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  • Q: What Happened In The N. Fry Road Area On The Evening Of Tues. Mar. 17, There Were Cops All Over The Place And Police Helicpotors Circling The Area For Over And Hour

    by MARIE
    Mar 19, 2015
  • Q: Has A Crime Occurred At 21463 Park Post Lane, Katy Texas

    by j1aggie
    Sep 13, 2013
  • Q: Did A Crime Occur On Park Pine Drive January 12, 2013?

    by Michel
    Jan 13, 2013
  • Q: How Did William Preston Brown Die?

    by Lotus
    Oct 16, 2012

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  • AMBER ALERT: Adriana Coronado – Katy, Texas (3/12/16)

    13 year-old Adriana Coronado was last seen on March 12th 2016 in Katy, Texas. There is no description available for clothing she might have been wearing. Adriana wears black, plastic-framed glasses. If you have seen Adriana Coronado since her disappearance, if you know of her current whereabouts, or if you have any information whatsoever concerning […]
    March 14, 2016
  • MISSING: Kyle Rugg – Katy, TX (03/04/15)

    20 year old, Kyle Rugg was last seen leaving a fishing trip in Livingston, TX on March 4, 2015 on his way back to Katy, TX. When his roommate returned from the same trip, he noticed that Kyle’s vehicle was missing. Kyle has not been seen since. Kyle has tattoos on chest and upper right […]
    March 11, 2015
  • Missing: Trung Ngo, 23 Yrs., Katy, TX, 01/15/13

    For news of this case, see links below: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/story/21141471/2013/02/12/family-uses-social-media-to-help-find-missing-man http://www.thekatynews.com/announcements/10727-reward-offered-for-information-on-the-location-of-trung-quang-ngo- http://www.missingpersonsofamerica.com/2013/01/trung-ngo-missing-person-texas.html The search for Trung Ngo has been has been suspended until further notice. 01/25/13 — Attention all volunteers. We have been called back in by the police department to assist in the search for 23 year-old Trung Ngo. We need all available foot [...]
    January 18, 2013

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