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Search the City of Phoenix, public records using best found research sources online. This City zip code is 85001 with a total population of 1,445,632. Look up recorded information of Phoenix, including demographics and local economy. Link to all levels of Phoenix, government and their sites with services which provide public information. Current economy, business and housing data. Read about up to date current events and what is occurring in the City of Phoenix. Find out about the background of residents and recorded statistics. Request criminal records specific to the City of Phoenix, from law enforcement departments with access to the state's repository with official background check of arrests and convicted felonies. Access a directory aimed toward producing open public records and instant information available online. Phoenix sources are added on a regular basis for the best and most current services.
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  • How can I find out information on the city of's police response to 730 and 738 West Jones Avenue on September 2012?
    Check the source link labeled "Phoenix Crime Maps: Mapping of Phoenix street locations." That will take you directly to Phoenix's police incident responses, street by street. You can narrow only to see incidents by type using the advanced search, exclude registered offenders, traffic if needed, and more. There's a date range option that can help narrow down to finding the correct incident.
  • Where can I find access to police reports of false complaints of my damaging a house?
    It is probably just an incident report if they are stating no reports are on file. An incident report says the police were called to the address. If you were named in the incident report, the PD talked to you, and nothing came from it, I would not be too concerned.
  • Where can I find the number of new people moving every year?
    The averages vary from year to year. As the state's economy drops, so does its population. It has gone from 2.1% in July 2008 to 1.1% between 2010 and 2011. From 7/04 to 7/05, the growth was the largest at 3.3%. The percentage change is based on the previous years' numbers, so a high percentage in earlier years based on a lower population can mean fewer overall people are moving into the state as opposed to a smaller percentage of a larger population in the most recent years. If the Census Bureau does not show these facts since it is conducted every decade, online journals publish estimates and access other economic data. Private entities collect population and area statistics for marketing, research, news stories, labor issues, budgets, etc.
  • Where can I find my arrest records, booking, and release dates without waiting for 45 days?
    Check superior court cases.
  • Where can I find how many background checks for firearms the FBI conducted?
    According to the FBI, over one hundred million background checks were performed in the past ten years. Out of these searches, seven hundred thousand applicants were turned down, which is .7 percent. These searches use the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, also known as the NICS, pronounced like nicks, and are called NICS checks. The dealer selling the firearm will require the purchaser to fill out form 4473, where information is collected to run the search.
  • Where are criminal history records to conduct background checks found?
    In Arizona, the state's department of public safety maintains the central repository for criminal records. However, there are restrictions for the public to access this system and only for authorized agencies or individuals according to ARS 41-1750(G) and Public Law 92-544. Individuals can request copies of background checks to review their records. There are other purposes, such as an employer's request for fingerprint clearances and a few others on the Arizona government's site. For national searches, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and special Correspondence Unit provides services to obtain a national check or clearance.
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