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New York Court Records:
The two city courts in New York are Criminal courts, which handle misdemeanors, and Civil Courts, which involve lawsuits of claims or damages above $25,000 and other matters referred by the Supreme Courts.

State Courts in New York:
There are multiple state courts in New York which include:

Supreme Courts:
Separate from Supreme Courts in other states which usually are the highest level of the state court, New York's Supreme Court handles the broadest official power legal to make decisions. These cases can be civil or criminal.

Surrogate's Court:
Every county in New York has a Surrogate's Court which handles all matters involving guardianship, the probate of wills, and the administration of estates.

Family Court:
Family Court handles all matters related to family disputes except for divorces.

Specialized Courts in New York:
There are five courts which are specific to the state of New York which include:
  • Small Claims Court:
    Small Claims Court is also known as "People's Court" which handles informal court hearings which involves money matters only as high as $3,000.
  • Commercial Division of the Supreme Court:
    These court cases which are often referred to as "commercial cases," handle business disputes in the matter of $100,000 or more.
  • Integrated Domestic Violence Courts:
    (IDV) courts handle all matters related to domestic violence cases.
  • Drug Treatment Courts:
    These courts are specific to drug cases involving a person with an addiction. The Drug Treatment Courts often have court-supervised treatment plans.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution:
    The New York State Unified Court System has multiple ADR programs at every court level which offer many ways to resolve disputes with alternative solutions to litigation.
Federal Courts:
In addition to State Courts, there is a federal court system that generally handles cases involving questions of federal law and matters involving diversity jurisdiction. United States District Courts are the trial courts. United States Courts of Appeal are the first line of appellate courts; hearing matters appealed from the trial courts.

United States Supreme Court:
The U.S. Supreme Court, which is made up of nine justices, is the final court of appeals in the nation. It handles cases appealed from U.S. Courts of Appeal. It also handles cases appealed from any state supreme court.

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    The search above has bankruptcies is free and open to the visitors. It is limited to cases since 2014, and does not provide the entire case, but may still have the basic information you’re looking into.

    By admn1
    Dec 29, 2015
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