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Under the Georgia Open Records Act, also known as the Georgia Sunshine Laws all public records are available for inspection and copying unless they are specifically exempted from disclosure under the law. These statutes provide that records and information held by governments are open to the public with exceptions to confidentiality and privacy. The state of Georgia is divided into 159 counties. There are 535 cities in Georgia. Although some Georgia cities may call themselves towns, there is no legal difference between cities, towns or villages. Georgia criminal history records are generally obtained from Sheriff's Office or Police Departments and also found in case files. The criminal history record includes the person's identification data, arrest data, final judicial disposition data submitted by a court, prosecutor or other criminal justice agency and custodial information if the offender was incarcerated in a Georgia correctional facility. Georgia public records in an organized, easy to access format. Find directories leading to information categorized by counties and cities, as well as subject matter. Request vital records through state, county, or city websites. Research all pertinent information regarding Georgia government, public services, resources and local community events. Access crime statistics and read Georgia crime reports. Request court and criminal records through online websites. Learn about demographic and household facts in Georgia and read about current events. Obtain income and employment statistics and find out about real estate and housing in the state. Discover facts about Georgia citizens education and background history. Learn about the nature of the firms currently doing business in the state and the cultural heritage of company ownership. These sites and statistics are being continually updated with the most current information.
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Departments which record, maintain and provide official documents, certificates or information requested by the general public.

Georgia Latest Criminal Filings

  • Court Name:U.S. Criminal Court Records for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:1:21-cr-00023-1
    Party Name:
    Date Published:August 31, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Criminal Court Records for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:4:21-cr-00029-1
    Party Name:
    Date Published:August 25, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Criminal Court Records for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:5:21-cr-00051-1
    Party Name:
    Date Published:August 23, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Criminal Court Records for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:3:21-cr-00034-1
    Party Name:
    Date Published:August 18, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Criminal Court Records for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:4:21-cr-00031-1
    Party Name:
    USA v. DEMPS
    Date Published:August 18, 2021

Georgia Latest Civil Filings

  • Court Name:U.S. Civil Court Records for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:4:21-cv-00134
    Party Name:
    Date Published:September 03, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Civil Court Records for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:4:21-cv-00103
    Party Name:
    Date Published:September 03, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Civil Court Records for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:5:21-cv-00323
    Party Name:
    Date Published:September 03, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Civil Court Records for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:1:20-cv-00140
    Party Name:
    TASSO et al v. MOORE et al
    Date Published:September 02, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Civil Court Records for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:4:21-cv-00110
    Party Name:
    MINCEY et al v. VARDMAN et al
    Date Published:September 02, 2021

Georgia Latest bankruptcy filings

  • Court Name:U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the Northern District of Georgia
    Case Number:21-56655
    Party Name:
    Tiffany Monique Graham
    Date Published:September 04, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the Northern District of Georgia
    Case Number:21-56654
    Party Name:
    Amari Branai Jones
    Date Published:September 04, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the Northern District of Georgia
    Case Number:21-56650
    Party Name:
    Eric Paul Stark
    Date Published:September 04, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the Northern District of Georgia
    Case Number:21-20948
    Party Name:
    Gamaliel Garcia
    Date Published:September 04, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the Northern District of Georgia
    Case Number:21-56649
    Party Name:
    James Lewis Holmes
    Date Published:September 04, 2021

Georgia Latest Court Filings

  • Court Name:U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:5:21-mj-00069-1
    Party Name:
    Date Published:September 02, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:4:21-mj-00056-1
    Party Name:
    Date Published:September 01, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:5:21-mj-00068-1
    Party Name:
    Date Published:August 26, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:5:21-po-00080-1
    Party Name:
    Date Published:August 24, 2021
  • Court Name:U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia
    Case Number:4:21-mj-00047-1
    Party Name:
    Date Published:August 04, 2021
Ask Questions, About Georgia

  • How do I obtain a copy of divorce decree in Georgia, if I am not a party in divorce?
    Click on this link will then land on Georgia Department of Public Health's divorce records web page. Scroll toward the middle of the web page and you will see the question "Who may request a Divorce Verification?", underneath it, you will see "Divorce Verifications are available to the public". What you need to do next is also underneath for the public to follow when ordering their records. (Staff)
  • How can I get an arresting officer's report in Georgia?
    Arrest records are generally requested from the department which created the report. The policy and method of how to obtain the reports can be viewed on their websites, depending on the individual department. For Atlanta PD, the central records unit provides a web-page with an address to its location where the reports can be picked up and contact number to get more information about report requests. (Staff)
  • How do I search in Georgia, for a lien on a company?
    The Georgia Superior court clerks' cooperative authority's website provides the general public with a free search. The lookup is based on a name search. The search includes separate instructions regarding how to enter individuals' name, which means the search is not always an individual, as opposed to an entity. Searching the owners' names can help with a more comprehensive search. You can also conduct a business entity search through the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State, corporation division and see the listed officers' names, which is also an open public search. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, when someone was arrested, if the case was dismissed?
    You can look up the arrests as they come out and go back in time as much as possible. Old publications also have arrests in them. The case may still be available at the courthouse. You can check by going there, I'm not sure how in depth online filing searches will be. You will need to dig it up like an investigator, if there's no filing at the courthouse, you can request arrest report directly from the police department, considering you know which department made the arrest. (Staff)
  • Where do I find the owner of a property in Georgia, that was just purchased?
    Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority has a website with a list of counties where you can see property information by name or address information from 1/1/1993 through 8/8/2016. (Staff)
  • How do I find out in Georgia if I have a Warrant, Subpoena, Etc.?
    Through searching courts, these (Warrant Subpoena Etc) are generally issued by judges. There are certain police departments which will show warrants on their webpages, but they tend to be issued by the judges. These records are mostly on the county level, since most criminal cases arise from county court. Georgia's state website has a page titled "Learning about Warrants", it says what you can do and your right when it comes to requesting warrant information. (Staff)
  • How do I find in Georgia if my babies' father is in jail?
    There are different inmate searches, at various levels, state or more local such as counties. The Georgia department of corrections is a state prison and of inmates sentenced to serve time in one of their institutions, while the county jails and their inmates can be searched within county law enforcement. If you've been arrested, lets say somewhere in Atlanta, you can openly search and check the Fulton county sheriff's online inmate/in custody list. Hard to say where without knowing location of the arrest. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, a public marriage license on the internet?
    There are several places where a person's name appears showing their spouse, property ownership is one. You can conduct an address search on both names, then check the addresses which are showing under both names. Or you can just go ahead and do a property search. The Limited-Use account from the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority's webpage provides choices for public searches to look up deeds, one of the choices is a free search. (Staff)
  • Where do I find in Georgia, how to obtain eviction orders for an individual?
    You can either look up the law, or look into how a landlord (which is the person usually filing the suit) files for an eviction. The procedures can tell you where it is. generally, the suit is filed with the court, the court will then stamp the suit as filed, then it will need to be served. At this point, there should be a record of it at the courthouse where the filing was. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, if someone is on parole?
    The Georgia Department of Corrections has an open free public database that searches offenders under supervision of the Parole Board (instant parolee database). You can go directly to the doc's website, there's a tab at the top of the page, under the logo that says Offender Information. The first link in the drop down "Georgia Offender Search", that will take you to a disclaimer, one of which specifically a database of parolees. You can search by zip code, name of the offender or the inmate number, EF#. In some cases you can see a photo of the parolee. The information shows the parolee's description, primary offense, parole begin and end date, parole office and phone number. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, bankruptcy information?
    Have you tried the court case search above under Georgia Free Court Records Search. You can view cases freely with a keyword search. Click on court records in the menu, that will bring up the search that includes bankruptcies filed since 2014. You can start there and get more information after if needed. (Staff)
  • Where do I find in Georgia, a copy of a divorce conformation letter?
    The Georgia department of health issues divorce confirmation letters if you don't need an official certificate (which you can get from the county court clerk directly). Go to the department's website and search for Divorce Confirmations. Under required information you will find the request form, there's a ten dollar fee for the department to conduct the search. The letter of confirmation is sent by mail and so is the request. (Staff)
  • How can I find in Georgia, if my husband has filed for divorce?
    You can look up individual cases online when you go to the superior court's search page (which is county level). These searches can be found through gov. county pages, either from this site or through search engines. When using search engines, make sure it is the government site. It can take some navigation, you can always use the search window within the site. Fulton county's search for example is hidden, there's a link which mentions "Acquire Copies", which carries a fee, and is not just the information, but copies from the case file. If you don’t need case file copies, you can go to Online Options/judicial case search on that same menu. If you only know the party name, there's a drop down which will change it from citation or case number search. I conducted a search of "All Superior" "All case records" and one of the first cases I noticed was a divorce filing. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, the disposition of a criminal case?
    You can either request copies of criminal cases directly from the court clerk online or from automated civil case searches which offer an overview and sometimes more. A majority of theses cases are at the county level, and list of the counties in a drop down menu on the top right of this page will take you to the county page, from there you can begin by clicking on the courts' link and browse to find the case you're looking for. Fulton and Clayton are two which I used and both had free cases online. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, access to and a copy of an arrest record from twenty years ago?
    Arrest records can be found in different sources all around the net, such as old weekly news of arrests in online periodicals/articles, or old cases you can still get from courts, if the arrest resulted in court filings. An arrest reports is an entirely different type of record, it is an official report filled out by the arresting agency officer, similar to an incident report, or an accident report. The Athens Clark county sheriffs department for example only shows arrests of the past seven days and a current list of inmates online. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, my arrears on child support and if I have a warrant for my arrest?
    Depends on where in Georgia. Certain cities such as the Atlanta Municipal Court make it easy and allows for an open online search of warrants . In some cases the law enforcement's website puts out a warrants page also. If you know of which area, there may be another user which can help. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, a copy of an offender's 2012 police report?
    Police departments put their process online for the public to request arrest reports. If you mention which department, some may be able to help with some personal knowledge. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, my criminal records?
    Criminal records are a focal part of background checks being requested. Many background and criminal checks are provided by police departments and sheriffs offices. The state also offers a felon search that can be conducted online instantly. There is no control over how much criminal information/background is disclosed to the public and found on these reports. For more detailed information, a researcher can go the to courthouse where the criminal trial was held and view case records. Many courthouses have a way in which the public can search and request copies of its filings. The methods in which are available to you are based on the custodians of the record and due to this reason some data is easier to obtain than others. There are restrictions as to the type of record an individual is requesting. Many public records contain information that are personal to individuals and therefore the provider has to maintain a balance between public record laws and privacy. Using private sources can have less restrictions and difficulty. Numerous companies use private background check services to pre screen potential employees. Check online for published news of past arrests, these may still be around on the net. Try to search as the person which may be looking thoroughly online for any data, including news media, social media and others. (Staff)
  • Where can I find access to and a copy of an arrest record on someone in Georgia?
    Arrest reports are created and provided by the arresting police department. Records of arrests can be found in many places such as individual police logs or inmate/jail lists throughout Georgia. The Clarke County Sheriff's Office is a good example of arrest records that are open. Arrest can be also viewed on published news sites, up to the individual in determining which is the best source. If you know the person's name and which department made the arrest, you can contact that particular law enforcement agency directly. Their websites generally have instructions on how the provide them and what you will need. Inmate lists also show some information but they are generally not very specific, but do include some recently released detainees. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, my deceased mother's probate records file?
    Which county would the probate have been filed? You can conduct a people address locator search to find last residences, which can tell you the court to look into. After that you can go to that court's website and see how to search for and request their filings. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Georgia, access to DMV records?
    The Georgia Department of Revenue offers information about titles from their site. There's a link 'How to Obtain a Georgia Title' that provides forms and the process. (Staff)
  • Where can I find a pubic record in Georgia?
    Departments throughout the government set forth procedures in which to obtain their files/records on their websites. You can do the work yourself online. Many of the databases are free. You can see what is available to you as public record. It's best to narrow it down by the type of record or which entity would have that record. As many records are considered public, it's access it not the same for various types of record. Generally, the more often the record is requested, the better is the access due to its popularity. (Staff)
  • Where can I find free access to public marriage records in Georgia?
    This depends on where and when the marriage occurred. Archived marriage records are not protected as the more recent ones are. Archived marriage records are more an issue of data retrieval and collection. Newer marriage licenses from government recorders will most likely charge a fee. The location is also an issue as some courts allow for walk ins and free searches, however, ordering copies can carry a fee. Early county marriages from newspapers show information freely online also. (Staff)

Georgia Latest Crime Records (Updated 09/17/2021)

  • Total Violent Crime:
  • Murder And Nonnegligent Manslaughter:
  • Rape:
  • Robbery:
  • Aggravated Assault:
  • Total Property Crime:
  • Burglary:
  • Larceny Theft:
  • Motor Vehicle Theft:

Georgia American Community Survey (ACS) Census Bureau (Updated 09/17/2021)

  • About Georgia ACS Demographic and Housing Estimates
    Georgia's demographic and housing ACS survey of 9,907,756 being 3.15 percent of U.S. residents is comprised of 48.8% males and 51.2% of females. American Community Survey separates various ethnicities depending on the area's population of persons from less than 5 years of age to 85 years old and over. ACS is an ongoing survey with five year estimates down to the block group scale providing a summary spanning five years, from 2010 to 2014 and released in 2014. View the percentage of the population by race, including various groups of Native Americans, Asians, American Indian, Alaska Native, and two or more races.
  • About Georgia Selected Social Characteristics
    The Georgia social characteristics data of 3,540,690 households, which make up 3.05 percent of all U.S. households, are surveyed by ACS . View the number and percentages of married and divorced residents 15 years and older, including 2,407,098 families with and without children. There are 2,769,628 persons enrolled in school which are 3 years of age and over are separated by education level from nursery school to graduate and professional degrees. The state's resident social characteristics collected data include estimated percentages and totals of persons which are foreign born, Island areas, born abroad to American parent(s), citizenship status and ancestry.
  • About Georgia Selected Economic Characteristics
    The Georgia American Community Survey economic characteristics displays current and past employment of 7,693,577 persons which are 16 years of age and older comprising of 3.09 percent of the United States labor force. Employment numbers of 4,819,365 civilians in various occupations from construction to information technology collected by industry. Overview of income and benefits in 2014, received from private entities and public assistance. Population of the labor force with private or public health coverage for both employed and unemployed residents. Data regarding the percentage of families with income below poverty level are collected by age groups ranging from persons under the age of 18 to 65 years and over.
  • About Georgia Selected Housing Characteristics
    Georgia housing characteristics are collected from 4,114,496 dwellings making up 3.1 percent of all U.S. housing, includes a survey of either inhabited 3,540,690 or uninhabited 573,806 domiciles. Data coverage of various rentals or owned structures containing 1 room to 9 rooms. Find out which mode of transportation 3,540,690 commuters in the state used to get to work. Look up the type of energy utilized by individual occupied residences. An overview of median monthly homeowner costs with or without mortgage. Percentage of rent versus income per household and homeowner costs as percentage of household income. Information collected begins with residence from 1969 or earlier.