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The Mississippi Public Records Act (MRPA) is the legislation which ensures public access to state government documents, records, and information. Individual government agencies are deemed responsible to maintain the documents they create and for compliance to the open records law. Exemptions to the law are described in the statute. Cases of a government agency denying a request for public records may be pursued through the Mississippi court system for resolution. Mississippi was admitted to the union on December 10, 1817. and now numbers almost 3 million residents. This entitles Mississippi to send four delegates to the U.S. House of Representatives. The city of Jackson contains the most residents and also serves as the state capital. The state is divided into 82 counties and boasts 24 state parks. Agriculture is the main industry in Mississippi, with cotton having overtaken soybeans as the main crop. Mississippi now hails as the second largest producer of cotton in the nation. Criminal history records checks for the state of Mississippi are handled through the Department of Health. Mississippi public records are maintained by the state and made available for public use. Find directories which link to official government websites, organized to search by city, county, or state. Request birth, death, and other vital records online. Search for Mississippi recorded documents such as criminal records and judicial court case records. Obtain information about local governments, public services offered, and community resources and events. Learn about the demographics which make up the state and see population figures. Find out about gender and ethnic backgrounds of Mississippians who are private business owners in the state. Obtain current housing and real estate data and see property and land valuation information. View Mississippi crime reports and crime statistics. Discover facts and figures regarding state employment income for Mississippi residents and learn about Mississippians education and background histories. Read current news and stories of local interest. Information relative to Mississippi government and state residents is continually updated to ensure current data.

Mississippi Latest Crime Report
Total Violent Crime:7,786
Murder And Nonnegligent Manslaughter:220
Forcible Rape:822
Aggravated Assault:4,460
Total Property Crime:83,906
Larceny Theft:51,508
Motor Vehicle Theft:4,322
Mississippi Census Data
Information About People and Demographics
Total population of persons residing within the state in 2010 2,967,297
Estimate of the state's total residency as of April 1, 20002,844,666
Percentage change of the total resident population as of April 1, 2000 to April 1, 20104%
Net change of residents' total population from April 1, 2000 to April 1, 2010122,639
April 1, 2000 complete count of statewide resident population2,844,658
Population estimate of residents less than 5 years of age222,503
July 1, 2009 estimated percentage of residents that are less than 5 years of age8%
July 1, 2009 estimate of residents that are less than 18 years of age767,742
July 1, 2009 estimated percentage of residents that are less than 18 years of age 26%
July 1, 2009 percentage estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older13%
July 1, 2009 estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older376,913
July 1, 2009 total estimate percentage of female residents52%
State's white resident population recorded in 20101,754,684
State's black resident population recorded in 20101,098,385
State's American Indian and Alaska Native resident populations recorded in 201015,030
State's Asian resident population recorded in 201025,742
State's Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander resident population recorded in 20101,187
Statewide 2010 resident population of two or more races34,107
Statewide 2010 resident population of Hispanic or Latino origin81,481
Non Hispanic white resident population in 20101,722,287
Statewide percentage of white residents in 201059%
Statewide percentage of black residents in 201037%
Statewide percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native residents in 20101%
Statewide percentage of Asian residents in 20101%
Statewide percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander in 20100%
Statewide percentage of Two or more races in 20101%
Statewide percentage of Hispanic or Latino Origin in 20103%
Statewide percentage of non Hispanic white in 201058%

Vital Statistics

Births and deaths occurring in Mississippi
Births 200746,491
Deaths 200728,255
Infant death occurring within the state of persons one year of age or less in 2007467
Percentage of persons with the same residence of one year or more from 2005 to 200984%

Resident Background Information

Education and background history of Mississippi Residents
Percentage of foreign born population in the state from 2005 to 20092%
Percentage of residents 5 years of age and older that speak languages other than English at home from 2005 to 20094%
Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with high a school education or higher from 2005 to 200979%
Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with bachelor's degree or higher from 2005 to 200919%
Total number of Veterans from 2005 to 2009213,101

Current Housing and Real Estate Data

Households located in Mississippi
Average time spent commuting to work for person 16 years and over not working from their personal residence between 2005-2009 24 Min
Housing unit estimates as of July 1, 20091,282,090
Net change of housing units estimates as of April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2009120,132
Housing unit estimates - percentage change, April 1, 2000 (base) to July 1, 200910%
Percentage of the state's housing units being occupied by owners between 2005 and 2009 71%
Median value of the state's housing units being occupied by owners between 2005 and 2009$91,400
Percentage of housing in structure of multi dwelling units between 2005 and 200914%
Total number of households between 2005-20091,085,836
Average size of households between 2005-20093

Mississippi Employment Data

Income, earnings and payrolls of people residing within the State
Per capita income in the past 12 months in dollars adjusted to inflation in 2009 $19,534
2009 statewide income of median households in Mississippi$36,764
Percentage of persons living in poverty in the year 200922%
The personal income of persons employed in 2007$83,368
Per capita income of persons employed in 2007$28,541
Labor force of civilian workers in 20091,291,949
The unemployment of the civilian labor force in 2009123,396
The rate of unemployed civilian labor force in 2009 10%
Employment of person relating to all industries in 2007 1,568,063
Net change of employment in all industries between 2000 and 2007 75,391
People employed by the government in 2007 279,553
Earnings by persons working in all industries in 200755,967,213
Average earnings per job in all industries in 200735,692
Number of private non farm establishments in 2008 60,918
The employment of non farm pay for the period of March 12, 2008 944,747
Percentage change of private nonfarm employment for the pay period of March 12, 2008 -1%
Total of non employer establishment in 2008 according to NAICS 185,926
Total NAICS 72 sales of accommodation and food services establishments with payrolls in 20077,045,097

People and Businesses

Firms and companies of Mississippi
Total number of firms located in the state for the year 2007226,034
Total percentage of black owned private firms in 200718%
Total percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native owned firms in 20070%
Total percentage of Asian owned firms in 20072%
Total percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander owned firms in 2007 0%
Total percentage of Native Hispanic owned private firms in 20071%
Total percentage of Women owned private firms in 200727%
Value for shipments from manufacturers according to NAICS 31-33 in 2007 59,869,456
Sales of establishments with payroll from merchant wholesalers according to NAICS 42 in 200723,003,585
Sales of establishments with payroll from retailers in 2007 33,751,407
Per capita sales of establishments with payroll from retailers in 2007 11,552

Land Valuation

Property value and Mississippi territory
2009 totals of building permits for new private housing units in 2009 6,995
The valuation of all new private housing units authorized by building permits in 2009 878,465
Adjusted 2007 acres of land in farms11,456,241
Total expenditures by the federal government for the 2008 fiscal year30,097,651
Per capita total expenditures by the federal government for the 2008 fiscal year10,242
Size in square miles of land as of 200046,907
Population per square mile in the year 201063
Mississippi Public Records
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Mississippi Arrest Records
Published current arrests including charges including information provided by law enforcement and news
Arrests: October 31/ November 7
The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center between October 31 and November 7. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law:
November 12 2014 -
Source: http://www.sctonline.net/news/arrest_reports/article_4aaf3b7c-6a85-11e4-a8f7-fb3945b3e259.html

Arrests: October 24/ October 31
The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center between October 24 and October 31.
November 05 2014 -
Source: http://www.sctonline.net/news/arrest_reports/article_1904517e-650e-11e4-9177-6bc535e49bdd.html

Arrests: October 17/ October 24
The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center between October 17 and October 24. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law:
October 29 2014 -
Source: http://www.sctonline.net/news/arrest_reports/article_6e76ff3c-5f99-11e4-a98a-1370537a1445.html

Arrests: October 10/ October 17
The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center between October 10 and October 17. All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law:
October 22 2014 -
Source: http://www.sctonline.net/news/arrest_reports/article_e2fe1556-59fa-11e4-8b74-775045e228c2.html

Arrests: September 26/ October 10
The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center between September 26 and October 3 (continued). All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court
October 15 2014 -
Source: http://www.sctonline.net/news/arrest_reports/article_0c9950fa-5470-11e4-8608-d31d7ee9d1d4.html

Arrests: September 26/ October 3
The following persons were entered into the docket at the Scott County Detention Center between September 26 and October 3. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law:
October 08 2014 -
Source: http://www.sctonline.net/news/arrest_reports/article_089a8b24-4f1e-11e4-b5b4-239818e98a6f.html

Mississippi Most Wanted
View a list of names, offender descriptions, location, charges and other information of persons wanted by police and sheriffs
Kelvin Perry
February 14 2013 -
Source: http://www.dps.state.ms.us/kelvin-perry/

Pedro Cruz Pina

Willie Willingham

William Dewey Kittrell

Ian Alcalen
January 17 2012 -
Source: http://www.dps.state.ms.us/ian-alcalen/

Mississippi Recent Court filings
Recent divorce records, court criminal actions, civil lawsuits and bankruptcy filings.
12-10269- Ricky L McCollum and Beverly K McCollum

14-03723-ee Luther Shows

14-14293- Patricia Archer

14-14292- Chakita Nicole Hogan

14-14291- Priscilla Curry Gunn

14-14289- Samuel D Ferrell

Mississippi Missing Children
Collected data of endangered children, runaways, family and non family abductions
October 15 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 08 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 04 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 04 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 04 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

October 04 2014
Source: http://www.missingkids.com

Mississippi Recent Criminal Activities
Current crimes by location, description of offenses and reported police activity
Burglary on 8200 BLOCK OF INDUSTRIAL DR, Olive Branch, MS (via spotcrime.com)
An Unknown Person Cut A Hole In The Fence And Gained Access To Kogler'S Property.
Happening October 14 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/55884869/burglary+on+8200+block+of+industrial+dr%2C+olive+branch%2C+ms

Burglary on 8100 BLOCK OF INDUSTRIAL DR, Olive Branch, MS (via spotcrime.com)
An Unknown Person Cut A Hole In The Fence And Gained Access To Kogler'S Property.
Happening October 14 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/55884868/burglary+on+8100+block+of+industrial+dr%2C+olive+branch%2C+ms

Vandalism on 9700 BLOCK OF HWY 178, Olive Branch, MS (via spotcrime.com)
The Roof Of The Kids Plastic Play House, Located On The Playground, Was Broken.
Happening October 13 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/55884865/vandalism+on+9700+block+of+hwy+178%2C+olive+branch%2C+ms

Theft on 4700 BLOCK OF PATTON DR, Olive Branch, MS (via spotcrime.com)
The Complainant Advised That His Glock 22 Was Stolen From His 2006 Chevy Avalanche .
Happening October 13 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/55884863/theft+on+4700+block+of+patton+dr%2C+olive+branch%2C+ms

Theft on 7100 BLOCK OF HWY 178, Olive Branch, MS (via spotcrime.com)
The Victim Stated That A Black Male Came Into The Store And Provided Him With A Visa Debit Card, And Asked For A Fill Up. The Suspect Filled His Gas Tank, Jumpe
Happening October 09 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/55788734/theft+on+7100+block+of+hwy+178%2C+olive+branch%2C+ms

Other on 9000 BLOCK OF STATELINE RD, Olive Branch, MS (via spotcrime.com)
A Black Male, Driving A Green Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Drove By Her Residence Twice And Acted Suspicious. The Driver Got Out Of His Vehicle, The Second Time He Ca
Happening October 09 2014
Source: http://spotcrime.com/crime-report/55788735/other+on+9000+block+of+stateline+rd%2C+olive+branch%2C+ms

Mississippi Missing People
Currently missing persons sought by law enforcement derived from public and private sources
Myra Lewis – March 1, 2014 – Camden, MS

Vickie Ellington – January 27, 2011 – Attala County, MS

Shalunda Matthews – October 10, 2008 – Columbus, MS


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A:The Office of Diversion Control on the DEA's website has information about 'Forged Prescriptions' and prevention techniques. The DEA site recommends that individuals which believe they have forged, altered, or counterfeited prescription to call the local police, if you notice a pattern to contact your State Board of Pharmacy or the local DEA office.
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A:Old periodicals are kept in archives by libraries local to the event as this occurrence may have been in the papers in the past. Libraries often have a website to familiarize users with what they have to offer which can be looked up by the public. Another avenue to obtain more information is by looking up old court records. Depending on the court, many records offices maintain old records that the public can request and retrieve. It's a two step process that begins with a search of where the record may be kept and the request of the court file itself. Court records are generally available to the public with a simple request made at the records office. Some venues allow the public to make the request online. The state corrections department may still have the offender in its custody. In this case you will be able to see the inmates lists freely online. Even when released, the offender can still have information available from the department of corrections. It can show released offenders on parole or recently released.
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Q: lawsuits in Boonville ms
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A:The Prentiss County Justice Center at 1901 E Chambers Dr, Booneville, MS 38829 may have the records if is ended up in county court. The city clerk's office can be reached through here http://cityofboonevillems.org/city-directory/city-hall-3/
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A:The most challenging part of this search is that the name is so common. When the name is common, it is harder to locate the person as so many others with the same name come up in search results. It is no apparent which name belongs to the person you're looking for, and with common names, most likely, they're not going to be the right one. The best way to start out is by using what you may already know about the person. If the full date of birth is known, it can be used to tell which name to omit from the search. Other bits of information that can be used is the person's middle name. The name can also be tracked, that means you start in an area, or a list of areas first. If there were any properties acquired, businesses owned, local periodicals that contains the subject's name, they can appear with free online searches. Property/real estate records can show the spouse's name. The spouse's name may be less common and easier to track. When used along with the subject's name, it can be very helpful. Any database that contains names being accessed in that area can turn up more information.
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A:Bankruptcies filings contain information that is public as well as private. Bankruptcies are particularly vulnerable to abuse by the public as it contains lists of assets and liabilities, much of which is private. A pacer account allows members of the public to have access to bankruptcy filings and case information http://www.pacer.gov/
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A:The state of Mississippi Judiciary has a helpful site regarding various subjects. Without past experience or background in this field, it can be difficult to locate exactly where the information is located on the site. In regard to summons, the MS rules of court is where to begin your search for the answer to your question. Under the rules of court, there are links of information and forms. Within this list, you will see subject heading of 'Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure'. Following, you will notice a list of the rules, including one for summons. The summons portion has information regarding the property issuance procedures, service of process, waivers and more.
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A:The Mississippi department of corrections offers the public a few instant online searches of their inmates. This search can be based on a last name only. Included in the list are inmates that have been released that are still under the department's authority. You can see the charges, description of the convict, location, dates and sentence information. This search may not reflect all convicted felons as some aren't under the DOC's supervision, but the inmate lookup is a good preliminary search that is free, easy and instant results can be viewed, including a photo of the convict.
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Q: What is the difference between a fingerprinted or a name based background checks. The Mississippi State Department of Health offers to conduct a search with electronic finger printing http://www.msdh.state.ms.us/msdhsite/_static/30,0,206.html
by alice
A:Due to new electronic technology, fingerprinting is being used with greater frequency. When a background check is conducted based on an individual's prints, the records that result are accurate as to the proper identity of the subject. With this method you're searching the right person since it's not just based on their name where fingerprints are unique to each individual. Name based search are still a very common method of conducting a background check. Name searches can be narrowed with searchee's date of birth, middle name or initial, SSN or any other additional data the query accepts. The most common names are the most difficult to narrow.
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A:If there's no luck looking at the city or county level, you can check the statewide site http://mcadv.org/. A list of shelters can be found here http://www.ago.state.ms.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Domestic-Violence-Shelters-2013.pdf There are many other organizations that are state or nationwide that have information about local centers.
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A:The Mississippi State Department of Health, vital records and statistics provides the public with birth, death and marriage records online or by phone. This link will show you how and where http://www.msdh.state.ms.us/msdhsite/_static/31,1922,109.html From this page, you can also link to a service used by the state as well as other states providing vital records to the public. There's usually a charge as there are costs with record keeping, recording and updating. There are many options and the costs are minimal to make it convenient to obtain these vital records.
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Q: I received a notification that I must turn myself in to the Fugitive Division of the Desoto County Sheriff's Deparment for writing a bad check. I have never been in Desoto County and don't write many checks. I need information about this letter I received. My birthdate is 09/28/1966
by Letrice Y. Mitchell-Trotter
A:The sheriff's departments have their fugitive lists available online on their sites. Court cases involving the incident can also offer additional information as well as police reports.
by ed


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