department be liable for any errors in the content of this information, or for any damages, costs, or actions arising in any way out of reliance on the information provided. By accessing address information of arrested individuals, the user ...
December 18 2014 -
Source: http://www.signalscv.com/section/229/article/130952/

Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Dec. 17, 2014

Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Dec. 16, 2014

Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Dec. 15, 2014

Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Dec. 12, 2014

Arrests: Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Dec. 11, 2014

California Most Wanted
View a list of names, offender descriptions, location, charges and other information of persons wanted by police and sheriffs
Santa Cruz County Most Wanted 12/3/14
Name: Alberto Rocha Fernandez, Age: 44. Description: Hispanic male, 5-07, 140 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. Wanted For: Criminal Threats (5 Counts). Residence: Watsonville                 Name: Aldema Theresa Uribe, Age: 50. Description: Hispanic female, 5-05, 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes. Wanted For: Possession of Stolen Property, Identity Theft. Residence: […]
December 03 2014 -
Source: http://www.tpgonlinedaily.com/santa-cruz-county-wanted-12314/

Most Wanted 11/17/2014
Name: Rickey Vaughn Hazen, Age 46. Description: White male, 5-11, 160 lbs, black hair, brown eyes. Wanted For: Burglary. Residence: San Lorenzo Valley                 Name: Rodger Vern Hazen, Age 50. Description: White male, 5-08, 180 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes. Wanted For: Auto theft, driving on a suspended […]
November 17 2014 -
Source: http://www.tpgonlinedaily.com/wanted-11172014/

WantedPerson #408
WantedPerson #408
November 13 2014 -
Source: http://police.cityofdavis.org:80/most-wanted/PicadoAlexander

MORRIS, Franklin
MORRIS, Franklin Wanted for: Corporal Injury on Spouse or Cohabitant; Contempt of Court Wanted since: 10-14-2014 Known aliases: BO; BJ Distinguishing marks: Tattoo of 'Shantese' on chest Description: The Sacramento Police Department is currently seeking Franklin MORRIS for the above charges. MORRIS is described as a 30-year-old Black male, 6' 02' tall and weighing 240 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. MORRIS was last known to reside on the 3300 block of Nareb Street in Sacramento. On July 29, 2014, he struck the victim three times in the face with a closed fist and headbutted the victim twice in the forehead. If you have information: Call 1-800-AA-CRIME or 916-443-HELP; Internet www.crimealert.org; Text-A-Tip to: 274637 include 'SACTIP' plus the tip information.
October 14 2014 -
Source: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/10/14/6782092/morris-franklin.html?mi_rss=Most%20Wanted

Unknown 14-022
Unknown 14-022 Wanted for: Armed Robbery Wanted since: 10-14-2014 Known aliases: N/A Distinguishing marks: N/A Description: The Sacramento Police Department is seeking the public's help in identifying this suspect. This suspect is believed responsible for four armed robberies. On each occasion, he entered the business, pointed a handgun at the employee, and demanded all the money from the register. The following businesses have been robbed: On September 12, 2014, the Subway sandwich store located at 3645 Northgate Blvd. On September 24, the Carl's Jr restaurant located at 899 El Camino Ave. On September 28, the Long John's Silver restaurant located at 3298 Northgate Blvd. On October 3, the Carl's Jr restaurant located at 3776 Northgate Blvd. Suspect is described as a White male adult with black hair and mustache. He wore a black hoodie, dark hat and pants, and was armed with a black semi-automatic handgun. If you have information: Call 1-800-AA-CRIME or 916-443-HELP; Internet www.crimealert.org; Text-A-Tip to: 274637 include 'SACTIP' plus the tip information.
October 14 2014 -
Source: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/10/14/6782098/unknown-14-022.html?mi_rss=Most%20Wanted

PETERSON, Lloyd Wanted for: Parole Violation Wanted since: 10-14-2014 Known aliases: MC COWAN, Jason; COOPER, Major Distinguishing marks: Tattoos on eyelids and neck Description: The California Department of Corrections is currently seeking Lloyd PETERSON for the above charge. PETERSON is described as a 30-year-old White male, 5' 09' tall and weighing 185 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. PETERSON is a transient. He is known to frequent the area of Franklin and 19th Street, and has resisted arrest in the past. If you have information: Call 1-800-AA-CRIME or 916-443-HELP; Internet www.crimealert.org; Text-A-Tip to: 274637 include 'SACTIP' plus the tip information.
October 14 2014 -
Source: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/10/14/6782008/peterson-lloyd.html?mi_rss=Most%20Wanted

California Recent Court filings
Recent divorce records, court criminal actions, civil lawsuits and bankruptcy filings.
14-30445 Rosario E Gonzales
Type: bk Office: 3 Chapter: 13 Trustee: Burchard, David [Notice of Hearing]
December 22 2014 -
Source: https://ecf.canb.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/DktRpt.pl?520291

12-52155 Pamela Lynn Preston
Type: bk Office: 5 Chapter: 13 Trustee: Derham-Burk, Devin [Notice of Hearing]
December 22 2014 -
Source: https://ecf.canb.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/DktRpt.pl?476509

11-33028 Alvin Tulawie Jumao As and Judith Senerpida Jumaoas
Type: bk Office: 3 Chapter: 13 Trustee: Burchard, David [Notice of Change of Address]
December 22 2014 -
Source: https://ecf.canb.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/DktRpt.pl?457405

12-54056 Rafael Montelongo and Blanca M Rivera
Type: bk Office: 5 Chapter: 13 Trustee: Derham-Burk, Devin [none]
December 22 2014 -
Source: https://ecf.canb.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/DktRpt.pl?482136

14-31782 Bradley Kristian Steiner
Type: bk Office: 3 Chapter: 7 Trustee: Hoskins, Janina M. [In Forma Pauperis]
December 22 2014 -
Source: https://ecf.canb.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/DktRpt.pl?530578

09-31776 Eleuterio Catacutan and Grace Catacutan
Type: bk Office: 3 Chapter: 13 Trustee: Burchard, David [Opportunity for Hearing]
December 22 2014 -
Source: https://ecf.canb.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/DktRpt.pl?374877

California Missing Children
Collected data of endangered children, runaways, family and non family abductions
SHADIA AZEEZ, Age Now: 17, Missing: 12/17/2014. Missing From LOS ANGELES, CA. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Los Angeles Police Department (California) 1-877-275-5273.
December 20 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

MICHAEL PORRAS, Age Now: 16, Missing: 08/17/2014. Missing From SAN DIEGO, CA. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: San Diego Police Department (California) 1-619-531-2000.
December 20 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

MONICA FERNANDEZ, Age Now: 16, Missing: 11/20/2014. Missing From BRENTWOOD, CA. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Brentwood Police Department (California) 1-925-778-2441.
December 20 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

CASSANDRA SANCHEZ, Age Now: 13, Missing: 03/19/2004. Missing From SANTA ANA, CA. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Santa Ana Police Department (California) 1-714-834-4211.
December 19 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

EMANUEL OCAMPO, Age Now: 18, Missing: 05/24/2009. Missing From FULLERTON, CA. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Orange County District Attorney's Office (California) 1-714-647-7000.
December 19 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

MIRIAM GUILLEN, Age Now: 16, Missing: 09/03/2014. Missing From ARLETA, CA. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Los Angeles Police Department (California) 1-877-275-5273.
December 19 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

California Recent Criminal Activities
Current crimes by location, description of offenses and reported police activity
Activity for Saturday, December 20, 2014
The information provided allows for a timely snapshot of significant events in our community. The crimes reported here are preliminary investigations, taken in the field by patrol officers, and may or may not be assigned to a Detective for further investigation. The information provided may be found after further investigation to be incorrect or false. Certain details of these incidents have been removed due to potential follow up investigation into the incident and/or for privacy rights.
Happening December 21 2014
Source: http://www.sacpd.org/dailyactivity/view.aspx?publish_date=20141221

Other on 3700 BLOCK OF CHANNEL PL, Newport Beach, CA (via spotcrime.com)
Happening December 21 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/57911878/other+on+3700+block+of+channel+pl%2C+newport+beach%2C+ca

Other on L ST AND OCEAN FRONT E, Newport Beach, CA (via spotcrime.com)
Happening December 21 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/57911876/other+on+l+st+and+ocean+front+e%2C+newport+beach%2C+ca

Other on COAST HWY W AND ORANGE ST, Newport Beach, CA (via spotcrime.com)
Happening December 21 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/57911874/other+on+coast+hwy+w+and+orange+st%2C+newport+beach%2C+ca

Other on 2000 BLOCK OF PORT CARDIFF PL, Newport Beach, CA (via spotcrime.com)
Happening December 21 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/57911872/other+on+2000+block+of+port+cardiff+pl%2C+newport+beach%2C+ca

Other on 200 BLOCK OF E SUSANNE ST, ANAHEIM, CA (via spotcrime.com)
Happening December 21 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/57917575/other+on+200+block+of+e+susanne+st%2C+anaheim%2C+ca

California Missing People
Currently missing persons sought by law enforcement derived from public and private sources
Missing Woman, 20, Pronounced Dead; Vehicle Found In Long Beach Channel
A 20-year-old woman reported missing in Long Beach was pronounced dead on Sunday after officials located her vehicle underwater.
December 14 2014
Source: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2014/12/14/missing-woman-20-pronounced-dead-after-vehicle-found-in-long-beach-channel/

Police Release Age-Progressed Sketch Of Woman Who Went Missing In 1989
Police have released an age progression sketch of a woman who has been missing for more than 25 years.
December 12 2014
Source: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2014/12/12/police-releases-age-progressed-sketch-of-woman-who-went-missing-in-1989/

Hannah Thomas-Garner – Nov. 30, 2014 – Ashland, OR
Missing: Hannah Thomas-Garner Nickname: “Moose” Year of Birth: 1997 Age at time missing: 17 years old Date last seen: Nov 30, 2014 Missing from:  Ashland, […]
November 30 2014
Source: http://lostnmissing.org/missing/hannahthomasgarner/

Body Found In Laguna Woods Believed To Be 82-Year-Old Missing Man
The body of an elderly man was discovered Wednesday in a shrub area located near a golf course in Laguna Woods.
November 27 2014
Source: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2014/11/26/body-found-in-laguna-woods-believed-to-be-82-year-old-missing-man/

Public’s Help Needed To Find Missing Leisure World Resident With Alzheimer’s
The family of a Leisure World resident with Alzheimer’s disease asked for the public’s help Tuesday in finding him after reporting him missing Saturday night.
November 25 2014
Source: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2014/11/25/publics-help-needed-to-find-missing-leisure-world-resident-with-alzheimers/

Joseph Weber – San Francisco, CA – Sunnyvale, CA
Missing: Joseph Weber Age at time missing: 28 years old Residence: Sunnyvale, CA Last seen: San Francisco, CA Date last seen: November 24, 2014 Hair: Brown Height: […]
November 24 2014
Source: http://lostnmissing.org/us-military-missing/josephweber/


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