Article: Using a search engine versus

There are several factors that both search engines and have in common and several major differences that clearly sets them apart when background checks are being conducted. The 3 major search engines, in their best efforts, have been attempting to provide users with the best experience possible by providing related sites. Looking for background check companies to provide the service is as simple as using any search engine query and viewing a list of top paying and high ranking companies. However, if you are looking to take control of the background search and conduct your own, search engines will return results that are going to be general and unrelated to your specific need. is a directory of where and how to obtain records in which make up the contents of a background check and more. Ordering a standard background check can result in many records you can get on your own or records you were not looking for in the first place. This approach can be costly and unproductive for an individual or company.

Taking control and requesting only what you need can actually cost less in addition to resulting in a better and more accurate report. With, any new or returning user can view lists of resources pertaining to your specific goals showing where to access a particular record or a compilation of records in order to conduct a complete and comprehensive investigation. allows an individual to search state, county or city level by categories such as criminal records, court cases within that jurisdiction, vital records such as birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Depending on the state in which you are searching, an entire background check can be conducted with little or no cost with great results. connects a user to access criminal records and police reports directly from the department itself. This includes local crash and incident reports. Press releases of incident occurring under a department's jurisdiction, sex offender searches that are local and national, property data from the county recorders and more.

Conducting your own background check offers the user several advantages over ordering from traditional background check companies. When requesting records using O.P.R. and its listed public resources, certified copies of the record can be obtained while background check companies will generally provide the data only. This includes dissolution of marriage decrees from the state. All of resources are aimed to access online databases, public searches and instant results directly. Verifications of a professional licenses of CPAs, attorneys, contractors, medical professionals and more can be checked from your tablet or smartphone anywhere. While some states offer more records online than others, it is essential to keep an updated directory as new public sources become available. This requires a team of experienced researchers finding best sources available and listing them on for anyone to use without registration or membership.