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The Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), which has been around for the last twenty years and updated in 2011, is the state law regulating access to the records of Utah's public governing agencies. The law defines what a public record is considered to be and details the responsibilities of the state's public records keepers in regard to maintenance and public access. For immediate access, there are many open records available on the Utah state government website. On January 4, 1896, Utah was the 45th state to be granted statehood. The state name is a derivative of the Ute Indian tribe. There are approximately 2.75 million residents living in 243 incorporated municipalities and 29 counties. Salt Lake City is the largest city and state capital. A majority of Utah residents live in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. A major industry in Utah is tourism as many tourists are attracted by Utah's many opportunities for outdoor and recreational activities and five national parks. Utah is also considered a main ski destination in the winter months. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation is the state agency to contact for criminal history checks and background information. Inspect a multitude of Utah public records using some of the best research sources online. Look up interesting data on the education and history of the residents of the state. Request criminal records and access information on state prisons, most wanted fugitives and offenders. Read the constantly changing crime reports and current event headlines for Utah. Learn how to order records of birth, death, marriage or divorce. Investigate the workings of local governments by linking to the individual county websites. To get an even better feel for life in Utah, search the city websites to see what community services and local attractions are available. Take a look at the statistics on the companies and firms in Utah to get an idea of the local business environment. You can also find data on the income and earnings of the people of the state. Find out about the Utah courts, court records, juror information and other judiciary online services. Revisit this site often as new sources are added on a regular basis.

Utah Crime Reports (2011)
Total Violent Crime:5,494
Murder And Nonnegligent Manslaughter:54
Forcible Rape:854
Aggravated Assault:3,505
Total Property Crime:83,758
Larceny Theft:64,453
Motor Vehicle Theft:6,183
Utah Census Data
Information About People and Demographics
Total population of persons residing within the state in 2010 2,763,885
Estimate of the state's total residency as of April 1, 20002,233,204
Percentage change of the total resident population as of April 1, 2000 to April 1, 201024%
Net change of residents' total population from April 1, 2000 to April 1, 2010530,716
April 1, 2000 complete count of statewide resident population2,233,169
Population estimate of residents less than 5 years of age273,723
July 1, 2009 estimated percentage of residents that are less than 5 years of age10%
July 1, 2009 estimate of residents that are less than 18 years of age868,824
July 1, 2009 estimated percentage of residents that are less than 18 years of age 31%
July 1, 2009 percentage estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older9%
July 1, 2009 estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older251,159
July 1, 2009 total estimate percentage of female residents50%
State's white resident population recorded in 20102,379,560
State's black resident population recorded in 201029,287
State's American Indian and Alaska Native resident populations recorded in 201032,927
State's Asian resident population recorded in 201055,285
State's Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander resident population recorded in 201024,554
Statewide 2010 resident population of two or more races75,518
Statewide 2010 resident population of Hispanic or Latino origin358,340
Non Hispanic white resident population in 20102,221,719
Statewide percentage of white residents in 201086%
Statewide percentage of black residents in 20101%
Statewide percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native residents in 20101%
Statewide percentage of Asian residents in 20102%
Statewide percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander in 20101%
Statewide percentage of Two or more races in 20103%
Statewide percentage of Hispanic or Latino Origin in 201013%
Statewide percentage of non Hispanic white in 201080%

Vital Statistics

Births and deaths occurring in Utah
Births 200755,130
Deaths 200714,143
Infant death occurring within the state of persons one year of age or less in 2007280
Percentage of persons with the same residence of one year or more from 2005 to 200981%

Resident Background Information

Education and background history of Utah Residents
Percentage of foreign born population in the state from 2005 to 20098%
Percentage of residents 5 years of age and older that speak languages other than English at home from 2005 to 200914%
Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with high a school education or higher from 2005 to 200990%
Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with bachelor's degree or higher from 2005 to 200929%
Total number of Veterans from 2005 to 2009151,414

Current Housing and Real Estate Data

Households located in Utah
Average time spent commuting to work for person 16 years and over not working from their personal residence between 2005-2009 21 Min
Housing unit estimates as of July 1, 2009952,999
Net change of housing units estimates as of April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2009184,396
Housing unit estimates - percentage change, April 1, 2000 (base) to July 1, 200924%
Percentage of the state's housing units being occupied by owners between 2005 and 2009 72%
Median value of the state's housing units being occupied by owners between 2005 and 2009$208,100
Percentage of housing in structure of multi dwelling units between 2005 and 200921%
Total number of households between 2005-2009831,563
Average size of households between 2005-20093

Utah Employment Data

Income, earnings and payrolls of people residing within the State
Per capita income in the past 12 months in dollars adjusted to inflation in 2009 $22,684
2009 statewide income of median households in Utah$55,183
Percentage of persons living in poverty in the year 200912%
The personal income of persons employed in 2007$79,618
Per capita income of persons employed in 2007$29,831
Labor force of civilian workers in 20091,364,494
The unemployment of the civilian labor force in 200989,706
The rate of unemployed civilian labor force in 2009 7%
Employment of person relating to all industries in 2007 1,673,907
Net change of employment in all industries between 2000 and 2007 286,060
People employed by the government in 2007 224,602
Earnings by persons working in all industries in 200766,372,417
Average earnings per job in all industries in 200739,651
Number of private non farm establishments in 2008 71,433
The employment of non farm pay for the period of March 12, 2008 1,114,716
Percentage change of private nonfarm employment for the pay period of March 12, 2008 22%
Total of non employer establishment in 2008 according to NAICS 183,280
Total NAICS 72 sales of accommodation and food services establishments with payrolls in 20073,980,570

People and Businesses

Firms and companies of Utah
Total number of firms located in the state for the year 2007246,393
Total percentage of black owned private firms in 20071%
Total percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native owned firms in 20071%
Total percentage of Asian owned firms in 20072%
Total percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander owned firms in 2007 0%
Total percentage of Native Hispanic owned private firms in 20074%
Total percentage of Women owned private firms in 200725%
Value for shipments from manufacturers according to NAICS 31-33 in 2007 42,431,657
Sales of establishments with payroll from merchant wholesalers according to NAICS 42 in 200725,417,368
Sales of establishments with payroll from retailers in 2007 36,574,240
Per capita sales of establishments with payroll from retailers in 2007 13,730

Land Valuation

Property value and Utah territory
2009 totals of building permits for new private housing units in 2009 9,982
The valuation of all new private housing units authorized by building permits in 2009 1,573,372
Adjusted 2007 acres of land in farms11,094,700
Total expenditures by the federal government for the 2008 fiscal year17,117,188
Per capita total expenditures by the federal government for the 2008 fiscal year6,255
Size in square miles of land as of 200082,144
Population per square mile in the year 201034
Utah Public Records
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Utah Most Wanted
View a list of names, offender descriptions, location, charges and other information of persons wanted by police and sheriffs
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Utah Mugshots
Photos of arrested persons, offenders in custody and booking information
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Utah Missing Children
Collected data of endangered children, runaways, family and non family abductions
HALEY MANDELLA, Age Now: 17, Missing: 02/20/2014. Missing From TREMONTON, UT. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Tremonton Police Department (Utah) 1-435-257-3131.
April 06 2014 - Source:

SHAKIRA SAWAYA, Age Now: 17, Missing: 02/17/2014. Missing From WEST JORDAN, UT. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: West Jordan Police Department (Utah) 1-801-840-4000.
March 15 2014 - Source:

JOSEPH LEFEVRE, Age Now: 17, Missing: 03/06/2014. Missing From WEST JORDAN, UT. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: West Jordan Police Department (Utah) 1-801-840-4000.
March 11 2014 - Source:

GREGORY MAYER, Age Now: 17, Missing: 02/21/2014. Missing From LEHI, UT. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Lehi Police Department (Utah) 1-801-766-5800.
March 04 2014 - Source:

CHRISTIAN HAMILTON, Age Now: 14, Missing: 02/16/2014. Missing From MONA, UT. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Juab County Sheriff's Office (Utah) 1-435-623-1349.
February 25 2014 - Source:

MICHAEL ADAM, Age Now: 17, Missing: 06/03/2013. Missing From HELPER, UT. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Helper Police Department (Utah) 1-435-637-0890.
February 14 2014 - Source:

Utah Public Information
Recent publications of obituaries, city news and calendars, sex offender lists, birth and divorce records, view court criminal actions, civil lawsuits and bankruptcy filings
2:14-cr-00088-2 USA v. Machado et al
[Continue] (<a href="" >41</a>)
Happening April 24 2014 - Source:

14-22305 John Joosten and Dawn M Bortel
Type: bk Office: 2 Chapter: 13 Trustee: Anderson, tr Kevin R. [Response] (<a href=''>14</a>)
Happening April 24 2014 - Source:

12-20248 Linda Campbell
Type: bk Office: 2 Chapter: 7 Trustee: Miller, tr David L. [Request for Abandonment] (<a href=''>21</a>)
Happening April 24 2014 - Source:

14-21050 Kay M. Mitchell
Type: bk Office: 2 Chapter: 7 Trustee: Jubber, tr Gary E. [Financial Management Course Certificate Form B23] (<a href=''>9</a>)
Happening April 24 2014 - Source:

13-24211 Jane Annett Covington
Type: bk Office: 2 Chapter: 13 Trustee: Anderson, tr Kevin R. [Chapter 13 Trustee Response] (<a href=''>29</a>)
Happening April 24 2014 - Source:

10-37864 Keneth Edward Namanny and Tammy Ann Namanny
Type: bk Office: 2 Chapter: 13 Trustee: Anderson, tr Kevin R. [Discharging Debtor(s) (order)]
Happening April 24 2014 - Source:

Utah Missing People
Currently missing persons sought by law enforcement derived from public and private sources
No result
Utah Crime News
Published news and events of criminal activity
Jay Evensen: No more rent for inmates — a decision that makes good sense
There are good reasons why taxpayers ought to pay the full cost of enforcing the laws their representatives pass.
April 23 2014 - Source:

24th Annual Gang Conference kicks off
The two day educational event is being held at the South Towne Exposition Center and comes just two days after Monday's deadly courtroom shooting killing an alleged Tongan crip gang member.
April 23 2014 - Source:

24th Annual Gang Conference Kicks Off Tuesday
The two day educational event is being held at the South Towne Exposition Center and comes just two days after Monday's deadly courtroom shooting killing an alleged Tongan crip gang member.
April 23 2014 - Source:

New CrimeReports™ Camera Registration Leverages Citizen-Sourced Information to Fight Crime
PublicEngines Partners With Sacramento County Sheriff to Give Officers Information on Citizen’s Camera Locations (PRWeb April 23, 2014) Read the full story at
April 23 2014 - Source:

More than half of Utah residents either are identity theft victims or know someone affected by the
COSTA MESA, Calif., April 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/-- A new online survey conducted for Experian's ProtectMyID® reveals Utahns still are potentially at risk from the continuing threat of identity theft. The survey shows that more than half (52 percent) of Utah residents either have been a victim of identity theft or know someone who has been affected by the crime. Despite this, people fail to take ...
April 22 2014 - Source:

Sex abuse survivors share stories, prevention tips in town hall meeting
A tough topic got the spotlight at a Salt Lake County town hall meeting Monday night, as experts and victims discussed sex abuse and the cost it can impose on the whole community.
April 21 2014 - Source:

Utah Latest Questions and Answers
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by Jannikay

Q: How many high schools in helper
by leah kohoe

Q: i want to know what happened at my daughters court hearing today. (Utah)
by michele
A: In most venues, calendar information is freely available online. This is not case information but can show you any other hearings that are upcoming appearing on the calendar.
by jay

Q: How do I find land ownership records for Mammoth city? (Juab Utah)
by gaylene

Q: Background check on a city using census data and crime reports.
by jan
A: Information and records about a city is used to research when relocating a residence or company, beginning new businesses away from your home town, purchasing real estate or investing in a particular area. Demographics will show of the type of market, how diverse the area, size of population. Crime data is an important element, however not often a primary concern. Businesses such as child care facilities may need to know of registered offenders in the area, bars that may be too nearby and so forth. Crime news and events also give a student relocating to a new area for school an idea as to the type of neighborhood before visiting and choosing where to live. When an entrepreneur is looking to open a new venture, researching an area's economic data can be valuable. Precautions can be taken to minimize risk and shed light on the environment the new business will be facing. The household income level of a particular area can help define the clientele's buying power when considering product pricing and placement. Even if you're familiar with the area and consider it your home town, you can see how much you really do know about the area before making decisions.
by blgr

Q: Where can a company background check be requested in Utah?
by tran
A: As long as the information being requested fall under public records, in Utah or other states, there should not be a difference. Background checks for companies tend to be easier to obtain information of as individual's have privacy protections from personal data being released. However, Utah has one of the best company information checks found You can see a certificate of good standing issued by the state, filed recorded corporate changes and documents, view corporate executives, directors and officers or conduct a search of all businesses under a particular executive. Results will also show company type, status, state of origin, registered agent, renewal date and more.
by blgr

Q: court records for domestic violence?
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Q: How do I find inmates released from Salt Lake County Jail October 2012
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Q: i found my long lost dad on mugshots...can i view his case?
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Q: Where can i find Vital records for the city of Sandy?
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Q: I am looking for my friend charlie davidson who got arrested on I-15 by american fork, which jail is he in?

Q: How are some of the ways I can get information about company doing business in Utah other than just a directory listing?
by al
A: There are two basic approaches when looking for recorded information about a company doing business in Utah. After typing in Utah public records or Utah business records using search engines, you will probably look over the organic listing since they will seem to offer the best value and more likely to have free sources online. If you're doing a search using Google you will see a lot of the same listing, usually sites that rank high in their algorithms and other search engines will have a variety of what they feel is the most relevant with public and private sources. Many private sources are not aiming to profit from visitors using free tools on their sites and therefore you can be better served than a public agency. Public agencies can also have fees as budget restraints are shifting many of the costs to the people using the sources directly. Fees by agencies are generally low and is aimed at covering some of the costs incurred with record keeping. There are private sources that will provide information about a particular entity and it is essential to check the coverage of what they look at and from where. Browsing online looking for information by yourself is more challenging than simply looking at coverage, you will need to find good sources, know where and how to obtain a particular company's information. The Division of Corporations offers the public a free search of entities doing business in Utah. You can conduct a search based on the business name, number. executive name or search hints. You can see how to search for a certificate of existence, locate filed paperwork, see the management staff of a company and find executives. Once you have entered the required information, usually just the entity name will be enough, you will see the status, type and the city where the company is doing business. If you still need more information, the state also offers a details page listing address, name and location of registered agent, date of registration and more. Do not skip the pages without at least browsing at it. The details will tell you where the business originated from and furthermore on the same page you will notice date of initial registration. This can tell you how long the company has been in business. When doing the search by yourself, you will need to use other sources in various sites across the web. The Utah Department of Commerce offers visitors to its site UCC searches, also know as Uniform Commercial Code filings. This is also a free search and provides the anyone access to its UCC filings by organization name, individual's name, filing number and debtor or organization number. You will be able to view the debtor's information and address which can be used to better verify the intended company, secured party information, dates, filing status, history and other details about collateral description and more. You can search further about a company by looking up court records for litigation involving the entity you will be doing business with. The Utah state courts similar to many other state courts offers access to court records of civil filings throughout its system. This is where you will need to pay some reasonable fees in obtaining public information provided by the state. When looking for information about an entity versus an individual or private party, the data will be more available of the company due to privacy issues affecting persons more than companies. The search however can be easily conducted from your computer and the response time is relatively fast. More current records such as weekly reports and calendars are free and instant but may not go far back enough. You may also have to access archived information for cases that could have been filed previous to the time span covered by the court's services.
by admn

Q: I am trying to find out who owns the propery located at 766 E. 600 N. in spanish fork. I want to rent or buy this home for my wife and myself. I has been empty for a while with no contact information.
by Larry Davis
A: County government recorders keep current ownership of every tract of land within their lines. One of their specific duties is to provide the public with land records and information. That's where you can get all the detail of the property you are looking into. There may be a charge/fee for retrieving or copying or providing the information.
by admn


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