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Tennessee Public Records Act was adopted in 1957. The law allows for all state, county and city records to be open to the public for inspection. The law also includes records which are considered confidential and thus exempted from public access. Confidential records would include military records affecting national security, student files, medical records or certain criminal investigations. Office of Open Records Counsel is located within the Comptroller of the Treasury and assists the public with access to public records. Tennessee is the 16th state admitted to the Union on June 1, 1796. There are 95 counties in Tennessee and 347 incorporated municipalities. Rock and roll began in Memphis and known as the birth place of the blues. The Comptroller of the Treasury offers real estate assessment data to find the value of property in Tennessee. Research the many public records available online for Tennessee. Follow the ongoing news stories and crime reports. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation can help you obtain criminal records and background checks. Find an abundance of data on the demographics of the state, the education and background history of the people. Discover how the Office of Vital Records can help you obtain copies of birth, death, marriage or divorce certificates. Uncover information on the different types of businesses and firms in Tennessee as well as facts and figures on income and earnings. You can garner an understanding of how the county governments are run as well as learning about the community resources and attractions the cities of Tennessee have to offer. Find information the the state courts, court cases and judiciary self help. This site is updated regularly so be sure to refer to it often.
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  • How do I file for divorce, with the proper forms in Tennessee, without a lawyer?
    Divorces are generally filed at the county-level court. Shelby county courts have a page with multiple links regarding divorces that include forms and instructions. The state's court website provides approved divorce forms for Tennessee counties.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • How do I get a copy of my divorce record in Tennessee?
    You can get certificates online by following the link "Tennessee Birth Records:" (below). You will see instructions on where and different ways to request them. They are available the same day if you can go into their office: Tennessee Vital Records 1st Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower 710 James Robertson Parkway in Nashville. Tennessee has county court searches freely online anyone can use. Check the county's case files, either online or in person, since, most likely, it isn't too far unless you've moved away.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • Where do I find in Tennessee how to obtain arrest records?
    It depends on where the arrest occurred; which law enforcement department? Also, there are policies for requesting the arrest report, so it also depends on whether the person requesting the report is related to the case. You can look up recent arrests from local county jail webpages with a list of people in custody.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • Where do I find information on the mother of a newborn on September 22, 2015, and access to the baby's birth certificate in Tennessee?
    According to the Tennessee department of health, newborn birth certificates are available for the issue about 45 days after their office receives the original from the place of birth/hospital. The department of health's site offers an online public service that allows ordering birth and other official certificates. You can also go in person and get it the same day from the Tennessee Office of Vital Records in Nashville. The requests aren't freely open; there are restrictions and policies to check first.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Tennessee, information on bankruptcy?
    You can search court cases, including bankruptcies and other types of cases. If you go to the court records link, you click on the menu and enter party names or keywords to look for case information. With any data query, check the coverage of the search.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • Where do I find in Tennessee, birth records from 1945?
    County health departments throughout Tennessee provided issued short-form birth certificates beginning in 1949. To view a list of these departments, go to the state's department of health website from tn.gov and look under vital records. You will see four options to request birth certificates. If you go to one of its locations/offices in person, it is possible to get them that same day. For earlier records, The Tennessee State Library and Archives cover deaths from 1908-1912 and 1914-1964. This department is under the Tennessee Secretary of state.
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  • Where do I find, in Tennessee, access to DUI records?
    Was there a conviction? Arrest records have some restrictions on how to get them directly from the police. But you can view a list of arrests from individual police sites, depending on the arrest location and if they show people they have in custody online. If it is far back in time, you can find out which publications/periodicals show arrests and go from there. Libraries carry old articles.
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  • Where can I find access in Tennessee to criminal records?
    You can gather your criminal records. Or you can have a company do it for you. If you search on your own, you can see local arrests from various law enforcement agency websites throughout Tennessee. There are many forms of criminal records; felony offender information is a good example. It's a free search from the state's department. It includes offenders who are, as well as offenders that were previously in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Correction. You can see information about parolees, persons on probation, and inmates.
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  • Where can I find in Tennessee a marriage record and a copy of a marriage certificate?
    There are a few things to consider when looking for a marriage record. Where the marriage occurred, as in which county. The department of health Tennessee Vital Records webpage explains what they require to issue a certificate and the methods to make requests.
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  • Where can I find in Tennessee if I have a warrant out for my arrest?
    It depends on which area. Courts, many at the county court level, generally issue warrants. However, sheriff's departments, Montgomery is an example, will provide an open public warrant search.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • Where can I find Tennessee recently filed bankruptcy records?
    If the filing was in Tennessee, there are three districts, Eastern, Middle, and Western, each with its site and services. You can go directly to their web pages and check the courts' calendars. You can look for bankruptcy information by using the query above under the Tennessee Free Court Records Search part on this page. The more information you have before and during the search, the better; the information is freely open to anyone, so it is a time investment. If you'd like to see examples of results, click on one of the recent bankruptcy filings you see underneath. These searches are not heavily advertised, so you may need to look extensively to find them.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • How can I find the address where a person was arrested in Tennessee?
    Crime maps show the crime block by block in some Tennessee neighborhoods. It is a free online search, mostly around Nashville, Murfreesboro, Columbia, and a few other local areas.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • Where can I find an offender's arrest record and sentence information in Tennessee?
    The department of corrections in Tennessee has an online offender search open to the public. With a search of a doc, you will see amongst the first results 'Tennessee felony offender search. Then, you can navigate to the search page, where you can search by name or ID number. The information that will come up is a brief description of the offender, id number, supervision status, and sentence beginning and end period. You can also see parole information such as eligibility, hearing dates, and results. There will be an option to see more information by ordering a background check once a list of names is produced.
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  • Where can I find in Tennessee, bankruptcy records?
    Begin with searching Bankruptcy records and information above under Recent court criminal actions, civil lawsuits, and bankruptcy filings; it's a free and instant query.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • How do I find a court date in Tennessee?
    If you know which court/county or district, check their online calendars and clerk's offices. Tennessee also provides an open public search of district court cases through its online database (state courts). You can search by case number, party/case name, business, or organization.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • How do I learn more about my great-grandfather in Tennessee if I know his first and last name, birth date, death date, and who he was married to, along with his children?
    You can start with archives, old obits/articles from libraries, etc. Public records have a different standard of access when compared to historical/archived data, and many privacy laws no longer apply. If you go the public record path to request vital records, death, marriage, birth..... and it is not of your own, you will run into policies that keep you from getting it. Historical or archived information's challenge is locating them, so start with the state archives or vital records offices to see how far back they go and when their cutoff is between archived and current public records.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • How can I find out about my fines, charges, and arrest record in Tennessee?
    The police department issues arrest reports unless it's in your case file, which the courts can provide. Individual departments throughout the state offer online services.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • How do I obtain autopsy reports in Tennessee?
    In Tennessee, autopsy reports are considered public records unless sealed by court order. The state's medical examiner's website has a form online; it's very simple and brief. You will need to provide the deceased's name, date, and county of death. There's a portion that asks relationship to the deceased; not sure if it's a requirement, but there are q and's to help with any questions and a phone number. The form name is AUTOPSY REPORT REQUEST, which has instructions on the process to obtain the report. You will need to send in your written request to the office of the Medical Examiner, State of Tennessee Department of Health in Johnson city, according to the form.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • Where can I find in Tennessee if my previous arrest, case number 12803, was a felony or a misdemeanor?
    Do you know or remember the department which made the arrest? How current was the arrest? Was there a conviction are a result? An arrest report can be requested from the law enforcement department which made the arrest. There are policies in place with restrictions. However, the person in the report should not be kept from the arrest report. Court files can have more information and the outcome if there is a conviction. Another option is the Tennessee Open Records Information Services; this is a statewide criminal history check that can be requested online. All the records in this search result from arrests occurring within the state.
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  • How do you find out in Tennessee if there is an arrest warrant issued for you?
    Just type in your city and the police department, and it will have a place to pop in your name to check.
    Open-Public-Records.com (Staff)
  • How do you find someone booked in jail the same night you were in Tennessee without remembering their name?
    Check old publications for the area where the arrest occurred, as several newspapers/publications will list people arrested daily. Look for publications that show arrested individuals, then look up the issue for that date. Libraries have old publications, sometimes on microfilm, for the public to research old events.
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