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The Colorado Open Records Act, CORA was enacted in 1969 and is a series of laws designed to guarantee that the public has access to the records of government bodies at all levels in the state of Colorado. The Colorado Sunshine Law legislates the methods by which public meetings are conducted. According to the CORA statutes, any person may inspect any public record at any reasonable time. There are a number of clear exemptions that includes but is not limited to correspondence that is work product and all correspondence with constituents 'that clearly implies by its nature or content that the constituent expects that it is confidential.'The state of Colorado has 64 counties that consist of 1,801 populated places which include cities, towns, neighborhoods, subdivisions and settlements. There are 271 active incorporated municipalities that include 196 towns, 73 cities and two consolidated city and county governments. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation, CBI is a division of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and is the central repository of the criminal history arrest records for the state and provides an Internet Criminal History Check System, ICHC. The computerized criminal history, CCH database contains detailed information of arrest records. Explore Colorado public records using a multitude of research databases online. Read about the constantly changing current events and what is occurring in Colorado right now. Uncover interesting facts and figures about Colorado's demographics, current economy and business. Discover what the cities and counties of Colorado have to offer and what public records they make available online. Uncover background information on the state's residents and recorded vital statistics. Discover what kind of a place Colorado is to live in by gathering information on the housing and real estate markets. Solicit criminal records from law enforcement departments within the state. They can help you obtain access to the state's repository of official background check of arrests and convicted felonies. New services and resources are added on a regular basis to keep you well informed.

Colorado Latest Crime Report
Total Violent Crime:16,023
Murder And Nonnegligent Manslaughter:162
Forcible Rape:2,113
Aggravated Assault:10,353
Total Property Crime:139,270
Larceny Theft:101,021
Motor Vehicle Theft:12,092
Colorado Census Data
Information About People and Demographics
Total population of persons residing within the state in 2010 5,029,196
Estimate of the state's total residency as of April 1, 20004,302,015
Percentage change of the total resident population as of April 1, 2000 to April 1, 201017%
Net change of residents' total population from April 1, 2000 to April 1, 2010727,935
April 1, 2000 complete count of statewide resident population4,301,261
Population estimate of residents less than 5 years of age364,481
July 1, 2009 estimated percentage of residents that are less than 5 years of age7%
July 1, 2009 estimate of residents that are less than 18 years of age1,227,763
July 1, 2009 estimated percentage of residents that are less than 18 years of age 24%
July 1, 2009 percentage estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older11%
July 1, 2009 estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older533,580
July 1, 2009 total estimate percentage of female residents50%
State's white resident population recorded in 20104,089,202
State's black resident population recorded in 2010201,737
State's American Indian and Alaska Native resident populations recorded in 201056,010
State's Asian resident population recorded in 2010139,028
State's Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander resident population recorded in 20106,623
Statewide 2010 resident population of two or more races172,456
Statewide 2010 resident population of Hispanic or Latino origin1,038,687
Non Hispanic white resident population in 20103,520,793
Statewide percentage of white residents in 201081%
Statewide percentage of black residents in 20104%
Statewide percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native residents in 20101%
Statewide percentage of Asian residents in 20103%
Statewide percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander in 20100%
Statewide percentage of Two or more races in 20103%
Statewide percentage of Hispanic or Latino Origin in 201021%
Statewide percentage of non Hispanic white in 201070%

Vital Statistics

Births and deaths occurring in Colorado
Births 200770,809
Deaths 200729,993
Infant death occurring within the state of persons one year of age or less in 2007433
Percentage of persons with the same residence of one year or more from 2005 to 200980%

Resident Background Information

Education and background history of Colorado Residents
Percentage of foreign born population in the state from 2005 to 200910%
Percentage of residents 5 years of age and older that speak languages other than English at home from 2005 to 200917%
Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with high a school education or higher from 2005 to 200989%
Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with bachelor's degree or higher from 2005 to 200936%
Total number of Veterans from 2005 to 2009411,402

Current Housing and Real Estate Data

Households located in Colorado
Average time spent commuting to work for person 16 years and over not working from their personal residence between 2005-2009 24 Min
Housing unit estimates as of July 1, 20092,167,850
Net change of housing units estimates as of April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2009359,492
Housing unit estimates - percentage change, April 1, 2000 (base) to July 1, 200920%
Percentage of the state's housing units being occupied by owners between 2005 and 2009 68%
Median value of the state's housing units being occupied by owners between 2005 and 2009$234,100
Percentage of housing in structure of multi dwelling units between 2005 and 200925%
Total number of households between 2005-20091,869,276
Average size of households between 2005-20093

Colorado Employment Data

Income, earnings and payrolls of people residing within the State
Per capita income in the past 12 months in dollars adjusted to inflation in 2009 $29,679
2009 statewide income of median households in Colorado$55,735
Percentage of persons living in poverty in the year 200913%
The personal income of persons employed in 2007$199,483
Per capita income of persons employed in 2007$41,192
Labor force of civilian workers in 20092,701,026
The unemployment of the civilian labor force in 2009208,486
The rate of unemployed civilian labor force in 2009 8%
Employment of person relating to all industries in 2007 3,215,903
Net change of employment in all industries between 2000 and 2007 266,072
People employed by the government in 2007 423,713
Earnings by persons working in all industries in 2007159,490,031
Average earnings per job in all industries in 200749,594
Number of private non farm establishments in 2008 156,684
The employment of non farm pay for the period of March 12, 2008 2,121,718
Percentage change of private nonfarm employment for the pay period of March 12, 2008 11%
Total of non employer establishment in 2008 according to NAICS 414,663
Total NAICS 72 sales of accommodation and food services establishments with payrolls in 200711,440,395

People and Businesses

Firms and companies of Colorado
Total number of firms located in the state for the year 2007547,837
Total percentage of black owned private firms in 20072%
Total percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native owned firms in 20071%
Total percentage of Asian owned firms in 20072%
Total percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander owned firms in 2007 0%
Total percentage of Native Hispanic owned private firms in 20076%
Total percentage of Women owned private firms in 200729%
Value for shipments from manufacturers according to NAICS 31-33 in 2007 46,331,953
Sales of establishments with payroll from merchant wholesalers according to NAICS 42 in 200753,598,986
Sales of establishments with payroll from retailers in 2007 65,896,788
Per capita sales of establishments with payroll from retailers in 2007 13,609

Land Valuation

Property value and Colorado territory
2009 totals of building permits for new private housing units in 2009 9,355
The valuation of all new private housing units authorized by building permits in 2009 2,071,136
Adjusted 2007 acres of land in farms31,604,911
Total expenditures by the federal government for the 2008 fiscal year38,014,784
Per capita total expenditures by the federal government for the 2008 fiscal year7,696
Size in square miles of land as of 2000103,718
Population per square mile in the year 201049
Colorado Public Records
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Colorado Most Wanted
View a list of names, offender descriptions, location, charges and other information of persons wanted by police and sheriffs
November 21 2014 -
Source: http://weldsheriff.com/apps/mostwanted/

November 20 2014 -
Source: http://weldsheriff.com/apps/mostwanted/

November 19 2014 -
Source: http://weldsheriff.com/apps/mostwanted/

November 14 2014 -
Source: http://weldsheriff.com/apps/mostwanted/

November 03 2014 -
Source: http://weldsheriff.com/apps/mostwanted/

November 03 2014 -
Source: http://weldsheriff.com/apps/mostwanted/

Colorado Recent Court filings
Recent divorce records, court criminal actions, civil lawsuits and bankruptcy filings.
14-25769- William Allan Major

14-25768- Oumarou Ibrahim and Jeanette Leah Ibrahim

14-25767- Peter J. McKenna

14-25766- Melissa Lynn Eastman

09-29454- William D. Sampson and Kathleen J. Sampson

13-14057- Jeffrey L. Burt and Paula A. Burt

Colorado Missing Children
Collected data of endangered children, runaways, family and non family abductions
November 08 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

Missing: MARIE BLEE (CO)
October 31 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 22 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 18 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

September 08 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

September 04 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

Colorado Recent Criminal Activities
Current crimes by location, description of offenses and reported police activity
Robbery on 100 BLOCK OF S. ACADEMY BL, Colorado Springs, CO (via spotcrime.com)
Robbery. Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex in the 100 block of S. Academy Blvd to investigate a personal robbery. Officers contacted two victims
Happening November 20 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/56986537/robbery+on+100+block+of+s.+academy+bl%2C+colorado+springs%2C+co

Assault on CORONADO HIGH SCHOOL, Colorado Springs, CO (via spotcrime.com)
Assault. At the above date and time the SRO at Coronado High School witnessed a fight between two juvenile female students. When the officer attempted to separ
Happening November 20 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/56986536/assault+on+coronado+high+school%2C+colorado+springs%2C+co

Call Log - Nov. 18, 2014
Call Log - Nov. 18, 2014
Happening November 19 2014
Source: http://bouldercolorado.gov/pages/call-log-nov-18-2014/

Assault on 200 BLOCK OF SWOPE AV., Colorado Springs, CO (via spotcrime.com)
Assault. 11/19/14 1022 hrs., Officers were dispatched to the Walgreens, 350 N. Union Bl. to investigate a stabbing. Upon arrival, officers contacted one female
Happening November 19 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/56965902/assault+on+200+block+of+swope+av.%2C+colorado+springs%2C+co

Arrest on EL PASO COUNTY CRIMINAL JUSTICE CENTER, Colorado Springs, CO (via spotcrime.com)
Arrest. On September 23, 2014 at 11:04 AM, two unknown suspects robbed the Wells Fargo Bank at 4151 N. Academy Blvd. No firearms were shown, but one of the sus
Happening November 19 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/56965901/arrest+on+el+paso+county+criminal+justice+center%2C+colorado+springs%2C+co

Call Log - Nov. 17, 2014
Call Log - Nov. 17, 2014
Happening November 18 2014
Source: http://bouldercolorado.gov/pages/call-log-nov-17-2014/

Colorado Missing People
Currently missing persons sought by law enforcement derived from public and private sources
David Krawczenia – Nov. 01, 2014 – Gary, Indiana

Jack McAtee – Sept. 19, 2014 – Summit County, Colorado

Thomas R. Cook – Aug. 14, 2013 – Pueblo, CO

Keith Ebrecht – July 03, 2013 – Pueblo, Colorado

Fabian Del Rosario (Missing Person)

Douglas Meer (Missing Person)


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Q: Find arrest records
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A:Official arrest records can be requested directly from the arresting police agency. They probably have a website where the public can request those records. If the person has been convicted, check the state's DOC free inmate search. If it was a sex offender, there are many entities, public as well as non-profits that offer a list that can be searched by name or area.
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Q: Birth records (Colorado Montrose Olathe)
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A:When not sure where or which county the birth record is available, the state's vital records office https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/birth-certificates provides records per request for the entire state of Colorado.
by blgcontributor

Q: how do i get someones criminal records? Mesa Grand Junction Colorado
by anonymous
A:There are several methods in which to view criminal records. the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Internet Criminal History Check System (ICHC) https://www.cbirecordscheck.com/. An individual can also conduct a search on their own by looking up court records through the state's judicial branch http://www.courts.state.co.us/Index.cfm where there's a source for 'Public Access: Court Records Searches'. You can look up more than just criminal records, judgments, liens, court actions such as divorces and other filings. If you have a company that looks up criminal records or court records on a regular basis, an account can be set up to ease the process. The site claims 'real time court records'.
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Q: minutes from town meetings for may 2013
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A:Nucla Town Clerk and city hall
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Q: Are the firearm background checks the same as a regular employment background check?
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A:You can request an FBI search on yourself before going. Federal searches are central depository of criminal history records which depend on all law enforcement agencies participating. This includes state, county and federal level records altogether.
by les
A:Is there a way to check what is on the NICS report prior to going in and purchasing a firearm?
by elah
A:The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, NICS is the search performed for firearm purchases. There is more than one background check offered by the FBI. The pre-employment check is based on the fingerprints while the firearms check is based on an individual's identification information. The pre employment check can only be requested by the person the report is based on. Simply put, you can only perform a check on yourself.
by ben
A:When trying to decide between a statewide or a national background check, a people finders search can initially tell you if the individual you're requesting a check on has lived other places outside of the state. A nationwide search does not necessarily cost more, but there are restrictions where some states have better open records laws.
by rik
A:The objectives are the same, but not all searches are the same. The background check report may not contain all the information from the criminal case.
by ben
A:Although the service used mostly relies on the firm requesting it, they're mostly statewide as opposed to being nationwide. There are guidelines and a wait time for the background checks, so some entities opt to use private sources. The expense is a little higher but many companies feel that it is worth it.
by seth

Q: Where can I see a list of convicted felons?
by gail
A:You can use the case number to do a criminal case and other information to conduct a search at the court house. The case file can have a more data than what the DOC is showing. Depending on the venue of the court, the services you need to get the data can be accessed online.
by stan
A:The case number does not provide any additional specifics other than just the number itself!
by g.
A:You can see a list of inmates across Colorado by going to the state's department of corrections http://www.doc.state.co.us/. You will be able to see photo of the inmate being held, where in the state they're being held, sentence information, county and case number. There's also parole information of the next eligibility and hearing date, mandatory release date and estimated discharge date.
by stan

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Q: Who has been arrested recently in wiggins Colorado?
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Q: When did background check requests spike so greatly?
by eli
A:From January 1st 2012 to November 2012, The Federal Bureau of Investigations has 16.5 million background checks for firearm purchases. The following December had the highest number National Instant Criminal Background Checks requested in one month since its inception in 1998. This is an average of a 41% increase per state, seventeen states had greater than a fifty percent spike in requests. Topping the list, Georgia conducted 66% more checks in December than it did the prior month. These are not uncommon as other spikes in firearm background checks occurred in 2012 with President Obama's re-election and the Aurora theater shooting.
by gl

Q: What is the name of home owner at 2395 3/4 Pleasant Ridge Ct Grand Junction, CO 81507
by Priscilla
A:Look up the Mesa County's Assessor http://emap.mesacounty.us/assessor_lookup/. You can view property information by address, intersection, place name, parcel account of by area. The details of results will show the property's legal description, name, actual value and more. This search is free and instant which can have other data of the property's surrounding area, an actual map of the property is also provided. Also, the property sales research page http://assessor.mesacounty.us/template.aspx?id=9604 contains a sales search query, map, property sales book and FAQs
by blgr

Q: How many DUI stops were made in December 2012?
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Q: Why is Colorado having so much trouble conducting a gun background check?
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A:The CBI wait time has gone from few minutes to a wait time of over 9 days according to the Denver Post. There are over eleven thousand background checks waiting processing in the state of Colorado. There were thirty four thousand more checks searched 11 months of 2012 than the entire 2011 year. All of the AR 15 assault style rifles are nearly sold out across Colorado.
by sft

Q: What happened with the assault ban?
by al
A:The federal ban expired in 2004. It was up for renewal after ten years when it was signed into law in 1994. Some states already have ban on certain weapons and accessories such as high capacity magazines that can hold 30 rounds or more. Assault rifles will generally have a pistol grip, are magazine fed and semi automatic. Federal statutes describe in better detail the distinctions between an assault rifles and other weapons. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act named after Press Secretary James Brady, came about after the Reagan assassination attempt and was signed into law by then president Clinton in 1993 and went into effect approximately 3 months later. Although a a .22 caliber revolver was used in the attempt by John Hinckley, Jr., this also included restrictions of assault style weapons.
by trent

Q: Does the state of Colorado offer background checks that the public can request?
by jhn
A:The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) offers an internet criminal background check public resource accessible by individuals and private accounts. The records are derived from the Colorado Department of Public Safety central repository computerized criminal history database https://www.cbirecordscheck.com/Index.aspx. This web based search is derived from state's law enforcement agencies and reports are returned without the waiting 3 days and mailing time when using the U.S. mail. The information required to conduct this search are the subject's first and last name and date of birth. Additional information provided by requestors that would include the individual's SSN, gender and race to narrow results based on a name and DOB only.
by staff

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Q: mobile home fire november 09, 2012
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Q: Arrest logs from October 2012
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Q: Can I find arrest reports for October 11, 2012?
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A:There are a few ways to see arrest records. If the arrest resulted in a court case, the courthouse holding the hearing may provide the information about the charges unless there are privacy or policy issues. Police departments throughout the state show an inmate list, jail roster, warrant lists and so forth on their web sites.
by al

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Q: Looking for any stories or information about William J Harvey my Great great Uncle. He was Sheriff of Clear Creek County from 1921-31 and 1937-42. His wife was called Iva.
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A:You can find Colorado State Archive information here https://www.colorado.gov/archives
by al

Q: How many churches are in Gunnison?
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