Public Record News
Public record -- April 20
Detention Center
April 19 2014

Public Record: Mansfield Municipal Court Report
The Mansfield Municipal Court report, which appears regularly, includes only charges involving fines and court costs totaling $150 or more. The sentences and fines listed here were handed down between April 7 and 11.
April 19 2014

ACORN Sales Now Offering Acorn Official Notary Public Record Book at Affordable Prices
ACORN Sales, the leading supplier of high quality marking and identification supplies, is now offering Acorn Official Notary Public Record Book at highly competitive prices. (PRWeb April 18, 2014) Read the full story at
April 18 2014

Public record -- April 18
Detention Center
April 18 2014

Public record -- April 17
Detention Center
April 17 2014

Lebanon public record: April 7 to April 10
Lebanon Police Department
April 16 2014

Public record -- April 16
Detention Center
April 16 2014

New State Law To Cover Text Messages From Public Officials
The Mississippi Ethics Commission hands down a landmark opinion on public officials' text messages about government business. The unanimous decision states texts are public records, even if they are sent from a government official’s personal cell phone. The non-binding opinion came after a dispute between the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal and Tupelo mayor Jason Shelton. You see Mayor ...
April 15 2014

Report Finds City of Jackson Spent Thousands on Mayor's Obituary
More than $2,000 dollars of taxpayer money was used to pay for obituary printing for the funeral of the Late Mayor Chokwe Luumba. That’s according to a public record News Channel 12 requested and received from the City of Jackson. The document shows that the late mayor’s 12-page obituary was printed 3,000 times, and with the use of paper, ink, and binding, the price tag read $2,332.68. Other ...
April 14 2014

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In 1966 the Freedom of Information Act was put into law giving residents open record access to their government. Opposed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, open records and meeting statutes have been challenged in courts, rewritten and modified by legislatures and citizens seeking a transparent government. Soon after the Watergate scandal, congress passed significant amendments to the FOIA and setting many examples for individual states to follow. Each state has developed their own legislation regarding open records regarding its agencies. Look up current crime reports in any state across the United States. Information about state and county residents will familiarize you with any area you select nationwide. View statistical data covering housing and real estate in an area you are interested in relocating to. Census information of a state's economy is updated to have the most research materials online. Any area's information is listed on one page where you can see the number of businesses and their ownerships. If interested in purchasing property, land valuation is an essential part of any area's background. Trends can be noticed by viewing numbers collected about growth over time. Comparative researches are facilitated with various categories listed of the most current year. Statewide public records contain essential information we seek and use from government agencies on a regular basis. As federal, state and local entities hold most records requested by the public, easy access to information in an efficient and timely manner is essential and facilitated by open government statutes. Access to public information from various agencies is provided with direct access to their official websites. Obtain criminal records to assets derived from various levels of government. Compile information from various departments and divisions to conduct a full search of an individual's background. Look up and verify information instantly online or request an official document recorded by a specific department

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A:Not all, but some wills are recorded. If it went through probate, a name and case search can have the information you're looking for.
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A:Archived records are often not treated the same as public records in general. Libraries local to the area you are researching can have more information than what is available in other places.
by al julien

Q: How can you find out what a person's charges are? Blount, TN
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A:An arrest log from the areas' police department. If the department is large enough, it will have a way to view the names and charges online. Also, if the person is incarcerated, the department of corrections or the local jail's roster will contain the some information about the arrest. You can use the crime map to see which department made the arrest, if you know where the arrest occurred.
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A:There are no metal detectors in place at Franklin Regional High School
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A:The schools has approximately 3600 students which attend that school. That's the news so far.
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A:How big is the school? Was there any security there?
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A:The suspect is being held by the Murrysville police at their station being questioned. So far it seems to be a juvenile, so the name is not going to be publicized. The adult's name is not being released as of now either.
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A:This happens with many that order a background check after they see or hear of an individual’s arrest. It takes time for the record to appear if at all. In most cases, records are not instantly recorded and provided to the public. Another reason is that the arrest may need to result in a conviction to appear. All of this takes time. If you see an individual that has been recently arrested, you can still see all of the previous offenses based on the criminal history search.
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Q: What is a public information officer
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A:A public information officer is generally a representative a particular government agency in releasing events, data, records and so forth that are deemed open to the public. You can sometimes see them on television releasing information to news reporters on the behalf of a police department in regard to certain events. It can also be a staff member in charge of records, documentation of government data. There are many types information deemed as government data open to the public. The latest back and forth battles have been around government employee emails. Other issues such as what should be released is also a matter of debate, an example of this are companies that deal with government entities and even act on their behalf. If ATT and the government have a deal, does the public have a right to have the details released under the freedom information act.
by OpenPublicRecords

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Q: What area is worst in drug trafficking
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A:There are two ways to look up areas under and see the types of crimes occurring. One is the crime maps that are freely available online, note that not all areas are included. The other are the recent arrests. There are certain times when drug activity picks up and their arrests follow. Also, there are published reports of sweeps. This is when a joint effort from law enforcement is executing warrants for arrest or search. The agency will release reports for the media, online, tv or their own site's press release.
by jayAdams

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A:Local periodicals from the past held in libraries can show that. The method available to search for this type of information is the reason whether is will be easy to find or now. Some search sources can be found online, libraries are great research tools that helps their community.
by admn

Q: Looking for Permits in Gloucester county, NJ. city of Woodbury Heights
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Q: Who is the national dealers association?
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A:Texas claims to be pro business, but have been resisting sales of Tesla’s cars in their state. Texas! Pro business?? Only if their special interest groups approve, and their supported legislatures.
by ed reeves
A:This is a typical bully tactic from a special interest group. Who are they to claim themselves as a consumer protection advocate? Since when is National Automobile Dealers Association concerned with consumer protections? Is that they usually do, or are they for the interest of dealers which pay dues. Without these dues, they would probably not exist, so they will go after anyone, regardless of right or wrong, as long as they maintain their influence with legislatures.
by david albon
A:This is a typical bully tactic from a special interest group. Who are they to claim themselves as a consumer protection advocate? Since when is National Automobile Dealers Association concerned with consumer protections? Is that they usually do, or are they for the interest of dealers which pay dues. Without these dues, they would probably not exist, so they will go after anyone, regardless of right or wrong, as long as they maintain their influence with legislatures.
by david albon
A:The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is claiming that they’re protecting the consumer by having dealerships sell Tesla autos. Since when did dealers protect the consumer? Would like to hear from anyone which has experienced a time where a dealer came to protect their customers and from what? Is this even a valid claim?
by CAdreamer
A:If you're wondering who special interest groups are and what they do, this is a great story to model after. Power over the legislation from a special interest group versus an entrepreneur. Many special interest groups are not for open and free markets, only to give an advantage to the ones they represent.
by alice nardon
A:It’s actually the “National Automobile Dealers Association”. They represent the interests of automobile dealers, a special interest group. They are lobbies for the dealers that have been trying to stifle Elon Musk’s efforts to sell his Tesla automobiles in states where their dealers are complaining. According to published reports, dealers have spent over $86 billion in nine years on state elections and almost $54 billion in federal elections. Texas, Arizona and New Jersey are still keeping Tesla automobiles from being sold in their state.
by al julien

Q: Title for 8606 Brenda dr Hamilton county, TN. city of Chattanooga
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Q: If an address is made public through various venues, why can't I get someone's residence from the California department of motor vehicles?
by ted slovic
A:Safety and liability are a major concern when dealing with personal information, whether is it private or public. One piece of information may be public, such as the address, but when the department of motor vehicles puts it with a person's name, it can become a problem of intrusion for the individual.

Different departments can enforce their own policies as long as they are not interfering with the freedom of information statutes. Another example are deeds that show a person's spouse or family trust, therefore, agencies need sometimes set their own policies. Electronic databases are not an exception. Many court records that are available online contain personal information that the agency would rather not be easily released. Although these records are deemed public, a requestor can be asked for a permissible purpose for the information. The data can be modified to have portions omitted from being released. Similar to how court records were blacked out.

by OpenPublicRecords

Q: How do I find bankruptcy records 2013?
by Ivanna
A:try the pacer automatic system online (Public Access to Court Electronic Records)
by OpenPublicRecordsStaff

Q: what website shows crime activity logs for spokane couny
by mellymel
A:CID, Race, Gender, Age, Intake Date, Booking Number, Report Number, Case Number, Stay number, Booking Date and Time
by OpenPublicRecordsStaff
A:What type of information is the Spokane county sheriffs allowed to show the public?
by arthur kelley
A:Yes, this includes women that were arrested and brought to the Spokane detention center. When you pull up the roster, you will see the women inmates on the same list/webpages. There are currently over 900 on their roster, they are broken down by currently detained only, new bookings only, new releases only or all combined.
by OpenPublicRecordsStaff
A:Does this roster include female inmates?
by arthur kelley
A:The Spokane County detention's inmate roster is displayed for public view at the sheriff's website. In order to get county records, you have to access county departments. You may not be able to find them through state services.

Since you know which county the arrest took place, you can directly go the sheriffs station's webpage and see a list of their detainees. All persons detained my not be in crime news feeds, it is a good way to see incidents per city or county. Cross reference with crime maps if it is available for that area, it will tell you the arresting agency, time, place and a little bits of information.

by OpenPublicRecordsStaff

Q: My family had a summer residence that was sold in the late 60 early 70's how will I be able to access the past records to find out the address(which was known only to parents) and see if still remaining. I wish to go back and show my children this wonderful place if still there have checked the several public records but hit road blocks any help would be great
by laurie

Q: How do I find out who owns a house? Childress, TX
by Jill
A:Conduct a deed search from your county. There are over 300 counties Texas, each have their own services and websites for public's use.
by admn

Q: where would I find the information about an accident September 22, 1984
by belinda
A:They can all be different, some may hold those records longer than other department.
by al julien
A:How far back do the police departments keep their accident reports? What do they do with them if they no longer keep them.
by CAdreamer

Q: Searching For Property Owner Information From Only A Street Address?
by Question
The ease of gathering information online has made a novice investigator out of web users. When starting out, chances are you will see a good amount of information, some of it unexpected. Simply entering a name or address in your search engine, will do just that, based on the right keywords. One of the most common searches is for property ownership information and the current value. You will find looking up property values to be much easier as many companies in the real estate industry will provide it freely. Name of the property owner is a different matter. It is considered public record, so what is the problem?
With the advancements in technology, access to recorded documents should be easy, specially when the valuations are made accessible online. The reason is privacy protections, a major contributor is protection from identity theft and other unintended fraudulent consequences. So what does an individual do when running into the problem of privacy policies being in the way of getting public records. After all, you have a right to these records by law.
The difference between policy and laws for free access to public records
The laws for obtaining property records are clear. There isn’t much debate on whether deeds should be available for the public to obtain. However, departments in charge of deeds can set policies as long as it does not violate laws. The freedom of information statutes from state to state can also be different directly affecting the availability. Some state laws are geared toward more transparency than others. This also means that there is no blanket answer to cover all agencies, each have their own policies which need to be followed. Even counties bordering each other can have vastly different procedures.
How do you find out about getting the information under an address?
Today, nearly all county offices have websites in one form or another. While is it making things easier for the department, it is also doing the same for the individual searching. It is simply just more challenging in some states than others, such as California, New York and a few others. The law guaranteeing the access to public records does not provide for its ease of retrieval or costs as long as it is not unjustly prohibitive. You can successfully begin with government websites which deal with deeds and recorded documents. Private entities request much of their data from public entities also for their own use or resell, meaning that the government sources are generally the source of all information you will be seeking.

by OpenPublicRecordsStaff

Q: wherr csn i view st. marys, wva obits years 1938-1942?
by martha
A:Libraries local to the area sometimes carry old periodicals which can have the obituaries
by Response

Q: I need some documents on a custody hearing from 2000 any way i can get them on the Cherokee county court website?
by momof2

Q: Why was house searched in yukon on March 27 2014
by citizen
A:Crime mapping (most of them) show incidents block by block. You can then see which police department made the arrest and go to their website and look up arrest information or log, for more information than you will find simply using the map.
by david albon

Q: what is the address of the courthouse in moapa off the 78
by tim

Q: Sex offender in peebles,Ohio
by Ally
A:There are different websites for different areas, such as the local police office all the way up to the national level. Maps are also shown to help.
by admn

Q: what percent has real estate gone up in last 7 years
by jhm
A:You can get that information from any major site that lists real property. You can see comps between different homes and how much they sold for before.
by publicrecordfinder

Q: Are Public Records Used To Spy On Others?
by Questionnaire
A:If you consider others looking at your public information spying, the answer is obviously yes. How far can a member of the public that I don’t even know go into my records? How much can they find out? How do I know when some is looking at my information? The answers are no longer as obvious to most people, even when it comes to public records.

How much can be found out from public records? The most accurate answer will come from you conducting a search of your own records, or hiring a professional to do so. Conducting a search on ourselves gives us the advantage of not looking for records, such as a criminal history, when we’re well aware that they will come back blank, so no need to bother and waste money. However, don’t be easily fooled into getting too comfortable, this is a only minor set back, not to mention that the person searching may be better skilled in finding records than you are.

Do we know all the information out there about you? You will have few of your peers say “Well, you already know all the information about yourself out there, what are you looking for?”. Not necessarily! Self background checks are conducted for just that reason. Many conducting a check on themselves, whether on their own at home from a computer or a hired service, are surprised at the amount of information that’s out there. Even after tireless efforts being made fighting identity theft, a wealth of information is still readily available. On one side you have privacy protections and on other side the people’s right to access public records.

When does the right to public records interfere with individual privacy? Individual privacy excludes companies and public entities as they do not have the same protections. Privacy and the right to access public records do cross each other’s paths. Financial information is protected but bankruptcy filings can be requested from the courts, is everything within the record open to the public? Can the public see assets listed within a divorce case file? There are a multitude of questions in regard to privacy, and cases should be looked at individually. Adding to the problem is erroneous information about you that’s out there.

What are my options? Each individual’s case can be different and there is no single quick answer for everyone. The information available can vary greatly from one person to another. However, there are tips which can be helpful to the average person. Begin with conducting a fishing expedition of your own records of anything and everything which may possibly contain your name, tel. number, address, business/company, affiliations/association with others and social networks. Remember that information about you can be in places where you’d never imagine since companies sell public data to each other. Are you skilled in looking and finding records? If not, hire private services for a better thorough job. The more time and/or money you spend, the more likely you are to find additional information.

by OpenPublicRecordsStaff

Q: Who is the property owner at 9275 Rising Creek Way Elk Grove Ca 95624?
by anonymous
A:The Sacramento County recorders office is the agency which should be the one that gives copies of recorded deeds and other documents. The following are the recorded documents they provide Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Deeds of Reconveyance, Assignments of a Deed of Trust and Liens
by admn

Q: How can I view someone's death certificate without having to pay for it?
by Eddie
A:Some of the agencies allow walk-ins, but you may only be able to search but not get official copies. It may be a different scenario if you are a direct relative, guardian and so on.
by admn

Q: Think About Requesting Local Arrest Records From Police or Sheriff
by OpenPublicRecordsStaff
A:A common request when looking into a person's criminal history are their arrests on record. A popular reason for trying to see someone's arrests, specifically if recent, is when people are looking for a loved one they suspect is in trouble. The major differences between these is the timeline of a particular arrest, is it in the past or was it recent, within hours, days or even still in custody. When looking for past arrests, the first thought is to run a background check. Whether private or through law enforcement agencies which can provide official reports. Do not to fall into the trap of thinking a background check will automatically include arrests. The reason for the arrest information not being included in so many background checks is that they're not convictions. Convictions show up in background checks, which can sometimes include criminal court records. However, arrests are viewed differently as the individual has not been convicted, and is still deemed innocent under the law. The result can be unintended incrimination toward the arrestee without being found guilty in the first place. If they're convicted, so be it, they should appear in a quality comprehensive criminal history search, sometimes called conviction databases from police and sheriffs agencies. As previously pointed out, in some areas law enforcement agencies at various levels provide background checks to the public, whether statewide (state police), countywide (county sheriffs) or citywide (police departments). The FBI also provides background checks (note that it doesn't mean everyone qualifies to obtain a background from the FBI).

An initial step in the right direction is to see which type or record you need and why. Employers tend to request background checks, so do individuals for various purposes to see a conviction history, of which there are many sources, either private or government. What if you're looking for a recent arrest? You're suspecting an individual you know may have been arrested. It is not similar to when a celebrity getting arrested and thereafter appearing all over the media. You need to find someone that you think may be in custody, and do it immediately.

Viewing recent arrests is simple and open to the public in many jurisdictions. This is specially true in densely populated areas with larger jail facilities. When an individual is arrested, they will then go through a booking process. The process provides a record of individuals that were arrested, which can include the incident report, evidence and more depending on policy and procedures of each individual facility. With ads all over the net from private entities which claim to provide arrest reports, a great number of the public is not aware that police and sheriff departments offer free public use of their online inmate databases. Los Angeles maintains one of the largest county facilities in the U.S., housing a highly populated jail, their website offers a name query inmate search.

Finally, when trying to get arrest reports, or sometimes called incident reports, why not go directly to the source of the information, the police and sheriffs stations? Their websites can show you how to make an arrest report request containing better detail than a simple inmate search. Bottom line is that criminal information comes from one government office/agency or another, and with the help of technology, many have public resources that can eliminate the need for a middle man, such as a private entity reselling the information.

by Response

Q: Has anyone been charged with death of arrijana hill
by Carla

Q: Names of people arrested in Newport bch
by shelly
A:Some city police departments do not have their own jail or list of inmates they’ve arrested, which may be the case for the Newport Beach police. The phone number to the Newport Beach jail division is (949) 644-3672 .

The Orange county jail has an inmate search which may include arrests in Newport Beach, it’s worth checking since the search is freely open to the public. You can check the crime map here where you'll be directly taken to crimes occurring from street to street There are fields that can be used to select a time frame and types of crimes or all offenses. You can zoom out to see neighboring cities.

by tim

Q: How do I get 2 certified copies of my marriage license?
by Laura Bennett
A:Vital records offices for your state provides certified copies of birth, marriage, divorce and death. They are sometimes named recorders offices or held by the county clerk, once again it depends on where the birth occurred, states have different agency name and responsibilities they cover. In California, it is the county recorder, in Michigan it's the Vital Records Office at 201 Townsend Street in Lansing, under the department of community health.
by blgr

Q: Asking questions in open forums about how to obtain arrest records.
by johnallen
A:When we're faced with a problem which we have no answer to, we look to others for assistance. With the internet being a big part of making our lives easier, many turn to blog and forums looking for helpful tips. However, there are many that go unanswered. The tips below are from a full time blogger with over 6 years of experience in the field.

Be Concise

Provide the information clearly. Organize your thoughts before typing them in, organize it further once typed in. Make sure your message is getting across before posting it. Put yourself in a reader's place which has no background knowledge of you or your issue.

Check The Spelling
Spelling errors are an unnecessary hindrance to getting your question answered correctly. Remember, the person reading your post for the first time does not have any background information and may be easily confused. Additionally, there's no legitimate excuse other than lack of effort as spell check is automatically in place.

Be Specific Without Giving Too Much Information

There is a balance between posting too much information and being too vague. Being too vague presents a good possibility of not having your question answered, whether due to the answer being too broad in return or not helpful at all. On the other hand, making your question too detailed can effectively lose your readers. Keep a balance of making your point as easily as possible and as seemingly as you can with adequate information to respond.

Questions With Names Are Discouraged
Why is that? Why can't I ask if John Doe was convicted of this horrible crime which I just described? The answer is made clear in this sample question. When posting a question, many forums will look to filter posts that refer to an individual's name which can be incriminating.

Giving And Receiving Legal Advice
This one to most readers is a no brainer! But others, maybe due to desperation, will ask for advise regarding a legal matter. This is not recommended for obvious reasons. However, advise about legal procedures, where and how to find sources for the information is encouraged. Responses which cite the source and refers to answers found elsewhere are often posted with credit. Credible personal experiences that can be helpful are also passed on to readers.

There's nothing to say and guarantee that some unintended post don't get through from time to time. Some may have hidden messages or simply slipped through under the radar. The best efforts are made as an unpopular forum is ineffective. In other terms, there's great motivation to keep the blog and it posts within certain proper guidelines.

by dana

Q: Can I look up death certificates for free
by Chris
A:Depends on where the death occurred or where it has been recorded. Also, what information are you looking for? Is it information which would be archived due to the date of death? In addition, are you a direct relative, or not. Certified copies or just a record with information
by a

Q: Should a job applicant take a drug test if you know you will fail?
by terame
A:There is a lot of credibility to claims which say 'blogs aren't the best place for legal advice'. With that in mind, there are experiences to learn from which others in your situation have encountered. What you will find with posts is that they will be general as your specific case may not be shared by enough people to become a widespread issue. However, there are plenty of blog comments against doing it. A good valid point considering that it can be embarrassing for no good rational reason, particularly since you already knew what the results would be. There is plenty of information out there about how to avoid being tested with THC in your system, but, that is not the focal point of this discussion. There are other points to consider. Why is the position you're applying for require a drug test? Are you in a field where drug testing is the status quo, and why? Can you be held criminally and/or monetarily liable for working under the influence? What if you are self employed? Are you protected if you're incorporated when self employed?

You may come to the conclusion that you are in the wrong profession or industry. If you're a defense contractor, you may be required to take a drug test after being promoted to a position which requires security clearance. Companies contracting with the U.S. government have been known to require a drug test of their employees. Even if the company is not testing at one period, they can institute it later. Employees have made claims about their company using drug testing as a means to rid of or shrink their work force. Compared to just a few years ago, it is not as easy to land that job, it may even take longer and longer to obtain work. So, which fields/industries are the ones to stay away from if you're concerned about drug testing? Regardless of the state's law in regard to legalizing marijuana, companies can take a different approach no matter where they are located.

by CAdreamer

Q: As an independent contractor, how do I know if a check of my background is searched before being hired for a job?
by asker
A:There's a lot of personal information about all of us. Businesses are no different, whether their activity, better business bureau, license look up or else. Also, businesses do not have the same protections as individuals. Personal information is not the same as private information. Private information is protected as opposed to personal information, which can be simply an address.
by OpenPublicRecordsStaff

Q: Arrests this weekend, Mchenry Ringwood Illinois
by anonymous
A:On some law enforcement website, they’re under inmate search. They’ve also been called jail roster, in custody lists, and more. Look for jail information, some will provide a list other will have a name search window.
by ed
A:There are a few ways to look up arrest records online. Some people like going to crime maps and look up arrests and incidents street by street. There are news outlets with feeds which list arrests by city. These feeds can be found on various sites such as this one, and local publications. Most just google the name of the city and the keyword “recent arrests”. A few prefer not chancing it by going to the arresting law enforcement’s website and look up their recent arrests, specially in larger venues where there is more activity.
by al

Q: fletcher bylaws and violations
by rusty

Q: how many people live in Catawissa?
by Di
A:There was a several murders there by one of their residents. She killed 17 people, was tried and convicted for 3 of them. So the town did receive some notoriety. In many cases, the county library will have historical information about the areas within, before and after they’ve formed into various cities. If you’d like to know more about the city, the county library should be able to have more.
by jay
A:It had just over two thousand people at the time when the 2000 census was collected. Catawissa is in Franklin county, which should be the ones collecting the taxes. So, there is information out there, but how difficult will it be to get?
by wes
A:Information about the cities population and demographic make up comes from the Census bureau. The last time census information was collected from Catawissa was back in 2000, but not in 2010. The census bureau collects their data every ten years. The areas where information is collected has to meet certain criteria to have its data collected.
by an

Q: Has Marijuana testing been added to background checks?
by arlen
A:Drug testing has been a part of background checks for a long time. Marijuana contains THC, which is what the test will generally show when looking for marijuana use. Typically, drivers, individuals needing a security clearance, industrial machine workers and few other fields or entire industries were known for drug testing, and expected. With the recent surge of Marijuana availability in certain parts of the U.S., drug testing for THC seems inevitably more widespread.

There are a few commonly asked questions regarding employers which conduct background checks. Which companies are testing for Marijuana? How do I know if something will show up in my test results? What if I'm on medication which I don't want to disclose? Many of these questions are asking what the law is and how it affects each individual situation. In my opinion, open forums are not a go to place for legal advice, but a discussion about experiences and possible helpful tips regarding a specific subject.

An issue to remember is that while possessing Marijuana may be legal in two states, Washington and Colorado, and other states which have legalized its medical use, federal laws have not changed and can still penalize you. Although no one is worried about being arrested for THC found in their employment drug test, it raises a question of whether the individual's job prospects are jeopardized. How do you know whether you will not be hired by an employer due to your drug test results?

As a first step, a prospective employee can get educated about the subject. Many applicants simply don't do their due diligence and research the topic enough before jumping into the job market, maybe from being eager and applying for open positions that have come up. Services conducting lab tests for drugs hired by employers often advertise their services online and everyone to see. Which drugs to they look for, how accurate are they and more. This way you know what you're dealing with and how far have these these come along with technological advancements. Research the company, not just on their website, but in the news also, everything and anything about their work force. Some companies only drug test certain positions, others are testing everyone. There's also the issue of the company's culture or environment, some are less tolerant than others.

Drug testing has become cheaper for employers due to its development and popularity, many can be found advertising their services by simply browsing the net. You will be able to see how to request a urinalysis and maybe even run one on yourself. In regard to background checks, a good tip is to run one on yourself to see what others can see as well. However, it does not eliminate the fact that you may not be the right fit for that job due to your medication or drug use. Ask about the side effects when it comes to operating machinery and other specific tasks you will be responsible for from the prescribing doctor.

There is a lot of research to be done before answering these questions on your own. You can take people's advice, but how reliable will that be is subjective. Research what it takes for medications to appear versus Marijuana? How much does it take? How long do the effects last if you're a one time user? How does Marijuana impair your thinking in an office environment as well as your motor skills. Spend the necessary time and effort looking up credible sources and see what you will be exposed to in your individual case. Even go as far as putting yourself in the employers shoes.

by MindMedley

Q: View February arrest records in Jackson parish,La
by anonymous
A:A list of related departments are listed on this site. If the one, in this case the arresting law enforcement agency is not there, go through the parish's website. Different areas have different ways to offer public services
by publicrecordfinder

Q: Why was County employee that was caught driving or asking someone to drive county vehical to bring firewood from county property to his home, why is he not fired? Dawson Dawsonville, GA
by vickie

Q: Where can I get Bankruptcy public records
by blogger
A:What is the information within the bankruptcy case you’re looking for? Since the growing problems with identity thefts, privacy laws have been tightened. This strongly affects cases where personal information can be found. Courts and their record keepers have the task of making some of the information is not revealed to the general public, while staying within compliance with public record laws. Other cases, civil as well as criminal are treated similarly. Bankruptcy records have the added bonus of showing assets and liabilities. There are blacked out by case handlers before they’re turned over to the public. Still, within the pleadings and other filings, some assets can be seen by the public. So, if there’s a particular portion of the bankruptcy filing you’re looking for, you should first find out if it is the type of information that is released to begin with.
by steve

Q: Do you have to be a direct descendent to qualify in requesting Death certificates?
by anms
A:Are the steps the same when requesting other vital records, marriage, birth and divorce?
by pt
A:The safeguards are in place for identity theft and fraud. It is definitely easier if you are a direct descendent. Some agencies will ask to see proof of the person’s relationship to the deceased before allowing the request for the death certificate to be approved. There are certain cutoff dates, usually records which qualify as archives, where the requestor’s relation to the deceased no longer matters.
by gene
A:No, not necessarily, you don’t in many cases. There are private companies that the state in which you want to make the request has for the public to use. Much of it has to do where the request in being made, whether from HHS, health department, vital records offices, county recorders.....
by jen

Q: How much does it cost to check a person's background and records?
by dana
A:Another issue to look at is how many different places you will have to look. If you source of your criminal investigation covers statewide searches, you may have to look into other states. This is the reason why you should start with a people search, sometimes called people finders which will tell how many states and residence time periods.
by sis
A:If the courthouse in which you are searching has decent resources, you can do most of it yourself. You can look up criminal and civil cases on your own and request copies, at relatively much lower cost. Plus, you can do the “search” and see for yourself what is available and which to get copies of. Obtaining copies of criminal cases are a lot better than criminal records. Criminal records are generally not as specific as having the entire case to look into. Additionally, you may not need to pay for copies if you are just looking for information only and can take notes, not to mention photos of the document using your phone or camera. Then you can email them and have copies saved for later.
by alice
A:Not necessarily, you can look up the licensing of a contractor, see a problem and decide not to hire that individual or company. At this point, you no longer need to look further or pay a full background check. The licensing check should be free to look up. Also, many recommend to search court cases, criminal and civil to really see what they need.
by sis
A:Isn’t it cheaper to simply just order a full background check that is comprehensive enough to cover all records?
by tim
A:The department or agency you are requesting the record from can have easy ways for the public to access or a difficult one. That includes the state also as some are more transparent with better resources for the public’s access than others. The state of Wisconsin will give you just about any and all of their court cases for free online, which means you can look up court cases anytime for freely at home. Oklahoma courts webpages do something similar. Court cases get requested often everyday, so, there may be better luck in obtaining them through the internet.
by don
A:The answer is simple, but your question is vague and needs to be more specific on the type of background or records you are looking for. There are different purposes for background checks, it can mean criminal records, addresses, past employment, schooling, professional licensing, court cases and more. If you’re an employer versus looking up records for your own information, your needs will be different. Some only need to know an address, others may want to look at credit history. There are services available, with some restrictions, which will sell the information to customers. However, if you have an idea of what you are looking for, say a criminal history or rap sheet, you can choose to get that on your own, and only that type of report. You can choose the background information similar to an a la carte menu when doing it on your own also. In regard to a contractor being considered for a sizeable project, you may want to check the company’s or individual’s lawsuit history. A driver would need a driver’s history report and so on. Once you know which information you’re going after, the rest is just looking it up. Sure, some prefer to use a background check company which can save time and maybe even money if you’re not good at doing it yourself.
by jay

Q: Houses built in 1800's in vernalis, ca in between Mc Cracken road and Welty road
by Estella

Q: Who is the mayor of Rosemary Beach, FL
by c

Q: how can i view a death certificate of someone who passed in 2008 in sulphur springs
by lola
A:Death certificates are considered vital records. There are couple of possible places available to the public for requesting them. The state's vital records offices issues death certificates, there is a private service many state governments suggest to use also. Several factors can make a big difference, such as if you're related, or if you are the spouse, are you one of the children, or is it just an individual private request. Spouse and the descendants will usually have an easier time. Another factor is that whether you need just the information or an official certified copy. The purpose of your request can dictate whether you will need a certified copy or just an informational record.
by aka

Q: Does Blakeslee Ohio have a mayor and if so what is the name of the mayor?
by Bonnie
A:Blakeslee Ohio seems to be a village, not a city. It is in Williams county and the population there is very small. By searching the information found online, looks to be around only a hundred people according to the census bureau in sixty nine acres. Here's more information about the area, population and so forth In this day and age with the technological advancements, most cities have their own webpage. The first sign that there may not be a city is the missing website, since it saves the city money and resources to convey information to their citizens/residents over the internet rather than over the phone. Also, look for schools in the area, news publications and what is typically found other local areas. The next place to the is the county (Williams), which can have information about zoning, and its governing of it. There's a Williams county page here that can be found by using the search box. There you will see the resources from the county seat. Once in the official county website, you will find a elected officials directory which lists from the area's auditor to the treasurer.
by jan

Q: how to find if there is a lien on a forecloser property
by anonymous

Q: GET property tax liens Hawaii Kauai
by CT
A:Is it on your property or another person's?
by aa

Q: who do I contact to notify the city of a hazardous house
by Denephew
A:Cities, counties and states maintain websites for public information and resources. In some municipalities, the fire department deals with handling hazardous waste materials. Also depends on what the hazard is, is the building’s structure unsafe? Or is it something else. Begin with the city website, each department has their own contact information. Since google geographically targets browsers, simply searching under a few keywords can list what is available in your area. There are generally 5 different categories of waste. (HHW)Household Hazardous Waste - Motor oils, chemicals/pools, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, anti-freeze, paint, household cleaners and polishers, batteries and so forth. E-waste (Electronic waste) - This are items such as: computers, printers and other peripherals, TVs and other electronic devices, toasters, blenders and so forth. Universal Waste - Items with mercury such as some electronic equipment, batteries, bulb, and others. Here's a link to examples of universal waste which should give you a good idea. The other 2 are bulbs (fluorescence) and home generated sharps according to 'Environmental Services Bureau' Simply google that bureau and you should see it listed in the SERPs. Providing the link to directly connect to the agency doesn't always work as they tend to change their urls from time to time.
by al

Q: coaching salaries Texas Falls Rosebud
by David

Q: Birth Records June 1954
by Gary Lee Knerr
A:The obvious answer would be one of the ancestry tracking websites. But if you're asking on here, it's probably after you've thought of those avenues. If, for whatever reason you're looking for old archived birth records and alternative sources, the history itself can help. How much do you know about the person in which you're trying to find information about? If the person you are searching falls in a certain group, of Irish decent for example, there are historical websites which are focused on a specific topic, ethnicity, industry or part of a historical event. Another example is if the person fought during the civil war, there are websites specifically for that purpose alone. Depending on where you are, Kentucky is one area where you can find births and christenings from 1911 at the state's office of vital statistics. Their website is self explanatory, open for public use and official record requests.
by t

Q: where are public offering statements for homeowner associations
by hc

Q: how do I obtain guardianship records
by k
A:The state in which you are looking for guardianship records can make a difference. Is it in the same state where you are posting your question? What is the relation ship you have with the intended parties involved? These questions can steer you in the right direction when look this up. If you are looking in your area/state, you can simply look up the information online through your browser. If its in another area, make sure have your location turned off or put in the specific state, if you know it. Most browsers will automatically show nearby resources based on your search history, if you're using a mobile device and so forth. Remember, they're trying to market/sell items online that is most relative to you.
by aa

Q: Burglarized in Kitsap county today
by Aaron
A:Go ot the Kitsap county official website from this site's by going to it page. Or you can look for the sheriff's department's website for the county on your browser. You will have to use specific search terms as there are many sheriff dept. websites across the U.S. Once you're in the sheriff's webpage, look for the links on the left which can relate to your search. There are links to see individual's with warrants, currently in custody, released within the 24 hours or 72 hours. If you're looking for a specific report, you can contact the detective division. In addition, there is a media release page, with a population around a quarter of a million residents, there may few enough occurrences for a story to be released. All releases may not be current however. Another way you can try to see this information is by looking up the local publications and periodicals. News organizations strive to cover this type of story and it's such a small area, less than six hundred square miles, that you will be more likely to see the story show up.
by tim

Q: How is Sumner Ave Ocean Seaside Heights
by Mrs. K

Q: How safe is Seaside Heights?
by Mrs. K
A:Seaside Heights is in New Jersey, not really known for the best areas, so the concern is understandable. What are your needs? Are you moving a family there and need to look at school performance? Is looking at the local economy helpful? The cost of the average home? Is crime the only concern? There have been comments in the past about why wouldn't someone look at the area's crime rates. The reason for that is when the purpose of the research is for commercial property/business location. There are many companies which have their place of business where they would never consider living. That's when the crime rate is not as important and the area's economy, freeways, infrastructure and others that would benefit an individual business or commercial area. Are you moving with children? Many look at offenders which may be living nearby where children will be. Crime mapping is a great source that includes Seaside Heights and its surrounding areas. There's no cost or membership to sign up of required, even though you can and get more bells and whistles to go with your search. Also, Seaside Heights has a casino, beach water park and amusement center. Crime reports mapping also allows a viewer to zero in on the specific area to the point where you can see photographs of streets, shops and other structures which can give a visual feel of the city. I looked at Farragut Avenue / North Ocean Avenue and was able to see the stores, boardwalk, cars, street and more. The condition of structures, roads, types of population businesses cater to is great if you know how to process the information that you're seeing. I noticed hotels right across from the water which I see as a having a tourist influence.
by alan

Q: If I have the case number of a case that has gone through the Courts how do I access the case?
by anonymous
A:It can actually be easier to see a case once it has been through the court system, not to mention more complete. All court cases are not accessed with the same ease. It has to do with where the case was heard/tried/filed. Some venues allow the public open access to an online database which shows information about cases. Others may charge a fee that is relatively low, usually to cover their costs as these agencies aren't in it for profits. There are venues where a private court services company will facilitate the request, some can even be found on the court's webpages. Bankruptcy cases have PACER, which is a government records source resembling a private service where the public can pay and get the records they need quickly without hassle. If you know which courthouse has the case is, you can go yourself in person and ask to look at files and request the case right there on the premises. There are independent companies called 'attorney services' which deliver court filings. They can search and get copies for others since they're at the courthouse often. Attorneys use them to pick up files from anywhere which is housing them.
by ben

Q: What is the lot and block number for 6054 Summit Bridge Road, Townsend, DE
by Linda Hasson
A: New Castle County recorder of deeds only charges a dollar per page, it's stated on their official webpage. There's a section called 'Digital Document Technology' with a video on how to conduct a search and how it works. You can search under the buyers or sellers name. You can do the entire process from your home computer or even at a local library with net access and get the results.
by jj

Q: What county is a fallen Missouri in
by Kris

Q: where could Ifind inforamtion on a death by shooting that happened in 1955 in Buhl, Tuscaloosa county.
by helen

Q: remaining number of american indians
by alex keeney

Q: Salary ranges for Sterilator Co. employees
by Mic

Q: what's the history of the house at 415 Railway?
by Kris

by ME

Q: divorce filed march 2014 angelina county
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Q: What is the mailing address for Village of Wheeler
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Q: WHen was the building on 16833 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO built?
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Q: how to find property records
by ck


Q: Where can I find a public meeting that discusses alcohol and drug abuse?
by Dr.H

Q: How can I find some unowned property in Lauderdale County
by Kendra

Q: name of property owner 43333 hillson cir hemet ca 92544
by chris
A:Riverside county offers property information here It is a link to their assessor's office, but it also gives instructions on how to do it.
by ted

Q: How can I find out if someone is on parole or probation
by Gigi

Q: eviction records, Carson NV
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Q: How can I get a list of people cited for driving without a license?
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Q: Looking for my fathers home about if there is any liens on it, Alameda, CA
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Q: Tulsa Broken Arrow arrests on 3/11/14
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Q: how many people voted for county clerk david thompson, Green, TN
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Q: Marriage licenses, Gila Miami, AZ
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Q: how can I find the married name of a person I knew in 1960's
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Q: Was there an accident on the entrance of the 105 fwy on bellflower blvd in Downey
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Q: How do I Get copies of the Articles of Organization for the Casa Helotes Senior Citizen Center in 78023
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Q: where was the first school house in 1800
by justin

Q: where was the first school house
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Q: Where to report raw sewage in McDonough lake in Collinsville, IL, Madison County
by S

Q: electric companies in summerfield
by jeff

Q: is the city required to supply fire hydrants to property within the city limits?
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Q: Where can I find a list of pending and approved state permits for digital billboards?
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Q: Who are the officials and government of Elliot Mississippi
by NayNay

Q: Property records on 325 W. 10th street salem ohio 44460
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Q: Where can I find public criminal records
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Q: Value of home 1017 76st bklyn ny year 2004
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Q: How do I find out what the worth of my property In year 2004
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Q: How many houses are in foreclosure (Colorado-Gunnison)
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Q: How can I view my own criminal record online
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Q: I am looking for an obituary for 2/11/2000
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Q: How do you find the public records for a house? to make sure its up to code
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Q: What happen with the man running off the river Friday and they pulled him out Tuesday morning
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Q: Birth records
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Q: I am looking to move to Mabie,what can you tell me about the town and surrounding area?
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Q: How do I find information about babies born in Albuquerque on a certain date?
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A:The census bureau releases births by area or zip code
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Q: how do i get a certified death certicate
by juders

Q: Did a man and child die on feb 19 in Kingston ny
by Jg

Q: On 1/17/2014, we reported a suspicious vehicle parked in front of our house (207 Grant Street). Drug dealing is what he appeared to be doing, which has continued to be a problem at this specific location. 2 officers in marked cars responded. The suspicious vehicle took off abrubtly and the officers right after him. My question is, what was the end result? Was there an arrest made? My wife and I never received any closure on the matter. Thank you for your time. Semper Fi
by Rob Walesyn

Q: Find warrants
by brandon gerald

Q: looking for a friend possible arrest 1/28/2014 or 1/29/2014
by lee white

Q: How do I find an arrest record of my former husband from 1978, Van Nuys Courthouse
by diana

Q: What is the number of sex offenders for Saratoga, AR?
by Lee

Q: what was the crime rate like in 1864?
by jess

Q: no contest divorce documents
by tee

Q: village of mesick elected officials
by she

Q: Alostar Bank of Commerce v. Airnet Holdings, Inc. et al
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Q: People arrested in banning
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Q: Recent forclosures
by Radu

Q: when were my parents married in great falls montana
by jean

Q: How do a know if I have a record or warrant in Nevada
by Dominique

Q: Arrest records for Jan 22 2014
by anonymous

Q: how many murders in Ouray co
by jack

Q: How many arrest are made a month in keego harbor
by gto

Q: how can find records of child abuse or neglect
by joyce

Q: what was the university blvd construction date
by md

Q: Where is the Ocean Township Board of Education Audit Report
by Mind

Q: Who is the Mayor?
by Me

Q: What is new development west of route 301?
by jd

Q: where do i find appraise property values?
by jo

Q: how can I get access to a mugshot and their arrest information?
by sharon

Q: Does Geneva have any cold case murders
by Alberto

Q: Where do I get information on permits pulled for a particular residence in Seminole Conty, FL
by Sandy

Q: are property transfers listed in the newspaper for conway, ar? If not, where can I find those records if it's recent?

Q: where can I look at property transfers for Dec 2013?

Q: 14 officers to arrest man in ohio city, cleveland, ohio
by brown

Q: Where can I locate the Borough of Brokkhaven municipal code?
by RWS

Q: on april 15 2013 there was a carjacking i would like toread the report san bernardino county ca
by di

Q: How can I get a marriage date online
by Dee

Q: Survey info
by Barb

Q: i need december 2013 evictions in helen, ga
by me

Q: how to find online record of property sales
by johnny

Q: Where are death records?
by Jude

Q: Who was original home owner 207 Rossi ave Antioch ca.
by Marci martins

Q: Owner name of property
by Nellie

Q: according to georgia law how can a open record be classified as juvenile/confidential and there is now juvenile involved in the case, but it was stamped confidential in a local police station to keep the records from being fully observed
by Frank

Q: How can I look at court paperwork of something that occured in aitkin county last year?
by Kay

Q: public employee wages
by jim

Q: Teen arrest rate
by Trav

Q: Empty house on temple street
by April

Q: Location of earliest settlements
by (John) Joseph K.Higgins

Q: name of property owner 2229 El Rancho cir Hemet, Ca 92545
by cee

Q: Find out record of the men living with my son and his mom
by Jason

Q: 100 deloss ct Jacksonville nc 28546
by Eva

Q: What is the graduation date for 2007 for jennings county high school?
by boo


Q: How many sink holes have been recorded in Brooksville FL?
by Rich

Q: Where can I find the salaries of lackawanna county employees?
by Candice

Q: land values
by buff

Q: Who Where the last students to Graduate from Hubberdston
by Cody Dale Minier

Q: Arrersts in milpitas jan.16 2014
by gina


Q: How to find divorce papers filed in 1993
by Di

Q: Who lives on 278 W. LEE St. Sulphur LA?
by Gary

Q: Where so i find real estate records for murrells inlet sc?
by Fred

Q: what is the financial report of the health department?
by Ben

Q: i remember the first murder in matthews, and whom commited it, but only know victom as sarge?
by reeree

Q: property crimes
by WTL

Q: Cemetaries in Rolfe
by tom

Q: Sales tax/licensing for Henderson Colorado
by Lenny

Q: marriage records
by Bob

Q: Where can I find a list of couples granted marriage licenses?
by doctor

Q: Average price of Montgomery county farm ground
by Linda

Q: Average price of Montgomery county farm ground
by Linda

Q: how do I find an address of a land owner from 50 years ago
by Fran

Q: When will there be more information on the suspicious death of Chris Elliott? Washoe NV
by CLL

Q: When was Morris blvd built
by Bud

Q: Where should I look for information about a murder that occurred in Hamtramck April 1977
by Carol

Q: is there a list of city streets?
by Marcy

Q: Owners of Paragon Quality
by Bev

Q: Accident on Spiketon Road, Buckley, wa with telephone pole
by shorty

Q: Accident on Spiketon road involving a telephone pole
by shorty

Q: Did anyone report an accident on Durham Rd. at a out 5:30 Friday, jan. 10th? We saw a pick up truck go off the road and hit a dumpster.
by anonymous

Q: how to obtain rancho cordova police report if you have report number
by norm

Q: What happened on atlin st in duarte on January 9 2024
by Anonymous

Q: what is the football coach's annual salery
by jim

Q: Who was arrested on suspicion of stolen vehicles in chino
by joe

Q: Arrest made in November, 2013
by me

Q: Death certificate public records
by gloria

Q: Birth certificate information
by gloria

Q: how many residents are there in the city of Georgetown
by anonymous

Q: What is the population of Fallentimber? Who is the oldest living person in Fallentimber?
by Curious George

Q: list prior residents of 4225 cheshire dr
by alanna

Q: Sumner County Divorce records?
by ra

Q: Does a 10 by 15 shipping container require a permit to be on my property?
by Paul

Q: tax deed for sale in richmond ca
by carlton

Q: Can I get a copy of a 1923 death record in Snyder?
by Punk

Q: Who was the police chief in 1979
by glen

Q: How do I transfer land from my deceived father into my name. I have several sibling and they have agreed to turn over said property to me.
by Jonesy

Q: # of recorded suicides statrting from the 1900's?
by sioux

Q: Are there comments about the night court
by ron

Q: I need a legal description of an address in new town...where can i get this information for free
by susie

Q: what Township is West Alexandria in ?
by Span

Q: How do I lookup who owns land Im interested in?
by Mary

Q: public information recorded real estate
by Mary

Q: missing persons wanted by law enforcement
by jdm


Q: bank robbery in the 1800s
by anonymous

Q: is there a list of residents
by dick

Q: where can i find police report
by nikkie

Q: do I need a permit/inspection to build a garage in the city?
by butch

Q: Anyone arrested last night in dp?
by Kim

Q: Where do I find marriage. Records. In rexford. Ny
by Pinky

Q: last company to occupy 527 n. main st w-s
by ashley

Q: How do I access death records back to 1980?
by babs

Q: I would like to see records of Fulton County murders for 1949-1951
by ggail

Q: how many parks are there in Myersville
by golo

Q: how can i find the plans for our house that was built in 1941?
by pops

Q: Deaths reported 12/31/2013
by Deed

Q: if a person has a warrant for their arrest do they automatically go to jail
by Phyllis

Q: informaion on Post Office in Lacarne Ohio 43439 in the year of 1875.
by Deane


Q: how can i see my city court traffic fines record that are overdue
by tammy

Q: Massachusetts arrest record by environmental police
by Chet

Q: Public records request
by anonymous

Q: council minutes
by martin3

Q: Where would I get a copy of my marriage license from if was married in Haines Falls? I can't find the court clerks office to ask any where's and I am in another state and need it for new ID.
by Kelly

Q: divorce filings
by sameul

Q: death records
by myrtle

Q: how much is traffic ticket.
by david jemison

Q: how many lawsuits against county
by lumbee33

Q: how can I find out where an inmate is detained?
by rider

Q: how many reports recieved on injustice in the erie county courts
by soug

Q: In my genealogical research, I have learned there was a residential place in 1950 that was called Graves County Farm. Where may I find info about the Graves County Farm?
by Doc Nan

Q: Who are the most wanted people here in crawfordsville Indiana for 2013?
by Madison

Q: How do i find public liens on my property
by me

Q: sex offenders list
by jj

Q: are wills open record
by anonymous

by JLO35

Q: how do i get a police report?
by Diana

Q: who got arrested in pinolecal 11/21/2013?
by jose

Q: how can I view arrest log for Tulare ca
by Amy

Q: Public schools enrollment for sixth grade
by anonymous

Q: names of persons arrested for DUI in last 4 months
by dave

Q: how do I find out if someone has been arrested in Casper Wyoming
by anonnymus

Q: how do I find out if someone has been arrested?
by Krissa Wentz

Q: Where can I find current kaui police dept. dispatch logs
by Wehi

Q: Tax records
by craig

Q: how much money do city empolies make
by anonymous

Q: How do I find name on property and if there are any recent changes
by anonymous

Q: Can I check on what a specific property sold for
by Mark

Q: I need to see Folsome prison mugshots from the 70s
by anonymous

Q: can you have a out door furnace in the village
by david

Q: Who is the Mayor of VALENCIA BOROUGH?
by anonymous

Q: How much time did he get
by tony

Q: How do I find out about a person with a record
by Bell

Q: I need the address of the county records office can you help?
by ernestina

Q: a woman was arrested on north adams in festus on 12/11/13 for dwi leaving accident scene need to know
by billy

Q: how do i get salerys for nicholasville employees?
by anonymous

Q: How many police officers work in the rayville
by Pine

Q: Sand Lake residents list
by teej

Q: 2013 vote totals
by gar

Q: list of vilage laws or ordances
by will

Q: birth records for the year 1912
by jerry

Q: Where can I request records of shoplifting arrests or convictions North Carolina
by steven carr
A:Whether shoplifting or any other crime, there's a difference between an arrest (which can be incriminating the innocent) or a conviction. Conviction of the charges can be viewed with a background check or a court record search. Court records, if you know the venue, can give a lot more information. Private court services, often called attorney service, can go to the court house search in person. They're fees are not very high, but you will need to know which court. If the crime was recent, you can go directly to the jail division of the arresting department. They will sometimes show the arrestee's photo/mug shot. The state police does a background check for all of North Carolina if you do not know where the shoplifting arrest of conviction happened.
by aa

Q: Adoption 1967 tampa florida
by Baby girl salemn

Q: Was there a recent drug bust in briar hills apartments?
by Carey

Q: child hit by car 7900 block Arrowhead Lake rd Hesperia ca
by ree

Q: Is there a record of burials in the cemetary at Wauneta Nebraska
by Ron

Q: Information about 79 Bunker Hill rd. Lawrence
by Sam

Q: Two arrested in britewood apartments
by anonymous

Q: Can I access a specific court record on line
by L

Q: is there a mr,james hill sr living in either brooklyn ny or in queens n.y
by anthony james hill jr
A:With a name that common, you will need to do a bit of work even before beginning a search. With a common name alone you will get many others with the same name. Including Sr. in the search can help tremendously, but will only be effective if you do the search manually. This means you will enter information first and view what comes up with Sr. If you begin your search with Sr., your results may omit the very person you’re looking for as many times Sr. is not used. Begin the search using the name and location and see what comes up. The automatic people search results will reveal a list of results that can include keywords such as Brooklyn NY, or Queens. Knowing relatives names helps as people search results list family member names also. Most of this is aimed to narrow the search in order to get records of the intended person, from there, with more identification you have an easier time looking up information and records.
by blgr

Q: How many dogs and cats were euthanized at the Animal Shelter during the year 2013
by Chief

by MEL

Q: how do you review arrest records? New Haven CT
by anonymous
A:Depends on where the arrest occurred. Arrest reports can be issued by the arresting police agency. You can use crime maps if you know where the arrest took place. There will be a brief description of the arrest, agency and the location. You can then request the record from the department directly. Many of them have websites that offer the public instructions about what they need to do to request one.
by admn

Q: register for Mayor election
by karen

Q: burglaries November 25, 2013
by Question?

Q: what civil district is hermitage in
by merlin

Q: where can i find arrest records for williamson co.
by d

Q: 6525 woodman ave crime?
by See

Q: where can I get info on an arrest made 11-27-13
by lisa

Q: Where do I find the database to research unsolved sexual assault cases from the 1980s?
by Amickp

Q: any arrests in marthasville 11-27-2013
by angel

Q: Arest warrants in upsher county
by bobd

Q: Gilmer most wanted
by britt

Q: Active arrest warrants
by britt

Q: I would like to see who did survey on my land
by Tammy

Q: Fire november 26 2013
by cindy

Q: Bybee police department number
by jonathan ivy

Q: big spring,tx court house being built photo
by B.K.

Q: where can i find any report on crimes committed in specific area of concord
by rbc
A:You can begin a search using crime maps. Depending on the area, crimes are shown as small icons. The icon can be clicked on for more information such as the time, date, level of crime, responding agency and sometimes more. The Contra Costa Sheriffs office has a link to their crime mapping on their website under crime statistics. Even when only the county is providing the crime mapping, you can focus in on any of its cities, including Concord, CA. The city’s police department has a map on their website outlining their patrol area. Only offenders and predators seem to be showing up on the map, so the city’s other crimes may not be showing.
by aa

Q: Humboldt Ct renamed San Diego Ct
by chuck
A:Property ownership records through a certain period of time may answer that question. It will take time and work to do it on your own.
by cs

Q: How can I find the current address of a individual with paying
by jz
A:A good approach would be to look up names and address using one of the free services. Many of the free search results are offered by private companies. Once you see the possible matches, you can pay for a report. It’s important to read what each of the companies offer in helping to find a person as they’re not all the same. Some reports can have many bits of information you may not need but still pay for. Sometimes these search are called skip tracing.
by blgr

Q: police per capita owen county ky
by dsheppard

Q: Where can I find information on businesses opened in Iowa in 2012-2013
by Strike3
A:The Iowa Secretary of State offers a corporation search from their website. Once on their website, you will see a tab for 'Search Databases', in its drop down menu select Business Entities Search. You will then be asked to enter the business name or number. You can enter a partial name if you're not sure of the spelling. The results will be a list of businesses that match the entity name showing the business number, name, status and type. Once an entity is selected, you will see more information that includes registered agent or reserving party, home office, effective and expiration dates and more. Under the same tab, you will be able to search for UCC filings, liens, land patent and more.
by blgr

Q: how can i find the address in Brooklyn, where my grandfather lived many years ago?
by RichH
A:When you first purchase your home, you will generally get a a property abstract along with all the other paperwork. The property abstract will show all transactions and information connected to it such as previous owners, transfers and more. You may also be able to get this document from the courthouse local to the property.
by blgr

Q: do you know who the builder was for lake louisa highland homes
by patty

Q: Is Coyote CA still an occupied city or is it a ghost town?
by Dee
A:The city of Coyote, CA had lost much of its population once the 101 was built. The 101 diverted the traveling traffic past the town and thereafter many of its residents left as the town’s economy quickly dwindled. A historic website about the city of Coyote mentions some residents may have remained, but fails to state how many. During the boom, the city of San Jose bought a large amount of land. This was met with resistance as some residents wanted to maintain the town’s historical value. Residents stood against each other in efforts to stop the purchases and preserve the town or selling and being able to redeem any value from their land. Once the bubble burst, the city of San Jose suspended efforts to acquire more land until a recovery. The only population mentioned are few that work at saloons, gas station, convenience store and little else.
by admn

Q: how much is the debt for the city of okmulgee, OK
by cj
A:Access the city's official website, The city manager's website is under 'City of Okmulgee'. There is a paragraph of information within that page which mentions the city manager's role in regard to the budget. The city manager's contact information is listed, Phone and address on the same page. The city's budget is public record and therefore should be provided by the city government. If the city manager claims not to have access to all or any of the city's budget data, another person, agent or department which can help should be referred. This type of public information is requested on a regular basis, not necessarily from this particular department or city, but the same or similar requests are made routinely and are clearly information which should be open to the public. A reason to access this information should not be necessary.
by blgr

Q: I'm looking for historical information on a particular property, can you help me? Lakeland Florida
by jamie
A:There are historical information in public records, but it may not be the best approach. Generally, historical information does not require official public record requests. Even some records that were once not considered public are opened to the public over time. The records sought from public record websites are probably not as helpful as the sites focusing on historical information. Much of it may be in print at the city’s local library or county resources.
by abc123

Q: What's the population of Bon Wier,tx
by Wendy

Q: how many mental hygiene arrests werethere in NYS during 2012
by Debi

Q: arrests for theft at goodwill
by anonymous

Q: Where van i find old records of crime in oxnard
by tonio

Q: Can I find a real property settlement sheet from 1998 on-line? Gunnison Colorado
by vra

Q: Was there a recent drug bust in honey grove
by concerned

Q: Land owner plat maps Isanti Minnesota
by anonymous
A:This website allows you to search by address parcel number The search tool on the top portion of the webpage has a drop down menu. You can select the search method from there. Instructions of what the few icons they have is on the right side of the webpage (somewhat hidden). The search box appears on the top right portion of the page and takes a few moments to download. Once the information is downloaded, the results will appear on the left column under the layers.
by aa

Q: how do I obtain information on previous or current inmates in your state facilities?
by Marie

Q: arrest records for 10-29-13 Mukwonago Wisconsin
by Lonna

Q: what is the city hall address?
by Cheryl

Q: how do I get death certificate copies?
by Kay

Q: How can i reach someone with the town about real estate tax information?
by jmh

Q: Where was the Shoestring School in 1925.
by Kris

Q: i am looking for any records from 1943-44, how do i find them and residents from that time?
by missy

Q: Does a background check look into lawsuits?
by tim
A:A background check can have several different meanings. If the single purpose is to look up court cases, the coverage of the service conducting the check should be thoroughly looked over first. Background checks in many cases are focused toward looking for past criminal records, even more so, some background checks such as the ones from the state's police agencies can mean a search of criminal history only. The key is to check the coverage before placing the order. Contact the background check company directly over the phone or by email to make sure which courts are being searched. If you know what you are looking for and where, you can make a request to the court directly. Court houses maintain websites with public services and contact information to their clerks. Attorney service companies also offer court case searches. Another option if feasible is to go to the courthouse in person where the files you're looking for is being held. You can request copies or just view them. Different venues have various access regulations and methods in which they provide the record. However, their websites shows the procedures, forms, hours and more which you can see before going to the courthouse.
by publicblogger

Q: Was there an arrest made on a house being broken into in community of coffeeville yesterday or day before.?
by dw

Q: Arrest Log for November 8, 2013, Los Angeles, CA
by AL
A:The police department keeps arrest logs which some will put online for public view. In this instance, the LAPD provides a link to crime maps through their website which shows crimes and arrests, responses to calls and more. Other areas are also covered. You can see the case number, date and time of the crime, location, description and arresting department.
by jan


Q: Do you have a list of names of former Mayors De Lancey, Pennsylvania
by Michael
A:When there isn't much information that can be found online, the local libraries can help. Libraries tend to have information or documentation of the local city's history. Local libraries also have periodicals such as news papers of the city. Within the news, you can see elections results from different periods. You can compile this information and be the first one to post it online.
by aa

Q: What are the crime stats in magnet Nebraska
by mark