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In 2002 New Jersey's Open Public Records act (OPRA) which states that all government records shall be readily accessible to the citizens of the state became effective. The Government Records Council (GRC) is in place to ensure that these statutes are working for the people. There are certain records exempt from the law, and these exceptions are spelled out fully in the statutes. New Jersey also has an Open Public Meetings Act which ensures the public access to a large number of government meetings. There are 21 counties and a total of 566 municipalities in New Jersey. It is the most densely populated state, and the median household income is the third wealthiest in the United States. New Jersey became the third state in the Union on December 18, 1787. New Jersey was the first northern state to abolish new slavery and enact laws to slowly phase out existing slavery. New Jersey is known as one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse states. Access to criminal history records and background checks are available through New Jersey's State Police. Find New Jersey public records maintained by the state. These documents are open to the general public and are available through official government websites. Learn how to request vital records such as birth and death records from the state files. Discover how to access criminal history records and judicial files of court case records. See crime statistics and reports for the state. View census population numbers and find out about New Jersey demographics. Obtain state property and land valuation information and housing and real estate data. Find links leading to individual city and county sites detailing facts about government procedures, public services and resources, and general community information. Discover information regarding employment income data including unemployment figures. Obtain information relating to New Jersey residents education and background histories. A breakdown showing gender and ethnic background of private persons who own businesses in New Jersey is also available. Read local interest stories and current news reports. Information on this page is updated on a continual basis.

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Departments which record, maintain and provide official documents, certificates or information requested by the general public.

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Recent court criminal actions, civil lawsuits and bankruptcy filings.

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Questions, Answers and Comments About New Jersey

  • Q: How do I find out info on the people who bought house next door to me
    By Prettypenny
    Aug 10, 2017

    Look for reverse address searches, there are several online for free. Getting official property records depends on the county where its located and that county's retrieval system unless you are requesting in person directly from the clerk's office.

    By david
    May 08, 2018

  • Q: How do I find out if a person won the lottery?
    By Lori
    Oct 07, 2016

    Search these terms: "Frequently Asked Questions - Disclosures/Public Record New Jersey", and you will see state.nj.us page in the search engine results. This page will show you how to request from the New Jersey lottery and the treasure department. You can see were to submit a request according to the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) with step by step instructions.

    By AllenDimitri
    Oct 07, 2016

  • Q: I want to see the mortgage or deed of trust for our house. I am trying to find out who has possession of our promissory note.
    By Dee
    Jun 22, 2016

    You can search these counties for free: Atlantic County, Burlington County, Cape May County, Mercer County Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Ocean County and Passaic County. There may be others, these counties are included from the New Jersey County Recording's website, just put that name is a search browser. Without knowing which county, it's hard to say where and how to get those records, either free or with a free from that department.

    By adm
    Jun 22, 2016

  • Q: How can you find out if a person was indicted by grand jury?
    By Sandy
    Mar 02, 2016

    The New Jersey court's webpage states: Documents that are available to the general public include: Indictments/Accusations..... (and many other types or court records). There's an online form that is required, also provided on the same webpage are steps on how to request their indictments and other records. A browser search of "Records Requests - New Jersey Courts" should take you to that page. The form is one page and there's a small fee from the court/clerks. The form is not county specific, but asks the request to specify the county, division, and court venue.

    By adm
    Jun 16, 2016

  • Q: I do get a charge remove because I can't get no jobs
    By Yamile
    Apr 22, 2016

    Courts mention (through their websites) the process in which to remove/expunge criminal records. Depending on the county or court venue, it is generally a petition or lawsuit to the court. Misdemeanors are often treated differently from felony convictions. There aren't any guarantees that the petition will be granted, at the least not by the courts. You will usually need legal representation, however, there doesn't seem to be any restrictions against self representation. There are advocate groups or legal services such as the Council on Crime and Justice which will be very helpful, even by simply reading their content they put out for the public. This group has seminars to help people looking to correct or erase past criminal information. The New Jersey courts have this on pdf "How to Expunge Your Criminal and/or Juvenile Record", it's a good place to start to familiarize yourself with the process.

    By bradley
    Jun 13, 2016

  • Q: How to find a bankruptcy?
    By Jane
    Mar 20, 2016

    Try searching above under New Jersey Free Court Records Search. You can enter the filer's name or other keywords to narrow the search even further. After finding records, if any, you can see about getting more information. Using free searches like these are helpful for reference later on when looking up public records. Click on the "Court Records" link to the right to jump to the search windows.

    By adm
    Mar 21, 2016

  • Q: How do I find out who owns a certain property
    By Patrick
    Jan 11, 2016

    Search for "New Jersey Property Search - Tax Records" and you will get Monmouth, NJ Assessment Records Search. Even if your property search is not in Monmouth, you can go to other counties from the same webpage/database.

    By adm
    Feb 24, 2016

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New Jersey Free Arrest Records

Published current arrests, charges and information released by law enforcement and news

  • Essex County Sheriff’s Office NEWS RELEASE September 18, 2018 Contact: Sheriff Armando Fontoura (973) 621-4105  Newark – Sheriff Armando Fontoura today announced a cash reward of up to $5,000 that leads to the arrest of the person or persons who placed an improvised explosive device on a headstone at B’nai Abraham Cemetery on South 19th
    September 19, 2018
  • Shawn Randolph, 45, of Blackwood (Gloucester Township) was charged with killing his older brother, Mark Randolph, with whom he had been living. Gloucester Township Police ... The post Man Charged in Gloucester Township Homicide – September 18, 2018 appeared first on Office of the Prosecutor Camden County.
    September 18, 2018
  • Jonathan Liano, 38, of Sicklerville in Winslow Township, believed he was chatting with a 14-year-old girl he met online. However, the fifth-grade teacher had actually ... The post Teacher Charged with Luring – September 15, 2018 appeared first on Office of the Prosecutor Camden County.
    September 15, 2018
  • Essex County Sheriff’s Office NEWS RELEASE September 11, 2018 Contact: Sheriff Armando Fontoura (973) 621-4105  Newark – A one-half mile foot chase on Monday night resulted in the arrest of an armed suspect by Essex County Sheriff’s Detectives and Newark police officers. Sheriff Armando Fontoura stated that the plainclothes law enforcement task force was conducting
    September 11, 2018
  • Carlos Figueroa, 30, was charged with robbery after he was identified as the individual responsible for four separate robberies during investigations conducted by the Camden County Prosecutor’s ... The post Camden Man Charged with Multiple Robberies – September 7, 2018 appeared first on Office of the Prosecutor Camden County.
    September 07, 2018
  • The included PDF file contains Manchester Township Police arrest information for the period of August 26, 2018, through September 1, 2018. Manchester Township Police Blotter 9/1/2018 The post Arrest Blotter (August 26, 2018 – September 1, 2018) appeared first on Manchester Police Department Manchester NJ.
    September 04, 2018

New Jersey Most Wanted and Warrants

View a list of names, offender descriptions, location, charges and other information of persons wanted by police and sheriffs

New Jersey Missing Children

Collected data of endangered children, runaways, family and non family abductions

  • Missing: Alyssa Gore
    Alyssa Gore, Age Now: 18, Missing: 04/12/2018. Missing From Pennsauken, Nj. Anyone Having Information Should Contact: Pennsauken Police Department (new Jersey) 1-856-663-1234.
    September 14, 2018
  • Missing: Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas, Age Now: 17, Missing: 09/07/2018. Missing From Passaic, Nj. Anyone Having Information Should Contact: Paterson Police Department (new Jersey) 1-973-321-1111.
    September 14, 2018
  • Missing: Ciara Roundtree
    Ciara Roundtree, Age Now: 17, Missing: 08/26/2018. Missing From Franklinville, Nj. Anyone Having Information Should Contact: Franklin Township Police Department (new Jersey) 1-856-694-1414.
    September 06, 2018
  • Missing: Aree Mckiver
    Aree Mckiver, Age Now: 14, Missing: 08/24/2018. Missing From Jersey City, Nj. Anyone Having Information Should Contact: Jersey City Police Department (new Jersey) 1-201-547-5477.
    September 04, 2018
  • Missing: Aniya Mcneill
    Aniya Mcneill, Age Now: 15, Missing: 06/23/2018. Missing From Lumberton, Nj. Anyone Having Information Should Contact: Lumberton Township Police Department (new Jersey) 1-609-267-8300.
    August 23, 2018
  • Missing: Robert Dornbach
    Robert Dornbach, Age Now: 29, Missing: 11/27/2005. Missing From Gloucester, Nj. Anyone Having Information Should Contact: Gloucester City Police Department (new Jersey) 1-856-456-0900.
    August 15, 2018

New Jersey Missing People

Currently missing persons sought by law enforcement derived from public and private sources

New Jersey Latest Crime Records (Updated 09/19/2018)

  • Total Violent Crime:
  • Murder And Nonnegligent Manslaughter:
  • Rape:
  • Robbery:
  • Aggravated Assault:
  • Total Property Crime:
  • Burglary:
  • Larceny Theft:
  • Motor Vehicle Theft:

New Jersey Census Data

  • Information About People and Demographics

  • Total population of persons residing within the state
  • Estimate of the state's total residency
  • Percentage change of the total resident population
  • Net change of residents' total population
  • Complete count of statewide resident population
  • Population estimate of residents less than 5 years of age
  • Estimated percentage of residents that are less than 5 years of age
  • Estimate of residents that are less than 18 years of age
  • Estimated percentage of residents that are less than 18 years of age
  • Percentage estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older
  • Estimate of residents that are 65 years of age and older
  • Total estimate percentage of female residents
  • State's white resident population
  • State's black resident population
  • State's American Indian and Alaska Native resident populations
  • State's Asian resident population
  • State's Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander resident population
  • Statewide resident population of two or more races
  • Statewide resident population of Hispanic or Latino origin
  • Non Hispanic white resident population
  • Statewide percentage of white residents
  • Statewide percentage of black residents
  • Statewide percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native residents
  • Statewide percentage of Asian residents
  • Statewide percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
  • Statewide percentage of Two or more races
  • Statewide percentage of Hispanic or Latino Origin
  • Statewide percentage of non Hispanic white
  • Vital Statistics

    Births and deaths occurring in New Jersey
  • Births
  • Deaths
  • Infant death occurring within the state of persons one year of age or less
  • Percentage of persons with the same residence of one year or more
  • Resident Background Information

    Education and background history of New Jersey Residents
  • Percentage of foreign born population in the state
  • Percentage of residents 5 years of age and older that speak languages other than English at home
  • Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with high a school education or higher
  • Percentage of persons from 25 years of age and older with bachelor's degree or higher
  • Total number of Veterans
  • Current Housing and Real Estate Data

    Households located in New Jersey
  • Average time spent commuting to work for person 16 years and over not working from their personal residence
    30 Min
  • Housing unit estimates
  • Net change of housing units estimates
  • Housing unit estimates - percentage change
  • Percentage of the state's housing units being occupied by owners
  • Median value of the state's housing units being occupied by owners
  • Percentage of housing in structure of multi dwelling units
  • Total number of households
  • Average size of households
  • New Jersey Employment Data

    Income, earnings and payrolls of people residing within the State
  • Per capita income in the past 12 months in dollars adjusted to inflation
  • 2009 statewide income of median households in New Jersey
  • Percentage of persons living in poverty
  • The personal income of persons employed
  • Per capita income of persons employed
  • Labor force of civilian workers
  • The unemployment of the civilian labor force
  • The rate of unemployed civilian labor force
  • Employment of person relating to all industries
  • Net change of employment in all industries
  • People employed by the government
  • Earnings by persons working in all industries
  • Average earnings per job in all industries
  • Number of private non farm establishments
  • Total of non employer establishment according to NAICS
  • Total NAICS 72 sales of accommodation and food services establishments with payrolls
  • People and Businesses

    Firms and companies of New Jersey
  • Total number of firms located in the state
  • Total percentage of black owned private firms
  • Total percentage of American Indian and Alaska Native owned firms
  • Total percentage of Asian owned firms
  • Total percentage of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander owned firms
  • Total percentage of Native Hispanic owned private firms
  • Total percentage of Women owned private firms
  • Value for shipments from manufacturers according to NAICS 31-33
  • Sales of establishments with payroll from merchant wholesalers according to NAICS 42
  • Sales of establishments with payroll from retailers
  • Per capita sales of establishments with payroll from retailers
  • Land Valuation

    Property value and New Jersey territory
  • 2009 totals of building permits for new private housing units
  • The valuation of all new private housing units authorized by building permits
  • Adjusted acres of land in farms
  • Size in square miles of land
  • Population per square mile