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Access to public records in the state of Vermont is subject to the Vermont Public Record Law, in effect since 2002. The law asserts that public records from Vermont public agencies must be open for public inspection or copying. The law further stipulates that a requested document must be made available within a calendar week of the request. Provisions are in place to appeal a decision in the event a request is denied. This law is pertinent to existing documents only. Vermont was the 14th state granted statehood, which occurred on March 4, 1791. Census figures show that Vermont's population of 630,337 is the second smallest in the country. As the state's small population might suggest, Vermont is allowed a single delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. The largest city in the state is Burlington, with the capital city in Montpelier. Vermont is comprised of 14 counties, 9 cities, and numerous municipalities. No state in the union produces more maple syrup. The Vermont Criminal Information Center, a division of the Department of Public Safety, is the agency responsible for criminal history records. Quickly and easily explore the many public records available online for Vermont. Access interesting census data about the people and demographics of the state. Link to the Department of Health to obtain birth, death, marriage or divorce records. Investigate the workings of the Vermont judiciary to find court records, jury duty and other legal information. Gather housing and real estate information and learn about the education and background history of the residents. Explore statistics on the companies and firms in Virginia to get a feel for doing business in the state. Each county link provides a plethora of information on local government and services. The city links will tell you about the individual communities, local attractions and give you a glimpse of life in Vermont. Find out how to access criminal history records online and read current crime reports and news headlines. To keep up to date, visit this site often as new sources are added on a regular basis.
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Departments which record, maintain and provide official documents, certificates or information requested by the general public.

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Ask Questions, About Vermont

  • Where can I find in Vermont, who was in jail from September 21st, 2012 until October 4th, 2012?
    You will need to look into local police records for arrest requests. Statewide authorities have access to arrest information for themselves, but do not offer them to the public. The department of public safety allows for criminal record checks. If the arrest is recent, there are police logs online which show their detainees. One place many don't check which doesn't cost anything is the state of Vermont's department of corrections. If there was a conviction and sentenced in Vermont, this search can help, which also means there are court records with more information. The Vermont Judiciary offers a criminal record check for a fee, it can be requested with an online form, but it must be turned in at the court's public service counter or by mail only. There are court and attorney service companies which can deliver the form, there's no signature line in this form. (Staff)
  • I live in Vermont and have a bench warrant issued for me because I have not been able to pay my fines, What do I do?
    Certain city, county or state websites have services and information regarding traffic and citation issues. Courts and law enforcement can also have links in regard to traffic. (Staff)