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Enacted in 1970, Maryland's Public Information Act, PIA, grants the public a broad right of access to public records. Certain records are exempt from disclosure and must be withheld. Examples include, but are not limited to, records containing attorney client advice, inmate case records, medical records, personnel records or financial information. Other records that may be withheld include, but are not limited to, investigatory records. There are 24 counties and county equivalents in the state of Maryland. For much of Maryland, local government typically is county government. 23 counties and Baltimore City make up the twenty-four main local jurisdictions found in Maryland. There are 8,558 populated places in Maryland. Municipalities in Maryland can be cities, towns, or villages. Incorporated places are self-governing municipalities chartered as cities, towns, or villages of which there are 157. Criminal history searches may be requested in Maryland through the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. These include individual background checks for employment purposes and individual state background checks. Examine Maryland public records using a multitude of databases online. Look up census facts and figures about Maryland residents. Imagine what it would be like to live in Maryland by researching data on housing, real estate values and the local economy. Learn about the income, earnings and employment data for the people of Maryland. Find information on firms and companies doing business in the state. Check with county websites to get a feel for the local governments and services. You can also find community information and attractions by linking to the individual city sites. Get an overview of the Maryland Court System where you can find information for citizens and legal professionals and search for court records. Find out about criminal background checks, victims services and other public safety issues. Read about up to date news stories and crime reports occurring in Maryland. Return to this site frequently as updated sources are added on a regular basis.
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Departments which record, maintain and provide official documents, certificates or information requested by the general public.

Maryland Latest bankruptcy filings
  • Court Name:U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the District of Maryland
    Case Number: 22-10422
    Party Name: Niel Fischer
    Date Published: January 27, 2022
  • Court Name:U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the District of Maryland
    Case Number: 22-10421
    Party Name: Steven Christopher Clemons and Diana Marie Soper-Clemons
    Date Published: January 27, 2022
  • Court Name:U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the District of Maryland
    Case Number: 22-10420
    Party Name: Nikita M Jackson
    Date Published: January 27, 2022
  • Court Name:U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the District of Maryland
    Case Number: 22-10408
    Party Name: Margie Denise Prillman
    Date Published: January 27, 2022
  • Court Name:U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for the District of Maryland
    Case Number: 22-10418
    Party Name: Mark William Turner, 2nd
    Date Published: January 27, 2022
Ask Questions, About Maryland Info
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  • How do I find someone in custody in Maryland?
    There are 2 searches you can check that are readily available to the public. For many in short term custody, the Maryland department of public safety and and correctional division provides a web page "division of pretrial detention and services", on the left of that web page you will a menu with the link "Find an Inmate". The web page also gives you information about the data, including for some short sentenced offenders. To get there, click on the link "Maryland Prison and Jail Inmates" listed under: Maryland Free Public Records Directory (above, on this page). Once you click on the link, go to the home page and click on the Pretrial Detention tab. For the other database, which searches long term inmates committed to the custody of the Commissioner of Correction, simply click on the mentioned link above, which will link you directly to the DPSCS search form. (Staff)
  • Where do I find the history of Maryland flooding problems?
    Maryland Department of the Environment and Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative Salisbury University August 2005 report shows Maryland's flooding history from May 1860 to July 2004. You can view more such as Maryland's Vulnerability to Flood Damage assessment from the state's Department of the Environment (MDE). The USGS provides "Maryland and the District of Columbia: Floods and Droughts" page with more details about the effects of the floods. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Maryland, birth records for my great grandfather, born in 1828?
    Archived records, such as genealogy information, are not the same as public records of persons still under privacy protections. Public records of persons not deceased have restrictions and its accessibility can vary from record to record and agency to agency. From 1800 to 1864, the state of Maryland didn't require recordings of any births. Local churches were the only ones recording births during these years. Maryland state archives are a main repository for church records. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Maryland, a copy of a marriage certificate?
    Marriage certificate copies can be obtained thru any website that also provide birth and death certificates. There is a cost associated to get a copy with the raised seal. You can also go to the court house of the state and county which u got married in. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Maryland, arrest reports from the entire state?
    Official full reports are generally obtained from the individual department which made the arrest. Records of arrests can be anything related to a person's arrest, such as a line up of inmates held in county or city jails. Arrest reports are more detailed, while records of arrest can show just a date, name/description of the offenders, reason for being in custody and maybe some other few details. Arrests are different from criminal records since a person that is arrested is not necessarily convicted, so they are similar to incident reports. In some cases you can get a incident report from an involved insurance company, that can be the same for arrest reports and attorneys involved. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Maryland, access to a 1970's arrest record?
    Where did the arrest occur? There are 24 counties in Maryland with their own sheriffs departments and records units. Larger departments will have better online services, but you may have to reach the records unit regardless and see how far back they go, and whether their archived arrest records go to the state police. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Maryland, my boyfriend's criminal record?
    You need a starting point with the information you already have, the more you have the easier the search will be. Helpful information is the full name, including the middle initial/name and location, regardless of whether the address is old or not. You will be able see results from a number of free people locator databases. A people locator search is offered by many private companies that will initially show the person's name, including the middle initial/name, date of birth, possible relatives and past residences. Past residences are important to see all the areas to search, including any outside of the state. This can broaden the scope of your entire search when you begin to capture all the data you can get and not leave out records in other states. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Maryland, the new owner of my foreclosed rental home?
    The Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation has a free open public property search. You can search by parcel number, ID, street address or sales date. You will see transfer information, location information and structure data. The transfer information shows the seller, buyer, sale type and recorded price. It's instant information and you don't need to check one county assessor site to another, the same site allows to search counties throughout the state. (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Maryland, access to and a copy of my criminal record?
    The CJIS-Central Repository can conduct a fingerprint based criminal history search by requesting it directly. The Maryland department of public safety and correctional services offers background checks for employers, visas, gold seal letters and for your own review. You will need to go to a fingerprinting service center, (a list of which you can see on the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional services webpage) and be fingerprinted. Local police departments also offer this service to the public. You can also overnight it once you have the fingerprints to get the results sooner. (Staff)
Maryland Latest Crime Records (Updated 01/29/2022)
  • Total Violent Crime:
  • Murder And Nonnegligent Manslaughter:
  • Rape:
  • Robbery:
  • Aggravated Assault:
  • Total Property Crime:
  • Burglary:
  • Larceny Theft:
  • Motor Vehicle Theft:
Maryland American Community Survey (ACS) Census Bureau (Updated 01/29/2022)
  • About Maryland ACS Demographic and Housing Estimates
    Maryland's demographic and housing ACS survey of 5,887,776 being 1.87 percent of U.S. residents is comprised of 48.4% males and 51.6% of females. American Community Survey separates various ethnicities depending on the area's population of persons from less than 5 years of age to 85 years old and over. ACS is an ongoing survey with five year estimates down to the block group scale providing a summary spanning five years, from 2010 to 2014 and released in 2014. View the percentage of the population by race, including various groups of Native Americans, Asians, American Indian, Alaska Native, and two or more races.
  • About Maryland Selected Social Characteristics
    The Maryland social characteristics data of 2,155,983 households, which make up 1.86 percent of all U.S. households, are surveyed by ACS . View the number and percentages of married and divorced residents 15 years and older, including 1,445,917 families with and without children. There are 1,577,160 persons enrolled in school which are 3 years of age and over are separated by education level from nursery school to graduate and professional degrees. The state's resident social characteristics collected data include estimated percentages and totals of persons which are foreign born, Island areas, born abroad to American parent(s), citizenship status and ancestry.
  • About Maryland Selected Economic Characteristics
    The Maryland American Community Survey economic characteristics displays current and past employment of 4,695,768 persons which are 16 years of age and older comprising of 1.89 percent of the United States labor force. Employment numbers of 3,207,358 civilians in various occupations from construction to information technology collected by industry. Overview of income and benefits in 2014, received from private entities and public assistance. Population of the labor force with private or public health coverage for both employed and unemployed residents. Data regarding the percentage of families with income below poverty level are collected by age groups ranging from persons under the age of 18 to 65 years and over.
  • About Maryland Selected Housing Characteristics
    Maryland housing characteristics are collected from 2,399,375 dwellings making up 1.81 percent of all U.S. housing, includes a survey of either inhabited 2,155,983 or uninhabited 243,392 domiciles. Data coverage of various rentals or owned structures containing 1 room to 9 rooms. Find out which mode of transportation 2,155,983 commuters in the state used to get to work. Look up the type of energy utilized by individual occupied residences. An overview of median monthly homeowner costs with or without mortgage. Percentage of rent versus income per household and homeowner costs as percentage of household income. Information collected begins with residence from 1969 or earlier.